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    Morning all,

    Aquarius - needless to say (like every other time recently) she studiously ignored my comment. I used to like her but no longer and I guess the feeling's mutual. The fact they have a second home they use occasionally - thereby pricing locals out of the market - is something else I can't agree with.

    HS -  saw your post about your daughter having had an accident and needing stitches .. glad to hear it's nothing too serious.

    JB - can't remember if I mentioned the 'decorating ladies' like to use quick-drying satinwood paint on the white woodwork. But we know the previous paint had worn away on the areas that get the wear (banister rail, newel posts at top & bottom of the stairs). So we got some white gloss and while I was cooking Margaret's roast dinner yesterday, she put a coat of gloss on those bits. There's a tiny amount of difference in the look of the finish - but to be honest, I doubt we'll notice after a week or two.

    Slightly jealous of my friends who took part in the North East Skinny Dip yesterday. No official figures yet but I've heard whispers it was over 800 this year (last year was a new record of 720).

    In other news, I had been sending a £1/month to Fetch to support the website. But with no running these days, and just the occasional swim/walk, I've not been logging much either. Coupled with the fact I've got tired of posting on the forums too, I've decided it's no longer worth it. So I've just cancelled my standing order. No idea what I'll do with the extra £12 per annum that has freed up :)
  • WtnMel - sorry to hear that your golf was cancelled, how annoying for Alan to get a thorn in his tyre. We haven't had a car with a spare tyre for ages, the BMWs we've had used to supply you with "run flat" tyres, the idea being if you got a puncture the tyre would be ok to drive on until you reached a garage. We noticed with our new BM however that the run flats are no longer fitted, and instead we've got the inferior foam kit. Perhaps all manufacturers are switching over to that system? 
    Has the expanding foam fix make any difference to your squeaky floorboards?
    I saw the reports about the skinny dip, stating over 800 people took part. I did wonder if you wished you could have been part of it. Never mind - there's always next year. 
    Your comment regarding Fetch reminds me that I seem to have been kicked off Strava. I must admit it's probably my own fault because after signing up for it I only used it for a few weeks. I decided to log on a couple of days ago and although I still have an account there's nothing recorded as regards my runs.
    Have you given much thought to how to invest your £12 windfall? 

    JB - I told you Lily is a legend, she's obviously got your competitive genes. Crikey, your parkrun time on Saturday just gets more and more impressive. Well done. I'm no expert on intervals, but like Mel I always understood the rest period should be about double the effort period, but from your race times it seems your 5 seconds rest seem to work for you. Hope you had a nice time this morning meeting up with your ex-school friends.

    HS - any news about your daughter? I hope everything is alright.

    An easy 40 minute run for me yesterday, but with the surprising bonus that my return section, which is on a slight incline, was faster than usual although I didn't feel I was trying any harder than I normally do. This morning was a time trial (it looks as though this may be a weekly thing on this training plan). Warm up for 10 mins, run a mile quickly, then cool down for 10 minutes. Last week my mile time was 9.21, today it was 8.54 so a slight improvement. Again though it was a bit of a surprise because I slept badly last night and felt pretty sluggish this morning (I blame Steve's curry - it was so hot he had to keep mopping his brow while eating it. I thought it was just women who had hot flushes :D )
  • Aquarius - it sounds like the foam kit is what they do with cars these days then? Sounds like a backward step to me and I'd not be happy with not having a spare of any sort. Maybe a spare is an 'extra' you have to pay for these days! :) Re the floorboard - the expanding filler hasn't completely fixed the squeak but it's better than it was. I expect by the time the new carpet and underlay is down, it'll deaden the sound and we'll probably ignore it like we used to. Re Strava - I don't use it much as I used to as I'm not logging much, but when I'm on there I always try and remember to give you and HS kudos for your efforts. So you're definitely still on Strava even if you haven't been logging on, and the details are being sent to Strava by Garmin Connect. Well done for your recent training and the improvements you are seeing. Here's your Strava account ..

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Thanks for your good wishes for my daughter! She didn't have to have stitches, as they were able to glue the wound. They gave her antibiotics and an anti tetanus jab. She says that she is ok now, which is good. She lives in Aylesbury, a bit too far away to just pop round to see how she is.

    There's a lot to catch up with, but I've read back and will comment briefly.

    WtnMel, I see that you fell out with a lady at your ex club which was one reason why you left, the other being that no one missed you when you hadn't attended for some while.

    I note that you have cancelled your subscription to fetch. I also pay £1 a month,  but do spend quite a time on it, so is worth it for me.

    Aquarius, I see that there has been some discussion about cars not having a spare wheel these days. Thankfully my Volkswagen Up which has a 65 number plate does have one. It also takes CD's which is good, as I'm not into streamed music which seems to be the norm with newer cars.

    Your training seems to be going very well, and 8.54 for a mile is very good.

    JB, well done to Lily, she seems to be getting quicker week on week. Well done to you too, you seem to be getting quicker and quicker. You must be doing something right!

    My running has been going well and I ran 41 miles last week. The furthest this year. On Saturday we did 10 minute reps at different paces, with no recoveries in between. Sunday was a solo 6.84 hilly road run at an easy pace. Yesterday was a 90 minute forest run with the Monday Group. I met up afterwards for lunch in a lovely old fashioned tea shop in the village with Karen, Alice and 2 year old Rosie.

    Today is a rest day, and this afternoon I had a dental appointment. I've got to go back again tomorrow afternoon.

    I nearly forgot to say that Sarah F did really well in the Bristol Half Marathon on Sunday, running it in 2.18. Her mile splits were very consistent, several consecutive being identical. She obviously can pace herself without her usual pacemaker🤣 
  • Mel, my paper had a photo of that skinny dip. It was (thankfully) taken some distance away but my word it looked like a place and time I'd rather not be! That £12 must be burning a hole in your pocket..............

    Aquarius, any news on the house sale/purchase (this one could run and run)? I've never been on Strava (just another log-in/password to have to fiddle with), but in many ways it looks right up my street as I could track some of my rivals in my slightly sinister way.

    HS, good week's running. Glad that Sarah did well. Good luck at the dentist! 

    Monday was a rest day and meet-up with 2 old schoolmates, one of who had an angina attack since I last saw him, Bit of a shock, to say the least as he's always been a healthy, fit chap (ex-runner) never happier than when digging his allotment.

    Tuesday, I did my 10k time trail, the idea being to duck under 46 to give me a bit for confidence for upcoming races over that distance. I went for precise splits, but not as precise as I'd hoped as I ended up with 46.01! Pleased in many ways with the time but also just a tad frustrated.
  • Evening all,

    HS - glad to hear confirmation your daughter's wound wasn't too serious. Not so much falling out with the lady from the club - just mutual disinterest in each other (same goes for the rest of them I used to run with). I used to spend more time on Fetch but not so much these days - if I ever get back to logging walks or runs regularly I might re-start sending £1 per month just to get rid of the irritating adverts. As I've mentioned, I use my ipod for music - but like a spare wheel, I'd like to have the option of a cd player available if I got a new car. I'd seen all your recent training on Strava - well done! And a well done to Sarah F - send her the 'Mature Runner' thread's best wishes and congratulations.

    JB - apparently, 830 'nutters' at the skinny dip this year. The numbers have been steadily growing and Jax the organiser is hoping for 1000 for the 10th anniversary dip next year. I'd recommend looking at Strava as it gives you plenty of nerdy details to pore over and you could keep an eye on your rivals easily. There are some 'premium' options - but I'm quite happy with the free version. If you do decide to use it, you'll find me, HS and Aquarius are all on there (well, Aquarius is for now anyway! :) ). Nice to meet your old schoolmates but as you say, a bit of a shock to hear one of them had an angina attack. Well done re that 10K run - but sooo close to breaking 46 mins. Must have been very frustrating when you saw the time.

    Garden waste bin on Friday - so been sweeping up leaves and cutting lawns today. I should have done some more de-cluttering in the garage - but I'll get round to that soon. Need to save my energy for Friday's golf.

    Tomorrow we should be getting the new stair carpet fitted in the morning. Hope so - and hope it doesn't get re-scheduled to the afternoon because it's Margaret's birthday tomorrow and I'm taking her out for a late (2:30pm) lunch. She was a bit hesitant about eating out last time we spoke about it. But she's changed her mind so I've booked a table at the hotel where we had afternoon tea a couple of weeks ago. Her 'main' present isn't going to arrive in time (not had any updates on the delivery date - grrr). So while I was in town yesterday, I got some chocloates and biscuits that I know she likes which will suffice for now. And I've written on her card- main present to follow! :)
  • Mel, thanks for the nudge towards Strava. I'll check it out. Good luck with the stair carpet. You sound as if you are going to give Margaret a very thoughtful birthday. I'm sure she'll be really pleased. Are you going to follow the Ryder Cup? I've got Sky so I'll zone into it. It's the only golf I ever watch. I'm not sure what the odds are this time, but home advantage must help the Yanks. And yes I'll brace myself for their more raucous cheering. (Might turn the sound off!) 

    Today I did my weekly 5k made of of steady runs (3k) and intervals (2k). Given that I've got a Parkrun on Saturday and a 10k on Sunday I'm not sure that this was sensible. A strong wind on the prom and I did my 'sprints' into it.

    Funny watching Johnson give his global warming speech when in 2007 he was writing that overpopulation was far more important. Ironic for a man who has fathered 6(?) children. 
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    JB, thanks! The dental appointment went well, and Sarah was pleased with her half marathon time.

    That must have been a big shock, seeing an old school mate had had an angina attack.

    Well done for that amazing 10k time, just a second shy of 46 minutes. Good luck for Saturdays parkrun and Sundays 10k.

    Nothing surprises me about Captain U Turns!

    WtnMel, thanks, my daughter did have to have stitches after all, but she is ok now.

    Thanks for your "well done'" for my Strava runs and Sarah's half marathon.

    The free version of Strava is perfectly adequate for our running, or other activities. Fetch has all the bells and whistles that premium Strava has.

    Good luck for Fridays golf!

    Happy birthday to Margaret🍷🎂. Hope you both enjoyed your late lunch!

    We ran 5.23 miles in the forest yesterday incorporating 5 x 60 seconds with 60 seconds jog recoveries. My 5th effort was the quickest, average pace 7.31 minute miling.

    Today was an easy pace 3 miles on roads, in accordance with the marathon taper schedule. The marathon and virtual marathon are a week on Sunday. I can't believe how quickly they have come round. 
  • Good evening all,
    Nothing much to report, today is a rest day. 
  • Good evening all,

    This morning's run was 5 minutes warm up, 20 minutes Marathon pace, 5 minutes warm down on road with Sarah F. 
  • HS, given that you are tapering, I guess this week might well be a quiet one.

    Well, my knee has been a bit angry lately, this being a result of rather too many 'fast' sessions. So it was with some trepidation that I lined up for today's Parkrun. I was partly lured out by the perfect conditions - not a breath of wind. Anyway, 20.49, with my best ever Age Grade of 81.32%, the third best in quite a large field.
    Then flu jab (ouch) and then to watch my local football team get a home win.
    Tomorrow - and rather unwisely - I've got an off-road 10k. Thankfully,
     it looks dry.
    At the time of writing, the Ryder Cup looks lost.
  • Good morning all

    HS - So glad to read that your daughter’s injury wasn’t too serious (although it sounds bad enough). Well done to Sarah F on her HM time. As you say the actual marathon and virtual marathon will be here before you know it. It’s always the same, you sign up for an event that is months away and somehow it’s no longer months away, it’s just around the corner - how does that happen? :) I’m sure you’ll all do well at your respective events because of your consistent (and injury free) training. Glad to hear your dental appointment went well,  we had appointments last week too - check up and clean for me but Steve was told he needs a couple of fillings. We were surprised to find the earliest appointment they could give him was next February. 

    WtnMel - thanks for that snapshot of my Strava page. I’ll have to have another go at signing in and see if I can access it. I believe spare wheels aren’t supplied any more due to the manufacturers wanting to save weight and space. We haven’t had a CD player in our last two cars so instead Steve records a lot of music onto memory sticks and uses those. Belated birthday wishes to Margaret I hope she enjoyed her lunch, and hopefully her main present will have arrived by now. Once you get all the decorating and carpet laying out the way, not to mention all the furniture moving, I hope you will be able to find the time to return to your walks and hopefully running too. It’s surprising how quickly other things take over that little bit of spare time you set aside for exercise, although I know you still manage to fit in your golf, which reminds me - how did it go on Friday? 

    JB - Is there any point telling you off for running a speedy parkrun with a dodgy knee? No, I thought not, but I bet HS will have something to say. I’m not even going to comment on following up your parkrun with an off-road 10k today except to send commiserations to your long suffering knee.
    The house sale is going well, we’ve had well over 20 viewings of our house and 8 offers so we’re not taking any more bookings for viewings and have instructed the agent to ask for final offers from everyone. That side of things has gone really well, the problem is we still haven’t found anywhere suitable at the coast. If the house is in the right area it turns out to be too small, or doesn’t have a decent sized garden, or something else is lacking that is a “must” for us. We saw a lovely, but unusual, house right on the coast yesterday It was art deco in style, a white exterior made up of box shapes (I’m not selling this very well am I? Think something out of an Agatha Christie film) quite roomy inside and modern but it had a flat roof (always a bit dodgy), no garage and no shed therefore no loft storage, no garage storage and not even a shed for garden tools etc. Also the back garden was very small, although nicely set out with lots of shrubs. It was right on the edge of our budget, and not a style we would have normally considered but if there had been any storage capacity it could have been a contender. However we consoled ourselves with the thought that even if we had put an offer in we would have been outbid as I’m sure it will prove to be very popular. We looked at another house the day before but it turned out to be a lot smaller than it looked on Rightmove, so I have my doubts about the accuracy of the room measurements quoted!

    An “easy” 40 minute run for me on Wednesday with a long hill section in it, then Thursday was supposed to be the same but I extended it to an hour to get a bit more mileage in, Saturday was stride repeats again  - 10 min warm up then 6 sets of 20 second sprints with 60 second recoveries, then 10 minute cool down. My 20 second efforts varied between 8.18 and 7.09 pace, I suspect Garmin cannot be very accurate over such a short distance. Rest day today so maybe some strength work later on (my left arm is very sore and swollen after yesterday’s flu jab).
  • Aquarius, I don't envy you on the house transaction, but if you keep your eyes on the prize I'm sure it will all come good. We've not got a garage and would love to have one. We have got a solitary shed though. I too had my flu jab and my arm was very sore -the first time I've had such a reaction. (It made sleeping rather a challenge.) 

    So - to today's 10k. Bloody hell it was hard. I'm just not used to X-country. Or hills. And this one finished with a brute of a hill so much so that the volunteers on the finish line looked quite concerned (I was just about the oldest competitor and must have looked it by the end!). Mrs JB said she'd never seen me looking so rough after a 10k. But I did manage 50.26 which was just about OK. It was all a bit of a shambles in terms of organisation - there was a 5k on the same course at the same time and runners were switching between the 2 events pretty much at will. Goodness knows what the results will look like when - if - they ever emerge.

    People were allowed to run with their dogs and apparently the guy that won the 10k had to stop in the final run in to clear his dog's deposit - but still won easily. You don't see that sort of thing in the Olympics!

    On balance I'm glad I did it if only because it makes my usual typical seafront courses seem just so much easier.

    PS the knee isn't too bad!
  • Evening all - a later than usual visit from me but not as bad as my midnight visit a week or so ago :)

    JB - we're pleased with the new stair carpet but funnily enough, once it was down we had our doubts it was the same as we'd picked. So Margaret took an offcut to the shop to compare to the sample - it is the same - it just looked different. I've been recording the Ryder Cup highlights but not watched any yet - but am fully aware of the situation up until yesterday. If we lose badly, I may not even bother watching any of it. Sorry to hear your knee was grumbling from those fast sessions. But then I see you got a great age-grade at the parkrun. We're still waiting for a text inviting us to get our flu jab and covid booster jabs. That 10k didn't sound like fun - but as you say, made you realise how easy your seafront run is in comparison. I was a regular at the Ridgeway Run near my home-town which because it was hilly and off-road in places, was a very satisfying challenge to complete.

    HS - see below for what happened re Margaret's birthday lunch. I see you're tapering at the moment. A friend of mine used to run half-marathons and would write (and spell wrong on purpose!) about how in the week or two before the race she was enjoying the tapir and what a great excuse it was to eat cayke.

    Aquarius - I'm still surprised you don't get spare wheels any longer with some cars. As I think I've mentioned before, I use my ipod in the car if I want to listen to music or podcasts. I'm still currently working my way through my cd's and copying the missing ones into itunes. See below re Margaret's birthday non-lunch and present. Funnily enough (although I'm not helping by being on the computer at 11pm!) now the decorating is done I'm planning to get up at 6:30am tomorrow for the first of what I hope will be regular walks (with a bit of jogging after a few weeks if I also start doing my stretching and strengthening exercises regularly again as well). See below for the golf on Friday (hint - it wasn't pretty). Glad to hear the potential house-move is going well. That 'quirky' house sounds like it has too many negatives (flat roof, no garage etc) to counteract the positive of a nice garden. Well done re the 'easy' run and the longer run with fast bits.

    So .. Friday's golf was (as the bloke from 'Strictly' would say) .. "a dis-a-a-a-aster". I got more and more annoyed with myself, hit my golf trolley with a club in frustration at how crap I was playing at one point and broke the club. It'll cost me to get it fixed - serves me right for losing my cool. I know I can do much better and I've been getting worse lately so definitely time to get some more lessons to see what I'm doing wrong and nip the bad habits in the bud.

    We didn't get out for lunch at the hotel on Thu to celebrate Margaret's birthday as the carpet guy arrived later than expected and took longer then we thought. So we've re-arranged our lunch at the hotel to Tuesday afternoon. And instead, we had a meal at a local Beefeater (not as nice as the hotel would have been but it saved either of us having to cook). Margaret's birthday present eventually arrived on Friday. We have some kites for our grand-daughters but they're difficult to control. Margaret is often saying she'd like to fly a kite so I got her a "Peter Powell Stunter Kite" (if you remember them - they started in the 70's and are still going). My memories are Peter Powell kites are very easy to control so I hope it lives up to the hype I've been giving Margaret about how easy it will be for her to fly it.

    We've had Margaret's family here today for lunch. Thank goodness the weather was kind as to be on the safe side, we had the doors and windows open.

    Right - if I'm getting up at 6:30am I'd better get to bed!! ;)

  • Postscript to the above - as mentioned to Aquarius I did manage to get up at 6:40am this morning and did a 2.6ml walk before breakfast. As to whether I can get back into the habit of pre-breakfast walks .. well, let's wait and see ;)
  • Afternoon all,

    JB - That off road 10k sounds pretty brutal, so well done for such a respectable time. I find it more tiring running off road, but throw in a few hills too and then your legs can really suffer. It certainly did sound quite a chaotic race, and really bad planning to have a 5k on the same course at the same time. Was this a fully licensed race, or something along the lines of a locally organised fun run? Probably the latter if people were allowed to run with their dogs, I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that UK athletics doesn’t allow this in their races. All the same though it does sound a little disorganised.
    I hope the soreness in your arm improves soon, mine is almost gone now. I should have been doing the first XC of the season on Saturday but decided against it as it was only a couple of hours after our flu jabs. Having read the race reports I’m pleased I gave it a miss as the weather was so unseasonably hot a few people required medical attention. The next XC is in a fortnight (when I’ll be back at Druridge Bay WtnMel) by which time the autumn rain will no doubt have provided the usual quota of mud and chilliness. 

    WtnMel - I hope Margaret enjoys her birthday present now it has arrived (but doesn’t literally get blown away by it), pity the birthday meal ended up being in the Beefeater, but no doubt she’ll have enjoyed it all the same and is getting two bites at the cherry in that her “real” birthday meal is tomorrow. Lucky lady.  It’s strange how carpets (and occasionally wallpaper and paint) can look different to how you remember them once they are actually in your home. Hurrah for your early morning walk today (I hope you can keep them up) but commiserations on the golf. It sounded like a game best forgotten. I’m sure you just need a few refresher lessons, then you’ll be back to your best again and giving Alan a run for his money. 

    We’ve called a halt to house viewings and are now waiting for the final offers to be made, which should be later this week. In the meantime we’re still franticly looking ourselves for a house at the coast.
    Yesterday I did some strength work on my abs and arms, then went on to the exercises my physio gave me to strengthen my knees and hamstrings, and finished off with a half hour of yoga with weights. This morning I went back up to the old school track for a time trial - 10 minutes warm up, 1 mile at a fast pace, then 10 minutes cool down. I was a bit tired and stiff from yesterday’s strength work so really just wanted to get the session done and out of the way. I’d run a lap and a half of my fast mile before I remembered I hadn’t pressed the lap button to start that segment of the workout, so I pressed it then but felt somewhat demotivated which was reflected in my time (approx 1 minute slower than last Monday’s effort).
    Tomorrow we’re going over to the coast to get front and rear dash cams fitted to the car (we ordered them too late to have them installed before delivery) and I’ve got a physio appointment in the afternoon. If we have any spare time we might make a tour of the estate agents at the coast in case they have anything we’ve missed.
  • Mel, your golf club anecdote made me smile. I think I'd do the same thing. (I used to play squash and it got a bit heated - but I don't think I ever did any damage, other than to my ego.) That's a great birthday present you bought. How thoughtful (puts me to shame - again).
    As for the Ryder Cup, I gave up when it became obvious that there was only one outcome. Good luck for your running (or walking) rehab.

    Aquarius, my arm is now much better, as I hope is yours. The event yesterday was certainly in the fun (can torture be fun?) run category. There were some 'serious' runners but mostly folk had come along to support the charity.
    I know how frustrating it is to set up a training session and cock up the timing. It happens to me quite a lot. You build yourself up and then it's such a let-down that the motivation has gone. Good luck with your tour of coastal estate agents! You might just strike lucky.

    I'm stiff in my quads from that run yesterday. I feel a bit like a first timer! So I opted for the rower today and did intervals. It was hard, but over quite quickly (about 15 minutes).

    We're trying to conserve petrol right now, so not using the car for a couple of days until we have 3 days of grandkids' care - one has just gone down with chicken-pox. I suspect 80% of our car use is in our capacity as grandparents - and most of the remainder is for getting to/from runs. Our local parkrun we could get to on bikes but maybe by Saturday the great petrol scare of 2021 will be over. (Feel sorry for people living in rural areas.)

    Finally, please forgive me but.........tonight my club (Brighton) play our deadly rivals (Palace). That's enough to make it a big game. But if we win, we go to the top of the division for the first time in our history. It probably won't happen and if it does it won't last long - but it will be rather nice.
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    Morning all,
    Aquarius - sounds like you might have ended up getting hot & bothered at that last XC race .. but hope you don't get drenched at the next one. I have my fingers crossed Margaret will enjoy her birthday present - our grand-daughters were here on Sunday and she told them she has her own kite now (much to their chagrin). Yes - I'm hoping I'll be up and about early again during this week. Well done re the strength work you did and your time trial. When out walking yesterday morning I was trying my best to keep a high tempo (the avg pace was around 17 mins/ml). I trust the dashcam fitting will go smoothly - I've occasionally toyed with taking my GoPro with me in the car - knowing me, it would probably catch nothing more than me swearing at dumb drivers pulling out in front of me or not using their indicators.
    JB - Margaret has mentioned for a while about wanting a kite and the ones she got for the grand-daughters proving difficult to fly .. so I decided to get her a proper 'big girl' kite :) I've seen the result of the Ryder Cup so I deleted the recordings of the highlights. I was lucky to only have to wait 10 mins when I filled up on Fri and have no plans to go anywhere so it should last me for a week or two. There's no golf this week so that will save Alan a journey (no idea what his petrol situation is). I saw that Brighton managed an equaliser in the 96th(?) minute which upset the other team and there were 'handbags' between the two teams afterwards. But a draw - so no top-of-the-table celebrations.
    To prove it doesn't always pay to be helpful .. on my way home from coffee & chat and 100yds from our house, I was waiting to turn right at the last junction and a bus was waiting to turn into the road where I was. Thinking I'd make room I swivelled to the left to make room and there was a loud bang and a nasty sound coming from under the car. As it was only 100yds I gingerly drove home thinking it was the exhaust. It turned out when I swivelled the tyre left, I'd scraped against the very high kerb (there's a tree on the junction between the two lanes for left/right turns) and had split the side wall of the tyre. I tried to change to the spare tyre but with my lack of adequate tools, had one wheel nut that defeated me. But not a problem as I have 'Green Glag' cover and in fact, have just had a call from the local recovery guy to say he's on his way. Later on, I'll have to pay a visit to the local tyre place I use to get a replacement - because I don't think a split in the side wall can be fixed and the spare tyre is a slightly different spec to the ones currently fitted on the car.
    Also, I thought I'd mention an email I was copied in. A woman from U3A was talking about book groups as we'd had a few enquiries after our showcase event on Saturday. She apologised for being 'non-PC' and then wittered on about a 'token man' in her book group drifting off after a few months and wondered if perhaps a men's book group would be a good idea which could (and I quote) "specialise in history, the wild west, wars, current events" which she seemed to think men prefer. I felt like telling her to go back to reading about fluffy white kitten which women seem to prefer - but limited my comments to pointing out if I, as the token man in my book group, had drifted off after a few months it wouldn't still be running in it's current form.
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    I ddn't go for a walk this morning as I wasn't sure how early the recovery guy would be. As mentioned above, he phoned at 9:30am and arrived before 10am and because he had the right tools, removing the damaged tyre and putting on the spare was a 20 minute job. And in case you were wondering, it's 'Green Flag' cover I have (I blame it on the F and G being close to each other on the keyboard :)
    As the recovery guy was nice and early I was able to go to Malvern Tyres afterwards and get a replacement tyre and the spare is now stowed back in the boot ready for next time it's needed. The Malvern guys were impressed with how neatly and comprehensively I'd damaged the tyre and I explained about the bus/kerb incident.
    Off 'out out' in a bit for Margaret's delayed birthday lunch ..
  • Mel, shame about your Good Samaritan story's outcome. As for the lady in the U3A stereotyping it does stick in my craw a bit too. There's quite a bit of stuff on TV (rubbish stuff  and adverts, so I shouldn't be watching) where it seems OK for middle aged ladies to lust after younger men but the reverse is no longer allowed. I'm no fan of the likes of Bernard Manning and co and wouldn't want to go back to the bad old days, but I think there should be a level playing field on such things.
    I am of course a dinosaur and my 2 sons are much more switched on than I am on these matters. When they had children I think they were very keen not to encourage gender stereotyping of any kind. So I find it highly amusing that my grandson (who was 4 yesterday - and has got chickenpox)) wanted and got 'action toys' whereas his sister gets, well, 'girly things'. 

    Switched to hills today and knocked some seconds off a PB for a local challenge (which I've discovered features of Strava!) and thereafter did some hill (well, slope) repeats. Hard! 
  • Afternoon all,
    JB - I did feel like telling that lady where to stick her outdated, sexist remarks. I agree about the mismatch between the way women and men are portrayed on tv. Had to smile at your grandchildren getting stereotypical toys. Well done re that hard hills session. If you are on Strava and want some 'buddies' on there, here's the link to my profile - - if you find me and check my followers, you'll also be able to find Terry Earney (HS) and Aquarius1 (Aquarius).
    Aquarius - I'm guessing you won't have seen it on Strava but when I logged my walk this morning I noticed after this morning's run, you are now the local legend on the "Line to No 1 Ind Estate" (whatever that is!).
    As mentioned above, I managed to get out of bed and did another 2.6ml walk around the village this morning before breakfast. I was glad of my baseball cap as the sun rose over Cleeve Hill towards the end of my walk and was directly in my eyes - so it proved very useful to allow me to see where I was going and people coming in the opposite direction.
    We had a really nice meal out out yesterday. The hotel restaurant was quiet so we had a window seat where we could look out at the rain ;) Margaret had Bibury Trout and I chose a rib-eye steak. It was raining so hard when we left I did my knight in shining armour act and ran to the car and drove it round to the door to save Margaret getting wet.
  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    Apologies for lack of posts, but things have been hectic these last few days. I hope to reply this afternoon. 
    I've got some very exciting news, Sarah F, who is running in the London Marathon, will be interviewed by Gabby Logan at 9.10 Sunday morning to speak about the NHS. She is very honoured to have been selected by them to be their representative. 
    I'm attaching a photo of me with the two Sarah's taken on a half marathon a few weeks ago. 

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    edited September 2021
    Afternoon all

    HS That is exciting news! I’ll have to make sure I catch that interview with Sarah F. What a lovely photo of the three of you, and good weather too by the looks of it. Not long now until the big day, I hope the weather is as kind then.

    JB The petrol situation seems to vary from area to area. Our local supermarkets haven’t had very long queues when we’ve passed by, but I suppose that might not be the case at other times, such as during the morning and evening rush hours. I hope the grandson with chicken pox recovers soon, it’s not fair that it’s happened on his birthday. I remember when our youngest had it, he thought each individual spot was a “pock”. :D 
    I think however good the parents intentions are society is set up in such a way that it is almost impossible for boys to have much to do with girls toys/pastimes and vice versa. Well done for tackling hill repeats, they definitely help your speed on the flat. 

    WtnMel - oh dear, what an unfortunate outcome for trying to be considerate. It was lucky you were so close to home when it happened. Do you think that U3A woman was being serious? It’s hard to believe anyone has such an old fashioned outlook these days. I’m not surprised her “token man” drifted off, but I’d imagine it was probably more like bolting than drifting once he found out what he’d let himself in for. (I did like your comment about how your book group wouldn’t be operating in its current form if you had “drifted off”.) Well done for your 2.6mile walk yesterday, I’m jealous of your nice sunny weather. Margaret’s birthday meal sounds as if it was worth waiting for, pity about the rain though. I keep getting emails to tell me I’m the local legend for some route or other - perhaps this is a new feature on Strava?
    It’ll always be Green Glag to me now. 

    I had a rather chilly run yesterday morning on a route that is quite a bit higher than where we live and is often misty and windy. It was only a 40 minute “easy run” but it’s surprising how long 40 minutes lasts when you’re freezing. My hands were aching with the cold and I had to massage them for a good five minutes to get some feeling back into them (or I wouldn’t have been able to put the key in the door, let alone turn it). I think I may have to hunt out my gloves and a long sleeve top for Friday’s session (hill repeats) if the forecast is the same. 
    We didn’t get our dash cams fitted on Tuesday after all. We dropped the car off and picked up a courtesy car but the work on ours wasn’t started until yesterday. Steve got a call in the afternoon to say the car would be ready at 5.30 but when he was half way there he got another one to say it wouldn’t be ready until the following day (today). He’s over there now so hopefully the car is ready to collect. We weren’t impressed with the courtesy car (a very nice looking 3 series BMW only a week old) as we were told it had plenty of fuel (it was almost on the red) the sat nav hadn’t been set up (fortunately we didn’t need it) and all four tyres were under inflated. Steve’s just phoned to say the salesman’s given a big discount on the dash cams for all our trouble, so that’s good. Now we just need to download the app and work out how to use them. :| We had our gas and electric meters changed this morning for newer smart ones. The ones we had were smart meters but apparently not the latest version, which we'll need for the new tariff we’ll be moving on to for charging the car. This is probably the worst possible time to change tariffs with prices soaring as they are, but our fixed term tariff was almost due to expire so we’d doubtless have to pay more anyway. It’ll be interesting to see what our costs are once we get onto the new tariff although because our current tariff is due to end we won’t be able to make a proper comparison. 
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    I've read back, but won't be able to comment on all the points mentioned. I'll have to use the skills we were taught at school to precis texts.

    JB, well done for that excellent parkrun WAVA and the tough 10k. That was a very good time over the terrain.
    Sorry to hear that you had a sore arm after your flu jab. I'm still waiting to be contacted for mine.
    I don't use my car very often these days, so have 3/4 tank of petrol. I've no intention of topping up, like the tossers that don't need to, but are accelerating the pumps running out.
    Well done for your new pb in the local challenge. Glad to hear that you are now on Strava.

    WtnMel, sorry to hear about your disaster at the golf match, where you broke a club in frustration. I hope you felt better afterwards. It's what they call "letting off steam!"
    A kite was an unusual choice by Margaret for her birthday, but I hope she has managed to fly it, and not blown off her feet. 
    Sorry to hear about the split tyre which was caused by you trying to be helpful. I caused a bulge in one of my tyres soon after I got my latest car. I was trying to parallel park, and scraped  a tyre along the curb. Thankfully it didn't burst, so I was able to drive to a garage to get a replacement. I didn't attempt to fit the spare tyre!
    That woman from U3a sounds ignorant and sexist. She's probably a token woman wearing fluffy slippers.
    On the subject of local legends on Strava, a couple of weeks ago I was the local legend on Hollywank Crescent. I'm wondering if the person who first ran that segment deliberately misspelt Hollybank.😃
    Glad you had a nice meal on Tuesday for Margarets birthday.

    Aquarius, I'm glad that you liked the photo of the 3 of us. We have been training together for 16 weeks for the marathons. Sarah F is the lady next to me. I'm afraid the forecast for the weekend is rain and strong winds, so our off road virtual marathon will be tough. Sarah F should do well in London, being its on roads and fairly flat. Also the cheering crowds will help. I'll look back now at your earlier posts.
    That's a coincidence that you, Steve and I had dental appointments more or less at the same time. I have a dental plan which covers two routine dental appointments and two with the hygienist. If any additional treatments are required, the plan discounts the costs.
    Glad to hear that you are making good progress re your house sale and are considering 8 offers. It's a shame though that you haven't found a suitable house to purchase despite viewing some. That puts me in mind of the afternoon programme on Channel 4, where couples are shown 3 houses and a mystery house, and they are asked to guess the selling price of each. 
    Your training seems to be going well, and the efforts are speedy. I think you are right that the garmins are not very  accurate measuring pace over short distances. It's the same with measuring heart rates.
    Sorry to hear about the after effects of your flu jab. As I mentioned earlier, I'm still waiting to be called up for mine. I've never had any problems previously, so hope I don't this time.
    I hope one of the final offers for your house is acceptable, and you don't take too long finding a suitable one at the coast.
    I hope your physio session was beneficial?
    I know how it feels when your hands are so cold that it is difficult to insert and turn the key in the door lock. In the days when car doors had to be opened with a key, I struggled many a time. I also remember when the locks froze and I couldn't insert the key. I bought a de-icer which was able to spray into the lock, which did the trick.
    Hope the new tariffs aren't a lot more expensive than the current ones.

    I haven't got much to report, I'm afraid. Today was the last of the taper and it was just an easy pace 20 minute on roads.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    edited September 2021
    Afternoon all,

    HS - no need to apologise for a lack of posts. Exciting news to hear Sarah F is going to be interviewed by Gabby Logan - lovely photo by the way.

    Aquarius - our local garage has had queues but as far as I know, not too long to affect other traffic too much. I'm pretty sure the u3a woman was being serious - as you say, no surprise the token man decided not to stick with the group with her around. I'll be looking around with interest at the next u3a meeting to see if I can work out who she is (and resist the temptation to tell her what I think of her). I had a similar problem with my hands getting cold in the wind and rain today - don't think it will be too long before I'm also looking for my gloves. Hope by now Steve is back and you have the dashcams fitted. Good luck with learning how to use the app and well done for negotiating a discount because of the 2nd class courtesy car. I gathered that some 'smart' meters are the old model and meant people couldn't transfer to a different provider - so well done for managing to get the newer (MK II?) smart meters fitted. The provider I transferred to from British gas (Avro Energy) was one of the companies that went into administration last week. I was waiting to hear who Ofgem would transfer me to half expecting I'd be back with BG. But I've been informed I'll be with Octopus Energy in future and they've already been in touch to get the latest meter readings.

    I got out for another pre-breakfast early walk this morning .. 3rd time this week .. go me! :) I needed my baseball cap again but rather than because of bright sun, today it was to keep the heavy rain off and to stop my hood dropping down over my eyes. This afternoon I've finally knuckled down and have done the set of stretching/strengthening exercises I have and I added in some sit-ups (from my collection of exercises ripped out of magazines like Men's Health). It's a slow sit-up .. reading the information, the ones like I used to do rely on momentum and don't actually target the abs .. I can already feel I worked my abs so I must have been doing it right and am fully expecting them to be a bit sore tomorrow morning.

    Margaret has headed off to the Stratton House Hotel again this afternoon but this time, to meet her book club chums.

    Aquarius - I just looked on Strava and you are the local legend because you've done a particular 1.1ml segment 3 times in the last 90 days! Here it is ..

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
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    Afternoon all,

    HS - looks like we cross-posted yesterday. An update re the golf clubs - when I prepared to go to the driving range I discovered I had also broken the shaft of my 3 wood. So I've left it with the broken 5 iron and will have to wait until next week to find out how expensive my 'letting off steam' episode will prove to be. I still have my previous set of clubs in the garage so am able to use the 'old' ones temporarily. We've not managed to get up on the hill yet to try out Margaret's new kite. I'm sure whoever named the segment Hollywank Crescent did that on purpose! :smile:

    We're also still waiting for the text re our flu jabs and our covid booster jab.

    My Radio Times, which usually arrives on a Tue/Wed only turned up this morning. I was beginning to think I'd have to resort to checking programme listings from somewhere else.

    Vaguely connected - but I noticed there is an adaptation of the 'Foundation' series of books starting on 'Apple TV +' .. these are a series of 'classic' science fiction stories by Isaac Asimov that I remember reading many years ago and having seen Apple TV is only £4.99 a month, I have to say I'm sorely tempted and will investigate further.

    Also, I'll just mention that thanks to techie people leaving useful advice and guidance on the internet, I think I've fixed a problem with my browser (Edge) running extremely slow. There were several 'techie' settings to check (which turned out to be okay) but the next suggestion was to check if apps were allowed to run in the background. When I checked, there were 49(!) that were allowed to run in the background, even when I wasn't using them! As soon as I turned off the switch allowing that, there was an immediate drastic improvement in the response times. Hopefully, that has fixed it.
  • john bateman 6john bateman 6 ✭✭✭
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    Hi all

    The last couple of days have been a bit hectic, so forgive me if I don't reference your recent posts as much as I should.  Puppy-sitting yesterday - long walk to wear her out; grandson sitting today (chickenpox not quite gone yet). The grandson is more tiring than the dog, though. We used to have dogs but haven't had one for years. We both love the new pup and Mrs JB is very keen on getting one. I'm trying to fob her off with the argument that we get the best of both worlds by having my son's one for short enjoyable periods, but without the full- time responsibility....and cost.

    Mel, thanks for the Strava advice. So far, I've started the ball rolling by 'following' Aquarius (I sound like a stalker) - but there wasn't a lot of info on there? (Not a criticism of course!).
    I've also found out that my local rivals do a lot more training than I do.
    I'm not sure how much the broken clubs will mount up to, but I feel a bit better now about spending 125 quid on my new trainers!

    HS, great news about the upcoming TV interview. I hope I catch it during my London Marathon viewing. Come to think of it the viewing is itself a bit of a marathon, so I tend to dip in and out.

    Aquarius, re your electricity consumption with the new car, I'd be interested to hear how that goes. I hope the bills will be as low as is often mentioned in the media. With petrol prices zooming up maybe you'll still come out well ahead of the game even with power price hikes? The south-east is apparently the worst place for fuel right now. I don't think I've seen a garage which is open all week.............

    ...........and indeed we'll be car sharing to get to/from tomorrow's parkrun. The weather sounds a bit scary but largely depends on the timing of the expected strong winds and rain. It's the 200th running of our local PR, so the (lovely) volunteers deserve a break in the weather. (The wind around here is prevailing westerly. The course is uneven with the greater part of it run to the I won't be grumbling too much in the morning.)
  • Afternoon all

    HS - I’m keeping fingers crossed for you all this weekend. The weather forecast isn’t great, so take it easy (I’d give the wings a miss this time, you might get blown away!) I wore my gloves this morning, but I didn’t need them as it turned out. I’ll keep them handy all the same. I have a 5k on Tuesday evening that will probably be a chilly one. That’s just reminded me to look out my chest torch and get it charged before then. My physio session was quite painful actually, I thought I just needed the hamstrings and calves “tuning up” as usual but a lot of work was done on my right calf which is apparently very tight. I pride myself on being able to cope with painful treatment, but Tuesday’s session had me gasping for breath and brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been going to this physio for years and she knows my legs well particularly where issues are likely to arise. She always checks first to see what races I have coming up and tailors the treatment accordingly. I think it was the mention of XC next weekend that brought about the intensive treatment on my calf. I iced it as soon as I got home which prevented any soreness the following day. I’ve kept up with the knee and hamstring exercises she gave me a while ago and they seem to be helping with better knee stability, at least I haven’t had any problems despite including more hill work.

    JB - You sound as if you are having a busy time at the moment, puppies and grandchildren are a challenging mix. If Mrs JB keeps on about getting a dog you’ll have to remind her about the twice daily walks (with a pocketful of dog poo bags, not to mention the unpleasantness of using them) and the horrendous cost of vets bills. That should give you a bit of breathing space. :) Good luck for tomorrow’s parkrun. I hope the weather won’t spoil your chance of a good time (race time that is).

    WtnMel - You’ll have to start winning again at golf, it’s obviously the cheaper option. Well done for your stretching/strengthening exercises and today’s walk
    We’re with Octopus too, they seem pretty good (we were also with them some years ago) and were the cheapest around when I switched back to them a year ago. I think they are one of the major energy companies now, and very “green”. They are currently working on ways to lower the cost of installing the heat pumps that we are all supposed to be fitting in the not to distant future. The current cost is £10,000 believe it or not! Octopus think they can get the cost down to around £5000, which while still pretty steep is supposed to be a lot closer to the cost having a new central heating boiler fitted (around £3K I believe?). Another good thing about Octopus - if you refer a friend to Octopus you get £50 credit each on your bill. (Promo over )
    The dashcams are fitted now, but we’re now having problems with the app. To get up and running you have to input both the code and password that are supplied with the product, then change them to your own wifi network and password. Unfortunately every time Steve tries to do this it just brings up an error message. Our son spent ages trying to sort it out too but admitted defeat in the end, so we’ve passed the problem back to BMW and will see what they suggest. 
    Thanks for the screen shot of Strava, that section is particularly nasty, It’s uphill all the way with the bit that looks a bit kinked being the hardest. It’ll give you some idea if I tell you that I feel I’m improving because I can now run (loose term) all the way up without stopping, even though my legs are aching by the time I get to the top. 

    Hill repeats today, quite short ones actually, so it wasn’t too bad. I had to run up a 7% incline 8 times (45 seconds each time) with the usual warm up and cool down. I went to the local park and managed to complete the runs without being chased by any dogs this time. I’m going to have to juggle workouts next week as I’ve a 5k on Tuesday evening and a 4 mile XC the Sunday after. As luck would have it I’ve a 60 minute training run to fit in, plus two 40 minute ones and a nasty looking one with 5 x 1000 metres plus 3 x 6oo metres. I think I’ll be needing the physio again!
  • Aquarius, not sure which sounds more painful: the calves or the hill repeats. Should put you in some form for your upcoming events. 
    We're with Octopus too. They seem pretty good, although bracing ourselves (that's one way to keep warm - and I won't go into the others!) for tariff hikes.
    You were right about the wind. Pretty brutal on the prom, although yet to peak. Also missed the rain by a few minutes. The wind turned out to be a cross-wind, so not as bad as it looked. Times were pretty slow: 21.14, just missing the 80% AG but still good enough for 2nd best in the field. I felt great on the run. Not sure why but perhaps it's because I've done some hills this week? 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021
    Morning all,

    JB - hope for your sake you manage to persuade Mrs JB getting a puppy would be a BAD idea. Not sure what's going on re Strava as I follow Aquarius on there but couldn't see you on the list of people following her. Some security setting maybe? Another Aquarius perhaps? I'm expecting the cost of the club repairs to be north of £100 but I may be pleasantly surprised. Richard who I've had group lessons with before, has emailed about some group lessons (an all-day event where you get lunch included and where you give your game an MOT). I'm tempted to sign up to that to see what I've been doing wrong lately and then maybe arrange some further one-to-one lessons afterwards if needed. I see the parkrun wasn't as bad weather-wise as you had feared .. and well done re the result. Good luck with the parkrun. I see you are with Octopus too - I'm waiting to see how the cost will compare to my previous provider Avro. 

    Aquarius - you've reminded me to search for my head-torch and get the batteries charged up as it's started being dark when I set out early enough .. even despite the clock change at the end of this month, it won't be too long before I'm finishing in the dark too. That physio treatment must have been hard-core if it brought tears to your eyes. You're correct - winning again at golf and not losing my rag would be a cheaper option :) Good to hear that Octopus are okay since I've now been transferred to them. I can believe the £10K cost for a heat pump. Sorry to hear you're still having problems with the app for the dashcams - I shan't offer to help as your son has already been on the case without success. Good to hear you can manage to run up the nasty uphill section without stopping.

    I've recorded (might still be recording?) the London Marathon and will try to catch Sarah's interview later. I read in the paper yesterday about a distance runner - she managed the qualifying time but was snubbed for the Olympics who is hoping to post a good (possibly record-beating) time as a way of sticking two fingers up to the selectors.

    I mentioned adding sit-ups to my exercise routine - as expected, my abs were a bit sore yesterday. I decided to have a lie-in today as it's Sunday .. all being well, will be back into the routine tomorrow.

    Having missed my walk on Fri I got out yesterday and was pleased to manage 3.6mls with an average pace of 16:08mm. I saw from the mile splits I managed to duck just under 16:00mm pace on miles 2 & 3.

    Having looked into how to watch 'Foundation' on Apple TV+ I would need to get the Apple app but my Panasonic recorder doesn't have that (my Sony tv is a 'dumb' one from 10-15 years ago). The alternative is to get a Fire Tv or Roku TV stick to plug into the tv. As only 4 of the current run of 10 episodes have yet been released so far (think there are due to be 10) I might as well wait until they're all available then get the 'free trial' of Apple TV+ I read about and binge watch before cancelling. I think the '80 episodes' I read about must have been what the Apple TV+ people are dreaming they'll eventually be allowed to make.

    I switched on my old laptop on Friday for the first time in ages - needless to say, it was busy downloading the MS updates from the last few months and only finished installing them yesterday afternoon. 
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