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  • HS - it's called Great Salterns and it's near the Ocean shopping mall. Not perhaps the most scenic of courses but you can't win 'em all.

     I lived in Stoke for a few months but didn't enter any running events. The main reason was that it was a stressful time for me and I was so thin that I just couldn't  risk losing any more weight by running. I used to have about aa 3 mile walk to work and I once counted that I went past 8 chip shops. (Stoke folk had the worst diet in the UK at the time) I'm surprised I didn't gain a few stone. The Potteries event was a very high class one I think?

    I am hanging on to 2 very part time contracts in my old 'profession'. I am rusty to say the least. Today I had a rare formal meeting (one of 4 a year) and I was a little nervous. But it's like riding a bike: you don't forget. 

    3 mile rapid hilly run for me this evening. Hard work.
  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    JB6, thanks, that must be a new one, as the one I was thinking of, ran along the sea front. I presume it is still in being.

    The Potteries Marathon was one of the biggest, with over 5,000 runners. It was very hilly and I was very pleased with it my 3.15, which is my second quickest. 

    Well done with your meeting, and for your 3 mile rapid hilly run yesterday. 

    I ran 6.4 miles in the forest this morning with 4 running friends, which included 5 x 800 metres on the gravel track, with 90 second recoveries. 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    WtnMel: sorry to hear about your uncle’s funeral. I hope everything went as well as can be expected on these sad occasions. 

    HS: Well done on today’s 6.4 mile run in the forest. Do you do your intervals in the middle of your run, or nearer the beginning?  I see that the Indoor Athletics season starts on Friday with some big names taking part, but so far no television coverage is available in this country, so yet again I’ll be watching it on You tube. 

    JB: I’m impressed that you chose to walk 3 miles to work when living in Stoke, it must have kept you pretty fit. Was your walk over the Downs with the “up” on Monday dog-related by any chance? ;) Well done on running a rapid hilly 3 miles in the evening when it must have been dark and cold, it’s hard enough to motivate yourself to do that during daylight hours. I agree with you about the quality of light at the moment, it’s so dreary and depressing. By contrast the odd burst of sunshine really lifts the spirits. I hate to see the trees looking so bleak and bare just now, there’s not even any sign of snowdrops or crocuses yet. Hurry up Spring - we need cheering up. I expect it felt a bit odd getting back in to work mode for your meeting, but nice to know it need only be an occasional thing. 

    Goal pace repeats for me today, which I did up on the old school track. The grass hill leading up to the track was very muddy, so before starting the goal pace repeats I had to scrape the soles of my shoes on clumps of grass to get the thick layer of mud off. The track was also muddy and waterlogged, which was surprising as we haven’t had any rain for a while. I nearly slipped over a few times and had to keep stopping to try to dislodge the thick layer of mud that had accumulated on my shoes. If I’d realised how muddy it would be I would have worn my trail shoes. Tomorrow’s session is hill repeats which I will do on the Derwent Walk, although muddy in places it won’t be as bad as that track.

    I’ve spoken to three estate agents this morning, trying to get appointments to view properties. Only one has got back to me with an appointment. Despite all three properties only going online yesterday the agents tell me all the available viewing slots are already filled. I was moaning about the state of the housing market when I had my appointment with the physio on Thursday, and she told me of a friend who'd sold their house and wanted to rent while they “did up” the property they’d bought. Rental properties were few and far between, and when they did find one it was a case of “sealed bids” for the rental! Whatever next. :|
  • HS, nice reps (for mine see below- I think yours are tougher).

    Aqua, yes Mondays are dog walking days. Oh those underfoot conditions sound dire. Nightmare trying to move at any time but now it sounds especially grim. It'll be worth it in the end!

    Intervals session: 2 x 500 metres (2 mins rest); 10 x 250 metres (30 seconds rest). Came home and slept flat out for an hour - so they must have been quite hard.

    So today I made a big decision: I've (finally) joined a running club. I've been tempted over the years but always shied away. But what clinched it this time is the UK athletics membership - meaning that potentially I can do local track events. One of the other drivers for the decision was that this is a newish club with quite a high proportion of veteran runners. Plus I like their vest!
  • Good afternoon everyone, but not the spammer who is not welcome👿

    Aquarius, we do our intervals in the middle of our runs, as we have to run to get into the forest.

    Sports coverage on BBC and ITV is abysmal nowadays. Your running track sounds worse than ours. Ours is half and half gravel trail and grass and mud. The mud was firm for yesterdays session, except for one of the bends.

    I hope you are soon able to get a viewing slot for prospective properties.

    JB6, I'm sure that you put as much, if not more effort into your reps, as we do. How do you measure the distances, is it by estimated times?  That's how we usually do it, but now, I'm programming them into my Garmin, which takes away all the guess work.

    Well done for joining a running club, I'm sure that you will reap the benefits.

    This morning I ran 6.77 miles in the forest, which included 5 x 200 metres with 60 seconds walk recoveries.

    The running socks that I ordered from Wiggle arrived yesterday, and the new Asics 1000 V10 arrived this afternoon. I'm not sure whether or not to wear the new trainers for Saturdays interval session.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    JB that's quite some interval session! Phew, I'm not surprised you slept for an hour when you got home.
    Great to hear you've finally taken the plunge and become a club member! It's a bit weird because I was just thinking this morning that I was sure you would benefit from joining a club. Not only for the social side of things but you'll find the structured training sessions will make you even speedier than you are now. Another benefit (as you've mentioned yourself) is you will be eligible to enter various races that are only open to club members. Not to mention slightly cheaper entry to some races. Win win :)

    This morning was a rather rushed hill repeat session (6 x 400m uphill, returning slightly slower on the downhill with 1 min recovery at the bottom.) I cut short the cool down because Steve had a dental appointment at the coast, and I'd said I'd go with him so we could drive past the house we are viewing on Sunday to make sure we knew where it was. I think it's going to be a non-starter because it doesn't look very big from the outside, but it's worth looking at anyway.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Our posts crossed again HS :D
    It's nice to get new running gear. I haven't worn my new shoes yet, I keep meaning to but when I think of all the mud i've had to clean off my current ones lately I'm tempted to hang on a bit longer. The parkrun I'm going to do on Saturday is in the woods and the advice is to wear trail shoes. Perhaps the conditions will be better underfoot next week and I can try out my new ones then.
    Well done on today's interval session, I can't remember whether you said you were training with some friends on Saturday or doing a parkrun?
    (I've flagged that spammer, just need WtnMel to do his thing now).
  • I'm here too :)

    (and the spammer has gone now)
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    JB6 - the funeral went well (see below). Sounds like we have a similar 'upper limit' when planning drives. Hope your new running club works out okay. If I ever get back to running more than a parkrun, the only club I might consider joining (to get the UKA subsidy), will be the Fetcheveryone running club. Well done re your tough-sounding intervals.

    HS - you mentioned sports to Aquarius. Don't know if it's your 'thing' but there'll be lots of Winter Olympics coverage from the end of next week. Glad to hear you think you've sussed out how to set up your Garmin. When I used to travel to Tring each year for the Ridgeway Run, the Beefeater didn't have a "runner's breakfast" but I always used to have porridge and toast. Well done re the 6.4ml run in the forest and the later 6.7ml run.

    Aquarius - as per my note to JB6, see below re the funeral. Re the dreary weather, we've had sun today for the first time in ages .. hope you had the same. No snowdrops or crocuses around here either. Well done re the goal pace repeats and the hill repeats. Sorry to hear about the less than satisfactory visits to estate agents but hope the houses you view aren't a disappointment.

    I see we've had a spammer - rwspamkiller 1 & 2 will be along shortly .. 

    The funeral went well (as well as these things can). It was at the Catholic Church so I didn't know what was going on at some points (very different from C of E services I remember). What was faintly amusing (gallows humour) was the priest having a coughing fit from the incense smoke. The wake afterwards was good - it was great to catch up with the extended family, despite the circumstances. The journey home was best forgotten - long delays getting through Aylesbury (I should have used an alternative route through Wendover HS!). After dropping my son off in Wootton Bassett I drove home and got caught up in traffic again (should have chosen an alternative route again!). Then to add insult to injury, having driven an alternative route through Cheltenham to avoid some traffic lights and roadworks I knew about, I got caught up in some road closures for emergency repairs and had to follow a (very-badly signed) diversion. I eventually recognised where I was!

    Golf with Alan tomorrow - shouldn't be as cold so won't be needing 4 layers like last week. Unfortunately, I won't need that brightly-coloured bobble hat. What a shame ;)

    Btw - my car is a silver colour again. It had been getting a rather muddy, brown colour but I've been out and washed it. I hardly recognise it now :)
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, that was a tough hill session! A good idea to drive past a property that you might be interested in. When I was living in Liverpool, I purchased a maisonette  before it was even built. I'd seen an advert, and was keen to get out of the bed- sit that I was renting. It was a good purchase, and I lived in it for many years, until I decided to move back south again.

    I won't wear my new trainers for tomorrows interval session with Sarah F and Mike, but will probably wear them on Sunday for a solo road run. I think that you would be wise to wear trail shoes for tomorrows parkrun. I was glad that I wore mine for yesterdays forest run, as the first long hill, just into the Inclosure, was deep mud, ankle deep in places. Thankfully my trail shoes are quite water proof, so my feet didn't get wet. I think it is because when I remember, I clean the uppers with Kiwi Sneaker Protector.

    WtmMel, thanks for once again ridding us from yet another pesky scammer! I remember years ago, before RW was taken over, we had Moderators who would remove any dodgy posts, and there was also a contact in RW Towers who we could post complaints, ideas, suggestions etc. I think it is operated by robots now.

    Good news that the funeral went as well as could be expected. I had to chuckle at the thought of the Priest getting high on the incense smoke😀 Wendover is not far from Aylesbury. I hate diversions because as you said, they are often very badly signed.  Have you ever driven through Waddesdon, just outside of Aylesbury. Waddesdon Manor is well worth a visit.

    Hope the golf with Alan goes well today. It's much milder here, and sunny, typical  on a rest day.

    Well done for washing your car. My neighbour opposite is rather obsessed with his car. He's always cleaning it, but I've never seen him checking the tyre pressures, or under the bonnet. He doesn't buy them, but rents them for 2 years and then gets another new one.
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    HS, I measure my reps on the Garmin. The 250 metres one is from the shelter to the play-ground. Ah, the joys of training on the prom. Your talk of buying the maisonette in L'pool without seeing it reminded me of my first purchase there. We were talked into buying a ground floor flat in a part of the city that no local with any sense would have considered. We were the 'one that's born every minute' and we had the devil of a job selling it when the time came (this was after breaks-ins, a car hitting the side of our flat, and living under siege for 4 years!).

    Aqua, thanks for the encouragement re joining the club. You mention Steve's dental appointment and I too have (finally) got round to making one. Bit worried about what they'll find! Then while I was setting this up on the phone a letter plopped on the doormat inviting me to a gastric endoscopy. I get all the fun! 
    Good luck for your parkrun. Category win predicted!

    Mel, pleased to hear that all went well (and I'll add my thanks for zapping the gremlin). Good to meet up with the extended family. How did the golf go?

    Local parkrun for me tomorrow. There's been no wind all week but - curses! - by the time of the PR I think it could well be brewing up. Oh well, it's the same for everyone. And I can always find a big (or bigger) guy to run behind into the wind, and then after turn a westerly will blow me along to the finish.

    (No running Thurs or Friday - just seeing if the extra rest will mean that I'm fresher for Saturday.)

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    WtnMel: I don’t think I’ve ever been to a catholic funeral service either. I wonder if coughing due to the incense is an occupational hazard for priests? Your journey home sounds a nightmare, not what you need after attending a family funeral. I hope your golf match yesterday cheered you up, looking forward to your report.
    HS: We bought our present house “off plan” but did at least know what it would be like when built as our son had the same house type. Good job you wore your trail shoes for your run on Friday as it was so muddy underfoot. I usually just wash my trial shoes after runs, but I have wondered if I should be treating them with something to keep them supple and waterproof. I might follow your example and get some Kiwi sneaker protector. How did today's interval session go?
    JB: That sounds like a pretty grim time you had in Liverpool, particularly being under siege for 4 years. Good luck with the dentist and gastric endoscopy appointments. I hope your parkrun today went well and the weather didn’t affect it.

    Speaking of weather…the wind here is quite frightening at the moment. The parkrun I’d hoped to do has been cancelled but surprisingly our local one (about a mile from us) said they were going ahead. I can’t understand that, the wind is so bad that when Steve tried to get the patio door open (to retrieve the garden furniture and tie the bins to the fence) he almost gave up, the wind was so strong against the door it took all his strength to open it. When he did manage to get out he struggled to make any headway into the wind but eventually managed to stack the furniture up in the corner of the garden and weight it down with bags of gravel, at one point the wind blew him against the fence. Fortunately no harm done as he was close to it to start with. He had to hold on to the door handle at one point to stop himself getting blown backwards. i can’t imagine anyone being able to run in this wind, there’s a lot of debris blowing around (leaves twigs rubbish etc) and we’ve ended up with someone’s solar light in our garden. I hope the weather is better for you all where you are.
  • Aqua, that wind sounds awful and far too dangerous to run in. It would be almost worse if t was behind you and it would be impossible to keep control.
    It's just a bit breezy here and almost Spring-like as the sun breaks through. A good Parkrun for me - 20.59, a category win, and a decent WAVA which was the 4th best in the field.
    2 things of note:

    1. I beat a runner who is now in my category and who I've been chasing for a number of years. He's coming back for injury so I thought this was my best chance. We had a nice chat afterwards. He is a class act and I think way back in the day was a Scottish international.

    2. On the start line there were 2 very young girls who were standing on the start line.. I remarked to my son (who beat me by 1 second) that they should have been further back - I feared they might get trampled on by the faster runners and they looked very vulnerable. Well, they came about 6th and 7th in a field of 400 - so what do I know? To rub it in they easily beat my age grade and registered mid 80%s!  They were only 14 (twins) and very young looking 14 at that. How good could they be when they peak!!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    JB Glad to hear the weather is better down your way. (I'm still hopeful of getting out later in the day if conditions improve). Well done for beating that (ex-Scottish international?) runner. You obviously had a good run today, great time and WAVA again, plus an age category win. Those twins were obviously speedy too, I wonder if they are regular parkrunners? No doubt they are members of a local club. Coincidentally, when I was watching the XC on Youtube last week one of the younger runner's age groups had twin girls running, and they ended up on the podium despite being somewhat smaller than some of their fellow runners. Perhaps sibling rivalry spur twins on? 
    The wind hasn't let up here yet, the Facebook page for our estate has various posts about fallen trees, also dog walkers getting hit with branches that are swirling around, makes me glad I don't have a dog to walk! 
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    JB6, where were you living in Liverpool, was it in Toxteth? I lived in Old Swan, and once when I returned from holiday, I found the front door boarded up. Thankfully, I had double locked the door, so the burglar was unable to unlock it. The lady in the flat above told me that she saw the man run off, and called the police. They boarded up the door, so I had to ask a neighbour if he had any tools, so that I could remove all the boarding etc. The next day, I arranged for a new solid front door to be fitted, which kept the property safe. I too had problems selling it and it took about 2 years before the Estate Agent found a buyer. I actually made a loss on the sale, but I was just glad to get it off my hands.

    Well done for todays parkrun, and beating your nemesis! Amazing running by the 14 year old twins. I just hope that they don't burn out by the time they get into the seniors category, there are so many that this happens to, boys as well as girls. On the subject of twins, do you remember the Tooby's, Angela and Susan? They were Welsh runners, and dominant  in the eighties. 

    Aquarius, I'm a Catholic, and when I was a youngster, was an altar boy. One of my functions was to "spread" the incense, at certain points of the mass, and it never affected me, or the priest. It must just have been a coincidence at the funeral service.

    It's definitely worth treating the trail shoes, as it does preserve their life. Otherwise, they tend to split on the uppers, whilst there is still plenty of mileage in the soles, with the rubber spikes. 

    Todays interval session with Sarah F and Mike went really well, and it is so much easier with the session installed on my Garmin.  Takes out all the guess work. We did 200 metres x 5 with 60 seconds recoveries, 3 sets. Our fastest 200 was the 5th in the final set.

    That wind sounded really dangerous, and I, for one, wouldn't have run in it. Oddly enough, a few days ago, a branch fell from a tree just in front of me as I was running, and there was no wind whatsoever. It was quite thick, and would probably have killed me if it had dropped onto my head.

    I hope that the wind dropped later on, so that you were able to eventually get out for a run. If you do run, take care and perhaps wear a crash helmet😀

    I intend to try out my new Asics tomorrow with a steady road run. There shouldn't be any problems, as they are the same version as my current ones.
  • Hi all - sorry haven’t posted for a week. Not too much to update you on but a lovely run in Jersey making tracks around St Helier harbour walls (work trip first time on a plane in two years!). Really enjoyed it again… rather missing the lack of a running watch (I just have a non-gps Fitbit), but will see whether the running bug sticks before investing. It was very breezy and there were points of the run where I though “I am running but not going anywhere”!
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    Grr, yet another spammer! Flagged.
    Well done Joolie on your breezy run around St Helier harbour walls. I think it's been "breezy" almost everywhere lately. 
    HS I remember now that you told us once before that you'd been an altar boy when younger. That sounds like a good interval session you did yesterday with Sarah F and Mike. How did your road run go today? Did you wear your new Asics? (Good idea about the crash helmet :D)

    I didn't get out for a run yesterday as the wind didn't die down until about 5pm, and to be honest having had a busy day of housework I really wasn't in the mood to go out then, plus it would be getting dark soon.
    So instead I did a 7 mile gentle run this morning along the Derwent Walk. I had to watch my step as it was littered with fallen branches. There were a lot of trees that had come down but fortunately they'd been moved to the edge of the path wherever possible, but I had to negotiate my way around one or two of the bigger trees that were still blocking the path. By contrast with yesterday there was hardly any wind, and the sun was shining although it was quite chilly. There was a feel of spring in the air, although I know we are due another storm this evening. Fingers crossed there won't be too much damage this time. Steve went over to the coast yesterday and came across diversions a few times, due to fallen trees. He also saw a fallen tree in the street where we used to live, it was next door to our old house and had fallen right across the road with the branches in the garden of the house opposite. I remember that tree being planted about 30 years ago.
  • Aqua, hope that wind has died down, but looking at the forecast for you neck of the wood it looks pretty hairy again.

    HS, we rented on the outskirts of Toxteth (Lark Lane, very trendy at the time) but bought a stone's thrown from Cantril Farm. (They later renamed the whole estate, it had such a bad reputation!). We then moved to the edge of Croxteth Park, where funnily enough there is now a (very fast apparently) Parkrun. One of my pals was Vice Principal of Old Swan college - and later got a knighthood. And yes I do remember the Toobey twins. (Have you ever been back to Liverpool? We left in 1984 when things were just beginning to get better. We did revisit in around 2009 and there had been significant improvements.)

    JB71, that run sounds idyllic! (Never been there, but I'd like to.)

    Today a most unusual run for me. My training partner (another flat track bully like me) has entered a really hard HM in early March: 'The Steyning Stinger'. He (finally) decided to do some proper hill training on the downs this morning and I kept him company for about 8 miles. My god I found it hard work. I know running is a broad church but I often feel a bit of a fraud, habitually running a mere 5k on a flat, smooth surface. I tend to think of 'proper' running as x-country, involving hills and challenging underfoot conditions. Well today I got  a (small) taste of it and realised what a wimp I am. I can't imagine being converted - although the views from the top of the hill on a lovely viewing day (sorry, Aqua) almost made it worthwhile. Only almost, I said!

    I hope our very own Zapmaster General (Mel) can work his magic........

  • Afternoon all,

    It's so annoying these spam posts. Goodness knows why they would think that posters on running webs would be interested in their rubbish.

    That sounded like a lovely run Joolie in Jersey. I hope the running bug does stick with you!

    Aquarius, it was a really good interval session yesterday, and having the workout on my Garmin made it even better. Todays solo road run went well, but I was a bit cautious at first, because the pavements were frosty, and it was -1 degree C. The new Asics were fine, felt really comfortable. I ran 6.45 miles gradually increasing my pace as I felt more confident.

    Good that you were able to get out for a 7 mile run this morning, and I hope that the forecasted storm this evening isn't as bad as yesterdays.

    JB, I was living in Old Swan at the time of the Toxteth riots, and I remember laying in bed, listening on the radio  to the reporting, it was very scary, as I didn't live that far away.

    I left Liverpool in 1985 and have never been back. Every year I think about going back for the Rock and Roll Marathon, but never seem to get round to it. I wouldn't recognise the town centre now, and I imagine the pubs and clubs that I used to frequent are no longer there, or have been "plasticised" 

    I'm glad to hear that you have now had a taste of hill running off road. You never know, if you do it more often, you might get to like it.

    Yes, let's hope that Mel can send the spammer packing!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    JB I hope you try the off road running again, it's quite addictive. I find that although it can be tough it's nice to run somewhere with nature all around you, rather than exhaust fumes.
    HS I imagine that frosty run yesterday was rather chilly, a good idea to take it easy to start with. Glad to hear your new Asics were fine. 
    Rest day today for me, tomorrow night I'll be celebrating my 68th birthday with a 5k at the coast (I know how to live :) ). I hope we'll have seen the last of the wind by then, although I have a feeling I heard something in the forecast about snow? I hope I've got that wrong.
  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    Aquarius, yes, it was very chilly yesterday, but it was surprising how quickly I warmed up. 

    Happy birthday for tomorrow 🍾🎉🥳🎂
    A 5k at the Coast sounds an ideal way to start off the day 😊

    I think there might have been something about snow ❄ in the Star newspaper the other day, but I wouldn't take it too seriously. The Daily Express is another paper that is always predicting Arctic winters and tropical summers and getting it wrong. 

    This morning was a 6.48 miles run with the Monday Group in the forest. We were joined by our Ultra runner again, so another challenging course. 
  • Aqua- happy birthday; good luck with the 5k. Hope the weather relents.

    HS, yes you are spot on abut the Express! Ultra runner seem to be a  different species to the likes of me, But total respect to them.

    Not a great day for me. Went to dentist and I knew something wasn't right. However, the good news was that my teeth were fine. The bad news was that X-rays reveal I've lost a lot of bone and that my teeth might be gone in 10 years! So I'm having some 'deep cleaning', so deep that I've got to have an injection. My fault for skipping the dental hygienist for about 4 years. Worse things happen at sea.

  • Good morning all, 

    JB, not good news re losing your teeth in the future. I've seen the Hygienist twice a year for many years, so hopefully it is being beneficial. 

    Today is a rest day. 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

    HS: My 5k was last night, not in the morning. Like last month's 5k it was rather windy but not quite so cold fortunately. In view of having the wind in my face for the return part I was fairly pleased with my time (average pace 10.05) although I made the mistake of setting off too quickly for the first mile (9.15).
    I wonder if it is a good or a bad thing to have the ultra runner joining your training sessions? Admittedly the course may have been somewhat harder than usual, and so not as enjoyable at the time, but the benefits you'll gain from that session could perhaps outweigh that?

    JB: Oh dear regarding the dentist, I hope the deep cleaning goes well (sounds a bit industrial). On the positive side, your teeth are in good condition so you must be doing something right. (I may be a bit dim but why will deep cleaning help slow bone loss?)

    Rest day today, and a house viewing has just been arranged for tomorrow morning, so I'll have to fit in tomorrow's run in the afternoon.

  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    Aquarius, I hope you had a great day yesterday on your birthday!

    Well done for your 5k in windy conditions. 

    The Ultra runner isn't joining our training sessions, but just the social runs. I don't think it benefits us, or has negative effects either. It's good though to have him along to widen the scope of discussion. We don't talk running all the time, but as you can imagine, our dodgy PM does come in for a lot of stick🤬

    I hope tomorrow's house viewing will prove productive 🤞

    This mornings training session with the Sarah's and Mike was hill reps in the forest. It comprised 5 minutes on each of 3 hills. These hills all start from the top of a mound, which had an anti aircraft gun during the second world War.  It was an interesting session as just before we were about to descend the first hill, about a dozen other runners arrived, and it was obvious that they intended to use it for hill reps. We therefore, decided to leave that hill to last, in the hope that they would have finished. When we were halfway through the second hill, we noticed that they had finished and were running off. We joked that they didn't want to be shown up by us. We didn't think that they were from a running club, but possibly partaking in "A Boot Camp session. "
  • Aqua, on the teeth issue, it's about removing tartar and associated bacteria I think. We bought one of those things that shoots water into your gums and the first time there was quite a lot of blood. Mrs JB said this proves it must be working! I'll keep you posted (Although I think you'd rather I didn't!). Good luck with the house viewing.....this could be 'the one'!

    HS, runners' traffic jam on the mound? Well done for showing them what 'real runners' can do. and I bet they weren't in their 76th year!

    So: my first ever club night yesterday. I was put into the faster of the two groups. I was told that there would be warm ups and drills (two things I never do) and only about 20 minutes of actual running. I was a bit disappointed. But........

    The running was 2 x 10 minute blocks of 400 metres flat out and 200 metres recovery. There was no rest within the 10 minute blocks and only about a minute between the 2 blocks. I was totally knackered by the end! This confirmed something that I've been suspecting. About 95% of my training across the years has been by myself, and I think I push myself quite hard. But running in a group - some of whom were faster than me - showed me that I've been quite easy on myself: I reached a point where I'm sure had I been on my own I'd have given up. The peer pressure made me push harder.

    Tomorrow evening is a hill session and I suspect only the fitter of the younger bucks will be there. Oh well!
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening all - 18 new posts? Didn't think I'd been away that long! ;)

    HS - I'll be due for some new running shoes before too long (although there's not much running going on these days). As before, I'll wear them in gradually. Yes - it's a shame the moderators on RW are no more. Thankfully the two spamkiller accounts of mine only have to pop in from time to time. I've driven through Waddesdon a few times - but never stopped off to look round the manor. I wouldn't rent a car - much prefer buying them and keeping them running as long as possible rather than filling someone else's bank account. I think the priest had a ticklish cough anyway - the incense just didn't do him any favours. Glad to hear your new shoes were fine when you ran in them.

    JB6 - that four-year period of living in the ground-floor flat sounds awful. A gastric endoscopy eh? You lucky devil (not!). Well done re your parkrun result. That hill training with your mate does sound like hard work. On the advice of my dentist (who I see regularly) I use those dental brushes daily and remember him saying seeing a bit of blood isn't necessarily a bad thing. Glad to hear the first session with the running club proved useful - and a bit of an eye-opener.

    Aquarius - like you, I may follow HS's suggestion and get some sneaker protector for my next pair of new trainers. Those windy conditions and Steve battling it sounds awful - but a free solar light? Result! (just kidding!). Well done re your Derwent Walk 7ml run. Happy Birthday for yesterday - hope that house viewing proves worthwhile.

    JB71 - glad to see you back .. was worried we'd scared you off ;) A plane trip! It seems a while back when that was 'normal' doesn't it? 

    Aha - I see we have some more f*****g spammers .. I'll try and deal with them in a bit ..

    Golf last Fri was a case of 'almost'. I had kept pretty level with Alan until the 17th hole when I hit my ball into the water THREE times! :(

    I recorded the cyclo-cross world championships coverage that was on the red button (Ch. 601) and was pleased to see MY bobble hat (UCI branded one) much in evidence in the crowd.
  • Spammer duly zapped (rwspamkiller2 will be along shortly to finish them off)
  • And the spammer has gone :)
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