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    Aqua, that's still a respectable age grade and the 13th best on the day is really good. From that, and your mention of the hill, I deduce it was a tough course. A trail 10k will be a challenge!

    Well, rather hungover I tackled what is for me a long run: 15k. I would think it's my longest run this year. It was horrible. Not because of the terrain (flat) or even the wind (moderate). No, it was just a miserable, boring grind at just under 9 minute miles.
    It reminded me that if for some reason I couldn't compete, and at a decent level, running and I would part company, I have to admit.

    For the first time in many years, I'm getting into Wimbledon. They are magnificent athletes. 
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    Morning everyone,

    Been away this weekend - so thought I'd better pop back and see how you are and catch up.

    Aquarius - we are going to look for accommodation somewhere between Alnmouth and Newcastle but as we don't know the area very well, were just looking for suggestions of which towns might be worth looking at - or alternatively, any places it might be worth avoiding. I somehow doubt any of those 'scary' suggestions for GOLD will come to fruition - for instance, at the moment the suggestion that seems to be popular is tenpin bowling :) (someone said we have to start slowly and build up!). Had a chuckle at you not being able to manage the late nights and over-indulgence while having your sister to stay. I loved that lad's suggestion to the flickering lights of turning them down - very helpful (not). I expect that very energetic warm-up you mentioned used muscles you're not used to, hence the soreness the next day. Hope the pollen count decreases a bit to make life more comfortable for you. I went private with my dentist years ago - couldn't be bothered to wait around for an appointment. Sorry to hear your parkrun was disappointing with you still recovering from covid. Columba (late of these parts) is usually 1st (and only) in her age category at her local parkrun. That was kind of those two blokes to look after you and offer to help - even if you did decline their offer. We've noticed the covid numbers going up around here too.

    JB - ahh, so it's your fault Sainsbury's are rubbish because they employ incompetents! :) Shame the howling gale turned your leisurely bike ride into a challenge. Well done re your parkrun result.

    HS - unfortunately, after a weekend of sitting around and wining/dining (see below) I've put a pound back on :( It definitely sounds like you are getting stronger if that farmer's walk is getting easier and faster. Well done for resisting the temptation (a la JB) to chase after that younger runner. Well done re your parkrun result too.

    Sainsburys - I had a notification there was a message for me. Unlikely to be anything other than an auto-reply "Your message is important to us" one so am ignoring it. Meanwhile Natwest have emailed to say my new credit card has been manufactured and my pin has been posted to me under separate cover. 

    We were in Warwick at the weekend to see our grand-daughters dancing on Saturday evening and again yesterday afternoon. It was the annual show - and weirdly, given it's Summer, it was "The Ice Queen" (including a guest appearance from Father Xmas). I'm no expert on dancing but they both seem to have come on in leaps and bounds - much more elegant and less clunky than when they were a lot younger. We met up with Margaret's sister and husband for a meal on Saturday evening - they were in town because one of their sons lives in Warwick and their grand-daughter was also dancing. Interestingly, with covid numbers going up, we decided to wear masks while sat in the theatre - and we were two of just a handful who chose to do so. I'd rather be safe than sorry ..

    I went out for a pre-breakfast walk this morning and did just over 3mls at around 16mm pace.

    All being well, I'll be joining Evesham Ramblers tomorrow for a more leisurely 6ml walk.
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    Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, Thanks, I was pleased the way the parkrun turned out. 

    Well done for your first in age result. You've got to be in it to win it! A WAVA of 61.43% is very respectable. That must have been a bit disconcerting, those two gentlemen asking you if you were ok, but they obviously meant well. 
    I'm sure that Covid must have contributed to you slowing down, but hopefully, the worst is behind you now.
    Good luck with your 10k trail race in August.

    JB, Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your 15k race, but I suppose you didn't really train for that distance. I always said when I was younger and faster, that when I slowed down and was no longer competitive, I would stop running, as I didn't want to be a jogger. I think I have changed my mind, because although I haven't got to that stage yet, I can't imagine not doing anything. 
    I've been meaning to ask, are you still with your running club? 

    WtnMel, sorry to hear that you have gained a pound in weight. I'm sure that you will soon walk, swim or golf it off again.
    I'm glad to hear that NatWest have acted quickly regarding issuing you with a new credit card.
    It sounds like you had a nice weekend with your granddaughters, and Margaret's sister and husband, I'm still wearing a mask in Tesco, although I'm almost the only one.
    Well done for this mornings brisk walk, and hope you will enjoy tomorrows walk with Evesham Ramblers.

    I jogged a solo recovery road 10k yesterday, and ran 7.25 miles in the forest this morning with the Sarah's.
  • Mel, hope you enjoyed your ramble. It's warming up here. How nice to see your granddaughters dancing.
    By something of a coincidence I'm see one of mine performing on Friday.
    On the Sainsburys saga my b-i-law was a big cheese thereand when my sister and him going shopping there he pounced on errors and complains loudly. He's 80 soon!

    HS, good run. I am still a club member but I dont go to training sessions as they are in the evening and I have plenty of time in the day. I think our superstar VW75 is in Finland at the world masters right now.
    BTW my 15k on Sinday wasn't an event, just a solo run.

    Intervals session today. 5x500 and 4x250 all at sub 4 km pace.
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    Good afternoon everyone, 

    JB, thanks. I'm similar to you in that I prefer training in the mornings,  to the evening club sessions. I have, however, attended two club track sessions, and hope to do another next week. 
    I think that if your 15k run had been a race, the outcome would have been different. 
    Well done for this mornings quality interval session. 

    A running rest day today for me, but did the usual Tuesday Farmers Walk 🚶‍♂️ 
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    Evening all,

    Had an enjoyable ramble today with the Evesham group. It wasn't quite as 'leisurely' as I expected (not like the U3A ones anyway!) but it was fine and not too fast. A reasonably friendly group - some chatted to me because I was a 'newbie' - but some ignored me (ho hum). Total bedlam at the start point - another rambling group were doing a walk from the same picnic area so the car park filled up just after I arrived to get one of the last places. In the event, we had to double-park and someone parked close to me once they'd ensured I was with the same group (as the other group were doing a longer walk and would be arriving back 2 hours later than us!).

    HS - I wish I was still a jogger (or even a runner). I would like to try jogging again on one of my daily walks now I've strengthened my legs - but I'd have to do so in secret because Margaret is worried I'll injure myself again! Which I may of course - but I think the last problem was due to me changing my running style and being too much on my toes. My pin for my new Natwest credit card has arrived in the post today so I'm guessing it will arrive before long.

    JB - had to smile at your BIL pouncing on errors and complaining - but if he was a big cheese there, he'll know what's right and what isn't. Well done re the intervals session. 

    Off to the cinema tomorrow - we're off to see "Good Luck To You, Leo Grande" and are taking one of the ladies from my book group (Ann) who Margaret knows through the u3a short-story group.
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    Popped back but I see no-one else has been here yet. Pleased to report the new Natwest credit card and pin number have arrived. Also, my legs were slightly 'creaky' this morning - was a bit surprised as yesterday's walk wasn't that long or strenuous ..
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    Good morning all, 

    WtnMel, I'm glad that you enjoyed your ramble with Evesham Group. There always seems to be  people that are self important (a bit like Bojo!) and ignore others 😬.

    I do hope that you will try to reintroduce jogging, and possibly even running again, into your regime. I think you are correct in thinking a change of running style was the cause of your problems. I've got a very ungainly running style, but it has worked over the years, so I've never tried to change it. 

    Hope your credit card arrives soon. I'm expecting my father's day present to arrive today or tomorrow. 

    I hope you enjoy your trip to the cinema. 

    I did a hill reps session in the forest this morning with Sarah H. It comprised 6 reps with 20 metres sprints over the top, and recoveries jogging back down. 

    I'm looking forward to PM's Question Time and the fat oaf before put through the mill and spat out 😁

    My parcel has just arrived, an Adidas top!
  • HS, am just watching PMQs. Words fail me! Well done for those hill reps. Is you knee totally OK now? I agree with your advice to Mel on running styles. My wife tells me that mine has changed in the last couple of years. I'm not aware of it though.

    Mel, well done on your ramble and your integration into a new group. Over the years I've tried to make myself more aware that some folk are just natural introverts and that can present as standoffish. I'm sure you'll soon have a fan base in your new group. Enjoy the film!

    A rare outing on the rower today (not that you actually go out anywhere on the thing). Did my standard 8 x 250m repeats. I do these at almost exactly the same pace as I'd run them. A rather odd coincidence!
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    Good morning everyone, 

    WtnMel, glad to hear that you have now received your new credit card and pin.

    JB, at last Boris is resigning, but could still be in office until a new PM is elected which might not be until the Autumn. I'm not happy with that. 
    My knee is more or less ok, but will never be 100%.
    Well done for your interval session on the rower. Very odd that your pace is similar to running pace.

    I'm having a rest day, in the hope that I will run quicker in Saturday's parkrun. 😁
    A lot of activity on the green opposite me. The NF Highway Maintenance Team are tipping lorry loads of top soil over the ground where the hole was from the oak tree which was blown down in the gales a couple of months ago. They are then levelling up all the humps and bumps, and smoothing the soil. They are sowing grass seeds, so it shouldn't be long before there will be no evidence of what had happened before. 
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    Afternoon all,

    HS - I may have been unfair on some of the Evesham Ramblers but there seemed to be more of them ignored me than actually took the trouble to speak. I'll keep an eye out for any other walks in my direction and see if I can get to know some of them a bit better. I'd love to be able to try some brief jogging interludes when out walking - I'll just have to see if the mood takes me or not. The pin they sent me for my new NWB credit card isn't any pattern you'd think of yourself but it seems(!) to be easy to remember so I'll try and stick with it. Well done re the hill reps with Sarah H. Hope that Adidas top fits okay - and is as stylish as you predicted! ;) I saw at breakfast-time Boris was going to resign (guessing he has by now). Worryingly, there are corrupt people like the attorney general Suella Braverman putting themselves forward - god help us if she's seen as the 'right stuff'. Or Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak or Sajid Javid come to that (plus any others you care to mention). Hope that remedial work you mentioned by the NF maintenance team works out okay - as you say, before long, you'll probably never guess what was there before.

    JB - in hindsight, trying to run more on my toes was a big mistake. I shall go back to my old style if I try again - which was not exactly plodding on my heels but was more on the mid-foot. I think you may be right re some of those ramblers not being outgoing enough to approach me and speak (as opposed to how I am - I'll speak to anyone). Well done re the rower session - rowing and running at the same pace sounds about right to me but as you say, quite a coincidence.

    The film yesterday was good - funny in places and quite 'saucy' as it concerns a lady (Emma Thompson) hiring a sex-worker. It was at a local theatre (Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury) and there can't have been more than a dozen of us in there. I presume they make most of their money with the various 'tribute' shows they have on at other times.

    I did a 3ml pre-breakfast walk this morning. I sat around too long at breakfast-time watching the news from No. 10 which meant I was then rushing around ..

    .. because I had an appointment at the opticians. As I suspected, my prescription has changed since my last check at the end of 2018. So a new pair of reading glasses and glasses for when on the computer are on order. It took a while to find the 'right' frames and needless to say, the cost will be more than I had (naively?) hoped.

    All being well, playing golf tomorrow on Cleeve Hill. I tried calling Alan but he's out at the moment - playing golf! ;) 
  • HS, a well deserved rest day for you then. I wish I'd taken one today (see below). Agree that the sooner we the back of Johnson the better. His speech was appalling. No contrition and boasting shamelessly. Also more than a hint of being a victim. Astonishing!

    Mel, ah yes I'd read reviews of that film. Emma Thompson gets her kit off? Even given that, it doesn't sound like my cup of tea. Have a great game of golf and please come back with a win.
    As for the runners and riders in the race to succeed Johnson. There's going to be a lot of hats in the ring.
    I hope they go for a 'one nation' leader rather than a loon like Braverman or god forbid Steve Baker. Bring back Major, May and even Cameron! Didn't like them at the time but they seem pretty sane now.

    6k planned run but my calf played up after 5k. Bad news as it's given me probs in the past . Came home and slapped the ice pack on it. Foam roller later .......
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    JB Sorry to read about your boring 15k on Sunday, I’ve done runs like that before and they do make you question whether you are still getting enjoyment from running. I suppose the problem being we expect every run to be a good one, whether it’s a competitive run or just a recovery run. I think a lot depends on our physical and mental state on the day, as well as the expectations we have for that run. When I’m not enjoying a run I try to distract myself by thinking of other things, that usually gets me through.  Possibly being a little hungover didn’t help? Reading on I see you did a good track session on Tuesday but sadly had problems with your calf on yesterday’s run. I hope the ice pack and rolling has helped.

    WtnMel. Re accommodation, if you want somewhere on the coast a midway point could be Whitley Bay. There is a Premier Inn right on the seafront, good beaches and nice walks along the prom. St Mary’s lighthouse is on a small island that can be reached at low tide via the causeway. Close by is Tynemouth, good restaurants and coffee shops, also Tynemouth Castle. Further up the coast Bamburgh is a nice village with an imposing castle. As regards attractions Alnwick Castle and Gardens is definitely worth a visit. Hadrian’s Wall with its various forts and museums, or Beamish Museum are also great days out. I suppose it depends on what your interests are and how far you want to travel. 
    It sounds as if you and Margaret had a lovely time with family in Warwick. You were wise to wear your facemasks in the theatre, we’re finding that wherever we go at the moment we are often the only ones wearing masks, but like you we’d rather be safe than sorry. I believe we are to get boosters with our flu vaccines in the autumn.
    I wouldn’t be too worried about the unsociable members of Evesham Ramblers, established groups often take a bit of getting in to. Some people take a while to accept a change, while others have no problem with it. I’m sure in time you’ll be wowing them (perhaps your jazzy Fetch bobble hat might help break the ice?)
    (Shh, don’t tell Margaret, but I hope you’ll be able to get back to jogging soon. You must be pretty fit already with all your swimming. walking, golf and strengthening exercises. I don’t want to tempt fate, or be responsible for you injuring yourself, but perhaps a little walk/run experiment might be a good idea?)
    Did you get your golf match arranged today?

    HS Like you I prefer to run in the mornings. I used to attend evening club training sessions when I lived at the coast, but never really looked forward to them, although once we got underway it was surprising where the energy came from. On running styles I remember reading somewhere that it wasn’t a good idea to try to change your running style as you were likely to end up with injuries. The advice was to stick with what your body is used to, as it obviously works for you. Your Adidas top will be a useful Father’s Day present, have you worn it yet? It sounds like a lot of work is going on opposite your house, are the Highway Maintenance team just sowing grass seed or are they also replacing the fallen oak tree with a new sapling? It would be a shame if they don’t replace it.

    Only one run to report, and that was with no GPS at all. :s  I ran to the park and did four laps of the hill, then back home again. Probably about 3.7 miles in total, and not very fast. Haven’t felt like running any more this week but intend to tackle the Chopwell Woods parkrun again tomorrow to see if I manage any better than last week.  Delighted about BJ, but he really ought to go immediately as he’s lost the support of his party. Speaking of parties, I’m glad he isn’t being allowed to hold his wedding party at Chequers. The cheek of the man, he has no shame or humility at all.
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    I don't believe it! I'd actually completed my posts and pressed "Post Comment" and it came up again with "you don't have permission to do that. This has happened several times, so I will have to post using my phone again. I'm sorry, but I won't retype it again. I'll post tomorrow with a report on the parkrun.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    HS how frustrating. I hope you have better luck tomorrow.Good luck for parkrun.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Thanks Aquarius, it's so frustrating, I spent quite a while responding to everyone's points and adding my own, and then pushing the post comment button and it comes up "you're not authorised to do that." I don't know why that sometimes happens. I'm typing this on my phone, so should work. 
  • HS, how frustrating. I use my phone to post these days. My elderly laptop takes about 4 hours to boot up.

    Aqua, hope the parkrunbwent well. Tou are clearly some way off too form right now but at least you are hanging on in there. Johnson's speech was typical of the man confirming just awful he has been.

    My calf responded well to treatment so I decided to proceed, against my better judgement, with a parkrun today. I was under a bit of pressure as my granddaughter came to watch.

    I did OK with 21 01 which beat all the other 60s with a WAVA north of 81%, but the calf started cramping around 3k. Whether I can get away with a 10k tomorrow on the Top Gear race circuit is doubtful. Meanwhile in Finland a VW75 did a sub 23 5k in the world championship. Awesome, and she's Brit.
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    Good afternoon everyone, 

    JB, it is very frustrating spending a lot of time composing responses, only to be "told you are not authorised to do that!" I'm typing this on my phone. 
    Well done for another amazing parkrun time, especially with a suspect calf. Be careful tomorrow with the 10k, in case the calf tears, leaving you unable to run for a while. 
    What an amazing time by the WV75 in the World Championships. 

    On the other side of the coin, todays parkrun was my slowest ever, by a great margin. I was feeling dry in the throat and mouth before the start, so wasn't surprised by my poor performance. My breathing was laboured, and I had to resort to Jeff Gallowaying, now and again 😑 

    Changing the subject, phew 😅 there was a loud bang yesterday that shook the bungalow slightly. I didn't know what it was, and on the way to the parkrun, Sarah F asked me if I had heard it. When we got back, I looked out of my kitchen window to see that the second oak tree 🌳 which had been stripped of its branches a few weeks ago "had gone!" I hadn't heard anything before, or after the bang, so I don't know how they cut it down and transported it away without my hearing anything.  My neighbour opposite obviously hadn't heard anything either, as when he brought his car out of his garage, he looked to where the tree had been in astonishment. They only finished levelling off the ground where the first oak tree 🌳 had been a couple of days ago, so now they will have to dig up the stumps and roots of the second one, and levelling up again. It's all happening at the top of my Drive. 
  • HS thanks for your wise counsel. As the 10k is 2 laps of a race track, it's as if I'll be stuck in the middle of nowhere if I drop out. I think I'll turn up and take it from there.

    Sorry to hear of you parkrun problem today  Just a bad day at the office we hope and a one-off.
    As for the tree, it's always a bit sad when a tree goes.

    Rumour on Twitter that Johnson might be nominated as the next Tory leader! Surely a joke. Surely??

    Just seen that a local athlete has wo n a bronze in Finland (400 metres).
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    Afternoon all,

    JB - there was an interesting article in today's Guardian about Johnson's lack of contrition and how shameless he is - and that there's probably enough idiots out there willing to pay money to listen to him speak or to pay him to write columns, that he's unlikely to be poor or have nothing to do. The reporter also said to watch carefully as he tries to portray himself as the victim and how if they'd just backed him, he could have carried on with his levelling up agenda etc. So apparently, in Boris World, it's everyone else's fault he's been ousted. Yes, Emma Thompson does get her kit off in the film as it's about her hiring a sex worker - but there's a fair sprinkling of home truths, social commentary and comedy in the film too. Sorry to hear your calf is playing up again. I'm surprised you were able to run with your dodgy calf.

    Aquarius - thank you for your suggestion of Whitley Bay for our accommodation in September and the local amenities .. I shall investigate further. We didn't feel safe at the theatre without our facemasks .. no-one else seemed bothered though. I think you are correct that us 'oldies' will be getting our covid boosters and flu jabs in the Autumn. I will walk with Evesham again when they are doing a route close by to where I am - but it's a bit warm yet for my UCI bobble hat! As I mentioned to HS, if the time feels right, I'll probably just break into a slow trot one morning when out walking and see how it goes. But I'll be listening to my body and will stop if it feels at all uncomfortable. Sorry to hear you couldn't get a gps signal on your run.

    HS - I do wonder if your session is timing out as you are preparing your post. I presume this is on your laptop? In that case, there are two ideas which will help keep your blood pressure normal. Firstly, if you are writing a post in the 'leave a comment' box at the bottom of the page, get into the habit of using 'ctrl-a' (to select and highlight all the text you've written) and 'ctrl-c' (to copy the highlighted text). Then if your session times out, you'll have the text as it was the last time you highlighted and copied it. The other solution is to start up a Notepad window - you can prepare your post in that without worrying about what's happening with your RW session - it will be wise to save this text occasionally as well. Once you've finished writing your post in Notepad, you can use 'ctrl-a' and 'ctrl-c' to highlight and copy the text, then click in the 'leave a comment' box on RW and use 'ctrl-v' to paste your text from your Notepad window and click on 'Post Comment' - hope that helps!! Sorry to hear you weren't 100% at your parkrun and had to do some 'jeffing'. How strange that nobody noticed that second tree being removed.

    Golf yesterday was hard work as the hilly course and warm sunshine weren't an ideal combination. But there was a cooling breeze which kept the edge off the temperature. And although I lost, it was only by two shots - much better than usual, even on flat courses. And the positives outweighed that loss. I won more holes than Alan (7 to his 6 with 5 shared), I beat him on points (32 to his 30). And I was actually leading until the 14th hole by which time I was fading and getting tired and wasn't concentrating as well as before. I managed to get equal again on the next hole and it stayed that way and it was only on the last hole he gained the two shots. And the undoubted highlight of my round was the 145yd 15th where you have to drive over a deep quarry - I landed my ball on the edge of the green and then two-putted to get my par :)

    I've been out doing some tidying in the garden but I had to retreat back indoors as it was too hot. Margaret and I wandered around 'the estate' earlier - she pointed out what needed removing/cutting back and what was weeds and what should stay. I've done most of the front garden but there's a lot to do out back. Meanwhile, Margaret picked the remainder of the gooseberries and blackcurrants but she's scarpered back indoors too.

    No walk this morning after yesterday's golf - and probably no walking tomorrow either as I'll be swimming in the evening. So probably back to the walking on Monday. 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    HS oh dear, this morning's parkrun performance doesn't sound like you at all. I hope you aren't coming down with anything. What a shock you must have got when that second oak tree came down, but I couldn't help smiling at the thought of your neighbour's face when he saw it wasn't there any more. I wonder how long it will take them to come back to remove the roots etc.
    JB Another good parkrun from you today (no surprise there) but in view of your cramping calf it might be wise to give tomorrow's 10k a miss, however tempting. There are loads of amazing Masters athletes, it really annoys me that to see them you have to go on Youtube. They never get the recognition they deserve.

    No parkrun for me, much to my annoyance. Lately I've been really pleased at how often I've slept right through at night, but last night I couldn't get to sleep until around 5 am. I'm not sure why this was, other than the bedroom was very hot and stuffy despite the windows being open. I woke at 7.15 but was far too tired to try to run. So today I'm sulking and very grumpy. 
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    JB, surely they must be joking, who in their right mind would nominate such a loser, who has proven his uselessness during his 2 years in office. Again, it echoes Trump who is expecting to run for Presidency again. I see than Ben Wallace is not putting himself forward, so that he can concentrate all his efforts on Ukraine etc. A shame as I think he would be a good PM. 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    It looks like a few of us managed to post at the same time last night as JB and WtnMel's posts have appeared between mine and HS's. If there was an Olympic discipline for this we'd make a great team. :)
    JB I'm waiting with bated breath to discover whether or not you decided to do that 10k on the Top Gear circuit, and if so how the calf performed. I meant to mention last night that I've recently come across the Facebook page of Alex Rotas photography. It's all photos and write ups of Masters competitions, worth a look if you are on Facebook. Very inspiring.
    WtnMel Like you we've been taking advantage of the nice weather to get on in our garden. Steve has been expanding the borders in the front so we can get some more plants in. Also been removing and replacing other plants in the back garden. Great result at golf on Friday, Alan must be getting worried at this consistent improvement on your part. Enjoy your swimming this evening.
    HS I hope you are feeling fully recovered after yesterday's parkrun, although no doubt I'll be reading that you went for a 10 mile recovery run in the forest this morning :)
    A slow 6 miles for me early this morning before it got too hot. Felt slightly easier I think, but still very slow. I managed to up the pace for the last quarter of a mile so was happy about that. 
    I've tried to finish this post a couple times now, but keep getting interrupted, most recently by grandchildren, so I'll probably find that you've all posted again in the meantime!
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    Good afternoon everyone,

    Thing are getting complicated now with all the crossed posts.

    WtnMel, thanks for the tips re highlighting the text etc. It's very frustrating having to find alternatives to just typing and sending. I don't know whether it is my laptops fault, as I never had any problems with my previous one. 

    I found the Jeffing to be very beneficial yesterday, and I wasn't the only one doing it.
    Yes it is very strange that nobody noticed the second tree being removed. I examined the base this morning, and it had clearly been sawn through. I can't believe that the chain saw was silent, it's a mystery as Toyah would say.
    Sorry to hear that you lost your golf match, but to someone that doesn't understand the game, it seems to me that technically you were the winner.

    It is definitely too hot to spend much time in the garden. I hope you enjoy your swim this evening.

    Aquarius, thanks, no I'm not coming down with anything, I think the problem was caused by me starting off much to quickly, and combined with the temperature, got the better of me.

    It will probably be quite some time before they return to dig up the roots of the oak tree.

    Sorry to hear that you were unable to do the parkrun yesterday, as you were too tired after a bad nights sleep. Oddly enough, I had the best nights sleep last night for ages, and only had to get up once during the night! 

    Thanks, I am fully recovered from yesterdays parkrun, but didn't run 10 miles in the forest this morning. It was far too hot, and I just jogged round the road 10k course. The heat didn't really bother me, probably because I was running so slowly. Well done for your 6 miles this morning. You were wise to run it slowly, like I did mine. 

    I'm watching the men's tennis final, but  not that interested really in tennis. Tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter than today, so I don't suppose that the Monday Group will want to run too far.

    I'm interested in all the Tory hopefuls lining up to get a shot at becoming the new PM. In the meantime, the old reprobate is hanging on, making life as difficult as he can for them. I think this is shown by his selection of Cabinet Ministers made in a desperate hurry.
  • Mel, well done for the golf. A nice bit of analysis. Johnson could get £100000 (yes that is right  number of 0s!) per speech! Very hot for gardening but sounds like you've got some good berries.

    Aqua, nothing like a bad night for a dose of grumpiness, which I'm sure is uncharacteristic. Well done for getting out this morning and upping your pace for a killet sprint! Grandchildren can be hard work of that there's no doubt.

    So to today's 10k. The calf felt OK and I strapped it up. Like an idiot I forgot my Garmin. Not a great start.
    We got a bit lost on the journey but arrived in good time. As there were 3 events on a huge circuit I expected a bit of atmosphere. But there was none. The event seemed understaffed and very casual. Signage was poor, there was no PA and on the hottest day of the year with no shade and no breeze we hung around for 15 mins (nobody explained why) basically cooking.
    Anyway, the calf got through the test and Mrs JB told me I was the first oldie by some margin (no prize though) in 44.47 tbc. It was all just a bit naff and a according to my running partner the course was 170 metres overlong. I think the heat was also a factor in a bit of a disappointing time.
    Not great then and, I'm sounding like a moaning minnie, this is the 5th paid for event in succession that has been flawed in some way, interleaved with park runs which have been flawless and free.

  • PS and my name is not in the results!
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Aquarius - as I mentioned recently, I've found I've grown bored with watching the athletics on tv. So I can't see me looking for any Masters athletes on YouTube. Tbh, and feel free to call me an old fart, I can't be bothered to go looking for anything much online as I much prefer to record things so I can fast-forward past the interminable 'banter' between the action. The TDF coverage being a case in point - I watch the start, skim through most of the race action, stopping when anything unusual is happening, then only watch the last few kms and the post-stage analysis. Sorry to hear you had a bad night's sleep - but I see you've slept better more recently and managed a 6ml run .. and glad to hear it felt a bit easier.

    HS - I'd agree .. I think the story of Johnson being nominated for leader must be a joke. I saw in the weekend paper how his team are already briefing about how rubbish Sunak would be as leader - he obviously doesn't realise how much people hate him and is hurt that he's been ousted so trying to get his revenge. I hope you'll try those cutting/pasting tips I suggested to avoid losing any posts. Without getting technical, I lost the golf on the scores - but because I have a larger handicap, I won as I get more 'free' shots. Re the Tory hopefuls, I see there are 11 now (as I write) - apparently the 1922 committee meets today and will devise a method of whittling them down to a more manageable number of candidates.

    JB - I honestly don't understand why anyone would pay good money to have that w****r make a speech for them - or why anyone attending that event would sit through a 'speech' (aka. a pile of waffling garbage). Glad to hear your calf survived the 10K - but what a shame the whole event was a bit naff - and that you don't feature in the results. I don't imagine many people will join any further events that company organises.

    I woke in time to do a pre-breakfast walk this morning. But having swum 20 lengths last night and with a wander to coffee & char shortly and country dancing this afternoon, I decided to leave the walking until tomorrow.
  • Mel, looks like you are being pretty physically active right now. Re your form for golf, do you think you'd significantly improve if you played twice a week? I used to find with cricket that the more I played the less worse (I won't say better!) I got.
    I look at that list of Tory hopefuls and there's one or two who terrify me.

    Final word on the 10k. After exchanges of emails they amended the results and I'm there! The useless devils have got my time wrong (by 2 minutes) but I still got an age cat win so I don't care.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    edited July 11
    Good afternoon everyone, 

    JB, that 10k sounds a bit of a disaster, organising wise, but good that your calf was ok. I see that originally, your name was left off the results, but after some coming and goings, they have inserted you, albeit with an incorrect finishing time by 2 minutes. Sounds like Fred Carnos Circus 🎪. 

    WtnMel, Johnson is definitely very bitter for having been forced to stand down, and is blaming everyone but himself. I think there will be lots of mud slinging before the final two candidates for the leadership are decided. 

    I will try those tips re vanishing pages, but I'm typing this on my phone as I can't be bothered to set my laptop up.

    Thanks for the explanation re the golf results. 

    A good idea leaving your walk until tomorrow, after yesterdays 20 lengths, country dancing this afternoon, and the ridiculously high temperature 🌞😅

    This morning I ran 8.25 miles in the forest with Sarah F and Jane. The heat was almost unbearable, and we were dripping with sweat 😓 We only saw one other runner, which is hardly surprising. There were lots of dog 🐕 walkers though, trying to avoid the worst of the heat. Sarah H wasn't with us as she had been in London watching Duran Duran. Not my cup of tea, but she said they were amazing. 
  • HS, that 8+ mile run sounded very hard. I think I'd rather have been at a Duran Duran concert and I couldn't stand them!
    The mud slinging at the Tory leadership shenanigans is yet to get fully underway but I'm confident it will. There are one or two nasty pieces of work involved.

    Silly me, I went out at 10.00 and did hill repeats for 40 minutes while Mrs JB went shopping and dropped me off. I was mightily relieved when she reappeared.

    I was planning to run a 10k in Wrexham in a couple of weeks but have scrapped that idea and booked in a race in Leominster on August bank holiday Monday. I'll confess that the Wrexham event was a qualifying event for selection to the England masters team. But having looked at the others competing in my category I realise that I'd have very little chance of getting into the top 3 required for selection.
    There are some very fast VM65s out there, and I'm not one of them!

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