Uploading Picture

Every time i try and upload a pic, it says it's too big, im a pc novice, pleeeeease someone tell me how to in an idiot proof manor... i thank u


  • I'll mail you FPO. Send me back the picture and I'll sort it
  • BK, Whats pixels in centimetres please??
  • No worries BK...Think I've done it!!!!
  • Or not, as the case may be :-(
  • I have the same problem...

    BK, could you possibly sned me an FPO?


  • BK, does it take time for your picture to go on to "face it"? Said mine was ok but had to be passed (presumably to ensure its not pornographic I asume). Any idea how long this process takes?
  • A chimp, yes it takes a short while. If it accepted it you'll be Ok.

    Hill-reps. I'll mail you
  • BK, How long does it take? roughly. I uploaded at about 12.45.
  • Ignore me BK..working now!
  • What's an "FPO"? Do I need one to get a picture loaded? I have tried several times but just got a message saying it couldn't be done because of something to do with pixels - could not having a FPO cause this?
  • I think it was an abbreviation for Fire Putter Outer?
  • I took weeks to get mine uploaded. In the end I went to the help button in the picture programme I use and finally managed to get it sorted. Only problem is it's all blurry and a bit cut off at the top. Expect I'll have to spend anothe few weeks or get another photo done unless anyone can help?
    It took a day to get mine cleared by the powers that be at RW. Probably had a good laugh at the ineptitude of said uploader!
  • FPO's are going to be of the utmost importance to us all soon! (as they always are of course). We all need FPO'S!
  • I thought Paula was trying get FPO's out of running. I've seen the banner "FPO cheats out!"
  • Brunswick, mail me and I'll resize it for you.
  • BK, Can you resize anything?
  • As long as it's only a photo. And assuming it's visible of course...
  • Said that without moving my lips. Yes mail me if you want me to do something
  • BK, sorry, wasn't trying to butt in on your thread, but I suspect that chimp was being smutty again...
  • Hey BK thanks mate, when i get home i'll mail ya the piccy...

    Support the Firemans Wage ! ! !
  • No worries Glenn, you didn't butt in. I rather not get sent dubious pictures.
  • Sorry that should be 'Firefighters'not Firemen ! Ooops

    Hey Fat girl slim, nice one, all support is always good to hear.

  • Smutty!!? Moi??

    Dont worry BK. I wouldnt know how to send dubious pictures even if I had any..Which I haven't..honest.
  • I'm with you, FPO.
    Worth every penny!!!

    BK, when did you get absorbed into your wine.
  • BK... ive updated my email wotsit for you to mail me...sorry i thought i'd already dun it !
  • Thanks BK, once I have found it again (it's on the internet somewhere but I can't remember exactly where!), I'll send the picture to you.
  • Hi FPO. I am another computer illiterate person who cannot get my picture to upload due to sizing problems. Can I mail you mine to resize - I know it's a cheek as we haven't even been introduced!!
  • Sorry - meant to send that message to BK.

    See I told you I was computer illiterate!!

  • Bear, yesterday when nobody was looking. I just slipped into the depths, gurgle, gurgle, hic.

    Dolly I think its me you're after. I'll mail you, send the picture and I'll resize it
  • Bear, I love your picture. How do you manage to be so clever?
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