what colour r u wearing?

What a daft thing my mum has just said to me.
what colour top are you going to wear for the FLM so we can see you on the telly.

So if you guys could all post what colours you are wearing and then i will pick one not used, just so my batty mum can spot me thanks !!!!!


  • Oooh - goood question.

    Might wear my FLM top from last year - I liked those colours - mainly white with red and blue trim. So you can scratch three out. :-)
  • so many people have asked me that! I've told them I'll wave so they'll see me....

    I'm running for the MS society, so have just received my VERY BRIGHT orange vest, wonder how many times I can wash it so it fades - even just a little bit.?
  • thanks 4 down many to go
  • I'm planning on wearing an orange addidas vest and my favourite tartan lycras with maybe shorts over the top. Also planning on putting my name or Bobolink on vest so hope this helps and ask your mum to look out for me as well please.
  • Bobolink - I hope your orange isn't the same as my orange! I'm not wearing any tartan though.
  • Red Indian Squaw outfit, with colourful feathers :-)
  • heap Red Indian Brave say heap 'How' to Red Indian Squawk.
  • Howdy pardner!
    Squawk? I don't talk that much surely!
  • you wont be at mile 23, I assure you, Pocohontas..
  • Children with Leukaemia top - which is red, orange, yellow, blue, white and black - Sorry !!!
  • at this rate i'm gonna run naked.......
  • Well that'll get you noticed!
    will your mum approve?
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