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  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    JB - as well as "USA! USA!" there always seems to be one or more American morons at the Ryder Cup who shout "Get in the hole!" all the time - f**kwits every one of them. Margaret has ordered the new bedroom carpet - the bedroom will have been painted by then, but I think it's being fitted the same day the decorating ladies are back doing the hall, stairs and landing so it will be bedlam here on that day. Wonder if Alan would like to play golf? ;) Well done re the speedwork.

    HS - my annual mileage never did reach anything more than 500-600 miles. The carpet choosing was very painless - we both 'homed in' on the same colours we thought would work, brought three of them home to look at in situ and agreed which one to go for. When we had to buy a new kettle we ended up with one from Lakeland - it's good because you can select different temperatures rather than just boiling the water. But it will insist on beeping when you switch it on and when you select the temperature - it also beeps if you forget to switch it off at the wall socket afterwards. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't investigated silencing the beeping! :) Thankfully most of the bedroom furniture is built-in (chests of draws and wardrobes) so apart from bedside cabinets and a chair, it's just the king-size bed that will need to be dismantled and moved into the spare bedroom. Well done re the 10K and good to hear Sarah's toe wasn't any worse after her run. 

    Aquarius - we do have lots of temporary lights and roadworks around at the moment .. the ones in Warwick are 'major' roadworks with contraflows and entry/exit slip roads shut off, hence the call from Margaret's son warning me how to avoid the area or risk driving past the junction I wanted to leave from. Sounds like maybe you need to 'tick over' with your running at the pace you feel comfortable with until the pace of the planned sessions catches up with your fitness level?

    Golf update - the trip to the driving range was worth it. At golf yesterday, I beat Alan by 3 strokes. I was leading by 10 strokes after 12 holes but faded towards the end (tiredness? lack of concentration?) but not so much that he was able to overhaul me. My score on the first 9 holes (44) was only 1 more than my best-ever score of 43 at that course. I'm still toying with the idea of becoming a member of my local golf club - just need to ask a few more questions about membership before signing-up. They have Senior's sessions on Wed's and Fri's which would tie in nicely with matches with Alan which are usually on one of those two days.

    There's a new U3A group starting next week which Margaret and I have joined - Social Cards - which we think will keep us amused and in touch with others over the Winter. The idea being to play cards where not much (any?) skill is needed as opposed to more tricky games like Bridge and we can have a laugh and a social get-together at the same time. There are eight of us in the group and one lady is going to teach us a simple game called 'Plonk' - I messaged to say I was looking forward to being taught how to be a Plonk-er ;)
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, I'm afraid that I don't watch the golf. It's probably better playing than watching. It sounds a good idea for you to play golf whilst the carpets are being laid, and the decorating ladies are in!

    Good that you both agreed on the colour of the carpets. I can imagine the beeping of the kettle can become a bit annoying.

    Thanks re the 10k and Sarah's toe. She's taking things very gradually, so is not sure whether she will run all of the scheduled 16 miles on Monday.

    There are also a lot of roadworks in my neck of the woods, but haven't reached "my roundabout" yet. They are enlarging all the roundabouts on the A326, because there will be a lot of extra traffic on the roads with new houses, a school etc being built at Fawley. It's chaos on the roads into Southampton. What is really required is a continuation of the two lanes into Fawley from the Dibden Purlieu roundabout, rather than enlarging the roundabouts which won't make any difference to the expected congestion.

    Well done beating Alan again. It sounds a good idea for you to join a golf club, where you will be able to play against other players, which will almost certainly help you to improve your game.

    Had to laugh at the thought of a lady teaching you how to be a plonker. I've never heard of a card game named plonk. I wonder if it's something like snap.

    I was really pleased with this mornings hilly road solo 10k. It was the quickest that I have done on that course.
  • Mel, success at golf! Had I been watching I'd have found it difficult to resist a few 'get in the holes!' as you vanquished Alan. Is that your first win against him? I agree with HS on the wisdom of playing other folk - but (in my case) I'd certainly only line up the ones I could beat!
    Being a good plonker comes naturally to some of us...........

    HS, it's the number of temporary traffic lights in our town that gets me. As Mrs JB often observes, there's no one actually working on the roads where these crop up. Well done on your PB on that hilly 10k. It lifts the whole day doesn't it?

    My friend, fellow Parkrun obsessive and rival is planning a trip to Ireland. He's plotted his way around the country be researching Parkruns. I'd do exactly the same. However, after doing this he found out that Eire hasn't allowed PRs to resume! So I sent  him a running event calendar of the time he's there.

    A couple of rest days for me. Parkrun tomorrow - Tunbridge Wells. It'll be the first time I've done this course, which is of course the main reason for doing it. I've researched it and it looks medium hard - very narrow paths in places and undulating. I'm aiming for 22.30 which should give me a 3rd place on their honours board for my age category.   
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    JB, It's definitely frustrating when there is no sign of any activity, and the temporary traffic lights always seem to be on red, even when there's no traffic coming the other way.

    A married couple who are club members were doing an A to Z of parkruns before Covid. Good luck with the Tunbridge Wells parkrun tomorrow. I'm sure that you will achieve 22.30 or better, especially if you are wearing your "magic trainers!

    Today is a rest day, but I've had a haircut, so hopefully it will help me to run faster😅

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    Waiting for some software to install so trying to use the time usefully ..

    HS - I read some rules of 'Plonk' and still didn't really 'get it' so I'll wait for my friend Val to explain it to us. Well done re yesterday's hilly 10K. I'm having my hair cut on Wed - though some might observe they're not sure why ;) 

    JB - I did manage to sink a couple of long-ish putts when playing Alan but did confine myself to silent 'Yesssss!' and a fist bump with him afterwards. The golf club has a 'roll up' session on Wed & Fri where you presumably play whoever else has turned up. If so, that means there would be plenty of variety in who you play and how good they are. The more regular golf ought to mean my game will improve - we'll see! Good luck with your 'new' parkrun.

    Had a successful (and quick) trip to town today. I'd bought some powerline adapters online from PC World and some lining paper from Wickes, both 'click & collect'. Both places were very efficient and I was back home within the hour.

    Getting back to normality - we've decided to go out for afternoon tea with Alan and his partner next week (not booked yet - but I doubt the hotel we've picked will be too busy). Obviously Alan and I have started seeing each other most weeks - but Margaret and Alan's partner Diana haven't seen or spoken to each other for a very long time.

    That software is still installing some 20 minutes later ..... 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Saturday again, how time flies. When I went out for my run this morning it was decidedly chilly. In fact after a few minutes I was wishing I’d put some gloves on as my hands were going numb. At this rate I’ll be back in leggings and long sleeve tops before I know where I am! Admittedly it was early (about 6.30) but I’m sure I saw some frost on the golf course. Fortunately it’s a lot warmer now because the sun is out (unusual for a bank holiday weekend).

    HS: Yes it is strange that my training plan persists with these slow times. Every time I start a new week I keep hoping the plan will advise a faster pace, but so far that hasn’t happened. This new plan is for a 5k distance, as I’ve a number of 5k runs coming up over the winter, but I also have some 10ks - the first being on Tuesday evening, then another on the following Sunday. After that it’s a mixture of (roughly) 5k and 10k distances. Our club GP monthly runs start in October and are about 3.5 miles, then there’ll be various XCs from September onwards at around 4 miles each, in amongst all this are a couple of 10k races in October and November. As you can see, the problem is trying to accommodate both 5k and 10k distances without losing either endurance or pace. As the 5k plan contains much less mileage than the 10k plan I’ve just finished I’m worried that this will impact on the 10k races, but at the same time this current plan hasn’t yet concentrated on pace, so again it’s a bit of a concern that my 5k runs will suffer from lack of pace. (In case I sound like a much better runner than I am I should point out that I’m not expecting anything great from myself at either distance, but would like to think all the same that this training will be of benefit, rather than a hindrance). 
    Well done on your fast 10k on Thursday, just think how much faster you’ll be able to do that same run now you’ve had your hair cut. :p

    WtnMel: As regards your advice to “tick over” at a pace I feel comfortable with, I find that at some point during my runs I usually put a fast bit in as I’m worried that the work I’ve done to increase my pace is going to be wasted unless I try to include at least some faster running. To get to the right time and overall pace though I have to slow up or walk other sections, which is rather irritating. Hurray on your golf win! It sounds like it would be a good idea to join a club, if nothing else it will be motivating, plus it’s bound to be of benefit playing other people (and maybe you’ll pick up a few tips?). I’ve never heard of Plonk either, but it sounds like fun - you’ll have to tell us all about it once you’ve learned the ropes. Good luck with the decorating and carpet fitting. 

    JB: How did your Tunbridge Wells parkrun go? Did you manage 22.30 and was Mrs JB participating? It’s always nice to try out a new course. (I hope Lily is running tomorrow, I’m looking forward to hearing how she gets on :) )

    As mentioned above I’m still plodding along on this plan, today I decided to do hill repeats for my scheduled 40 minute “easy run” as so far there is no mention of hills in this plan, although they are supposed to feature at a later date. I won’t be running again until my 10k on Tuesday evening and in the meantime I will be avoiding fellow household members as they are all full of cold. It started with the granddaughter, then my son got it (and has had to stop running as he feels so grotty, not great when the GNR he’s training for is in a couple of weeks). Husband also sneezing this morning so it’s odds on I’ll be next, I just need to get past Tuesday…..

  • Aquarius, I do hope you avoid that cold. Grandchildren are real spreaders and it seems scant reward for those of us who put in a shift of looking after them to be rewarded with the latest bugs in return! Good luck with that 10k but don't even think about it if you are showing signs of going down with something. For T. Wells report please se below.

    Mel, perhaps you could add to your rivalry with by suggesting that the 'loser' buys the teas? Actually this could be fatal to your relationship - I suspect you are competitive enough as it is.

    HS, the parkrun alphabet thing is quite popular. Indeed I overheard a runner this morning mentioning that he was there as part of his quest. So he bagged a T. (Although as it's Royal Tunbridge Wells he might use the R!) I could do with a D, a J, a V - and of course the X,Y and Z.

    T Wells is a very handsome town with a very attractive PR course.
    It's far more attractive to look at than to run! It's 2 laps of an undulating course, run mainly on grass and rather bumpy/uneven ground. Some bits are very narrow. The start is down a steep hill that almost pitches you into the lake. It's a nightmare when it's wet (mud-fest) and the final stretch to the finish is a mean hill that few could even think about sprinting.

    Actually it's not too bad at all - its just that my home course has none of these features.

    So, I did manage to duck inside my 22.30 prediction - 22.24. This gave me a category win and a 75.60% age grade. When I got home to look at the results it was a pleasant surprise to see that this was the best of the day in a relatively small field (225). So that was a nice way to celebrate my 200th (Parkrun, not birthday). I'm also the 3rd fastest 65-69 male runner to have run the course, which again was a surprise and won't last long. 

    Mrs JB gave a sterling performance and, given the challenges of the course, delivered her best run this year.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Aquarius - your cold hands problem reminds me of my running top with wrap-around sleeves (a bit like baby-gro) to keep the hands covered until you warm up. Well done re your 6:30am start anyway - I'm still trying to persuade myself to start setting the alarm and going for an early-morning walk .. I always seem to have an (internal) excuse for not getting round to it ;) I think the solution to your problem is probably to mix and match training sessions - keep on with the longer (10k) runs but put some tempo or intervals sessions in there to keep you 'sharp' for the 5k distance. Adding some hill sessions won't do any harm either. Hope for your sake you don't succumb to the cold lurgy currently doing the rounds at your house.

    JB - the 'system' Alan and I use is based on the fact we play 'home' and 'away' alternately. When we play near me, I pay for golf and he pays for 'refreshments', whether it's tea or something stronger. Then we swap around when I play closer to where he lives. We do both keep a tally of expenditure though and whenever one or other is ahead by a bit, the other jumps in to even up things. Well done re the TW parkrun and your finish time - congrats also to Mrs JB.

    Considering I did some weeding yesterday - and haven't been stretching lately (slaps wrist) - my back feels fine today. 

    I've managed to arrange afternoon tea on Wed for the four of us - as expected, there was no problem booking it.

    That software I mentioned last time did eventually finish installing and first impressions are it's not actually that good. I've got other backup/recovery software and thought this one might be an improvement - doesn't look like it though!

    Off to cook Sunday roast in a while - but I managed to slice my little finger on a tin I was rinsing out - so although there's a plaster on it, that may have fallen off by the time I've prepared the veg
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, I'm looking forward to you explaining the rules of plonk😃

    That should be good, meeting up for afternoon tea with Alan and his partner next week.

    That's good that your back is ok, despite the weeding and lack of stretching.

    It's so frustrating waiting for software to download.

    Cuts from tins or paper are "nasty!" Hope the plaster stays on!

    Aquarius, it hasn't been at all cold here, in fact we still tend to sweat during our runs.

    Your training plans are a bit of a conundrum! You need more speed work for the 5k's and longer runs for the 10k. The longer runs are more appropriate for the slow pace. I'm surprised that there has been no hill work in your programme so far. They are an integral part of any training programme. I hope that you manage to avoid the colds, but good luck for Tuesday's 10k

    Thanks re the 10k, yesterdays run was quicker, so perhaps the haircut helped.

    JB, the a to z parkrun challenges seem to be quite popular. Well done for your 22.24 5k and 75.6% WAVA. Well done also to Mrs JB.

    There was a good turn out for yesterdays training session, me plus 5 others. It consisted of a warm up, 30 minutes tempo and warm down.
    This morning was a very short solo jog, as I had a headache and didn't fancy running far. Tomorrow is the 16 miler, so I want to be headache free!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    More miserable cold wet weather here today. Glad I’m not running, unfortunately the forecast for tomorrow evening is similar - windy and only 14 degrees, so I may need to resort to leggings for the 10k.

    JB: I like the idea of A-Z parkrun tourism, I think I’ll have to check out the parkruns in this area to see which “letters” are close to home and which ones we’ll have to travel further afield to. Perhaps when I’ve got this training schedule out of the way I could try to fit some park runs in. Are there any rules (or recommendations) for how to complete the challenge? Do you have to start at A and work your way through the alphabet, or just collect the letters as and when you can? Do previous park runs count? (I’m thinking of our now defunct parkrun at Gibside, it’s no longer operational but I’ve done it a few times so could that count for “G”?) Hmm, I’ve just checked the parkrun site, and our nearest “A” would be at Alnwick Castle, which is over an hour’s drive away. An alternative would be Albert Parkrun in Middlesborough, but that is Covid Central at the moment, and also over an hour’s drive away so not really a viable option. I think this is going to take some careful planning. 
    Well done for your excellent performance at RTW parkrun, particularly at being the third fastest ever in your age group on what sounds like a challenging course. 
    I agree about grandchildren being super spreaders of germs, I think this particular bug was picked up at a birthday party last weekend so no doubt most of the attendees will have passed it on to their families. 

    WtnMel: I have a couple of those long sleeve running tops with the “baby-go” sleeves (love that description) but they don’t help much. I often have to resort to two sets of gloves and still get very painful hands. Oh the joys of winter running! (But compensated by the fact I don’t get hay fever in winter). You and Alan seem to have worked out a good way to share the costs of your golf expenses. I think we’re all going to have to send you “Get up now!!!” vibes around 6 am each day until you get yourself back into your early morning walking routine (lucky about your back btw). 
    I’m sitting here agog - what happened to the plaster? Did it end up in someone’s dinner? :o

    HS: I’m hoping the hill repeats will be introduced soon, this is a 12 week plan with next week being week 4. Next week’s training sessions seem similar to the previous three weeks, so I’ve decided if the plan doesn’t pick up in intensity soon I’ll have to think about ditching it.
    I hope your headache has gone now, and you had a good 16 mile run today. Were the 5 other people training with you on Friday (including both Sarahs?) training for marathons too? 

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    HS - I'm looking forward to finding out about Plonk too :) Good to hear you had a good turn-out for Saturday's training session. And good luck with your planned 16ml run (and hope the headache has gone!).

    Aquarius - I'd have thought you could make up your own rules about how to do an A-Z parkrun. I've always found the long-sleeved tops with wrap-over sleeves sufficient for me although I sometimes had to keep my hands clenched to keep the fingers warm. I didn't manage to get up for a walk this morning despite having set the alarm - blame trouble getting off to sleep. However, I did finally do my stretching exercises this morning. The plaster didn't end up in anyone's dinner! After preparing the vegetables, it had become wet and fell off when I dried my hands. I was going to take it off anyway before I went to my swim club - had visions of it falling off while I was ploughing up and down the pool.

    I mentioned I did my stretching this morning plus some strengthening exercises (squats, shoulder bridge). I did a bit more stretching this afternoon as I decided to get rid of the weeds in our back garden path. It's made from bricks laid on sand so because there's no barrier underneath, the weeds have a tendency to grow up between the bricks. I didn't get to the end of the path as my back started 'grumbling' after a while - so I'll finish it off tomorrow.

    I've spoken to my Mum and sister and have arranged to go and see them in a couple of week's time - it's been too long since I saw my Mum so looking forward to that.

    As Aquarius knows, I usually have a road-trip to Druridge Bay pencilled in for the end of September to take part in the North East Skinny Dip (to raise money for MIND). I'm still keeping a beady eye on infection rates and am in two minds whether to bother this year. Instead of making a holiday of it like we usually do, it may be a solo trip (Margaret is much more wary than me about staying anywhere). So I may just travel up by myself and will stop off in Sheffield on the way up and on the way back (rooms booked with Premier Inn so I can cancel without losing any money).
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, I don't blame you for considering ditching your training plan if it's not giving you what you want.

    My headache cleared up after Sunday, and Mondays 16.31miles went really well. There were actually 6 others on Saturday doing the tempo session, I forgot to count one of them. The two Sarah's and Mike are training for the Marathon, Sarah F the London, Sarah H the virtual, and Mike and I doing the virtual with Sarah, although we haven't officially entered it.

    The Sarah's are holding another charity breakfast on Sunday 12th in Sarah F's garden again. The proceeds will be split between their charities.

    WtnMel, thanks, the headache cleared up and Mondays long run went really well.

    There are no rules re the order of runs for the A to Z challenge. We've just been informed that our local parkrun will resume on Saturday, but only 100 cars will be permitted. That's hopeless really, as there is nowhere near to park, and even with car sharing, cycling etc it will be chaos. I don't know how they will monitor the numbers, as it will be even more complicated, as the run is in an Inclosure, so dog walkers etc will also be wanting to park. It's definitely off our radar unfortunately, but we had been considering not returning anyway.

    I'm glad to hear that your plaster didn't end up in anyone's dinner! Well done for doing your stretches and weeding. I'm not surprised that your back is grumbling. I've got some weeding to do also.

    That will be nice, visiting your Mum and Sister.

    It does seem a bit iffy going anywhere where there are crowds. I'm more cautious than ever now, as more and more people have stopped wearing face coverings. I've also heard that supermarkets will be removing the protective shields from the check outs. Seems crazy to me, as some of the checkout staff have stopped wearing masks, and they won't all have  been double jabbed!

    The conditions were ideal for yesterdays long run which was actually 16.31miles. We were nearly 10 minutes quicker than on the same course 2 weeks ago. Today is a rest day, but I have done my usual stretches, press ups, front plank etc.
  • Just the one photo from yesterday's run. 

  • Aquarius, good luck with the A-Z. My view on this is that it would be (strategically) better to live in the Midlands rather than being stuck in the deep south like me or in the north east like you. We had lots of opportunities to pick up bugs from our g'children over the bank holiday but seem to have escaped (so far).

    Mel, good luck on planning your travels especially for the purposes of seeing relatives or doing the event for such a worthy charitable cause. I'm planning to see my sister on Saturday a few miles along the coast in Bognor and (you won't be surprised to hear) there's a parkrun nearby. (A slow, twisty course as it happens.)

    HS, that 10 minute improvement is excellent. What a confidence-booster for the marathons. Nice smiley photo.

    I tried a rare 10k yesterday. I'm pleased to say that I found a bit of form and knocked out 46.32. Pleased with this. I've got a race on 10th October but have no great aspirations. The 5ks are my main focus. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - well done re that 16ml run in a faster time and thanks for posting the photo. Are you expecting to be chief entertainments officer again at the charity breakfast run by the Sarah's? It does sound a wise choice to steer clear of the local parkrun for now. 

    JB - good to hear you've escaped (so far!) from catching bugs from your grandchildren. As I said, I'm not sure I'll be making the trip "oop North" to Aquarius's neck of the woods - it's an awful long way to go for a very cold early-morning dip in the sea! Well done re that 10k in a good time.

    I finished off weeding the path yesterday - no after-effects with my back today. 

    We're 'out out' after lunch as we're meeting Alan and his partner Diana at a hotel about midway between us for "Afternoon Tea" at 3pm.

    Our local friendly plumber - the one who remodelled our bathroom and fitted our new bathroom suite a while back - is here at the moment installing a replacement shower in the en-suite.

    I had my hair cut this morning. The lady who cuts my hair was wearing some sort of low-cut playsuit with a lot of cleavage on show and patently, no bra 😳  Not exactly what I'd call practical but it did mean I got an eyeful when she bent over to write out the details of my next appointment  🙄
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    JB, thanks, we all felt pleased with Mondays run. Next Monday is 18 miles.

    Well done for your 10k, that was an excellent time. My quickest this year is 55 minutes, and that was tough going! Good luck for the October race, I'm sure that you will run even quicker, in a competitive environment.

    WtnMel, thanks, we seem to be benefiting from the marathon training.

    I don't think that Chief Entertainment Duties will be relevant at the Charity Breakfast. It was at the afternoon tea party that "I performed!"

    Good to hear that your back is ok after the weeding. That can be counted as cross training😁

    I hope that you are enjoying the afternoon tea with Alan and Diana!

    That sounds good, having a replacement shower fitted in the en-suite.

    I hope you were wearing a face mask whilst you were having your hair cut, so that the hairdresser couldn't see the big grin🤣

    This mornings session was warm up, 5 x 3 minutes tempo with 2 minutes recoveries, warm down.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Popped back to say afternoon tea was very pleasant and it made such a nice change to be 'out out' .. 

    HS - good luck with the 18ml run .. not sure I could even walk that far these days. Ahh .. my mistake mixing up charity breakfast with the tea party. We were aware that there's no access behind the wall of the en-suite where the new shower needed to be fitted - but as it was the same make there was no problem as all the wiring points/water access points matched the old one. I'm allowed to take my mask off at the hairdressers nowadays .. but I managed to keep a poker face.
  • Mel, I suspect that there might well be quite a long queue at your hairdressers.

    HS, that session sounds exactly the same as my friend's running group uses. They had a meet-up due yesterday evening. Their coach was on holiday but they were still going to do the session...........But when my pal turned up he was the only one there. I think he was a tad miffed - and he did the session, finishing it on the moral high ground!

    I did my improvised interval session today (I'd be very difficult to coach). 2k (at 4.30 pace), 1 minute rest, 20 x 30 second sprints, 1km (4.36). 5k in all and done in 24.36. 

    Will spend quite a lot of the day following the test match........and booking an appointment at Mel's hairdressers.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, glad that you enjoyed the afternoon tea!

    Thanks, 18 miles will be a challenge. The furthest we have run this year is 17, when we got hopelessly lost. That was a few months ago!

    Well done keeping a poker face. I presume you gave her a bigger tip than usual🤣

    As a matter of interest, I accumulated1422 circles last month on fetch. The first over 1000 for several months 

    JB, well done to your friend for turning up and doing the session solo!

    That's a very impressive interval session. Your speed work certainly seems to be  paying off, as your 5 and 10k times are consistently excellent!

    I think Mel will keep the location of his hairdresser secret😁

    This mornings run was a hilly road 10k with Karen. She is quicker than me, but "dragged me round!" I was very pleased with 1.00.49, just missing the 1.00😅
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS: Glad to hear that Sunday’s 16.31 mile run went well, great to knock 10 minutes off your previous time (and another lovely photo of some happy people!). I hope the charity breakfast on the 12th raises lots of money for the Sarahs’ charities. I know a lot of people have been looking forward to the return of parkrun, but I do wonder about the numbers taking part. Admittedly these are outdoor events, but with Covid figures steadily rising, and winter on the way with warnings of a flu epidemic, I can’t bring myself to take part just yet. I’ve even been worried about the 10k events I’ve done, or am planning to do, despite Covid restrictions being in place. The trail race I did a couple of weeks ago had a rolling start, which made you feel fairly comfortable, but I didn’t hang around at the finish because of the usual congestion. Tuesday night’s 10k (more of this below) had plenty of space for runners to congregate before the race quite safely, and the numbers allowed to run was a lot lower than in previous years, but again there was congestion at the end. On Sunday my son and I are doing another 10k and I notice the course has been changed this year to start the race on the beach, presumably to allow plenty of space, and the numbers are down on previous years but I think this is mainly due to the fact there are other popular races that have been rescheduled for the same day. I do feel though that as time goes on people are relaxing their own behaviour in respect to the virus, and you often hear interviewees on the television talking about “now the pandemic is over…” when it clearly isn’t. We popped into the supermarket for a couple of items on Tuesday and found very few people were wearing face masks. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now children are returning to school, it’s bound to have an effect on the infection rates.

    WtnMel: It will be a shame if you can’t get up to Druridge Bay for your skinny dip this year (actually that’s where our 10k on Sunday is), but I’m with Margaret on feeling wary regarding staying somewhere overnight. On the one hand I think we can’t go on hiding away from everything and everyone for ever, but then I think how much I’d regret it if we did take a chance and ended up catching Covid. I think I’d need to see the infection rates drop considerably for me to “take the plunge”. I bet your mum and sister are looking forward to seeing you, and you them. Good to hear that you are back to your stretching and strengthening exercises, but take care of that back! Reading on I see you did some further weeding on Tuesday with no ill effects. I see there’s nothing wrong with your eyes either - no doubt you’ve made another appointment for a haircut next week? ;) Glad to hear you enjoyed your afternoon tea. 

    JB: My goodness, I wish I could run a 10k in 46.32, or even 56.32, you certainly are a speedy fellow. Is your race on 10th October a road race? What a shame that your friend had to do his training session on his own, but well done to him for going ahead with it anyway, it would have been easy to have given it a miss given the circumstances. 
    Are there no hairdressers where you live? :)

    My 10k on Tuesday went better than I expected as I never have much energy or inclination for evening running. The forecast was for grey skies with a cold wind off the North Sea, and as the run was through the sand dunes along on the coast I wasn’t looking forward to it. But as it happens the sun was shining for the start of the run (although it was cold and windy) and I made a point of starting right at the back of the pack, just beside the tail runner, so I could keep a bit of a distance from the others. We still ended up bunching up once the race had started but I tried to keep a gap before and behind me whenever I could. Apart from the trail 10k I did a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t run a 10k for almost 2 years so I had no idea of what my time would be, but I hoped I could finish in 1.02 or 1.03, so when I checked my watch at the end I was pleased to see 1.00.38*. Funnily enough the 10k training plan I did recently was based on a finishing time of 1 hr, so I suppose it must have worked. I think the reason I pushed myself so hard was because I knew it was all club runners taking part, so although I knew I was bound to finish right down the results I was determined to give the best showing I could. Actually, that wasn’t a smart move because the results of this race are used to set our 5k handicap times for the 5k GP series of runs over winter, so I didn’t do myself any favours. 
    I was going to go for a run today but I managed to turn awkwardly and felt a twinge in my dodgy knee, so I think I’ll give it a rest until Sunday’s 10k.

    * I hope this time is accurate. Garmin had a 60 minute workout scheduled for me that day so I “skipped” the session when I turned my watch on, but while waiting for the race to start my watch timed out and I had to start it again. I didn’t notice that it had gone back to the 60 minute training session, so when the 60 minutes were up I had to press resume, which might have added a few more seconds on to the total time. It was also frustrating while running because the session was split up into time segments, so I rarely got a chance to check the pace I was doing. Technology and me don’t really get on.

    HS: I was about to post this when I saw you’d posted ahead of me, well done for your !.00.49 hilly 10k today! Isn’t it frustrating to miss that 1hr time? I was checking back on Garmin and found in 2016 I managed to do a 10k in 59.55 - just under !
  • HS, how frustrating to just miss that 1 hour benchmark. You can always blame Karen for not 'dragging you round' jut that bit quicker!

    Aquarius, well done on that 10k and best of luck for the next one. Your race time suggests a vote of confidence for that training regimen. The handicapping system is a bit of a perverse incentive, but it's inevitable. I remember  Mel being very irate at someone gaming the handicap system at his club and this undermines its credibility to some extent. A shame.
    (BTW, for the record, Mrs JB cuts my hair. I'll not add any more.)

    Rest day for me today. I'm running the Bognor Regis Parkrun tomorrow. Last week Royal Tunbridge Wells, this week Bognor Regis - I must be going up in the world. I know the course very well and it isn't fast. No hills as such but very twisty narrow, so I'll settle for 22.00 quite happily. It's Mrs JB's debut on this course. 
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, well done for your 10k, the training programme may be working after all. I hope your knee will be ok for Sundays 10k. Your 2016 time was very impressive.

    Karen and I hadn't set a particular target for our 10k ,which was on the hilly road course, so were pleased with the result. My quickest 10k this year was a solo 55 minutes, twice round the fairly flat 5k road course. That was a Club challenge, so I pushed the pace.

    JB, I can't really blame Karen, as we ran much quicker than I would have solo. I was "under orders" from Sarah F not to run too quickly, as we have the 5k Challenge on Saturday, and the 18 miler on Monday.

    Good luck with the Bognor Regis parkrun tomorrow. I'm confident that you will achieve the 22 minutes. I hope Mrs JB does well on her debut at that course. I'm sure that you will do your utmost to finish ahead of her.

    Today was a rest day, except for the usual walk back from the supermarket with 4 heavy bags of shopping.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    JB - the hairdressers never seems that busy when I'm there. I live in dread it may close down  - but if it did there are various alternatives (another hairdresser, the lady who comes to the house to do Margaret's hair) so all would not be lost. Good for your friend to do that session by himself rather then buggering off home again. You're correct - there was a woman I got really p****d off with during the handicap races who posted a slow time then made ridiculous improvements in races 2 and 3 which made the whole series a waste of time.

    HS - good luck with that 18ml run. No tip for my hairdresser despite the unintended eyeful - given it costs me £10 for a 10 min haircut, I think they're already on a pretty good hourly rate! :) I've not looked at my Fetch Circles for many months - for obvious reasons.

    Aquarius - I'm on the verge of cancelling the Premier Inn rooms I had booked for the skinny-dip. I had wondered about doing a solo up-and-back trip to Druridge, but the more I think about it, the more I think it's an awfully long way to go in a short time and I think I'm going to give it a miss and wait until we can have a longer, safer holiday built around next year's dip. Yes - it will be great to see my Mum and sister after such a long time. Not sure I'd get away with another trip to the hairdressers so quickly ;) That was a good time for that 10K, considering you were running in sand dunes and on the beach (not the best terrain for fast running). However, as you say, that time means you'll have to try even harder when the 5K GP series of runs rolls round. Hope that knee isn't giving you any problems. My best-ever 10k time was also 59:55 - but that was a long time ago now and more recent 'best times' were around 1hr 3mins. 

    The new shower was installed without any problem. I was a bit concerned there might be a problem as there's no access behind the wall where the plumbing/electrics are but because it was the same make and had a 'universal' fitting (according to Stu the plumber) he was able to fit it without having to make any new holes in the tiled wall (which would no doubt have meant a return visit to fix that too!).

    I've just booked a slot at our recycling centre on Tue afternoon to dispose of the bedroom carpet that we're ripping up before the bedroom is decorated on Wed. It was very easy - don't know why I didn't get round to booking a trip to the HRC before as the garage has slowly been filling up with old boxes, broken lawnmowers etc. Last time I had to get rid of a carpet I rolled it up and used the saw to cut it into slices like a swiss roll - made it much easier to manoeuvre so will do the same again this time and then see what else I can cram into the back of the car.

    The other 'job' that needs looking at before Wed is to move the bedroom furniture out into the spare room and somehow make room for a bed in there as well - it's a king-size bed but not a king-size room so we may have to 'slum it' and use a double-bed instead. But there's also the other bedroom furniture to fit in somewhere as well. Still a work-in-progress.

    I've not been doing any regular early-morning walks recently but ever the optimist, I've just downloaded the BBC Couch To 5K app  to my phone in the hope that may motivate me to get back to walking .. and then a week or two later, start following the app and get back to run-walking and who know (gasp!) running. Whether my knees will allow me to is the problem - anyway, we'll see.
  • HS, many thanks for the good wishes. Looking forward to hearing your reports of upcoming runs, especially the 5k challenge.

    Bognor is a really nice course and takes place in a lovely park just over the road from the (unlovely) Butlins. The organisers have slightly changed the course and it seemed to be quicker (fewer pinch points and a faster start*). So my 21.48 was just about right. It earned me a 77.68% age grade (3rd best of the day) and I was the 18 finisher out of 200. 
    Mrs JB won her age category and crossed the 60% threshold.
    2 happy bunnies!

    *they made a real effort to start the faster runners at the front and this worked really well. Without in any way criticising the good folk who volunteer at Parkruns, I'm surprised that more places don't do this. It's actually safer for one thing. I think a lot of folk who line up at the start and aren't fast are doing so simply because they don't realise that it doesn't work well that way.
  • Good afternoon all,

    WtnMel, my hairdresser men's and ladies always seem to be empty when I go, but I'm, always very early, about 8.30am, so they may get busier later on. If they did close down, one of out lady club runners is a self employed hairdresser, and does my next door neighbour and the lady nearly opposite. I'm sure that she would cut my hair; I don't have much. 

    Thanks ,it's forecast to be hot on Monday, which will make the 18miles even harder. Sarah H is away for a long weekend, so won't be running on Monday with us. She is intending to do 10 miles on Saturday and Sunday.

    Good news that your new shower was fitted without any problems. I've got an electrician coming Friday morning to fit a new extractor fan in the kitchen. You may remember the wasp nest in the loft, and the exterminator having to cut through the flexible flue to remove the whole nest? I decided that I might as well have a new fan as well as the flue.

    I've got an old lawnmower in the garage, but not worth booking a slot at the waste disposal just for that.

    Good luck with the manoeuvring of the bedroom furniture, and the Couch to 5k Programme.

    JB, thanks! Todays End to End 5k world record challenge went really well, and there were about 9 of us doing it on our favourite forest trail. There would have been more, but tomorrow is the Southampton 10k, Half Marathon, and Marathon, and also the Overton 5 miles. I was pleased with my 27.15, a WAVA of 69.54%, considering it was the first 5k for several weeks since commencing the marathon training.

    Very well done to you and Mrs JB for your excellent 5k's.

    We did the same this morning with the faster runners setting off first. This gave us the incentive to chase them, and perhaps run faster than we would have otherwise.
  • HS, good running/strong WAVA. That 18 miler in the likely heat on Monday will be a real challenge and could leave you feeling rather drained. Good luck with the electrician's visit - it sounds a pretty straightforward job. (Not that I could dream of doing it!)

    Mel, you are ticking off the domestic jobs systematically. I like getting rid of rubbish. My dream is to hire a skip, but we've not got enough stuff to justify it. We've not got a garage so have not had the capacity for stuff to build up in it. The loft is another matter...... Good luck to the Couch to 5k - a lot of people swear by it (and some might swear at it!).

    Meant to run 10k this morning and went through 5k in exactly my target time. But I then turned into the wind and.....simply gave up. Not like me but I just didn't feel up to it. Felt a bit low but then thought that the time for the 5k (23.10) wasn't a bad workout in itself.

    Mrs JB and I finally gave in to a nagging problem (well Mrs JB nags and I listen) and got round to setting the ball rolling to completely revamp our dreadful central heating
    system. This is about 10 years overdue as it is an old back boiler that has been dodgy for along while. Good news: the estimate is less than I feared.

    So I celebrated by going to see my local footie team (which I've supported on and off for nearly 60 years!) in their FA Cup game. They were playing the historically significant team Corinthian Casuals. Amazingly their players still don't get  a match fee such is the Corinthian spirit in which they play.

    Tomorrow yet more live sport - off to see Sussex CCC. Will cycle (25 mile round trip) so as to make it a cross training session. I only get to see the odd day's play these days - but when I was a lad I seemed to live over there.

  • Good morning everyone, 

    JB, thanks. The 18 miles yesterday was really, really tough. The heat really got to us, necessitating frequent walk breaks. We were concerned that our water supplies were running out, but thankfully, as we ran through a Camp Site, we spotted a tap labelled "drinking water," so were able to top up our bottles. Our run/walk took just under 4 hours, so proves how brutal the conditions were. The terrain was rock hard which didn't help. Very rutted and plenty of roots threatening to trip us up. 

    I wish I could run a 5k in 23.10

    Good to hear that you will be revamping your central heating at a cost lower than expected. 

    Did your local footie team win? I hope you enjoyed the cricket watching Sussex CCC. Unfortunately England lost their match, so must win the last run to draw the series. 

    Today is a rest day, and thankfully, I'm not feeling any after effects from yesterday. They will probably kick in tomorrow. 
  • Thanks HS. It's funny that you mention the potential hydration issues that arose during your long run............

    I did cycle over to watch the cricket and sat around in the baking hot sun for a few hours watching Sussex getting totally hammered by Middx (who scored north of 600!). It was quite windy and when I ride I tend to go at a decent lick - or as much as the traffic allows. The net effect was 2 x 1 hour quite intensive bike rides (no shade) with the log sit in the sun in between (no shade). I was woefully under-hydrated and suffered a bit as a consequence. My own fault.

    Then yesterday on the bike again (this time a mere 14 mile round trip) to have a 5 mile very slow walk (with ex-colleagues) in exactly the same conditions (no shade) as the day before. Consequently Mrs JB has (rightly) had a go at me not to go out in the midday sun for my planed run today (mad dogs and Englishman?).

    In the past running in the hot sun has never really bothered me, so I think I was a bit over-confident about the bike ride; so that's a lesson learned. I'm now planning my next Parkrun, in the knowledge that 

    a) it's only 20 minutes or so; b) it's relatively early in the morning; c) the hot spell is due to end anyway! (It's suddenly clicked with me that running/cycling/walking along a prom offers zero shade.)
  • JB, I was going to say "Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun," but you've already said it!🥵

    I'm not usually bothered by the heat, but it seems different somehow this year. Perhaps it's more humid.

    Good luck with Saturdays parkrun. It's forecast to be cooler.

    Very hot again this morning, and I did a solo interval session. Warm up, 5 x 5 minutes with 2 minute recoveries, warm down.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Things are a bit hectic at the moment because a) we’ve taken the plunge and put our house back on the market and we’ve been inundated with viewing requests (and even some offers!), b) we picked up our new car on Wednesday and are still getting to grips with how it works (the communications console is like a computer, and just as complicated) c) the son who is staying with us while looking for a house has finally been successful in having one of his offers accepted, so it’s all go at Aquarius Towers. All of which means I haven’t had time to read your recent posts I’m afraid, but thought I’d just drop in to say everything is fine here, and hopefully I’ll post further on Friday with details of last Sunday’s trail run and comments on your posts (we’ve 5 more viewings arranged for tomorrow so won’t have time then). It should also give me time to look at the photos Steve took at my 10ks on Tuesday and Sunday, and if they have come out ok I’ll get him to download them off the camera and send to me so I can post them on here.

    Hope you are all well and injury free, and that HS’s marathon training is going well, JB hasn’t further injured himself in some extreme exercise and WtnMel is taking the golfing world by storm.  :)
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