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    Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius - I think it's very likely we're going to see a second spike after the scenes at Bournemouth, Durdle Door and more recently, Liverpool. No surprise that Boris's idea of "common sense" means people are doing exactly what they want. I saw a lady on the news at Bournemouth saying to a reporter - "Yes, it's so busy down there ... and we drove 3 hours to be here so I guess we're part of the problem" - ummm, yes you probably are! Re footpaths, I remember being on a Rambler's walk when a path had been ploughed over - the leader consulted his map, saw the stile on the far side, then led us across the middle of the field telling us we were within our rights and the landowner was in the wrong. We've had some rain here but we're keeping the new plants watered regularly as well. I think of the grey squirrels we have here as tree rats - I do see seagulls flying around but they never appear to land near us - we don't seem to have any problems with magpies or crows either. Well done for getting out for your 4ml run and I'm keeping my fingers crossed you don't develop in plantar fasciitis. I just refreshed the website and saw you had posted again a short while ago - glad to hear you got out for a 4ml run but you are still having problems with your sole/hamstring. I've also been resorting to sleeping without any covers and with the window open and that's allowed me to get some sleep. It's definitely cooler here today and we've hade some 'proper' rain this morning. I think the 'scraping' you mentioned is probably using the jade tool to apply a bit more pressure to the areas you're having problems with? A bit like having a hot-stone massage?

    HS - I heard the authorities picked up two tons of rubbish from Bournemouth beach. I agree about Boris being a past master at blaming everyone else rather than himself. Well done re that 5.6ml run in the hot weather on Thu. I'm surprised you aren't having to book an appointment at your hairdresser - maybe you're getting VIP treatment? :) Let's hope that bungalow gets bought by someone looking for a bargain and willing to do it up rather than modernise it and make a killing by renting it out. Re Aquarius's possible PF, I seem to remember standing on a step on your toes and lowering your heels is another good stretch for the arches? Smiling at you having another rest day but still managing to do strength training by carrying heavy bags back from the supermarket and then doing a plank and some press-ups :) If you are struggling with the IT involved, I would suggest your financial adviser schedule a meeting on Zoom and then send you a link in an email - that way, all you would need to do is click on the link in the email to enter the meeting.

    Matsmum - hello! Good to see you back here after a couple of weeks lurking. It's true we're a small band of posters nowadays. Red stopped posting after her OH was ill but occasionally updates her blog - I'm friends with her on Facebook. Bionic Ironwolf stopped posting as she had problems with the website - I don't have any contact with her at all. Columba pops in from time to time and I'm buddies with her on Fetcheveryone so see her training updates on there. HS and I are buddies on Fetch too - and Aquarius and I are buddies on Garmin. Damien posts from time to time and he and I are buddies on Strava. We did worry at one point they might close down the UK forums like they did in the USA (suggesting people move to Facebook) and that we might have to do the same. But that doesn't seem to be likely to happen for now (not heard any rumours or seen anything on that subject). Good to hear you're still running regularly and no surprise to hear the Norwich HM was cancelled and that you're wary of taking part in the re-scheduled event in October - I think we Mature Runners all feel the same. Well done for doing a 'virtual' HM round the garden and nearby field.

    My running club is organising a new challenge - part treasure hunt, part virtual John O'Groats to Lands End run (which is easier as it will be downhill ;) ). Claire, our Chair, has had a small wooden 'Almost Athletes' sign to be made. She will go for a run, hide the sign, then afterwards, leave a photo or cryptic clue on our Facebook page about where she has hidden the sign. The rest of us can check her clue, look at her photo or see her route on Strava and go searching for the sign. Whoever finds it, then continues their run and hides it again and posts a clue of the new place - and so the game continues and the mileage done by everyone involved will be totalled up as we go along.

    I played golf yesterday but instead of rain, it was far too hot. I didn't play too badly on the 1st 9 holes and was only 4 strokes adrift of Alan. But I got increasingly tired during the 2nd 9 holes - I was having to ration my water, couldn't really concentrate and was hitting the ball into ditches, bunkers and ponds towards the end. Alan eventually beat me by 18 strokes and when we finished, took one look at me and said he was buying me a pint. We sat in the shade and I'm not sure the cold beer touched the sides of my throat I was so thirsty. One thing that made me smile yesterday. Before setting off home I popped to the gents and as I walked in I was met by a lady who was in there. She had got disoriented by the one-way system in the clubhouse and having entered the gents, had no idea how to get out again! I pointed her in the direction of the ladies.

    I think I must have been very de-hydrated during the golf so I'm blaming that for my poor score. When I got home I had a can of cold drink, then a large mug of tea. I had another can of beer with my dinner and another drink at bedtime and still didn't need to get up in the night even after all that fluid!

    After yesterday, I wasn't sure I would feel like running today. I set the alarm for 5:30am but couldn't face the idea of running when it went off, so just switched it off, turned over and went back to sleep. So I'll probably go for a run tomorrow morning by which time I should have recovered.

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    Aquarius, good that you missed the worst of the rain and only got caught in the showers during this mornings run. Sorry to hear though that you are still getting aches in the sole of your foot. Hopefully the icing and stretching will help. If not, I would advise going back to the physio again. The 5k went well and I will post details below.

    WtnMel, as well as the disgraceful behaviour on the beaches in Bournemouth, I'm even more disgusted by the so called Liverpool football club supporters. They were even aiming fireworks at the Liver Building. I lived in Liverpool in the days when Liverpool always seemed to win the league, and they never behaved like that. I believe that these days "they can't take their ale," and after a couple of pints are "pissed!" Both Liverpool and Everton clubs have condemned the disgraceful behaviour.

    Perhaps I will get preferential treatment at the hairdressers. I have been a customer at the salon for many years, and for most of them, Toni has cut my hair. I give her running advice when she is doing my hair, so she may repay the favour.

    Another youngish couple were looking at the house for sale this afternoon and taking photos of the exterior. They weren't with the Estate Agent.

    Yes, standing on a step and raising and lowering the heels is good for the arches.

    Thanks for the advice re ZOOM. I didn't download it as it seems to be geared up for larger number of participants, whereas our meeting would be just the two of us, hence choosing SKYPE. 

    Your running club's challenge looks interesting. I think I saw mention of the virtual John O'Groats to Lands End run on our club's facebook page.

    Sounded like good tactics playing badly so that Alan would feel sorry for you and buy you a pint🤣

    Had to laugh at you being met by a lady in the Gents, who had wandered in accidentally, and couldn't find her way out. It might have been a different story though if you had wandered into the Ladies.

    You were lucky not having to get up in the night after drinking all that liquid. I'm afraid that when you get to my age, you need to get up whether you have had lots to drink, or not. Hope you have a good run in the morning.

    My virtual 5k went really well this morning and was only 2 seconds slower than my PB this year. I did 26.28, which is a WAVA of 70.4% and a VO2max of 48. I was lucky with the weather as it had been raining nearly all night, but stopped just before I set out. I got home before it started again.

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    Morning everyone,

    HS - Zoom can be used for anything from a discussion between two people to a full-blown meeting of many more. Depends on your advisor of course but my suggestion was based on the idea that if they set up a Zoom meeting and all you needed to do was click on a link in an email, that would be much less hassle for you. Yes, you can just imagine the reaction if I wandered into the ladies claiming I was lost can't you. I sometimes have to get up in the night but thankfully, most of the time I'm able to sleep through to morning without interruption. Well done re the results of your virtual 5k - good time and great WAVA score.

    I've been out this morning and run 4.5mls. I decided I was bored counting cyclists, dog-walkers etc. as things seem to be returning to normal now but noticed anyway that it was quieter this morning.
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    Morning all, 

    WtnMel: Commiserations on your golf game. It sounded really tough in some very trying conditions. From what you said about the amount of liquid you consumed afterwards you were obviously dehydrated, and as I’m sure you know that can have a very negative affect on performance. It can also make you hallucinate  - are you sure you met a lady in the gents? Sounds unlikely to me ;) .
    Thanks re the tip of standing on a step and lowering the heels, it’s an exercise I used to do regularly, although I must admit I’ve been a bit lax with it recently. Another one to add to the to-do list!
    I can’t seem to get enthusiastic about these virtual runs, but the one your club has organised with the addition of a treasure hunt element sounds good fun. 
    I haven’t tried a hot stone massage, but I believe the “scraping” is supposed to break up scar tissue on the soft tissues, then it’s immediately followed by icing the same area.

    HS: Well done on your 5k challenge. Another excellent time and WAVA (were you using the wings?) 
    I see there has been a upsurge of cases in Leicester, but no local lockdown. I thought Doris had said if there were any local spikes then the government would put local lockdown procedures in place? Re face masks - I managed to order some from Sainsburys, to be delivered with our weekly shopping, which arrived this morning. I hadn’t seen them on their site before so hopefully face masks are becoming more widely available now.

    I did my hill session this morning, but only 4 repeats instead of the usual 6 as I was still testing my foot. Fortunately I had no problems today so I’m hoping my stretching etc is paying dividends. There’s another online Pilates session tomorrow (via Zoom) so I’ll probably do that. The first two sessions were free as the physios provided them mainly to test out their skills regarding filming the session and using Zoom. Now they are happy with the set up we’ll be booking and paying online before the session, which is only fair as we are gaining from their expertise and advice. 

    The ongoing missing hair clipper attachment saga - (N.B. I’d only bother reading on if you have nothing better to do. This really is becoming tedious.) I received an update from the Chinese company who had dispatched the missing attachment to me some weeks ago. Having already told me that the tracking info showed that the parcel had been received at Heathrow earlier this month, they then (in reply to my response of “I still haven’t received it”) sent me a copy of the latest tracking info which rather confusingly not only showed that my local delivery office had returned the item to them as it was insufficiently addressed (surprise surprise) but also included some delivery details of a different item in Middlesex. I replied that the Middlesex details obviously didn’t refer to my package as it was about 300 miles from where I live, but the information about Derwentside delivery office returning the item was the relevant bit. In response to my question of what address had they used they sent me an Amazon print out showing my Christian name, no surname, the county I live in, the county I live in again, then my post code. I explained that this was insufficient to find my house and gave them my full address. I also pointed out that they must have my full address already as they'd used it to deliver the original package containing the clippers. They have replied this morning telling me to contact Royal Mail as they say they used the address I had listed on Amazon, which is obviously rubbish.  We’ve given up on actually receiving the missing attachment, but I intend to pursue this as a point of principle now. I’ll know you’ll be waiting with bated breath, so I’ll let you know if it ever turns up. 
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    Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius - as you'll have gathered, the heat really got to me on Friday. I don't feel so bad because when I compared Fri's score (122) with my average (118) I could see it was only a few more. It probably felt worse because I played so well the week before. I spoke to Alan this morning to organise golf on Fri and he played yesterday - he said he was out for 5hrs(!) and scored 118. So I need his bad days to coincide with my good ones. I thought I was hallucinating when I came across that lady in the gents - she looked dreadfully embarrassed. The last time something like that happened was at the Bath HM when the queues for the ladies were so long, some ladies took to using the gents toilets so we had men at the sides using the urinals and ladies queuing down the middle for the cubicles. The virtual run/treasure hunt starts on Wed but as Claire lives the other side of Cheltenham I'll have to wait for it to get a bit closer to me before trying to join in the fun. That 'scraping' sounds like it's using the same idea of using extra pressure to break down scar tissue as when you use extra pressure during a massage to break down 'knots' in muscles. Doris might order a local lockdown in Leicester but I believe the local council have already said they don't have the powers to enforce that and have asked him to clarify what they should do? Well done re your hill session and glad to hear you didn't have any problems with your foot. Margaret told me the face mask she lent me had shrunk when she washed it so I'd better not forget to check if I can attach some longer ties as my haircut is supposed to be on Thu 9th. Tedious as it is, I agree it's worth pursuing the missing hair clipper attachment as a matter of principle. Apologies if you've already mentioned it but was there any possibility of asking Amazon for help? (I'm guessing the answer is no!).

    We've been out doing a bit more gardening this morning - I say gardening but it mostly consisted of pruning things and in the case of a bay tree which seems to have become diseased, cutting it down and digging it up. So we've another 'hole' in the border to decide what to do with.

    Planning to get out and run early tomorrow morning and then again on Thu morning.

    I forgot to say that with this bug-hunting, I discovered another path I'd not used before. I'd seen the start of each end of the path from two separate roads but Sun was the first time I'd run down it, followed it through the houses and popped out onto the other road at the far end. I'm sure there are loads of little paths around the village like that for me to investigate. And there's a whole new estate on the edge of town that I'm pretty sure links a road I use occasionally with another road I've run down but I've never been to see where it goes!
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    Afternoon  everyone,

    WtnMel, thanks for the advice re ZOOM and SKYPE. There was actually a readers letter in the latest  "Computer Active," regarding a video link between him and his Doctor. The Dr. sent him a text link which opened up a two way video call.

    On the subject of computers, my laptop advised me that the Windows 10 May Features Update 2004, was available to download. I decided to go ahead and all went well with the download, but when it came to the installation, it was stuck on 15% for about 3 hours, so I decided to pause it, and it will resume in 7 days. Hopefully, any bugs will have been sorted out by then.

    Well done getting out for your morning run. I don't count other runners, dog walkers etc either, because as you say, things are getting back to normal again.

    Aquarius, I hope that "scraping" helps with your problem foot, followed by icing.

    Thanks re the 5k challenge. No I forgot the wings, they could have made all the difference.

    Reference the Leicester fiasco, I'm afraid that Boris doesn't know whether he is coming or going. The sooner he goes the better.  Dominic Cummings hasn't lost any of his influence over Johnson, and is responsible for the resignation of Mark Sedwill, the top civil servant. Apparently he has crossed swords with him on a number of occasions, so had to go. It's a mystery why he has such a hold over Johnson.

    Glad you were able to get some face masks.

    Good to hear that your foot didn't cause any problems during this mornings hill session.

    Hope tomorrows "ZOOM" session will prove beneficial, especially as you will  have to pay for it now.

    Thanks for the update on the hair clipper saga. It's a bit irrelevant now whether they ever arrive or not, as the hairdressers will be open again from Saturday. I will still be interested though to hear if they ever do arrive.

    I ran 8.3 miles in the forest yesterday, and 9.6 miles today. Today's run was with 3 of the Monday Group. 
    We were including the sussing out of a suitable 10k route for the virtual 10k race during the run.
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    Afternoon everyone,

    HS - when helping Margaret with something yesterday, I noticed a message about the ver. 2004 feature update - I'll let Margaret know not to install it until she doesn't need her laptop for anything else. Having just checked, I see I have the same message on my laptop too. Personally, I'm convinced Cummings has some information Boris would prefer to keep under wraps which is why he won't sack him. Well done re your two runs (8 & 10 mls).

    I ran 5mls this morning and it went rather well as I managed it at 10:12mm avg pace with mile splits as follows (11:02 10:00 9:52 10:05 10:05). The first mile is slightly uphill and I could tell I was going well during the run but it was still a nice surprise to see those figures when I checked afterwards. Let's see what Thu brings.

    I see I have a U3A Zoom Science & Technology meeting on Thu afternoon - that seems to have come round quickly as it doesn't feel like a month since I did my presentation.

    My IT lessons appear to be bearing fruit - Margaret changed her Hotmail password yesterday after a security scare (an attempted logon from somewhere in the USA) and proudly told me earlier she has managed to change her Hotmail password on her phone (she normally prefers to ask me to show her what to do).

    Re Matsmum's recent visit, I mentioned on Fetch to Columba that MM had asked after her and Columba said she'd been meaning to log back on to the RW forums so hopefully she'll pop along sometime soon.

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    Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, there is definitely something "fishy" about Johnson's relationship with Cummings. It seems that whatever Cummings says, goes! 

    Well done for your 5 miles this morning, your miles were all quicker than ours during yesterdays run.

    I hope your U3A meeting on Thursday goes well.

    Good to hear that your IT Lessons are proving t be beneficial.

    I hope that Columba does log back soon onto this thread.

    Today was a rest day and the only exercise has been walking back from the supermarket with 4 heavy bags of shopping. I think I must be getting stronger, as I only had to stop once.😅
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    Afternoon all, 

    HS: 8.3 miles one day, then 9.6 the following day - you run further in a couple of days than I do all week! 
    I was watching Doris on the lunchtime news. What an embarrassment he is, he just doesn’t look Prime Minister material at all, and to make matters worse he says the most cringeworthy things. His “oven ready” Brexit deal was bad enough, now he’s talking about “shovel ready” local infrastructure developments, but worst of all is his repeated use of “whack-a-mole” for dealing with the virus. What must foreign heads of government make of him? The rest of his cabinet are just as bad, from slimy Gove to Lord Snooty Rees-Mogg. I remember seeing a picture of R-M with his 11yr old son. They were both dressed exactly the same, with the same hairstyle and glasses, making the junior R-M looking like a miniature version of his father, poor boy.  
    I see you are still cross training with heavy shopping on your rest days, well done for only needing one stop on the way home.

    WtnMel: your IT lessons are even more productive than you think. I managed to sort out my hotmail account problems today without needing to ask for help from my sons! I can only put it down to the remote influence of your skills.
    That was a great time for your run this morning, you are definitely getting faster and fitter. You just need to crack the golf now, although from what you’ve said about your average score and Friday’s score you are improving there too. If you hadn’t been dehydrated on Friday you would doubtless have been a lot closer to Alan’s score. 
    What is this month’s U3A Science and Technology meeting about? It does seem to have come around again quickly as you say. 
    It’s always nice to find a new route when out running, it can get boring sticking to the same routes (says she who does exactly that).

    My Zoom Pilates class went well this morning, it lasts an hour, but the best part of all is I’m the youngest participant. At least I think I am. Everyone’s video comes up along the top of the screen, so I have a quick peep at them all before the class starts and I’m sure they are all older than me. Despite that they seem to manage the exercises pretty well, even the table top into leg extension which, after a few reps, is quite demanding on the core and legs. It’s ages since I’ve been the youngest at anything, so I work hard during the session so as not to let the side (i.e. me :) ) down.
    The weather is pretty miserable again today, chilly and drizzly, but at least the wind has died down from yesterday. I’m hoping to get out for a run tomorrow morning, but I’m playing it by ear these days - if I wake up in time for an early-ish run I’ll get on with it, but if I wake up a bit later, and it looks like I’m going to catch all the dog walkers I’ll give it a miss, and maybe do some strength work instead. Everyone seems to think the pandemic is over and it’s no longer necessary to be so vigilant about social distancing. On Sunday afternoon we went for a walk around the reservoir, and we couldn’t believe how busy it was. The main car park plus both overflows were full, so we drove around for a while and tried again a bit later, but it was almost the same. We managed to get parked this time, but came across a number of large family groups during our walk who rarely moved over when we approached them, even though we made a point of walking in single file ourselves at the side of the path as we came close. It was particularly difficult when we were on a wider section (across the reservoir wall) and were faced with two separate groups of 5 or 6 people coming towards us. One group overtaking the other, but leaving nowhere for us to go to maintain the 2 metre gap. If everyone starts behaving like this it will be only a matter of time before the second spike is widespread. :/
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    Hello everyone,  I have read back to see what you are all up to  and see you are as busy as ever.  
    WtnMel,  your golf session played while dehydrated must have been challenging.  It was so hot that day.  I drank 3.5 litres of water!  I waited until 6pm to  go for a 4 mile run and even then I was absolutely  boiled.

    HS - your virtual 5k time was brilliant,  well done. I  am so happy that still have the wings and have  kept them safe all this time! 

    Aquarius - lovely photo of the mausoleum. Yes,  it is sad to read the names of the children.  That  reminds me- I  was on a run with my daughter and we stopped to look in a churchyard.  There was a headstone dedicated to a young man  of 19. It was about  60 years old,  I can't remember exactly.  But it was beautifully cared for with fresh flowers. We wondered who  was caring for it after such a long time. On a whim we returned months later to visit it again, and it had gone. Literally gone. My daughter who is a writer said  "There's a  story there, mum!" 

    I ran 4 miles on that scorching day, 7 miles on Sunday  and 4 today.  I  only came across  2 runners.  The first was my granddaughter  and the second daughter mark 2 !  I  am running 4 minutes  and then walking for one now. When I  remember anyway.  My times  seemed to have improved  which is a bit weird.

    Can't go without saying what a great photo Running  Fox posted on 19th June.  The scenery looks  amazing  and so does he.
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    Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius - I thought the same (about HS's mileage compared to mine). Glad to hear my (IT) influence is spreading far & wide :) I have my fingers crossed this continuing improvement in average pace continues and I don't plateau somewhere along the way. This month's Science & Technology meeting is about Electronic Systems Design (from a retired systems design engineer) and is promised to be accessible to non-engineers like me. One way I find new routes is on Strava - I use the 'fly-by' function to see who else was running near me and where they went; I also look to see what routes my club-mate Iris does as she lives the other end of the village and seems to know many more paths than me. Hope you woke up in time to run as planned this morning before the hordes appeared (it's the main reason I force myself out of bed at 5:30am). Glad to hear you enjoyed your Pilates session - and how nice to be the youngest at something for a change (not sure that's happened to me for a few years - not even at bowls).

    Matsmum - nice to see you back here again. Re getting dehydrated at golf, I have a Platypus walking/running back-pack which holds a couple of litres of water - I could have done with that as it's small enough I could have worn it without affecting my game. Looks like you've been getting in some regular mileage. I only discovered in the last few days that people refer to run-walking as 'Jeffing' after an American coach who devised the idea - though I suspect he just walked on a couple of his runs and discovered he wasn't that much slower and came up with that strategy.

    To give me a bit more confidence for Fri's golf I'm heading off the the driving range after lunch to practise with my driver, 4 wood and 7/9 irons. As they say, practise makes perfect and the more you practise, the luckier you get. 

    Planning another early run tomorrow morning - I'd better take it a bit easier than Tue or I may nod off during my Zoom meeting in the afternoon (or maybe I'd better have black coffee on standby in a flask!).
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    Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, Sarah H calls me "a machine!" 

    I agree about "The Buffoon," often known as Doris. I've never heard of "Whack a Mole," where did that come from? I feel sorry for Lord Snooty's boy too. He will grow up to be a clone of his father.

    Yes, the cross training with the shopping bags is going well.

    Glad to hear that the ZOOM Pilates class went well. Nice to be the youngest in the class! I'm always the oldest, but that gives me the incentive to "show off" especially in the spinning sessions.

    You are right in that everyone seems to believe that the pandemic is over. They make no attempt to move over, and often don't acknowledge us when we do.

    Matsmum, thanks for your comment on the Virtual 5k run. We do them every week in lieu of the parkruns. They have certainly helped me improve my pace. I've been looking after the wings and they are now finely tuned, awaiting a race.

    That's very strange, the headstone completely disappearing. Surely it hadn't been dug out of the ground. Very mysterious😱

    Good to hear that your running times are improving.

    WtnMel, I've never used the "fly by" function on Strava. I was wondering how you found new routes where other runners had run. I've never heard the expression "Jeffing." I do know though that some schools of thought believe that walk/running in marathons can produce a quicker time than by just running. 

    Hope today's practice session on the driving range, proves to be beneficial.

    Enjoy tomorrows early morning run, and I hope that you don't doze off during the ZOOM meeting in the afternoon.

    I ran a hilly 6 mile road run this morning with Sarah H. It was very windy, but close. Neither of us took any water with us, as we had only intended to do the 6, but wished that we had.

    I rang my hairdressers this afternoon, hoping to make an appointment. As expected though, I got through to the answer machine, asking me to leave a message. I did this together with my name and number, requesting them to ring back. They haven't yet, so hopefully will hear from them tomorrow. They will probably ring whilst I'm out, so hopefully will leave me a message to ring them back.
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    Afternoon again,

    HS - I checked and Jeffing is named after a US Olympian called Jeff Galloway (1972 Olympics - 10000 metres) who is still running in his 70's. I know when I've started training after an injury and had to take walk breaks the overall time hasn't been that different - but I still prefer to try and run all the time rather than set out planning to take walk breaks. "Whack A Mole" is a game at amusement arcades where you whack moles who pop up at random. I quite enjoy the Strava fly-by .. you get to see who the other runners were who you passed and see what route(s) they are using. Just back from the driving range and most of the time I was hitting the ball okay - more importantly, when I 'topped' the ball or mis-hit it I was able to work out what I'd done wrong and correct it. Good luck getting an appointment at your hairdressers - hope they get back to you soon.

    Aquarius - I forgot to say I've started checking Twitter and leaving comments on tweets from the likes of Doris. He tweeted about his 'shovel-ready' plan and I simply enquired if he'd be using that to load his 'oven-ready' Brexit deal. I also have been enjoying myself taking the piss out of Trump too :)
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    Morning all,

    Managed to get out of bed at 5:30am (always a good start) and did another early morning run - 4.7mls at 10:28mm pace - and it seemed to be mostly cyclists and dog-walkers around today (hardly any other runners or pedestrians). As I started off a lady cycling past smiled and waved - I've seen her fairly regularly so I presume she's cycling to work each morning when I set off around 6:20am. It was cool and dry earlier on but has rained since so it was nice (but not essential) to miss the rain.

    I mentioned my friend Sue created a virtual club on Strava called "Notpub2pub" for those of us who used to regularly do the Thu morning pub to pub runs. I noticed on Strava my friend Iris posted a run called Notpub2pub ?? - I've left a comment to say this is the 14th week of running from home instead.
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    Good morning everyone, 

    WtnMel: I can imagine you’ll not be the only person who comments on the tweets of Doris and Trump. I don’t suppose they’ll ever reply, but at least you have the satisfaction of having said your bit. Glad to see your golf practice yesterday was useful. Fingers crossed for Friday!
    Well done for getting up early and putting in another good run this morning. I was also up and about early this morning (see below). Hope your U3A meeting this afternoon is interesting, do try to keep awake though.😄

    Matsmum: How strange, and rather sad, about the disappearing headstone, what a mystery - did you ever get to the bottom of it? You were lucky to only come across two runners on your run (and family members at that) you must have found a very quiet route to run on. If I’m coming back from injury or illness I usually adopt the walk/run method to get back into running. It’s kinder on the body, and like HS I’ve also heard that it can result in better marathon times than just running. 
    HS: I tend to agree with Sarah H😊
    Well done on a hilly 6 mile run yesterday with Sarah H. It’s strange that you mention it was both windy and close, I’ve noticed that recently here too, which surprised me as I thought the weather couldn’t be both at the same time.
    Did your hairdresser get back to you with an appointment?

    (Which reminds me - Hair clipper attachment update - I’ve had an email to say they are sending me out a replacement hair clipper (direct from Amazon) rather than try to get the attachment to me from China. Watch this space...)

    I didn’t get out for a run yesterday after all. I was too tired when I woke up and also lacking in motivation. Even after I’d got up, showered and had breakfast, I was still feeling tired. I sometimes think the less I do the more tired I feel so we decided to make an effort to go for a walk before the rain settled in. We’d only intended going 4 miles, but ended up doing 6 and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I came back feeling much more positive and energised. It’s amazing the difference it makes to get out of doors and walk in the countryside. While I was still in this positive mood I got my running kit laid out ready for an early morning run today. As I mentioned above I did manage to get up early this morning and was out the house by 5.30 for an intervals session (5x300metres) my average pace ranged from 7.49 to 8.12. I was a bit slower on the last rep (8.12) because I nearly collided with a deer which shot out of the trees on my right, across my path, then disappeared into the trees on my left. It was running really fast as if the hounds of hell were after it. I don’t know what had scared it, but it certainly gave me a fright and literally put me off my stride. It was quite a size and looked terrified. It must have heard my feet crunching on the gravel so it’s surprising that it ran out at that moment. If I’d been a second or so faster we would have collided, and I know who would have come off worse. 
    All in all it was a bit of a strange session this morning as, despite the early hour, there were a number of dog walkers along my little stretch of route I use for intervals (and all with dogs off the leash) so I had to jog around a bit between the reps so I could avoid them. Unfortunately my interval section actually bends round to the left after about 100m, so when I set off I can’t see if it’s going to be a clear run all the way, or whether I could come across a walker/cyclist/ runner etc. 
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, the name Jeff Galloway does ring a bell now. I remember "Whack a Mole" now. I remember many years ago, my daughter hammering the moles down with gusto!

    I must check out the Strava fly by. It sounds like your session at the driving range is proving beneficial.
    I haven't heard back from the hairdressers yet.

    Well done for your twitter mickey taking on Doris and the orange man. I doubt whether either of them see many of the tweets, as there must be hundreds of them. I imagine that weirdo who drove 60 miles to test his eye sight, filters most of Doris's out.

    Another good pace early morning run by you. Our club has virtual  runs too. They help to maintain enthusiasm, during the lack of "proper races."

    Aquarius, I get all sorts of friendly ribbing by my club mates."Wind him up and he'll keep going," is another! 

    Thanks for your comments on yesterdays run. Sarah H is running quicker and stronger these days, and did another hilly run this morning with one of the Coaches.

    I'm still awaiting a response from my hairdressers.

    Glad to hear that progress appears to being made regarding the clippers attachment.

    I often feel more tired on rest days. Perhaps it is withdrawal systems from the endorphins.

    That 6 mile walk was impressive, and I'm not surprised that you felt better after it. I'm the same, feeling lethargic at times, and returning from a run feeling energised.

    Your mornings interval session is impressive, but a bit scary with your near encounter with a deer. It's a pity that your interval route has "a blind bend!"

    This mornings forest run with Sarah F was 6.6 miles and encompassed a structured hill reps session. It was 6 reps up a very steep hill, 3 up one side and 3 up the other. We recovered down hill and round the loop at the base. A very tough session, but we enjoyed it. 

    As a matter of interest, I was watching a u tube video this afternoon of Steve Jones breaking the marathon world record in 1984. His time was 2.08. When compared with the current worlds fastest time, it appears to be very slow. He would have been about 2 miles behind with that time now. Still much quicker than our current crop of male marathon runners though!
  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    Hello all, - glad to see so many still posting. I post mainly on Fetcheveryone, and WtnMel caught up with me there yesterday, which nudged me to come back here. I am running rather less, and walking more, - when lockdown started I was going out every day to do one or the other, but it seems I really do need occasional rest days. Not hard to find running and walking routes which allow social distancing, one of the good things about living in a rural area. When not-a-parkrun started I was delighted, and have done one of those every week which so far is only two weeks.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon all,

    Columba, nice to hear from you again! I still post on fetch on the 1,000 miles in 2020 thread, and log all my training and races, when there are any. Rest days are definitely needed. Our club has been having virtual 5k  not a parkrun right from the start of lock down, and our times and WAVAS are logged on a league table in facebook messenger. Were you still "spinning" before lockdown? I miss my sessions and hope it won't be too long before the Leisure Centre reopens. I believe that they are making preparations in anticipation.

    Today is a rest day and tomorrow I will be doing another virtual 5k in the forest. I do most of them on roads, but that is rather boring, so I do them in the forest now and again. Good luck with your next not a parkrun.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    edited July 3
    Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius - leaving a tweet in response to Doris or Trump is obviously completely pointless but it gets it out of my system to rage at their lies. Good news that Amazon will be sending out the hair clipper attacehment directly rather than you having to wait for it to (eventually?) appear from China. Sounds like you had an invigorating walk which helped your motivation - well done with your intervals and what a shock to almost get run over by a runaway deer (and shame about the dog-walkers getting in the way).

    HS - I'd imagine Trump and Doris have 'people' who look after the replies to tweets (assuming anyone does read them) but we know Trump does his own tweets because he was filmed in a meeting tweeting away instead of listening to the people he'd invited along to talk (someone checked the timestamp of the tweet and it matched the time of the meeting). Well done with your hill reps session. That's amazing isn't it to think Steve Jones would be 2 miles behind the winner of a marathon these days. I see today was a 'rest' day - presumably you went shopping and walked back with some heavy bags :) LOL

    Columba - lovely to see you here. I definitely need rest days myself and I can't remember the last time I tried running without a rest day in between. I've managed to walk several days on the trot but that's different as it's been a walking holiday.

    The U3A meeting yesterday afternoon was interesting but became amusing for all the wrong reasons. Our leader Alan (aka. AW) started the meeting and handed over to Mike who did the presentation. Mike got most of the way through his presentation but our Zoom meeting finished after 40 mins - no problem, we all just clicked on the link again to restart the meeting. Between Mike re-starting his presentation and him finishing, AW's session froze and he appeared/disappeared several times. Mike meanwhile finished his presentation and said "I'll make Alan the host again" meaning AW. But AW wasn't there and he'd transferred control to the 'wrong' Alan, another of the attendees. I pointed out the error but when Alan was asked to transfer control back to Mike he didn't know what to do and had to be patiently talked through the process. Eventually, Mike was host again but AW was still having problems. I must have been the only one watching the clock as everyone else was chatting away merrily and asking questions so with 5 mins to go I basically butted in and said we've less than five minutes, we'd better give Mike a vote of thanks before the meeting ends. So we gave him a round of applause and with that done the others continued to ask questions and as I watched helplessly, the clock counted down to zero and the meeting finished. You may be ahead of me at this point but when we clicked on the link a second time, there was no AW present to host the meeting and I (and I imagine everyone else) sat in the 'meeting room' until we gave up as there was no sign of AW re-appearing.

    I played golf earlier and it went well, although I didn't win as Alan was that little bit better. My overall score was 102 including 5 pars and 4 bogies (1 over par) and as usual with golf, if it hadn't been for 3 or 4 holes where I made silly mistakes, the score would have been even better :) Alan finished on 96 so I was only 6 strokes adrift and that score of 102 is my best since this time last year. We're already booked to play again next Fri morning.

    The Almost Athletes JOGLE relay ('virtual' 811 mile route from John O'Groats to Lands End) has caught everyone's imagination. Everyone is enjoying searching for the Almost Athletes baton using the photo clues posted on the club's FB page, then hiding it and posting their own clue. The relay only started on Wed and already 100 miles has been covered and it's made it's way to Bishops Cleeve. The baton was hidden at the top of Cleeve Hill earlier this afternoon (beside memorial plaques for two late members of the club) but is already on the move again so I'm keeping an eye out in case I might be able to look for it on my run tomorrow morning (though as the game is so popular, I expect someone will head out tonight!). I'll attach a couple of photos of the baton so you can see what I'm talking about .. 

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    I couldn't face getting up early after too little sleep so gave this morning's run a miss - will try again tomorrow morning (and hope I sleep better tonight).

    As I suspected, the AA JOGLE relay is still proving extremely popular - there is no way I would have found it this morning if I had been out and about. Last night it moved from Cleeve Hill to Gotherington - it has since been back to two locations in Bishops Cleeve and then made it's way back into Cheltenham. I'll try and post a (reasonably!) up to date photo showing the route it's been following so far - but it will have moved since. In fact, a few minutes ago it was found at a local boulangerie and is now on the move again as I type this. No kidding - my friend Sue is sat at home in her running gear waiting for an update to be posted then she'll be heading out of the door as fast as possible :)

  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    WtnMel, yes, yesterday was a rest day and I did carry my usual 4 bags of shopping. I must be getting stronger, as I didn't have to stop.

    Your U3A meeting sounded a bit like "a pigs ear!"

    Glad to hear that your golf is improving, even though you didn't win the match.

    I hope this mornings rest from running will mean a quicker run tomorrow, after a better night's sleep.

    Your AAJOGLE  relay is very intriguing, but a bit too complex for me.

    I ran the virtual 5k in the forest this morning in 26.49, a WAVA of 69.48%. I'm very pleased with that as it was quite windy, which made the going harder. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    edited July 5
    Morning everyone,

    HS - well done re not having to stop on the way back from the shops .. you could make it more difficult by having a rucksack of shopping on your back as well you know :) I had to force myself not to giggle at that U3A meeting when it degenerated into farce. I'm probably over-complicating the AA JOGLE relay - in simple terms one person ran and hid the baton, the next person ran and found it and hid it .. and it carries on like that with someone totting up the total mileage and plotting it against a 'virtual' run from JOG to LE.

    I got up early and ran 5mls this morning. The time was unimportant as I met my friend Iris on the way round my route so we stopped for an impromptu SD'd chat. I was squishing the FP bugs that had spawned since my last run on Thu and managed to get all three of the little critters :smile: 
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, thanks. I suppose I could put a pole across my shoulders, with a bag on each end.🤣

    I understand your relay now, and have realised what the initials stand for.

    Well done for another early morning run, and squishing all the FP bugs.

    I ran 9.26 miles in the forest this morning, which included another recce for the virtual 10k challenge. It was very windy and humid, and I didn't take any water with me, as I didn't think that it was going to be so warm. The club will be awarding prizes for the fastest male and female, and highest male and female WAVA's. I'll be doing the final recce tomorrow with the Monday club.

    I'll be outside clapping at 5pm to celebrate 72 years of the NHS.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    HS - a pole across your shoulders like the things milkmaids had in days of old?  :D  Well done re your 9.26ml run - some of my clubmates have been caught out lately not taking water when it's been humid. 

    Planning to cut the lawns after lunch as it looks like it will be wet later in the week (though it's come over very grey at the moment so I hope I haven't left it too late). I'll be planning to get up early tomorrow morning and run - then I've booked myself a 60min golf lesson at 11am hoping Richard will be able to correct any errors and help me improve my game. 

    I hope someone else pops along sometime soon - it's been very quiet on this thread for the last day or two! :)
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good morning all,

    Columba: nice to hear from you again. You’ve given me something to think about with these not-a-parkrun parkruns. I’m not really into these virtual events, but I might give this one a go. I do miss parkrun, so this may be a good substitute until the real parkrun starts up again, although heaven knows when that will be. I try not to look to far into the future because it just depresses me, so many races cancelled, so many changes to life as we knew it and no prospect of things returning to normal any time soon. Have you managed to post a time for this week yet? I like the idea of being able to do the not-a-parkrun on any day of the week. 
    WtnMel: Oh dear, that U3A meeting sounded a bit of a shambles. it was lucky that you were keeping an eye on the clock. I suppose that’s the problem with IT things, everyone has different levels of expertise.I hope it hasn’t put anyone off taking part in the future. 
    Your golf game wasn’t a shambles though was it, you must have been really delighted with scoring your best score since this time last year, roll on Friday - onwards and upwards as they say. I see the AA JOGLE relay is proving very popular, which isn’t surprising as it sounds really good fun. It certainly is a well travelled baton, and what a nice gesture of the club to have made those plaques in memory of former club mates, such a good way to keep them in your thoughts. Well done for squishing your FP bugs, and nice to bump into a friend and have a chat, albeit a SD one.
    HS: I like the comment “wind him up and he’ll keep going” - a bit like the Duracell bunny. ;) I think that’s a good description of your ability to keep pounding out the miles, and at a good pace too. I see you did another good virtual 5k on Saturday, even though it was in windy conditions. It’s been dreadfully windy here as well the last two days. I see you also fitted in a 9.26 mile run yesterday in preparation for the virtual 10k. I’m sure the “male with the highest WAVA" prize has your name on it. Good luck with your final recce today with the Monday club. I hope the weather is not so humid or windy for you today.

    As the weather has been rather unpleasant the last couple of days I’ve contented myself with indoor exercise - an hour of circuits on Saturday and an hour of yoga yesterday, but this morning I finally got out for a run. It wasn’t the best run ever as I’d been awake most of the night, then misread the time on my watch and got up an hour earlier than I’d intended, so it was around 5am when I left the house, somewhat bleary-eyed. I soon realised that the circuits and yoga were still in my legs, as they were feeling rather heavy, so it was a slow easy run this morning - slower even than I’d planned as the wind was quite strong, although it hadn’t been forecast to be particularly windy. I’d read on FB yesterday about trees getting blown down along this route, so I was half expecting to have to turn back at some point if the way was blocked, which is what often happens when it’s been really windy here, but luckily it seems the council were on the ball as any fallen trees had been pulled to the side of the path. I think Steve wants to go for a walk this afternoon, so tomorrow will definitely be a rest day.

    WtnMel - I’ve just seen your latest post, I know we are a bit thin on the ground at the moment, so apologies for my absence for the last few days. I often start to write a post then get interrupted by something and forget to go back to the post. I need to be more organised I think! I hope your golf lesson with Richard is helpful, good luck with your run tomorrow morning (and fingers crossed it doesn’t rain this afternoon).

    I do hope Molly is okay, I know she said she wouldn’t be posting on here for a while, but that seems ages ago now. 
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, yes that's  the idea, although I would look a bit of a twit. The locals would think that I had gone barmy🤓

    Seems like you are still keeping yourself well occupied. Mowing the lawn this afternoon, and then running and golf tuition tomorrow.

    Aquarius, thanks for your confidence in me, but there is no way that I will get the highest male WAVA. We have two or three young runners, in their twenties/early thirties that have been achieving mid seventies WAVA's in the virtual 5k's, so they are almost certainly going to maintain the same standards for the 10k. Jane will almost certainly be the highest lady WAVA runner, as she has achieved 80%+ in the 5k's.

    Thanks for your good luck for today's recce run. Details are below.

    A 5am morning run is really hard core! I'm not surprised that your legs were feeling heavy after circuits and yoga.

    They showed on the News this afternoon, a couple having a really lucky escape from being flattened by a falling tree. They were about to cross a road, when a tree was blown down in front of them and across the road, blocking it. It was captured on a drivers dashboard camera.

    I'm also worried about Molly and her husband who wasn't that well.

    Enjoy your rest day tomorrow.

    It was humid and very windy for today's forest run with the Monday club. We ran 8.6 miles, which included our final choice of route for Thursdays virtual 10k race. We ran the 10k in 1.05.30, and are hoping to run it on Thursday at sub 60 minutes.

    I was the only one in my street yesterday clapping at 5pm to celebrate 72 years of the NHS. 

    PS: Please remind me to wear the wings on Thursday, which will be particularly helpful if it is still very windy.🦅
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Well hello again all,
    It's always a feast or a famine with me as regards posts. :)
    I thought I'd just quickly pop back on here as I've a few spare minutes before starting to cook the tea. We've just got back from a nice but rather breezy walk. We went past the old church and mausoleum again, but didn't go into the church grounds this time, just continued on through the farmer's field then around the country roads for about 3 miles. Towards the end of our walk we were passed by a young lad on horseback, with his father slowly following behind in his car. It looked like the lad was just learning how to ride and the father kept stopping his car to check the saddle or stirrups and have a chat with the boy. I noticed the horse seemed a bit skittish and the young lad was sitting awkwardly at an angle, and heard his father say to just walk the horse from now on. I assumed they were almost at their destination, but when we got back to our car and set off home we came across them again on one of the nearby narrow country roads. The boy was still walking the horse with his father crawling along behind, and as the road was only wide enough for one car we had to park up for a while in a "passing place" until they were out of sight and we'd judged they'd have reach the crossroads ahead and, hopefully, turned off in a different direction to the way we wanted to go. Needless to say we discovered they had taken "our" turning, so we had to detour along some other roads to get past them. Fortunately when we finished the detour and got back onto the road we wanted we found we'd managed to get in front of them, so continued home without further incident (apart from Steve keep stopping the car to get his shovel and plastic bag out the boot to pick up horse manure for the roses  :# )
    Steve is now cutting the grass as rain is forecast for tomorrow (it rained a bit this afternoon, but fortunately it was short lived and was over before we set out on our walk) and I think it's time for a glass of red before I start the tea.
    Cheers everyone ;)
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    HS: apologies I didn’t see your post when I posted mine.
    I’m still going to keep my fingers crossed for you getting the WAVA prize, you just never know...
    That was a good recce run this morning, looking good for Thursday. 
    I’ve got a dreadful memory so we may need WtnMel to remind me to remind you about the wings😁
    (Must admit I’d somehow missed the fact there was to be a celebration of the NHS last night, the first I heard about it was on the news that evening)
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,
    Well, I see Doris has managed to offend everyone connected to the care homes industry. What a bumbling idiot the man is. :o
    I'd intended to make today a rest day, but forgot it was my Zoom Pilates day so as that session is quite good for giving the body a good stretch out I decided to go ahead with it. I'm pleased I did as it always leaves you with a feeling of having improved your posture, and I find as the weeks go by that I'm getting stronger too.
    The weather here is back to normal - drizzly and cold, but at least the wind has dropped. I think we're planning on doing a bit of gardening this afternoon. Do you remember I mentioned a while back that we had ordered some verbena plants and some begonias, but the begonias never arrived (although we somehow ended up with two deliveries of the verbenas). Well after contacting customer services they eventually got back to us with an apology and a refund for the begonias. However in the meantime they had arranged for the missing begonias to be posted to us, so they said when they arrived we could keep them with their compliments. They arrived last week, but we are now short of space to plant them, as we'd bought our own begonias in the meantime. Never mind, I'm sure we'll find a spot for them somewhere. (If only the hair clippers would arrive now....)
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, how frustrating to be stuck behind a boy walking his horse, with his father driving at a snails pace behind. I know how you felt because many years ago, I was driving to Liverpool, along a quiet country road, when suddenly, a tractor pulled out in front of me from a side road. I had to brake hard to avoid crashing into it. There was nowhere to overtake, so I was stuck behind it for miles. The annoying thing was that there was no traffic behind me, so the driver could have waited a few seconds until I had passed by. I presume the driver didn't look before pulling out.

    You certainly deserved that glass of red wine after such a frustrating day.

    Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me on Thursday, but there is no chance that I would have the highest WAVA. Our route is in the forest, whereas some of our club members are running on the roads, having sussed out the flattest, fastest routes.

    I think that Doris really deserves his reputation as being a buffoon.  He talks out of his axxe!

    Glad to hear that you went ahead with your Zoom Pilates session, which is making you stronger.

    Oh dear, another mix up with the begonias, but I'm sure that you will find somewhere to plant them.

    The saga of the hair clippers continues. If they ever do arrive, I hope that they are the right size this time.

    Today is a rest day, and I'm sure that my press ups and front planks are making me stronger, as I walked home from the supermarket with 4 bags again, without stopping. When I got home, I did a 60 second front plank and 25 press ups.  
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