I'm trying to make a positive gesture towards someone I know who is starting chemotherapy soon. Everything I can think of that I would normally send like flowers or alcohol seems inappropriate. Any ideas?


  • for a man or a woman?

    Maybe you could offer to help in a practical way rather than sending a present? 

  • I think a lot of people going through this would rather company and support.  How about arranging for a regular meet up or if geography prevents this regular Skype chats? Also practical help may be a nice idea, or how about books or DVDs for treatment and recovery time?

  • My mum is going through chemo. at the moment and I have just sent her a parcel of six paperback books. She likes to read to help the time go by as the drug is infused - something light, both physically (since she has to keep the hand and arm that's receiving the drip covered) and mentally (as the last thing she needs is a harrowing read at the moment!).

    If your friend is not a big reader of novels then perhaps some magazines (or a gift subscription so they can choose the topic), or some music... iTunes(?).

    As others have said, practical help is also good - company, the offer of an ear to listen to worries/woes without comment or judgement, home cooking or baking, more physical tasks like gardening, etc.

    All the very best to your friend!

  • Bearing in mind Little Nells advice could you club together with some friends for an ereader, nice and light and can be operated with one hand.  Non Kindle ones can use books borrowed from the library for free too...

  • I listen to music, so possibly an ITunes or similar voucher.

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