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  • Good morning all,

    WtnMel, thanks for your comments re my ipod. I was thinking on the same lines that somehow I would have to register the new device, before it would interact with itunes. I don't know how either, but will try to see if there is any help on u tube.
    It was definitely dodgy walking on the icy pavements with 4 heavy shopping bags. They certainly didn't enhance my balance.

    JB, thanks, the pavements were quite slippery during our run to the forest yesterday, and the trails we ran our 44th successive not a parkrun 5k on were a bit icy in places, and there were still areas of water and mud.
    Well done for another speedy 5k, especially in the conditions. 
    I was also wondering what had happened to Red Mist. Hopefully he isn't injured. I doubt if we will hear from Scottish Lady who was seeking advise re heart rate again. 

    I ran yesterdays 5k with Sarah F again, and we were surprised that we ran it about a minute quicker than the week before. We had thought the underfoot conditions, and sub zero temperature, would  slow us down.
    Today is a rest day.
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    Afternoon all,

    JB - well done for getting out again and managing your run at the pace you had hoped to. My thermal running top with the fold-over bits by the wrists usually keep my hands warm enough. But I've had cold hands when playing golf if that counts? :)

    HS - I was in my itunes yesterday and had a quick look but couldn't see how to register a new device to sync to. Well done for managing a faster pace with your 5k with Sarah F - enjoy your rest day!

    I just checked and Redmist was last active on Dec 20th and Scotwoman was last active on Jan 10th.

    My back is slightly sore today - I think I may have over-done the bridge exercise yesterday so I'll just stick to my stretching today.

    The new dome-covered feeder for the small birds seems to be working as we saw a robin and great tit using it. A pigeon was unable to get at the seeds with the way I have positioned it. But we felt sorry for the pigeon, depriving him of food, so I went out and put some seeds in the open tray when I refreshed the water bowl.

    Dare I say it - the touch-typing seems to be getting slightly easier. I surprised myself yesterday with what I have learnt. One of the exercises said to remember a sentence then close your eyes while you typed it out. I was able to do so without any errors. Still a long way to go - but nice to feel I'm getting somewhere.
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    Hi JB/hillstrider - Yeh, I'm still around and looking in from time to time. Decided to have a rest from posting as I was beginning to bore myself, so god knows how everyone else was feeling. My shoulder 'injury' got worse and began to affect my running. After a mile or two the pain down my arm was very distracting. Worked out that it must be a trapped nerve and, after many stretching exercises, it finally released about a week ago. Mainly treadmill running at present, due to ice/snow. Trying to snap myself out of boredom and a bit of depression. Not seen grandchildren for a few weeks either, which hasn't helped. Hope everyone on here is doing well.
  • RM, welcome back mate. Sorry to hear that you've had a bit of a downer. Funnily enough I hit a low point yesterday evening. I think it's excusable in the circumstances.
    I've had a frozen shoulder a couple of times both caused by overdoing exercise. It's pretty debilitating and doesn't add to your sense of mental wellness. Pleased that you've shaken your problem off.

    HS, a minute's improvement is to be treasured! Well done.

    Mel, sorry to hear about the back. I could bore for England on this topic (among others!) so I'll spare you that torture.

    The forecast down here was for snow/sleet mid morning so I got out early for a hilly 5k, Al we got was rain and then sunshine. We really do get off easy here.
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    Afternoon all,

    Redmist - glad to hear your shoulder has improved. A friend of mine had a frozen shoulder around the time I was using her as a case-study for my massage course. I was just doing Swedish massage (not sports massage or anything fancy) but after working on her back and shoulders, she found the trapped nerve (or whatever had been causing the problem) had gone away. Once this lockdown has finished I really must get my a**e in gear and get my treadmill fixed (needs a new rubber running belt). If I was running at the moment I would have really missed not being able to use it in this icy weather.

    JB - my sore 'back' has homed in on it being my glutes being the problem area. I emailed the physio clinic to let Isobel know I'd had a problem. She phoned me earlier and has emailed subsequently with two exercises to do to stretch my glutes. On Thu, she'll be able to take a look for herself and advise what exercises to do to alleviate the problem and more importantly, what I should do to strengthen my hips/glutes/core so I don't have a re-occurrence of the problem. Well done re your hilly 5K.

    Needless to say, I was a bit stiff and 'creaky' getting out of bed this morning and had to do some stretching to get myself moving. I went out for a short walk a little while ago - I think that must be the first time I've been outside for over a week.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, thanks for looking again into the I tunes problem, but I don't think I am going to bother with it. Andy thinks that Apple are no longer maintaining it, and I've got used to running without music. 
    I'm very impressed with the way you seem to be mastering touch typing, as it is more difficult to gain new skills as we get older. 
    That's interesting that your back problem is linked to a weakness in your glutes. I hope the exercises the physio gives you on Thursday will "do the trick!"
    I hope yesterdays walk helped to ease the pressure.

    Redmist, sorry to hear about your shoulder injury affecting your running, but good that you seem to have solved the problem now.
    I think most people are feeling "under the weather" these days, but I find running and exercising helps me to keep on top of things.

    JB, thanks, it's weird how our 5k times vary from week to week. We've now done 44 in succession, and my fastest of these is 26.06.

    Yesterday morning was probably the coldest so far this year. I reverted to my Ron Hill Tracksters which was a pity as I was wearing a new pair of jazzy running socks. I got them on line from Sweatshop in their sale. 2 pairs of Salomon's for £10, reduced from £20. We did a virtual 5 mile x country challenge, which is in place of the Hampshire series of cross country races, open only to registered club runners. Our virtual results are e mailed to our CC Captain, who collates them and forwards to the league admin. There are 7 clubs in the league, so it is very competitive, when we are able to run. Each club has its own course, and we are not allowed to partake in ours, but have to marshal.  Results will be published for each months challenge. It's only being held for this month, February and March. We can choose our own courses, as long as they are off road. There are age categories, so I might be in with a chance. 
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    Mel, Sounds like you've got yourself a good physio there.

    HS, great to get some inter-club rivalry and also an age cat win to aim for. It sounds like a very good set-up. I'm not sure what the local clubs around here are doing but I get the impression that it's all gone rather quiet.

    Rest day for me as I've run for 5 out of 6 days and some of those runs were pretty hard.

    So we've passed 100,000 deaths from Covid. That is beyond grim. It would be nice to hear some honesty from our leader. After all, he claims that we have the best health service, the best scientists and the great British public. Who does that leave that might have cocked it up?

    Blood test tomorrow plus a long committee meeting afterwards. Can't see me springing out of bed with great anticipation!
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    Afternoon all,

    HS - shame you can't get itunes to 'talk' to your new device. As you know, I have only ever listened to music while running on my treadmill. I had a 'play' yesterday and worked out how to access my music from my laptop through my recorder/tv. But it was very 'clunky' so thanks, but no thanks Windows and I'll just stick to plugging my ipod directly into my tv/sound bar. Good luck to you and your clubmates with your virtual 5ml cross-country challenge.

    JB - my physio really seems to know her stuff and has always given me good advice over the last few years .. she's a real 'find'. Call me a wimp but I've only ever run two days in a row once .. can't see me ever doing 5 runs in a row like you. Some of my clubmates are doing the January RtS or RED challenge (Run the Sum of the date in kms .. so today they'll do 9k - and Run Every Day. Even if I was running, I couldn't get excited about doing either of those challenges .. they strike me as a bit daft and probably do more harm than good if you normally only run 2/3 times a week.

    I think it's my sore back making me grumpy - sorry!

    I've been doing the stretches my physio gave me for my piriformis/glutes. But my back was uncomfortable during the night - I woke at 4am and had to read for a bit and eventually nodded off again at 5:45am. I've been for a walk for the last few days to try and keep myself mobile - first thing is worst - but some stretching usually gets me moving again without too much discomfort (been popping a few ibuprofen to help with that). On my walk today I followed a path I'd not used before and found out how it links up with other paths & roads I'm familiar with.
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    Afternoon all,

    WtnMel: Oh dear, sorry to hear about your back/glutes problem. I’m not surprised it’s making you feel a bit grumpy, back pain is no joke. I hope your physio is able to relieve it tomorrow. I’ve found (from personal experience) that an injury will expose any weak areas, and as you work on those areas they in turn bring other weak areas to light. I know I bang on a bit about the benefits of yoga and Pilates, but in all honesty they really are a big help in maintaining a firm core, and I believe a lot of problems stem from weak abdominal and back muscles. Physios tend to talk about kinetic chains, and how each part of the body is connected to other parts through these chains, so if one part of your body is weak it could affect a different part, and for a good range of movement and good posture it is important not to neglect any of the muscle groups. Last year, during the first lockdown, a personal trainer I know posted some exercises and encouraged people to make up their own sets of circuits from them. I decided to give them a go and was surprised to find how weak my arms and core were, but after a number of weeks of circuit work I could see and feel the difference. Around the same time my physio started to hold zoom classes for Pilates, and I decided I would also start doing yoga again. In my early running days I’d mistakenly assumed that because I was a runner I must be reasonably fit and strong, and therefore I didn’t need any to do any additional strength work. I suppose I should be grateful that the restrictions imposed by Covid have given me the time and motivation to pay more attention to my overall fitness. I just need to find the right opportunity to get out for a run now (i.e. no snow or ice, and no grandmother duties). Having said that, we did manage to fit in a short walk today before the snow returns tomorrow. It was chilly but sunny when we set off for our 3 mile walk, but halfway through the sun went and we could see dark clouds to the west and a lot of mist to the east, in the end it was the mist that prevailed and we finished our walk in poor visibility and with a very noticeable drop in temperature. The forecast isn’t great for the next few days so heaven knows when we’ll be able to get out again, but at least we enjoyed our outing today.

    JB: I hope all went well with your blood tests and committee meeting today. Like WtnMel I rarely run back to back days, but you seem to take them in your stride (no pun intended). All the same I reckon you earned that rest day. 
    100,000+ Covid deaths, it’ll be interesting to see how Boris tries to put a positive slant on that in his update this evening. I can remember when the figure was around 40,000 and praying that it would never reach as high as 50,000. 

    Redmist: If it’s any consolation I’ve also felt pretty low from time to time lately, and I’ve found it’s usually because I’ve been listening to doom and gloom news reports concerning Covid. I keep telling myself I’m not going to listen to the Today programme when I get up, and I won’t watch the evening news on BBC - but I generally do all the same. I think what gets to me is the feeling of being powerless to affect the situation, and that I have to rely on others to get this under control. Not seeing family is also pretty depressing. We’re in a bubble with one son, his ex-wife and our granddaughter but that means we can’t see our other son and his family. I suppose we all have to try to keep positive and hope things improve soon. I hope that now that the trapped nerve in your arm has resolved itself you will be able to get back to running outdoors again, when the weather permits. 

    HS: Steve has recently got a new computer and has also had problems with iTunes. I think my son tried to sort it out for him but in the end they both just gave up. It’s always nice to get a bargain on running gear, although I haven’t tried that particular brand of sock myself, my current favourite is Balega which were recommended to me a few years ago. 44 consecutive (not-a) parkruns  Not many people can be that consistent, that’s a great achievement. Good luck with your XC challenge, it’s good to have something to focus on over the rest of this winter. I’ve no doubt you’ll be heading your age category when the results are published. :)
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    Snow again today, but no surprise as it was forecast. So as a run is unlikely I've done a HIIT workout (a fairly easy beginners 9 min one) and a mixed yoga and HIIT workout (15 mins, again quite easy) I found them both on Youtube.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    JB, We are very lucky in Hampshire with the Hampshire Road Race League, HRRL. and the Cross Country CC, races. Unfortunately, of course, none of those races have been able to take place, hence the virtual races.

    I'm afraid that Boris will have to carry the burden for the disastrous decisions he has made, ignoring all the science etc for the rest of his life. I don't know how he manages to sleep at night. 

    Hope the blood test went ok!

    WtnMel, I have given up now on the ipod.

    Thanks, Sarah and I have submitted our January virtual CC5 times to the race captain. Some of our club runners are doing the RED challenge. I had assumed it stood for" run every day!" 
    I'm glad to note from your strava post that your back problem is easing. I resisted taking Ibuprofen, even when my knee was at it's most painful. I believe pain killers can lead one into false security. I know some runners take them to enable them to keep running, but that makes matters worse in the long run. 

    Aquarius, I agree with you about the importance of strengthening the core. On my non running days, I am following the Runners World "Guide to Home Workouts," and "Guide to Strength Training."  I'm definitely feeling the benefits, and am more flexible.
    I'm glad that you managed to get out for a short walk yesterday, and enjoyed it.
    I also try to avoid the News Programmes and Briefings etc. but find that I'm almost addicted to them, and never fail to miss the 6pm News on the TV. I  watch the BBC News Channel too, especially the 9pm News.

    That's interesting that Steve has had problems with Itunes on his new computer. I think that Apple must have stopped supporting it. 

    I wear Salomon trail shoes, so I thought their socks would be good. I've worn both pairs now, and they are excellent. I've never heard of Balega socks. I've also ordered a pair of Asics 1000 trainers which were also in the sale. They will probably arrive tomorrow or Saturday.
    The Club's various challenges, virtual races and the weekly not a park run 5ks, help to keep me motivated. Every Wednesday we do the Clubs Independent Training Workouts, which are helping us to improve our pace, stamina and endurance.
    We haven't had any snow at all, except for about 10 minutes a couple of weeks ago.  Well done for the HIIT workouts. We used to do them during the Spin Sessions.

    Yesterdays training session was road hill reps, comprising 2 sets of 6 x 25 seconds with 45 second recoveries. There was a 90 second recovery between sets. We found that we did the reps in the second set, quicker than in the first.

    I had my AstraZeneca Oxford vaccination this morning at the local Sports and Leisure Centre. It was very well organised and professional. They advised that I might experience a sore arm in the morning, a headache, or tiredness. It's possible that I might experience non of them, as it's only about one in 10 that do.

  • Morning all,

    Re the blood test, I was a bit surprised when I turned up to the GP's. It's a large 'hub' practice and I expected it to be packed out with folk awaiting their Covid vacc. (When it's time for the flu vacc the queue snakes around the block.) But I was the only customer! It was 8.45 but I'd have thought they'd be up and jabbing by then. Awaiting results.

    Yesterday I decided to test myself with a 10K. I've not run that far since before Xmas since which time I've had a bug. I thought a sub 50 would be within my compass. Was it heck! I dropped out at 8k. I had managed exactly 5 minutes kms but I simply ran out of steam and jogged the last 2k. The wind was a factor. It's amazing how we can leave the house (approx 2 miles from the prom) in a light breeze and arrive to find a howling gale on the seafront. For one thing, it totally messes with timings - you simply can't run an even pace and it's tricky to know how to pace the sections when you are being blown along by the wind.

    Having said that, Mrs JB ran for a solid 40 minutes too (her longest run for a long time) and had no complaints about the conditions. She's very stoic! Whoever said women are the weaker sex got it totally wrong. (She uses the You Tube training stuff as mentioned by Aquarius and these sessions of essentially HIIT can last up to an hour. Awesome!)

    As for my committee meeting, well I emerged with one overarching conclusion: Councillors like talking! (Shock, horror - who'd have thought it??)

    Mel. you clearly need to watch that back.

    HS, as ever I'm impressed by the structured approach to training which you (and club-mates) exemplify. I'm so random. My pal is following a training programme that is so detailed and specific; we are at the opposite ends of the spectrum on this.

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    JB, that must have been a surprise, you being the only patient in the surgery.
    It's no disgrace blowing up during a distance that you haven't run for a while. A couple of months ago, I did just the same in a 5 mile challenge, blew up at 5k and had to walk the rest. Well done to Mrs JB.
    I've found the same in meetings, there's always some bores who love the sound of their own voices.
    I suppose I have always done structured training to a certain degree.

    I didn't sleep too well last night after my jab, and felt a bit groggy when I got up. I felt better after my walk to and from the supermarket. I've had no aches in my arm which is good. I'm hoping to be ok to run tomorrow, but will see how I feel when I get up.
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    Afternoon all,

    JB: Our GP surgery has a pharmacy on the premises and when Steve collected his prescription from there a couple of hours ago he noticed the doctor’s waiting room was very quiet, so we assumed the vaccinations must be taking place elsewhere. No doubt we’ll find out when we are contacted with our appointments. I’m still not entirely clear when that will be, Steve will be vaccinated before me as I believe he’s in priority group 3 (age 71) but I think it will all depend on the rest of the country in groups 1&2 catching up, and also on availability of the vaccine. Good to hear in the lunchtime news that other vaccines are becoming available soon.
    Mrs JB must be very fit if she’s managing an hour of HIIT type exercises, that’s very impressive. Attempting a 10k run after a bug is always going to be hard work, so to keep the pace up for 8k then finishing more slowly is nothing to be ashamed of. I know what you mean about weather conditions changing quickly, when we were running at the reservoir we’d often start off with no wind at all, but as soon as we got alongside the water a strong wind would spring up from nowhere. There’s one particular corner at the end of the dam wall where it’s always really blustery, even if there’s no wind elsewhere on the route. If it’s a windy day to start with then you feel like you are running on the spot when you get to “Windy Corner”. It’s such a relief to get past it.  

    HS: Sorry to hear you didn’t have a good night’s sleep after your jab, I hope you’ll be fully recovered by tomorrow. I know you are sensible enough to give your run a miss if you are still not 100%.
    I meant to ask you if you have taken part in the online consultation about equalising race distances in XC? I have, because I really hope they leave things as they are. I realise a number of younger female runners would relish the challenge of running 10k or 12k like the men do, but I couldn’t manage that, and I don’t think I’m the only female runner who thinks that. Two laps of the local XC courses (usually 6k or 8k) are more than enough for me when there’s mud and hills to battle over in winter conditions. I don’t know how the men manage the extra lap. Our local XC league have held their own online poll and from the responses they’ve had it seems the majority of local club runners want to keep things as they are, I hope that will be the case, because if they introduce equal race distances I’d have to give up XC. 

    We actually got out for a run yesterday! It was a spur of the moment run, and we only attempted 2 miles, but even that was a bit of a struggle. We decided to go back to our C to 5k run/walk strategy as we didn’t want to push too hard too soon, plus there were still some icy patches where we had to walk anyway. As runs go it was nothing to write home about, but hopefully we can build on that and get back to running more regularly. We plan to go again tomorrow, but we’ve just had a yellow weather warning for ice and snow so will have to see what it is like when we get up.
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    If anyone is interested, there’s indoor international athletics on the BBC Red Button channel at 7pm this evening, also on iPlayer.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, thanks, I was feeling ok today thanks, and I ran the 5k as planned.

    I have been following the discussions re the equalising of race distances for men and women's cross country on the facebook page, "I was a runner I am a runner;" on which famous runners, female and male have been commentating. The overwhelming consensus is to leave thing as they are, and I agree with that. Interesting that you say that if the distances were increased you would have to give up, as that is one of the most common reasons given, especially in relation to the younger women, moving up from junior to senior level. They are saying that the biggest drop out at present is from the 16 to 20 age group, and if distances were increased, even more would be lost.
    Good to hear that you got out for a run on Thursday, even if it was "only" for 2 miles. Better than nothing! Did you manage to get out for a run today?
    Thanks for the tip re the athletics last night, I did know that it was on, but didn't see your post at the time. The highlights were on BBC 1 this afternoon.

    The weather this morning was atrocious, heavy rain and an icy wind. Sarah suggested that we do a road run, as the forest is flooded in many paces. I agreed and we ran an earlier road course, but with a few modifications. I found it hard going, probably the after effects of my vaccination, and Sarah finished around 30 seconds before me. That was our 45th successive not a parkrun 5k.

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all,

    HS: I’m pleased that you were feeling well enough to get out for your not-a-parkrun 5k as usual. It’s not surprising you found the going a bit tough as the weather conditions for your run sounded horrible, not to mention coping with the after effects of the vaccine, so only finishing 30 seconds after Sarah is pretty impressive in the circumstances.

    Thanks for the information regarding the XC debate, I do hope things will stay as they are. I believe one of the options was to have a number of distances, with participation open to both genders so people could choose which distance they wanted to do. Although this is a possible compromise I don’t think it would be feasible. Under the existing structure the senior men’s race is the final event of the day, and it’s often getting dark when they finish, so I don’t think it would be possible to fit in extra races if the decision is made to offer multiple distances for all. There wouldn’t be time at the start of the event either, as the under 11s start things off at midday and prior to that the courses have to be set up etc which takes up the morning. As I say, with any luck things will stay as they are, and after all XC participation has been growing in recent years so why tinker with a successful model.

    I was really disappointed to see everywhere covered in snow again when I woke up, however by lunchtime it was starting to thaw so we decided to chance a short run. We just attempted 2 slow miles again, and had to walk a bit in places where it was still icy (but to be honest even without the slippery bits we’d still have to have had walk breaks). It’s a bit dispiriting how unfit we’ve become, but I suppose we just have to be patient and not rush things. It’ll take as long as it takes to get back to full fitness.

  • Sorry folks I forgot all about this forum till I saw an activity from Mel this morning on strava.

    |I have been running but shins have been a problem...I think I may have been striding to far instead of lifting my legs
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    Afternoon all,

    Whoops .. four days away from the thread and 11 new posts to catch up on. I've so many exercises to do at the moment several times a day, I don't seem to have time for much else and sitting in front of my laptop for too long doesn't help matters.

    Aquarius - you're correct about injuries exposing weak areas of the body .. it's all connected. Strengthening exercises to help my core so my knee didn't get problems exposed my weak glutes and that in turn lead to the problems with my lumbar spine. I'm only doing stretching at the moment but once my lumbar area and hips are working properly I'll gradually re-introduce some core exercises. I think the problem was introducing the harder strengthening exercises too quickly. Re the Indoor Athletics on the BBC Red Button, when I was setting up our recorder I noticed they had slipped the highlights into Saturday's schedule as HS mentioned (but also - see below!). Well done re getting out for a run .. 2mls is better than nothing and I'm sure when I eventually start running again, the best thing may be for me to follow a C25K schedule to begin with. I see you had more snow - thank goodness it disappeared as quickly as it arrived but pleased to see you were able to manage another short run, despite having to watch your footing.

    HS - shame you've given up on your ipod :( As you know, I don't give up easily with techie things and keep plugging away until I find the solution or an explanation as to why something won't work. I'm not usually a pill-popper but I made an exception a couple of days last week with my back being so sore. I can't think Apple have stopped supporting itunes as I often get notifications that a new version is available. I see you've had your covid jab .. Margaret had hers on Thu afternoon and had no problems on Fri/Sat but said her arm was sore when she woke up today. Well done for managing your 45th successive not a parkrun.

    JB - good that there wasn't a queue when you went to your surgery. When ours was doing flu jabs it was a production line .. in one door, down a corridor, into a room, jab, out of another door. But our covid jabs are being done at a fire station in Cheltenham (Margaret reported it was all being run very efficiently). Well done re your 10K .. I think at my fastest during my club's 5k challenge last summer, my best time was just under 6mins per km. Well done to Mrs JB as well for her 40min run.

    As I mentioned on Wed, my physio spoke and emailed me on Mon and gave me a couple of glute stretches. I was doing them daily but it was my back that was more of a problem. I saw my physio on Thu and she gave me the all clear re my right knee (which is what started all this). But could immediately see I was not standing straight. She got me to try a few movements and said my lumbar spine wasn't moving at all. She did some deep tissue massage of my lower back and lumbar spine for the rest of the session. On Thu evening my back felt a bit worse which I put down to the deep tissue massage. I've been doing the set of exercises she gave me for my back each day (2 or 3 times when I can) and it is much improved. This morning was the first when I got out of bed without too much of a problem.

    Despite the sore back, I've been going out for a walk each day to keep myself mobile. I don't go far (2 mls or so) but I can see that my pace has slowly improved as my back has been getting better. For the first few days, I was so slow, it was like a roadrunner cartoon with people seemingly whizzing past me on the pavements. 

    Another technological breakthrough here at Wtnmel Towers to report. I saw the cyclocross world championships were on the BBC Red Button and because I was curious, tried to see if there was some way to record it rather than sit there at the time it was on. It turns out the BBC Red Button service is transmitted on Freeview Channel 601! So I was able to record it yesterday afternoon and watch the ladies race last night. The men's race is being transmitted today - but thanks to a loud-mouthed sports reporter on BBC Breakfast earlier this week, I already know who won. 

    I had the same problem with the NFL coverage. I don't have Sky so only see NFL games when the NFL Show is transmitted on Sat evenings. Last night it covered last weekend's championship games. But I already know the results. Dan Walker (who presents the NFL Show and should know better!) made a throwaway comment on Breakfast last Mon morning and said how there must be some bleary-eyed viewers just heading off to bed having sat up to watch the live coverage when **** and *** won their respective games. Thanks Dan - I'm sure you wouldn't do the same with an important football game!
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    Mel, good to hear you are on the upward curve in terms of aches and pains. I too caught the athletics but it was simply because I pressed the red button by mistake! As for NFL, I'd like to like it and have tried again and again; even getting my son to lend me the NFL for Dummies book! But I just can't engage. Baseball is the same. We went to a game in Vancouver and TBH it was far more boring than cricket.
    I am though fascinated by the huge resources that go into NFL and college football.(Anecdote alert!)
    Once I had the pleasure of showing visiting faculty from Arkansas around my university. I was very proud to do so and they were duly impressed  -or polite enough to pretend to be. It was at the time when  Brighton FC had just built their new stadium and there was a splendid view of it from the uni. 'And, over there, is the new AMEX stadium which holds 30,000 spectators', I boasted. 'Oh', came the reply, 'the stadium on our campus holds 60,000!' The cost of providing such facilities must be eye-watering.

    Aquarius, glad to hear that you are out and about but that weather sounds atrocious. I'm with you on the issue of athletics; but I daresay if I were a25 year old elite woman athlete I'd probably be in the opposite camp. I'm not, by the way. Hope the weather cheers up soon; I'm sure it will lift spirits too.

    HS, these conditions must slow you down considerably. You must be tempted to find somewhere local that is easier? I feel a bit guilty moaning about a strong wind when I run along my flat, smooth, long, straight prom!

    Talking of which yes, another very windy run  today - although it was from the east for a change. And it didn't stop loads of folk from running. 10k in 49.43, so job done.

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    Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, thanks, I probably shouldn't have run, but I didn't want to "break the chain."

    I have a feeling that things will remain as they are regarding the proposed increase in distance for female cross country runners. High profile runners such as Paula Radcliffe are dead against it, and their opinions carry a lot of weight. 

    Well done for getting out for a run in tricky conditions, but don't rush things attempting to get your full fitness back. It will come with gradual build up.

    Damien, I hope the problem with your shins clears up. Try running off road if possible. Pounding on concrete does our joints no favours. 

    WtnMel, i tunes keeps popping up with an update, but I have been declining it as I don't think it would make any difference. It has a lot of Mb which is why I haven't bothered.

    I was lucky with my jab, as I didn't have any aches in my arm at all. Your physio sounds very efficient, and I've seen on Strava that your back is making progress.

    I've noticed that when I've pressed the red button, it comes up as channel 601. I'll try next time by entering 601 to see if it works.

    JB, there is nowhere really in the forest that is easier, and we don't  like running on the roads very much. Well done for another sub 50 minutes 10k.

    On Sunday, I ran a solo road run, shock horror! I had synced a course to my watch which one of our club runners had suggested for a fartlek workout. It was a recce run, and was a touch over 10k. There were some nasty hills, so it would be challenging for a fartlek workout. We have the option of doing the workout in the forest. We intend doing the session tomorrow in the forest, but if it is belting down with rain, which is forecast, we will probably give the road a try.

    Yesterdays run was really challenging. Mel has seen it on Strava. We had to run in the forest using a hand drawn map and navigate without any gear, to run from the entry point to the exit point. The forest was flooded in places and we had no alternative but to wade through. There were 6 of us taking part, running in pairs, and we had to find our way independently of the others. I ran with Jane and we completed the challenge in 7.69 miles. The other pairs took 9+ and 10+ miles, so our navigation must have been better.😅
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    JB - slowly getting there with my back and as mentioned below, apart from a self-inflicted backward step, it's almost sorted. Re the NFL - you either love it or hate it. Personally, I can't stand football or cricket and find them boring to have to be told about, let alone to watch. At least when NFL games are taking place, there's always action happening and even after so many years, I'm sure I miss a lot of the subtleties of the game. I have the same view as you of baseball - can't see the appeal of it either. I chuckled at your anecdote about relative stadium sizes. Well done getting out in that wind for a run a couple of days ago.

    HS - I have constant updates for itunes too but ignore them as I figure they're mostly for anyone with a new iphone to support. Yes - my physio seems to know her stuff and I've yet to have any bad advice from her. Well done re Sun's solo fartlek run. Also, for yesterday's forest run - I see the conditions were less than ideal but good navigating to come out with a shorter mileage figure.

    My back was really bad on Sunday - I think I was too enthusiastic when arching my back. Lesson learnt - but it has settled down now. The rest of the stretching is working - I'd class my back as just a niggle now and it was less tight when I woke up this morning. Margaret said I must be getting better as I've started to be cheeky again (don't know what she means). I'm seeing the physio again on Thu and I'm hoping she'll tell me she doesn't need to see me again and to carry on with the stretching routine and once I feel ready, gently re-introduce the strengthening exercises that brought on the back/glutes problems.

    On my walk today I bumped into one of my running club friends - so nice to have a (two metres apart!) face-to-face chat for the first time in weeks. In a similar vein, my running club have decided to have a zoom meeting next week with a chance to chat beforehand, then a talk by one of our club members. I hope it will become a regular thing until we can hold club sessions again.

    One last thing to mention. I was trying to get Windows Backup to run (for my Arts Together files) and scratching my head why it didn't seem to do what I expected. I checked online and it turned out the problem of not performing the requested backup was a 'known' issue which MS haven't (or won't) fix. So I've downloaded some free software (not Microsoft) which seems to be working perfectly.
  • HS, that sounds a bit like orienteering? By coincidence the only time I've ever seen folk doing this was in the New Forest - during the half marathon I saw a bunch of guys in the woods, dressed in running gear and looking at maps. You really wouldn't want me as a partner: I have no sense of direction whatever and can't even tell my left from my right. (Except in politics.)

    I avoided the prom today; just getting fed up with the wind. So instead I did my run around my cemetery track. This is a '5k' according to the Garmin but in fact usually delivers me about 100 or so metres short of where I 'should' finish. But today the satellite behaved itself and I really did do 5k - and a season's best at that (22.04/WAVA 76.72%). 

    Very pleased, as there was a cross wind and it's a little undulating. Plus as I do 20 laps there are 80 corners (well bends). So it was actually a world record.

    Even better was that I had good news from my blood test results.

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, I think you are right re itunes updates, probably for more sophisticated devices. I don't think many people use it nowadays. 
    Glad to hear that your back is settling down now, these things do take quite a while to clear up.
    Mondays run did test our navigational skills, and ability to cope with atrocious conditions. It was quite scary at one point as we were wading across a particularly swampy field; we were surrounded by white cows with horns. Jane isn't worried by them and just proceeded as if they weren't there. I was more cautious.
    I hope your physio signs you off tomorrow. I think I only had 3 or 4 sessions with mine. I still do the stretches etc that he gave me to do.
    Agree, it's much better running with someone. The miles seem to pass quicker.
    Good that you were able to locate free software to back up your "fine art files."

    JB, yes you are right, Mondays run was a sort of orienteering event. The only difference was that there weren't any check points to find. This made the challenge even more difficult. I'm not that good at navigating either, unless I've got a course saved on my watch. I'm afraid I was reliant on  Jane for much of the run, as she was familiar with some of the trails. I was able to take over to an extent in the latter stages, as I had more local knowledge.
    Well done for your excellent 5k time with a WAVA of 76.72%.
    Glad that you had good results from your blood test!

    It rained all night and was still lashing down this morning. It was just Sarah H and I that did todays fartlek workout. We did the course that I'd recced on Sunday, and ran hard up the hills, as well as on the flat. We had run less than a mile before we were soaked by a driver driving too close to the kerb, and consequently sending a spray of water over us. Being the gentleman that I am🤣 I was running on the outside, so took most of the spray myself. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    JB - you mentioned orienteering and it was something I was planning to try when I was much younger, but it never did happen. I see you did the cemetery track and your Garmin behaved itself and it didn't come up 100 metres short. Good news that your blood test results were positive.

    HS - your friend Jane sounds like my friend Sue. When we walked the Thames Path, whenever we walked through a field of cows and they approached us, she'd always greet them with a cheery "Hello ladies!". There's no 'fine art files' for this Arts Together charity I support - it's the Excel spreadsheets and Word documents the artists share amongst themselves that I'm interested in making backup copies of. Well done for being a gentleman and saving your friend Sarah from the worst of the water from that spray the car caused. I'm sure if you were wearing a cape you'd have taken that off and laid it in any puddles she needed to cross 🤣

    I saw my physio Isobel this morning and she was pleased with my progress. After the session she said she'd like to see me again in two week's time. My back is much better but she wants to have me in a position where my back is sorted and I've tried running again. Her suggestion was to wait until the week after next (15th Feb) and then try some short jogging sections while out walking. I almost feel like I'm back to what I class as 'normal' (for a 68yr old who hasn't been doing stretching exercises for years!!) but I plan to continue doing them now, even after I stop seeing her. Having said I'm feeling better, she said my lumbar spine still wasn't as supple as she'd like and when she worked on my back, she found some 'tight' areas that needed working on. She said (and having had to recover from injuries in the past I didn't need telling) that when I do start jogging again, to take things very slowly and not try to do too much, too soon.

    Nothing else to mention apart from we'll be having our usual Friday zoom chat with our friends Alan & Diana tomorrow. And Margaret's sister has asked if we fancied a zoom chat with her and her husband on Sat - they're usually too busy working so we'll take the opportunity to see what they've been up to (apart from working that is).
  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    WtnMel, it's odd isn't it that ladies seem braver than us, when it comes to walking/running through fields of cows, ponies etc. I've mentioned previously that I have been chased by galloping ponies on several occasions. That is very scary as it only takes one to start galloping and the others all follow. I hadn't thought of doing a Sir Walter Raleigh over the puddles😉

    Good to hear that your physio is pleased with your progress, but wants to do more work on your back.

    Hope you enjoy your zoom chats tomorrow and Saturday.

    Ran 11k on roads this morning at recovery pace with Andy. It started to rain heavily as we were about halfway round, but only lasted for about 10 minutes.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good morning all,

    I say good morning, but we’ve a bit of a deluge here this morning. We were planning a 5 or 6 mile walk this morning, but we’re considering going for a short run instead (either way we’ll get soaked, but for a shorter time if we go for the run).

    WtnMel: I’m pleased to see that your conscientious adherence to those rehab exercises is paying dividends, you should find you are a lot stronger when you get back to running. You seem to have a good physio, is she a runner herself by any chance? I don’t know how you find the time, or the patience, to fiddle on with all those computer problems, but you seem to enjoy the challenge of sorting these things out. It makes me groan just to think about it. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. Enjoy your zoom session today, I wonder when you’ll be able to get back on the golf course? There’s talk of golf being one of the first outdoor activities to have restrictions relaxed. Re NFL, I can take it or leave it. It’s a bit too stop-start for me, but good entertainment. I’m in the same camp as you regarding football and cricket, if I had to watch one or the other I’d probably opt for cricket.

    HS: Sorry if I wasn’t clear when I’ve mentioned in the past about things being on the BBC red button - I meant the channel called Red Button (601 as WinMel says) I discovered it during the Olympics, at times of big sporting events like that they often have more than one Red Button channel to cater for simultaneous events. It’s always worth checking out, because other events are broadcast apart from sport. That encounter with the white cows sounded a bit scary, I know you’ve often mentioned similar encounters with cows and ponies in the past, it’s a pity there’s no easy way to communicate with them and let them know you are not a threat, but just passing through their “home.” You seem to be getting a lot of rain down there, well done to persevering with your runs in those conditions (and for being such a gentleman yesterday :) ). 

    JB: Glad to hear all was ok with your blood tests.
    I wonder what the locals think of you running round and round the cemetery paths, and at such a pace? I bet it would be more entertaining if you kept looking over your shoulder with a worried expression on your face as you ran, you could even try crossing your chest (as long as that doesn’t affect your balance or pace of course, after all no need to be silly about this.)

    At last a “grandma school” free couple of days. Yesterday was spent catching up with housework in the morning, then ironing and an hour of yoga in the afternoon (I know how to enjoy myself!). As I write this we’ve just decided to opt for the run (as mentioned above) so will get out now as the rain is really heavy and will hopefully be putting other people off.

    **Update - we’ve just returned from a very wet 2 mile walk/run. Obviously a number of other runners, cyclists and dog walkers had also gambled on the Derwent Walk being deserted due to the weather as we passed quite a few people over that short distance. I’ve never seen the Walk with so much lying water on it. As it is an old railway line it is reasonably flat, but as this is a very hilly area the fields and woods on either side are sometimes much lower or much higher than the track we are running on. The amount of snow and rain we’ve had recently has resulted in a lot of the lower lying land being flooded, with small streams now spilling over to create lakes and even mini waterfalls. Where the land is higher than the Walk the water has run down to the track and flooded large parts of it. We ended up running through quite a lot of standing water as a consequence. It reminded me of XC - you start off dry but within a few yards you are muddy, then the mud and water come over the top of your shoes, and you have wet feet for the rest of the run. Good job it wasn’t too cold today or it would have made the run pretty miserable, but as it was we quite enjoyed it, even with squelching feet. 
    Bit of a disaster when I got home, I’d put my son’s white work shirts in to wash with some other whites and neglected to notice the black biro pen in a shirt pocket. I’m now about to google how to remove black biro from white clothes. (If any of you clever people know the answer don’t keep it to yourself please)  
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, we haven't had any rain today, in fact its been bright and sunny all day, typical on a non running day.

    When I press the red button, it comes up with 601 in the top right hand corner. It worked anyway and I watched the athletics. Indoor athletics isn't the same somehow as outdoors though. Pressing the red button does bring up a menu, so if there is more than one activity, it is possible to chose.

    It takes more than rain to stop us running, and I've probably mentioned before that my marathon PB, which was many years ago, was set in the most atrocious weather. 

    Housework, ironing and yoga sounds the perfect way to spend the day🤣

    I note that you have just returned from a very wet 2 mile walk/run. The terrain you described is just how the forest is at present. I'm really glad that I have a good pair of trail shoes. I've started taking more care of them than I did for the previous pair. I spray the uppers with Kiwi sneaker protector to stop them splitting on the flexible section. 

    Oops! that sounds a bit of a blunder, black biro in with the whites! I suggest that you try "Shout" stain removing spray. I've found it to be very successful.

    Tomorrow is 5k day and will be the 46th successive run. I'm not sure whether we will run it in the forest or on roads. We ran it on roads last week as the weather was so bad.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    HS: Did you manage to do your 5k in the forest this morning, or did you have to stick to the roads like last week? We still have rain here, but it's due to change to sleet this afternoon, with temperatures set to drop overnight so no doubt it'll be icy tomorrow morning. Then we've snow forecast from Sunday until Wednesday,  I'm hoping Wednesday won't be too bad as Steve has to travel to Newcastle for his Covid jab then.
    I was in two minds yesterday whether to hunt out my trail shoes for our run, but in the end didn't bother. I think if the snow isn't too bad this week (and I can get grandma school finished in reasonable time) I might try to get out in my trail shoes for a short run at some point.

    By the way I found a tip on Google regarding black biro stains on clothes. A couple of different sites suggested using hand sanitiser, as it contains alcohol. It was reasonably successful on one of the less damaged shirts, but I think I'm going to need to repeat the process a couple of times on the others. 
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