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  • WtnMel, our posts crossed yet again. I'll reply to yours tomorrow.
  • Well, we seem to all have been quite busy of late......

    Mel, thanks for zapping the nasty. Your 'scales' anecdote made me laugh. If only losing 7lbs could be that easy! Golf still going well and the swimming is admirable.

    Aquarius, good run. To be at the same pace as 5 years ago is something to be proud of: the WAVA would be better! That photo must be of the under 40 squad, yes? I love it when you see clubs' members meet up before/after an event for a photo call. People take a genuine delight in their shared experiences and achievements. You don't (often) see this at Parkruns, but it's one of the things that make 'proper' races special. I really should do more of them as I really like the atmosphere and the 'spectator' support. It also seems to bring out the best of me performance-wise.
    I tend to stay local and looked at the listings for Sussex races over the next few months. It's very thin! There's been a flurry of then over the last few weeks but then they fall away. Mind you, as I avoid X-country, that doesn't help.
    But there's always the Parkruns to fall back on.........

    HS, re WAVAs, and as has become obvious, I get a bit obsessed on this one. I thought I'd relax after I hit the 80% benchmark but of course it just makes you hungry for better ones. This is not a bad thing but I've noticed that I'm beginning to think (only!) about which courses lend themselves to fast times,  which is a bit silly and self-limiting. I'm also trying to climb up the rankings for VM65 and, again, this inclines me to flat courses. 

    Talking of which there's only 2 West Sussex guys who above me in this year's UK 10K rankings and one in the 5K  ones. (East Sussex is another story - and another county.) When I spotted the latter at the 10k race, I thought that he'd beat me easily and indeed during the race he came back past me before the 5k turn. But when I checked the results he'd somehow lost about 5 minutes. However, I don't recall overtaking him and he's far too experienced to 'blow up' after a too-fast first half. So I'm wondering if he was kidnapped by aliens for that 5 minutes.................

    (HS. am I right in thinking that back in the day, hardly anyone seemed to bother too much about WAVA?)
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    HS - I almost stopped after 16 lengths on Sunday, then again at 24 but as I had time, kept going until I'd done 32. And then struggled slightly getting out as I was a bit worn out! :) I still wear a mask in busy shops - not so often in cafes when ventilation is good and not when outside. Well done re the 7ml forest run with the Sarah's.

    JB - as mentioned below, the spammer is no more and has ceased to be .. he's an ex-spammer. Good luck in your pursuit of ever-better WAVA scores and those rankings. I wonder if that guy was going so fast he took a wrong turn .. or needed a 'hedge stop'?

    As mentioned to JB, we have a new friend on the block - rwspamkiller2 - who has just reported that spammer and the post now appears to have gone.

    I like Fetch's sense of humour - after today's walk I was awarded some virtual badges obviously designed for cyclists. I don't walk that fast so I clicked on a link to hand the badges back - and was awarded the 'Honesty' badge ;)

    I finished my book yesterday evening so won't feel a fraud at the book group discussion this afternoon having not completed it. 
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, I note from our crossed posts that Margaret has received her invitation for the 2 jabs, but you are still waiting for yours.
    Well done for completing your swim.
    I'm still wearing my mask in the supermarket, or when car sharing, but didn't wear one in the pub or restaurant on Saturday.

    I didn't know that fetch had an honesty badge. I've never queried any that I have been awarded, and just accept them.
    Well done finishing your book in time for this afternoons book club discussions. I've only got about 10 pages left in the book I'm reading. It's Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. It's a good read, but very complicated. 

    JB, back in the day, I didn't know there was such a thing as WAVA's. However, all the races over the years since I've been on fetch and logged them, have the WAVA's. I never used to take any notice of them, but have started looking back, especially, at the faster times. My early races were in the 80% and then in the 70's until my injury in 2017.  I'm now in the sixties (with the exception of the virtual marathon) with the occasional 70% in the not a parkruns that we had been doing. 

    That's strange, that runner losing 5 minutes on you when you didn't think that you had overtaken him. He might have been assimilated by The Borg.😲

    No running today, but I have a new challenge now. Sarah F wants to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. This will be a real challenge for both of us. It's several years since I have run sub 2 hours. We will have to work on a new training schedule.
  • Mel, I m impressed with your award of an Honesty badge. Is it by any chance the one discarded by our very own Prime Minister at the age of around 5?

    HS, interesting reflection on the WAVA. I'm not sure I'd even heard of it  until around 10 years ago. But then you are a more experienced runner than me, so perhaps it's not that surprising. A sub-2 hour HM would be something to be treasured - I wonder what your
    WAVA would be for that?

    I've not run in the dark for ages. I've never particularly like doing so and as I've got older there's the increasing fear of a nasty fall. Plus, being retired there is no shortage of daylight hours in which to train. But yesterday I went out - on a well-lit prom - and had a go. I was amazed not only by the number of runners but by the fact that there were 5 organised separate groups of runners. And this was in the space of 1 hour on one evening. Many were wearing head torches. I had no idea there was such nocturnal (well, early evening) running activity.

    Anyway, I did a 10k at what should have been an easy paced 49 minutes - but it certainly didn't feel like it as I've still got the weekend's efforts in my legs.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    JB, by coincidence, I received 3 badges on fetch this morning. "Cogs are whirring," "Pschle -path," "Brains trust." These are all for cycling which I haven't done, so I returned them, as did Mel, and got an honesty badge! I imagine Doris would get a "liar of the year" badge😆

    I will check out what the WAVA would be for a 2 hour half marathon at age 75, and post it next time.

    I don't run in the dark these days, but our club members during the darker evenings do the training sessions on roads wearing hi Viz tops and head torches. The sessions are held in the forest during the summer when it stays light at night for much longer. My little gang do our training in the daytime, mainly in the forest, through out the year.

    Well done for your 49 minutes 10k on tired legs.

    We did our first structured training session since the marathon, in the forest this morning. It comprised 4 sets of 4 x 40 secs hill reps with jog down recoveries. 2 minutes recoveries between sets.
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    Afternoon all,

    WtnMel: I thought Wibble must have been an acronym and have been puzzling over it for ages. Thanks for your comments on the XC photo, I’m afraid I had no idea who Grace Dent was, and had to google her. Not sure I can see the resemblance myself, but then I may have been looking at an old photo. I had a good laugh at your remarkable weight gain/loss experience, you’ll have to write to WeightWatchers about it. As someone who can’t even swim one length I’m full of admiration for anyone who can string together a few, never mind 32! I’m not surprised your legs were a little achey the following day so well done for getting up and getting another 3 mile walk done. Well done too for getting that book finished in time for your book club meeting - did you enjoy it? Good (if a little pricey) news about your golf clubs. I wonder how often rwspamkiller2 will need to help us out again? I wonder how many people have been awarded the Fetch “Honesty” badge, not many I’d imagine. Well done you. 

    HS: I’m pleased you liked the photo, I thought I should post it considering how many you post for us. There was a total of 428 women in the senior women’s race (representing 46 clubs), and I believe there were even more in the senior mens race, then of course there’s all the age groups from under 11s up. XC is gaining in popularity each year in the North East, although I’m not sure if this is the same for the other regions.
    I hope your flu jab and Covid booster go well tomorrow. How exciting - a new challenge - and a sub 2 hour HM is certainly quite a challenge, but knowing how hard you and Sarah train (and how meticulous you are in your training progression) I’m sure it’s within your abilities to crack it. Keep us updated on progress please. (I've just seen that you too have been awarded Honesty badges on Fetch - well done :))

    JB: I’m mortified - the under 40 squad? Under 30 if you don’t mind! (Well, I can but dream…) Actually as it’s some time since I’ve attended training sessions at the club there were a number of faces I didn’t recognise, and it was good to see (in the results) that some of these team mates were in their 50s and 60s, although I was the oldest at 67. Altogether I think there were another 3 ladies from other teams who were in the 65 age category and finished ahead of me, as well as one 70 yr old. I’ve obviously got some improving to do. I agree with what you say about the atmosphere and support at “proper” races, this is especially so at XC. Not only do you get encouragement from all the spectators (irrespective of which team they are associated with) but fellow runners often give words of encouragement when they pass you, so I try to do the same on the odd occasion I pass anyone. The support from spectators is particularly nice because these good people are standing around for hours in chilly conditions just to cheer us folk on. The running community really is nice.
    If you don’t like XC, and other races are a bit thin on the ground, why not give trail running a go? There’s usually quite a few of these over the winter, and they aren’t all as daunting as they sound, some are just off road without being too hardcore. Go on, I know you like a challenge…….
    Regarding that West Sussex guy who “lost” five minutes - he hasn’t got a twin by any chance?
    As the nights draw in most clubs have to train in the dark with hi-viz and head torches, I expect the groups you came across were probably club runners on a training run as a lot of clubs have training on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

    I did my Pilates class yesterday, and followed it up with strength work. This morning my legs were a bit heavy but I decided to do my scheduled training session (Goal Pace Repeats) to see how my ankle fared. I have to say it was a bit of a struggle and I did consider cutting it short, but in the event I managed to finish it. The session was the same as last week - 5 x 1000m @ 10 min pace with 200m recovery walk/jogs, then 3 x 200m @ 8.30 pace with 200m recovery walk/jogs, plus the usual 10 minute warm up and cool down runs. Altogether it came to 6.2 miles. My overall time was slightly slower than last week because I had to walk some of the recoveries to give my ankle a rest, but the actual speed intervals were within the goal pace and faster than last week, so that was encouraging. I’m undecided whether to run again on Friday, or just rest now until Sunday’s 10k. I think I’ll see how I feel on Friday then decide.
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    Evening all,

    HS - still no text for me regarding the covid/flu jabs but I don't imagine it will be much longer. I gave one of the other book group a lift yesterday and we agreed to do without masks (because we know each other and are aware we've been playing safe) but as a concession to being in the car, we did have both front windows open. I don't usually question the badges I'm given but getting cycling-themed ones seemed a bit daft, considering I'd only walked. I get other notifications about new zones I've visited which I think is Conquercise - but I thought I'd left that game so I should check sometime. As I've mentioned before when we were discussing WAVA scores, I don't think I ever managed to get much beyond the low 60's. I'll wish you good luck with your quest to manage a sub-2hr HM - I think that would equate to around 9:10mm pace!? The badges you mentioned were the ones I got - something tells me there is a bug somewhere in the Fetch-iverse.

    JB - I was going to say the badge came from 'Deacon Blue' rather than our PM - then I remembered that's the Dignity badge (nerdy pop music related joke). Tripping over things in the dark was the reason I got my head torch. I've found mine for the early-morning walks - just need to charge the batteries now! Well done re the 49 min 10K.

    Aquarius - I'm only aware of Grace Dent through the Sunday paper magazine where she used to do the occasional column. See below re the book club meeting. As I said before, having to fork out £80 to re-shaft my two clubs serves me right for my moment of madness. I think we've been lucky lately so hopefully it will be a while before rwspamkiller 1 & 2 have to pay a call. I would guess the extra encouragement you get at XC races must be because the running itself is that much harder then road racing. Well done for managing to complete your goal pace repeat session considering you turned your ankle a few days ago. If it was me, I would just run a very easy 'leg-stretcher' on Fri and save your energy for Sunday's 10k.

    We had a good book group discussion yesterday where we reviewed "The Vanishing Half". Some of the group only finished it an hour or so before our get-together. Everyone enjoyed the book to differing degrees but there was no-one who didn't like it. With it's theme of racism and lack of life chances depending on your colour, it provoked a lively and wide-ranging discussion. Our next book is "V2" by Robert Harris (a fictional story but wrapped around the real-life events of Hitler's V2 rocket programme. In December, we're reading "Song Of Songs" - it's a favourite of one group member who wants to see what the rest of us think of it (I gather it's a story of a titled lady and her experiences etc. set around the first world war). Song Of Songs is 777 pages long (the Kindle version anyway) so the others had better not leave it to the last minute. Then in January, for a change, we're going to read a biography. There were several suggestions but the clear favourite at the moment seems to be the Victoria Wood one - "Let's Do It" - so I think that's what we'll be going for. 

    The wonders of technology! I spent an hour or so earlier playing a game online with my son. It's called 'Portal 2' and you have to collaborate to solve logic puzzles and are able to point things out to each other and chat in-game as well. You are two robots - Peabody and Atlas - who seem to have been inspired by C3PO and R2D2.

    Almost forgot to add - I managed to get out for another pre-breakfast walk today - at this rate, this could become habit-forming :)
  • Mel, I can thoroughly recommend the V2 novel. It seems to b very well researched and the narrative certainly holds one's attention. I think I polished it off it 2 days which is unusual for me but does indicative a certain addictive quality (of the book, not me...........oh hang on, maybe both!). As for the 700 plus one - I simply couldn't manage it. As with running I tend to avoid longer challenge and go for the quick wins.

    HS, interesting reflections on the dreaded WAVA issue. Good to hear that you are back in the saddle. When are you planning the sub 2 half marathon attempt? You are coming off some heavy marathon training, so perhaps the sooner the better?

    Aquarius, sorry about the cheap 'under 40s' jibe. Of course I really meant under 30s and you know that. As for the trail advice I'll take it on board although it's probably a case of 'once a flat track bully, always a flat track bully'. I actually don't mind running up hills and I'm not bad at it. But I am utterly hopeless at running down them. (I'm the same on a bike where I engage the brakes far too early.)
    Best of luck for the 10k. You should be glowing red hot after your racing and training so maybe the extra rest day is a good idea? (Writes the man who never takes a rest day.)

    I had a bit of a surprise the other day. I met up with a fellow runner. He's more of a badminton player who runs but he would be a really good runner if he trained more. For example he rocked up to the 10k last week and ran a 41 minute time on the basis of very little training - and he 52 or so. He asked me my weight and - rather proud as I've lost a couple of pounds - I answered that I was just below 10stone. It turns out that he is about a stone lighter than me, an inch taller than me and looks a lot better than me (not hard - please see next related piece of evidence.)
    My son - who beat me by a mere 30 seconds in the 10k - was chatting to Mrs B. He was of the opinion that 'dad doesn't look like a runner'. He was comparing me with fellow old git (68) competitor (who I beat) and who is a bit of a physical specimen who has the older (and some younger) ladies drooling when he lines-up. 
    All of this is a long-winded preamble to me admitting that I am probably carrying a bit too much weight and that shedding about half a stone might make a bit of an impact. Problem: zero willpower.
    Solution: Mel - can you lend me those scales?
  • Just popped in to say back from Covid and flu jabs which went ok.
    A WAVA for a 2 hour Half Marathon would be  71.93% for me and 63.73% for Sarah F. We haven't fixed a date yet, and will need to do more speed work first. 
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    JB - I read "An Officer and a Gentleman" by Robert Harris a few years ago so I hope "V2" is as good (the reviews and your own recommendation suggest it will be). What the 'ladies' make of it remains to be seen. I wouldn't normally tackle a 777 page book about a titled lady's trials and tribulations - but that's book groups for you. I used to be rubbsh at running down hills but someone suggested letting gravity help rather than fighting it and used the phrase "Brakes off, brain off" which I took to heart and thankfully never took a tumble as a result. If you looked at me you'd never think I'm a runner - I have video evidence of me doing the 10ml Ridgeway Run and seeing yourself plodding along brings you back to reality. I'm definitely carrying too much weight and my ambition is to lose a stone and get down to 13st 7lbs (which will be the lowest I've ever been since 2002 apart from my very much younger days). When I was running regularly, would often consider how much easier it would be (and how much faster I might be able to go) if I didn't have those imaginary 7 bags of sugar strapped to me.

    HS - as I said yesterday, good luck with that quest for a 2hr HM. That would be some WAVA score to achieve.

    No morning walk for me today. I think I must have overdone it with one of the strengthening exercises yesterday as my back was sore yesterday evening and when I woke up today. So I've been taking it easy and doing lots of stretching. I'm waiting to hear from Alan whether we're playing golf tomorrow. Based on how much better I'm feeling after the stretching, I think I'll be okay to play, even if it's only 9 holes.

    Which reminds me - I must phone the golf club to see if Jamie has finished repairing my two clubs ..
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    No call back from the golf club yet so maybe my clubs will be mended by the weekend? No contact from Alan either - so I don't know for certain if I'm playing golf tomorrow.

    Meantime .. I've spent a few hours today working out a way of backing up some online Office 365 files for the charity I support to a networked hard drive. I couldn't backup directly to the networked hard drive but I've managed to find a way by copying the online files to my computer using OneDrive and I'll have to manually copy the files from OneDrive to a staging area on my laptop from where some backup software I have will copy the files to a networked hard drive. Why do I lumber myself with these fiddly technical challenges??

    ** Edit: The copying of files to One Drive is now running - there's only 60,000 of them!! Hope my hard drive has room ** 
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, that was a good turn out for your cross country race. We have something similar in Hampshire exclusively for registered club runners. In the summer there are 10 off road races, named RR10's and in the Autumn/Winter 7 off road races, named CC6. There are actually 7 races now, but they've retained the title of CC6's. Each running club is responsible for hosting a race. They are really popular, but there are always problems with car parking. Distances are between 4.5 and 5 miles.

    The Covid booster and flu jabs went really well yesterday, but later in the evening, the left arm, which had the Covid jab, started to hurt. I hardly slept, as every time I moved my arm, it felt as if it was being punched. I felt quite rough this morning through lack of sleep, and the arm was still hurting. I had planned to get the bus into Southampton, but didn't feel up to it. I'm feeling much better now though, and intend to run tomorrow.

    We will find it very hard to run sub 2 hours for a half marathon, and will need to do a lot of speed work.

    You must be getting really fit now with the pilates, strength work, and interval sessions. We did our first structured training session on Wednesday comprising 4 sets of 4 x 40 seconds hill reps in the forest.

    WtnMel, I hope that you don't have to wait too long for your Covid and flu jabs. You will see my comments re mine above.

    You are spot on with the required pace for the 2 hour half marathon. It doesn't sound very fast, but it is at my age. I think that Sarah F has more chance of achieving it than me.

    I find it harder on the legs running down hill than up, that's why I prefer running off road.

    That sounds tricky backing up those files. I decided to see if there were any updates this morning and got a message advising that my computer was not yet ready for Windows11. I did all the updates and its still not ready. My Windows10 version is 21H1, which is the current version.

    JB, we haven't picked a date yet for our sub 2 hour attempt, as we are some way off the pace for that distance, so close to our recent marathon where we had been tapering and doing less speed work. It will probably be a virtual run, but depends on our progress.

    That was a bit of a cheek from your son saying that you didn't look like a runner. At just under 10 stone, I would say that you were at an ideal weight. I'm down to 9.5 stone which was my racing weight when I was in my forties.

    I haven't got much to report, as I've posted most of my activities above.
    I haven't run today, but will be back in the forest tomorrow.

    On the subject of books, I'm working my way through the Bronte's novels. They are hard going, but worth the effort. I've just started "Villette" by Charlotte Bronte. There are 14 pages of introduction analysing the characters. It would be an ideal book for GCE A level Literature. I had Jane Eyre, also by Charlotte, for GCE O level English Literature.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    WtnMel: I think the diversity of members tastes, and therefore book suggestions, is why I doubt I could stick with a book club for very long. I’ve little enough time for reading as it is so when I can spare the time I’d rather read something that interests me. 
    Any news from Jamie on the golf clubs yet? Speaking of golf did you and Alan have your game today? I hope your back was better after your stretching and didn’t stop you from playing.
    I hate to see photos of myself running, I always look as if I’m frowning but I’m actually just squinting, trying to see the ground (I really must try to run in glasses). 
    Backing up those files sounded like a lot of hard work. I wouldn’t know where to begin, the charity are lucky to have you on board.

    HS: sorry to hear about the after effects of your Covid booster, I hope you’ll be fighting fit again for your run tomorrow.
    It’s good to hear that those off road races for Hampshire club members are so popular, but car parking is always a problem at these events. I suppose it’s inevitable as the clubs will be from a wide geographical area so travelling by car is often the only way to get there. We have the same problems at our XC events, there’s never enough spaces for the number of cars that turn up. Additionally you generally find the parking is in a field that a farmer has set aside for us, but as it’s winter and usually very wet it’s “interesting” negotiating the mud and potholes to get parked. We’re going to miss our Land Rover this year!
    On the subject of Charlotte Bronte novels have you read Shirley yet? I read it in my teens and remember enjoying it so much I went on to read the other Bronte novels (admittedly some were better than others, but nevertheless a very talented if rather unusual set of siblings).
    JB: Apology accepted regarding your under 40s jibe 🙂 
    I wouldn’t worry too much about your weight, it doesn’t seem to be affecting your times, quite the reverse I’d say. (I hope you told your son that it’s all muscle anyway).
    I’ve had various bits of advice on downhill running, mostly contradictory, so I think it’s best to go with whatever works for you. I remember Mo Farah complaining about losing time on the steep downhill section towards the end of the GNR because he’d taken Paula Radcliffe’s advice on how to tackle it - so if the elites can’t get it right what hope do we have?

    I decided against running today because my ankle was still a bit sore, so instead I did yoga and strength exercises for an hour or so. It was bitterly cold here this morning (frost on the cars) so I’m hoping Sunday morning will be a bit warmer. We have to arrive early because my son needs to collect his number from the organisers before 9.15 (race is at 10.00) as it didn’t arrive in the post. He thinks he forgot to advise the entry site of his change of address. :|  Lesson learned I hope.
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    Evening all,

    HS - sorry to hear you had a sore arm after your jabs which affected your sleep .. but glad to hear that has worn off now. I'm still waiting for the text inviting me to get mine. I've sussed out how to back up those files (see below). I checked my laptop last week and the chip inside isn't modern enough to be compatible with Windows 11 .. sounds like yours is in the same boat.

    Aquarius - I enjoy the challenge of tackling books I wouldn't normally pick to read from being in the book group. No news from Jamie yet regarding the golf clubs being repaired .. I hope I'll hear from him over the weekend. Re today's golf, see below for how I was and how the golf went. If you do run in glasses, you'll probably need to invest in a rubber strap to keep them from slipping off? Sorry to hear your ankle was still a bit sore but kudos for doing your strength exercises and yoga instead.

    I've managed to suss out how to backup those online files I mentioned. I remembered I had some other software on my laptop called SyncFolder. When I checked earlier I was able to see it could back the files directly from the OneDrive area to the networked hard drive. So I set up a copy job up earlier and set it running - that was over an hour ago and it has 68938 files to copy and has currently managed 2%!! So I shall leave it running overnight. The best thing is I'll be able to set it to run automatically in future. And it will be much quicker as it will only copy any files that are new or have changed.

    Alan and I did play golf after all today despite our respective sore backs. I wasn't sure I'd be okay but did plenty of stretching before I left home and it seemed okay. In the event, I was okay apart from when bending down to put the tee peg in - and again, when picking the ball out of the hole. We played the 9 hole course at Shipton twice and Alan beat me by 8 strokes - but using the scoring system, it was honours even after 18 holes. A few fluffed drives and other shots for me but the undoubted highlight was the 3rd hole (par 3). The first time, I did a good tee shot and hit the ball from just off the green and it popped into the hole for a birdie (1 under par). The second time, I'd fluffed my tee shot and hit my second shot to the edge of the green. I couldn't believe it when my third shot popped into the hole again for a par. The only other thing of note was on the 9th hole the second time around. Alan fluffed his drive to the right and it went into the rough. We didn't mange to find his ball but I did manage to find 5 other balls to replenish my stock.
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    Postscript to yesterday's post .. when I stopped the overnight backup job this morning it had copied just over 6400 files or around 10% of the total. I can see it's going to take quite a few overnight runs of the job to get them all backed up after which, it should be far quicker with only a few new/changed files to deal with.

    My back was still stiff and sore this morning but now I've done my stretches, it's feeling better.
  • Mel, some good golf especially that birdie which shows you have the capability to (I guess) birdie every hole. That would make Allan sit up ad take notice! Looks like the stretching routine will become, er, routine.

    HS. we have a 'West Sussex Fun Run League' here. As with you, each club organises a race. They do let in non-members such as me; I guess this helps revenues. It seems to be still suspended so I'm assuming it won't pick-up until 2022 which is hurtling towards us at a rate of knots. 

    Aquarius, good luck for the race and I hope that the ankle doesn't give you problems. We've yet to have a frost -  or even single figure temperatures - down here on the Costa, but we've finally given and today turned on the central heating. The whole system is being ripped out this week - a level of disruption I'm dreading. On the weight thing, I won't take it too seriously. I was the 'class fatty' at school (you've seen the photo) so I'm not too despairing these days.

    Parkrun today: Lancing Beach. This is about 2 miles max. from my usual one and I only did it to see if I could chalk up good placing for the all-time VM65-69 category. 1st place was out of the question but 2nd was the target - and I missed it. The course is flat but not as fast as it might be - there a stretch of grass which today was waterlogged following a pre-race deluge. Plus the course is a tad overlong.

    So 21.24 @ 79.13% WAVA was a reasonable return. I nudged past a VW50 lady who beat me in the 10k last week. The WAVA was 2nd best in a small field of 81. I then checked all the Parkruns is West and East Sussex and discovered I was the fastest in my category. All the real quickies must have been having a lie-in.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    JB - I'll never have the capability to birdie each hole unless I'm able to drive the ball much further than I currently do (so just on short par 3 holes for now). We've yet to have a frost either. Well done re your parkrun.

    Back still a bit sore here but I did manage a pre-breakfast 3ml walk which appears to have helped loosen my tight muscles. Yesterday while doing some lumbar rotation exercises, there was a 'clunk' from within my hip area which I assume was a bone slightly out of line due to the muscle problems settling back in place. My back certainly felt freer afterwards anyway.

    *waves* to Aquarius and HS ..

  • Mel, thanks. Don't like the sound of that 'clunk' but it could have been some sort of 'release'.

    Domestic problems today. Having spent most of yesterday preparing for our central heating replacement, we found that the guy had double-booked. Well, we all make mistakes but...........! He's arranged another date but I have to say we were a tad miffed. But he's done us 'favours' in the past so we'll stick with him (better the devil....etc).
    So we treated ourselves to a morning out in one the the prettier villages around this area. Luckily I was wearing my tracksuit and trainers as I remember there was a bloody great big hill there and.......well, you can guess the rest.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    I figured the 'clunk' was something releasing .. no pain from it and my lumbar region felt freer as a result so I figured it was a good 'un. Shame about the plumber double-booking .. but as you say, better the devil you know (we have our own BTDYK plumber and don't use anyone else, even if we have to wait until he's free). And no, he's not called Mr Humphries. I'm not surprised you remembered that hill and presumably decided to run up it. Did Mrs JB wait for you at a local pub??
  • After all, 

    Sorry for lack of posts. Just got a new phone, a Galaxy Arts 5G. Hope to be back to normal tomorrow. Only problem at the moment is that the Garmin won't sync with the Garmin Connect app. I had that problem a few years when I had an Huawei. Will probably have to connect with the USB cable to the laptop, which is a bit of a pain. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - hope you get the new phone sorted okay. I could never sync my Garmin with my Huawei but now I have a Samsung it seems okay when I do it occasionally (but I find it quicker to sync by plugging the Garmin into my laptop).

    My back is still stiff when I wake up so I'm continuing with the stretching to ease it. I didn't walk this morning as I was expecting to be out in the garden - but rain stopped play. I won't be doing an early walk tomorrow either as I'm doing a 5ml walk with the u3a rambling group tomorrow - there will be 6 stiles to negotiate so I shall need to do plenty of stretching beforehand. 
  • Good afternoon everyone, I've managed to get down at last to replying to your posts!

    Aquarius, thanks, I did feel ok on Saturday, and ran 5.2 miles on roads with Sarah F. We have started to gradually work on our pace again, after the tapering pre marathon. 

    I haven't heard of "Shirley" by Charlotte Bronte. I don't have it in my collection, so will have to borrow it from the Library some time. On the subject of Libraries, you probably haven't seen it on your local News, but a couple of days ago, a car crashed into our Hythe Library knocking down some of the wall. Luckily it was on a Sunday, so it was closed. Otherwise, customers may have been killed. The occupants of the car weren't badly hurt luckily. No details have been given for the reason for the accident, or the driver and passenger, but I presume it was a parking error. Probably the driver pressing the accelerator, instead of the brake. I believe this is more common with automatics, but don't really know.
    I'm reading Villette at the moment, and really enjoying it. It is supposedly based on Charlotte's experiences in France.

    I hope Sunday was warmer for you, and that your sore ankle was ok? How did you and your son get on?

    WtnMel, thanks, I was fine on Saturday, and my arm didn't hurt at all during our run. Have you got a date for your booster yet? I received a text this morning inviting me for mine! Good job I knew that I had already had mine😁

    I would be a bit peeved if the chip was the reason that I am currently unable to download Windows 11. I've only had the laptop for a few weeks. I understand though that it is being rolled out over the next few months.  Backing up all those online files sounds like a very time consuming undertaking. Good idea leaving the computer running al night, but still not completing the job.

    Well done to you and Alan playing golf with sore backs. Congratulations for the birdie!

    Good that you managed a pre breakfast walk on Sunday, which seemed to loosen your tight muscles. That clunk whilst doing lumbar rotation exercises may well have done the trick. I do the same with my right leg swinging it backwards and forwards until the knee clicks. I find that this enables me to keep running without the knee "letting me down."

    JB, I hope your West Sussex fun run league soon gets going again. Well done for your Lancing Beech parkrun. That's another very impressive time. Congratulations on being the fastest in your category.

    That must have been a real pain, the central heating guy double booking. I can understand though, that having used his services previously, and been pleased with the results, you didn't mind waiting until he was free again. I use the same plumber, as he is a club member, and usually comes to my aid very promptly. I guess that your morning out resulted in a hill run.

    I ran a solo 10k on my usual hilly road course on Sunday in 1.04.22. I'm probably running it again tomorrow with Karen. This should produce a quicker time.
    On Monday, I ran 13k in the forest, the first 3.5 k with Mike, who is recovering from a calf pull.

    Yesterday was "a big day out" for me. I caught the bus into Southampton, wearing a mask, most weren't☹. I bought a new phone, as mentioned in my previous post, as well as a few other odds and ends that I couldn't buy locally. I have fixed the syncing problem with Garmin Connect. The "help" didn't help, as it said to ensure that blue tooth was turned on on the watch, and I knew that it was, as it still synced with the old one. Sometime later, a number started spinning round on the watch, and "said" click to sync. I did this and it worked. Very strange. 

    This morning I ran 4 miles fartlek on roads in pouring rain.

    WtnMel, I've just seen your post pop up! Sorry to hear that your back is still stiff. Good luck with your walk with the rambling group tomorrow. I don't like the sound of 6 stiles to negotiate.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    I hope to post properly tomorrow, jut popping in now to say "hi" and explain I've been rather busy since the run on Sunday - poorly granddaughter, physio appointment, house viewing (what a dump :# ), trying to sort out our new electricity tariff which doesn't seem to be working properly, and switching bank accounts, all of which has put me behind with all my usual jobs. However I'm determined to do as little as possible tomorrow so I should have time to catch up on your posts and respond. (That's the intention anyway :) )
  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    Aquarius, gosh you have been busy since Sunday! I hope your granddaughter is getting better now!  House viewing, switching electricity tariffs and bank accounts, sounds very stressful to me. 
    Lloyd's Bank in the village is scheduled for closure in February, which will only leave HSBC that I am with. It's probably only a matter of time before that closes too. 

    It rained heavily during the night 🌙,  so I decided on a road run this morning. I ran 10k over a hilly course, struggling against a bitterly cold, strong wind on the return leg, especially whilst running parallel to Southampton Water.
    In case anyone was wondering 🤔 why I have been running 🏃‍♂️ solo, the Sarah's have both got coughs, so have had pcr tests which hopefully will be negative. Sara F is hoping to run on Saturday, and Sarah H on Monday. 

    I'm really pleased with my new phone 📱 which as you can see, inserts emoticons as I type. It's a bit of a novelty, and I will probably delete them in future. It also finishes sentences, which is usually inappropriate, so I just type over the wording. 
  • HS, funnily enough we just heard today that our local Lloyds is closing down, Definitely colder today. Sorry to hear about the Sarahs. That's not good news when they have events coming up. Fingers crossed.

    Aquarius, yes, you sound as if you have a lot on your plate just now.

    Mel, sorry to hear about the stiff back. With respect to observations about tradesmen (a rather condescending term perhaps - but I can't think of a better one), I think that the balance of power between them and the customer might have changed over the years. I now live in fear of upsetting them in case they ditch us and we can't find a replacement. Funny old world.

    No running for me since my run up the steep hill earlier in the week. I'm just a bit tired and might have been overdoing it. A rest is called for! (Although actually that means leaping on the rower.)

    I'm considering signing up for a 10k in a few weeks. I last did it in 1989 when the running bug really bit me. I quite like the idea of a run down memory lane.
  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    JB, coincidentally, my financial advisor from my Bank rang yesterday and left a message on my answer phone. I didn't notice until late evening, so I rang back this  afternoon and asked him to ring me back!

    Hopefully the Sarah's are ok, I'm due to run with Sarah F tomorrow and both on Monday. 

    I like your idea of a rest day being a session with the rower. Good luck for the 10k race if you decide to do it.

    Today is a rest day for me and I've been to the pumpkin festival with Karen and the twins. Around about 2 hours walking,  pushing a wheel barrow, with 2 large pumpkins aboard. 

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all (better late than never)

    I’ve had a quick read back over your posts over the last week and I’m sorry to see that both the Sarahs are unwell, I hope both their Covid tests come back negative. 

    HS: A new phone - how exciting. I always find it takes a few days to find your way around new gadgets, it’s funny the way yours keeps inserting emojis - its as if it wants to be included in the conversation. :):smile:
    Glad to hear that the Garmin syncing problem has resolved itself.
    It is a bit worrying when banks close more and more of their branches, but when I think about it I haven’t actually gone into a bank for at least a couple of years, probably even longer. I think the last time was when I tried to pay in a cheque, but instead of paying in over the counter I was shown how to use the bank’s app to scan the cheque and pay it in myself. How times have changed. I see you have been busy running, despite the nasty weather. I hope you will be back running with Sarah F on Saturday and Sarah H on Monday. I laughed at the thought of you pushing a wheelbarrow around with pumpkins in it, two hours of that must be a more than adequate cross training session!

    WtnMel: I’ve just been reading your golf report from last Friday, and despite your back still being a bit dodgy it sounds like your game is improving and resulted in honours even with the scoring system, not to mention the added bonus of finding 5 abandoned balls. I see your back was a bit stiff the following morning, and again on Monday, but that you feel your exercises seem to have loosened something around your hip. It’s possible the noise you heard was caused by tendons moving across the joint, or even by bubbles of gas “popping” in the synovial fluid around your joint. In case you’re wondering I only know this because I once asked the doctor why my knees make cracking noises so frequently. How did your u3a walk go yesterday? Those stiles will have been a good test for your back. (Is there a golf report this week?)

    JB: You picked a good time of the year for getting a new central heating system installed! Sorry to hear your tradesman managed to double book himself, I hope you don’t have too long to wait to get the job done. Well done on last week’s parkrun, especially on beating the VW50 who beat you in the 10k, great result in being the fastest in your age category across all West and East Sussex parkruns.
    What a coincidence you were wearing your tracksuit and trainers when you and Mrs JB treated yourselves to a day out on Monday. I expect you didn’t fool Mrs JB for a moment. I hope you have fully recovered now and your tiredness was only temporary. (“A rest is called for” - who are you kidding? I bet you’ve already signed up and are in training for that 10k)

    Sunday’s 10k was ok, not particularly good and not particularly bad. It was chilly to start with but got out rather warm towards the end. A short steep incline about half way immediately followed by a long hill tired the legs a bit and started my ankle aching, but not enough to cause a problem fortunately. The heat made me feel a bit weary around 4.5 miles, and I slowed a little but then picked it up for the last half mile. Chip time was 1.04.03, a bit slower than I would have liked but I really didn’t have the energy to achieve any better. I went to the physio on Tuesday and told her about my ankle, which was still rather sore. As it wasn’t swollen at all, and I had a good range of movement in it she feels the problem is probably in my shin. I forget the name of the muscle she mentioned, but it runs down the outside of the shin and into the foot. It seems it could well have been injured when I went over on my ankle at XC a couple of weeks ago. I have to self massage the area using my body weight, by positioning my shin on a tennis ball (which is excruciating) and maintaining the pressure at the most tight (i.e. painful) area until I feel it ease off. I’d like to say I’m assiduously doing this, but try it yourself and you’ll see what torture it is. I tried a slow jog on Wednesday to see if my ankle was improving, but It was no better so I cut it short at about 2.5 miles. I haven’t run since but if it feels okay on Sunday I might try again.

    In other news - Granddaughter slowly recovering from her virus, bank switches completed, still problems with the new electricity tariff.

    (Just seen your photo HS - those witches are enough to give children nightmares :D )
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all (is 5pm, when I'm starting to type this, still afternoon? It's not dark yet anyway!),

    A general "Well done" for the training that has gone on lately ..

    HS - the library being hit by a car in Hythe didn't feature in any news stories I've seen .. glad to hear no-one was hurt. No news yet re my jabs (but see below). I wouldn't worry too much if you can't run Win 11 on your new laptop - Win 10 will be supported until 2025 and I doubt there's anything too important in version 11 we'll be missing. I don't have clicky knees like you - mind you, I've not tried running for ten months! I see you were 'out out' in Southampton and got that new phone - and glad to hear you've got the sync'ing problem sorted (or it has resolved itself). I may have mentioned before but although our LLoyds branch closed, the mobile bank does come once a week. Our Natwest branch closed some time ago so nowadays I wait until I am making a trip into Cheltenham - but more often, pay in cheques via the local post office. Having auto-fill (and auto-correct) coming up with inappropriate suggestions is something lots of people suffer from, especially when they fail to correct it! Hope the Sarah's both feel better soon.

    Aquarius - I see you've been busy with poorly grand-daughters, house viewing and sorting out electricity tariffs and switching bank accounts. I won't be installing my bank's app - don't like the idea of linking my phone with my bank account. When I do visit the branch with a cheque to pay in, the assistants try to point me towards the machine to do so. I politely refuse as I've tried several times and it always seems to fail - so I wander to the back of the branch and speak to a real-life person instead. I think the 'clunk' I mentioned was a tendon moving across a joint as there wasn't any 'pop' like I sometimes hear when my ankles click. See below for details of yesterdays' walk and the lack of golf. Glad to hear the 10k went okay. Hope the niggle with your shin muscles (extensor hallucis longus & extensor digitorum longus according to my Anatomy & Physiology manual from my massage course days) clear up - don't envy you with that painful exercise with the tennis ball. Glad to hear the bank switch is done .. hope the same can be said for your electricity tariff before too long.

    JB - a 'rest' equated to using the rower instead .. I'd never have guessed! :) Good luck with that 10k if you decide to do it (although you've probably already signed up for it!).

    In no particular order ..

    Margaret is having her covid booster and flu jabs on Monday. I just checked and didn't have my 2nd jab until 29th Apr which I think is the reason they've not been in contact with me yet.

    I've not tried re-running that backup job of almost 69000 files. But I've also not yet contacted the charity to ask about whether a clean-up project might not be a bad idea.

    No golf this week as Alan was supposed to have been playing on Mon & Wed and I have my 'Player Development Day' tomorrow (5hrs from 10am to 3pm). I collected my clubs as I had a call to let me know they had been mended and new shafts fitted. I'm obviously hoping this player development day (advertised as an MOT for your game) will nip any bad habits in the bud and result in further improvements (watch out Alan!).

    My back has improved, helped no doubt by me doing my stretching/strengthening exercises most days.

    Had a nice (if very s-l-o-w) ramble with the U3A group yesterday morning. My back didn't cause any problems, even with the tall stiles we had to negotiate. Several others struggled with them causing some hilarity with comments about old people having trouble getting their leg over these days. Chatting to one lady, she's put me on to Cheltenham Rambling Club who she walks with regularly and she assures me they walk a bit quicker. And feeling a bit brave, I stopped for lunch at the pub after the walk with 12 others.
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