Good Spectator Routes

Thought it might be an idea to get all the good spectator routes in one thread so that people can take their pick.


6M Cutty Sark
14M Shadwell (via Tunnel to Mudchute & DLR)
18M Mudchute (via DLR)
Finish (via DLR and Circle line)


  • Avoid the cutty sark, particularly this year.

    Deptford Creek at 7 miles is a much better idea (watch from the north side of Creek Road - at the Bridge, then cut down Norway Street and along the river front for easy access to the foot tunnel - alternatively the south side of Creek Road, then a 5 minute walk to Grenwich DLR down Norman Road).
  • Bermondsey 10M (then Jubilee line to)
    Canary Wharf 16M (then 2 stops on DLR to)
    Westferry 20M (then DLR and tube to)
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    What about routes for bad spectators?
  • Thanks Womble... ;-)

    Mike - Why "paticularly this year" for avoiding the Cutty Sark?
  • any year avoid cutty sark

    over rated and too crowded

    I would add rather than Bermondsey, do SurreyQuays,

    2 chances to see you at 9 miles and again at 11 miles just 500 m apart
  • Any suggestions for the finish? I imagine it's particularly crowded in the Mall with everyone trying to see their loved ones/friends crossing the line. So would Embankment/Westminster/St James Park (Birdcage Walk) be better?

    Any tips?
  • By experience, Embankment is definitely the best bet for catching sight of supporters.
  • How close can our friends/families get to the finish line? Do we have hobble on for a bit before getting that well needed hug?!
  • A good spot is the pub(can't remember its name!) on the Highway. You get to see them go past one way (about 14 miles) and then on the way back (about 21). And you can have some beer, except you can guarantee that the secong you go inside, the person you are waiting for will run past!
  • Not sure of the pub on the Highway, but City Pride at Westferry Circus offers similar opportunities.
  • The FLM has a good guide to pubs throughout the 26.2 miles:
  • IF you go to Cutty Sark.


    Don't get trapped the park side of the course.

  • One of the pubs on the Highway is called "The Rose", and it's quite near a tunnel under the road if you need to cross when the road gets busy.
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