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  • Afternoon all, 

    Aquarius, thanks, yes it took me about a year before I could do more than walk/hobble. The twice a week spinning definitely helped me to maintain a certain level of fitness.

    I'm finding the same as you, that I seem to be training harder than ever without making much progress. You are right that we can't do anything more than we are doing.

    Well done for finishing Tuesdays 5k quicker than last year. 
    Thursdays track session sounded good and is ideal in readiness for Sundays 10k. Best of luck, I'm sure that you will do well 👍 

    WtnMel, thanks, you are correct, the thermal tops and gloves have been seeing the daylight and also the gloves. I haven't resorted to the thermal hats yet, just the trusty cap

    That's a shame that you had to cancel today's golf match, but hopefully it will go ahead next Friday. 

    That was good having a spare bulb for the oven. 

    I haven't played cards for years, but I did play whist, gin rummy, crib and others. My ex, late father in law taught me how to play crib, and wouldn't play any more when I started beating him 😂

    I don't know whether I mentioned that our running club will be introducing a bleep session Tuesday evening, but I'm thinking of doing it. When I worked in ARE at the top of Portsdown Hill, we used to do sessions in the lunch hour, in the car park. I've dug out my hi-vis top which is compulsory for this time of the year. I've also dug out a couple of head torches and managed to get one working again. It took me ages, as I hadn't used it for years.

    Just the usual Friday Farmers Walk this morning. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I've never played whist either wtnmel 😳
    Aquarius I've done the GP for many years but decided last year was my last. As you say we are too old to run full pelt in the dark, it's just too dangerous. Hopefully will see you at Heaton- please say hello if you see me.
    The hotel in Hexham is lovely. We went to Brockbushes Farm Christmas fayre during the day which was busy and overpriced- not my thing at all but killed a couple of hours. We also stopped in Corbridge for breakfast which was much better.
     Looking forward to parkrun tomorrow which should be very muddy. I offered to pace 20 mins but they only start at 21😍
    Hope you get some better weather soon hillstrider.
  • 00, I hope today's parkrun went well and that you were able to pace some runners sub 21 minutes?

    Thanks, weather was perfect for running this morning, bright and sunny, but with a chill in the air .
    My parkrun in Wilverley Inclosure this morning went really well, and I was pleased with my 28.35, an improvement on previous flatter courses, and 1st MV75-80.
  • Unusually, a rest day today,  as I'm doing the club's evening session on Tuesday, which is normally a rest day.
    I did a brisk walk to the supermarket and back to buy a paper this morning. 
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    Morning all,
    We had a nice run at Tyne Green parkrun. The core team are really friendly and the ground was soft but not wet. I ran a bit too quick and had to slow down at the end. One guy who passed me on the run in thanked me afterwards as he got a parkrun PB. It's a lovely feeling when that happens and makes it worthwhile. My wife also made some improvement and did a 50/50  walk run, finishing in 40:30. It sounds like you had a great parkrun too hillstrider. That's a course I've not heard of.
    Then for the 10k yesterday on Newcastle Town Moor, it was unexpectedly mild weather with very little breeze and bright sunshine. Perfect conditions for racing. I managed 1st V60 and ran about what I expected. Unfortunately though I did not see Aquarius again 😉. Also my daughter didn't run due to catching a bad cold the preceeding days. It's a real shame as she would probably have made the top 3 ladies. 
    I hope your run went well Aquarius. I love those traditional runs with a good turnout of local clubs and tea and homemade cakes after. We stayed to the bitter end and watched the prize giving. 

    Another fairly busy week ahead, then Manchester at the weekend. More DIY on my daughter's house and the Tatton Half Marathon. Hopefully we'll get our aerial fixed too and the boiler serviced if all goes to plan.
  • 0054 sorry to have missed you again, I arrived with my eldest son just in time to collect our numbers and go over to the start. I did have a quick look around the room but couldn't see you. I always start towards the back of a race (so as not to get in the way of faster runners) so didn't see you at the start either. We had intended to stay for the prize giving, but then realised that we didn't have time (had to drop our son off home by 1pm). Congratulations for your age category win. I'd like to say I also won a prize, but mine was awarded by default. I got second in my age category (there were only two of us in running in that category  :D). Looking through the rest of November and December my runs are mainly XC or GP, although I also have a couple of trail races (Slayley Hall and Chopwell Woods) so I doubt our paths will cross again for a while, unless at parkrun maybe? Sorry to hear your daughter couldn't run, as she's a very talented runner. Good luck with the Tatton HM (and the DIY!)
    HS Excellent parkrun result, particularly as you improved on previous times on flatter courses. I was surprised to read that you are doing an evening session with your club as I thought you didn't normally do those training sessions. Is this a special one, or did you just fancy a change?
  • I meant to mention that my Garmin went haywire on Sunday. It had me running about a mile outside the course at one point, with a total ascent of 8303 metres! No wonder I was tired when I got home.
  • Good afternoon all, 

    00, well done to you and your wife in the Tyne Green parkrun.
    Thanks, it's a tough course, and they reckon that times are around 45 seconds slower than on other courses. I kicked the trend by running over a minute quicker than in the other local parkruns.

    Congratulations for yesterday's 10k and 1st MV60. I'm sorry to hear that your daughter didn't run because of a cold. 
    Good luck with the Tatton half marathon. 

    Aquarius, well done for your 2nd in your age category. You've got to be in it to win it, as the saying goes.
    It's good to see that you have a number of races lined up. Are you still doing pilates and yoga, and how is Steve getting on?

    Strange that your Garmin went haywire on Sunday, meaning that you ran an extra mile. 

    I was very pleased with Saturdays parkrun. It's the first time that we've run at Wilverley since Covid. The last time was my 50th and I think that I posted a picture on here at the time.
    It's my sort of course, off road and with two very testing hills. My hill work in training certainly paid off.

    Yes, Tuesday evening is a special club training session. It's a bleep test session and the first time the club has scheduled it. I think some of them who haven't done them previously will get a shock, as they are tough, if you get to the higher levels. It will be in the car park of the local church. I'm looking forward to it, and seeing how fever levels I manage compared with the past. 
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    Morning everyone,

    HS - last week I also had to wear my gloves for the first time this year. Like you, I've not resorted to my woolly hat just yet though. The card games we play are very easy (it is u3a after all ;) ). I'd imagine some would be confused if we started trying to play crib and rummy. Good luck with the forthcoming bleep sessions. And having read on a bit further, well done re that parkrun result.

    OO54 - sounds like you had a good time in Hexham. The guy who thanked you was obviously happy to have you as his pacer and to get his PB. Well done re the 1st V60 result at the 10k. Good luck with your busy week - hope everything goes to plan.

    Aquarius - a prize is a prize and at least you and the other lady did turn up and race. Sorry to hear about your recent Garmin troubles.

    I'd been thinking I should buy some new running shoes to (eventually) replace the ones I use for my morning walks. With the Black Friday deals on offer, it seemed an apt time. So I've bought some new Saucony Guide shoes - same model as the current ones. Sadly, they are reasonably tasteful - I do enjoy buying very garish ones! :) All being well, they should be arriving sometime today.

    Had an enjoyable walk around Pittville Park with the u3a ladies yesterday. Being all ladies, the conversations can cover topics that are quite unusual (for me). Over coffee, some of us said we were doing country dancing later on yesterday afternoon. One lady was complaining she can't do it because her boobs get painful. The others said she obviously needs a good sports bra to keep everything in its place. And then it turned into a general conversation about how difficult it is to get a good bra that fits properly and how I am lucky I don't have these problems!! :)
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    Wtnmel I've been wearing gloves for weeks 🤫 though I do suffer with cold hand so it's both for running and non running. I also recently purchased some bright yellow Mizuno trainers- the more garish the better 👍

    Hillstrider as your name suggests, yes you really should be good on those hills. I don't think I've ever done a bleep test- what does it tell you?

    Aquarius, your reputation is so fearsome that rivalls in your age category don't even turn up- that's my take on it. If you can boldly go where others fear to tread then you fully deserve the prize. I may make a rare XC appearance at the XC champs at Temple Park South Shields, so I may see you there if it's on your list. There is a call out to help the club get a promotion to the next division, and as its a fairly flat course I'll give it a go. 
    I've got a bad back this week so taking it a bit easy. I think I may have done it bending down fiddling with the aerial wires. Not that that did any good. The professionals are here on Thursday to restore our TV signal. 

    I'll be doing a parkrun in Manchester this week. But as it's the day before my half M, it'll just be a steady tempo. 
  • HS I remember you posting that photo of your 50th parkrun - was it really that long ago?  I didn’t actually run an extra mile on Sunday, Garmin made it look as if I’d run a mile outside the course for the first lap, then jumped back onto the correct course for the second lap, but overall the distance was 10k. It was still playing up on Tuesday when I did hill repeats in the park, no GPS for the first mile and a half, plus the laps were measuring slightly short. The weather was pretty awful so maybe that had something to do with it. Yes, I’m still doing lots of Pilates, and a bit of yoga when I can fit it in. Steve’s doing okay at the moment thanks, still running three times a week and trying to include a bit of hillwork. How did your Tuesday bleep test session go? 

    0054 I hope your back is getting better, bad time to tweak it with a HM in a few days. I’ve signed up for the XC Champs so may finally catch up with you there if you make it. That’s a kind thought about my “rivals” but the truth is if they did turn up they’d beat me quite easily, as there are one or two speedy ladies in that age group (and sadly also in the 70-74 group that I’ll be moving into in February). I’m with you on the question of gloves, my hands really hurt when the temperature starts to drop. I’ve even tried wearing  two pairs but it doesn’t help. Good luck for the HM on Sunday.

    WtnMel Good idea to get some new shoes while the Black Friday sales are on. A couple of weeks ago I bought some new Inov8 shoes, only to be bombarded on Facebook this week with adverts for the same brand offering huge Black Friday reductions. I had to smile at the u3a ladies discussing their underwear issues in front of you, but I suppose it’s a compliment really that they feel comfortable doing so. I hope Margaret sees it that way too ;)

    I’ve have a bit of a cold since last Sunday’s 10k, and getting soaked on Tuesday’s hill repeats didn’t help matters, so I’m not running any more until my trail run on Sunday. If I’m still under the weather I may give it a miss, it’s a very challenging boggy course at the best of times, more like XC than trail, and the forecast for Sunday isn’t great.
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    Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, thanks re the bleep test, see below.

    I hope that your new running shoes have arrived, and that you are pleased with them?

    An interesting conversation with the u3a ladies😉 Most  of my runs are with the ladies, so I hear all sorts of interesting things that I probably shouldn't😅

    00, I'm not really sure what the bleep test tells us, but it does raise the aerobic and anaerobic levels, and of course the heart rate as you run quicker and quicker at the higher levels. I managed to get to level seven which I was very pleased with, as it is many years since I did them regularly.

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad back, and hope that it doesn't affect your parkrun and half marathon. Best of luck with the half marathon.

    Aquarius, I can't believe it either, all those years ago. I've now run about 80, and haven't slowed too much.

    I think that you must have a faulty Garmin because it has seemed to give you nothing but trouble. It must be very frustrating!

    It's good to hear that you are still doing yoga and pilates , and Steve is running 3 times a week.

    The bleep test went ok thanks, see below.

    Sorry to hear that you have a cold, and I think that it would be wise to give the trail run a miss if doesn't get any better.

    Tuesdays bleep test went fairly well really, being that it was the first time that the club had attempted to hold one. Unfortunately, conditions were not ideal. The carpark where the session was held still had many cars, whereas we had thought that it would have been empty. There were many more runners than expected, which meant that we were a bit stuck for space. Clare, who was the Coach in charge, had synced the programme from the local ladies football team, onto her phone. Consequently, the volume wasn't very loud, so it was difficult to hear the bleeps. This caused a bit of confusion at times, meaning that we were a bit at sixes and sevens☹ . All things considered though, the session was a success, and there will be more. It was decided that the car park and "sound system" were unsuitable and alternative facilities would be necessary.

    We did a recovery pace 4.23 miles on roads on Wednesday, and found another car park which we thought would be ideal for the next session, and wouldn't matter if a megaphone was used.
  • Somehow, the system kicked me out from the above, so lucky that I had been saving as I went along. 

    I'm having a rest day today, as we are doing the Southampton parkrun on Saturday, and I am going to try to get close to 28 minutes. I looked at previous results, and there was a man in my age category 75-80 with similar times to mine. I will need to be on top form to beat him, and be first in AG. There are usually 1000 or more runners, so will be interesting. They have pacers, so I will join the28minute pacer and hope for the best.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Just a flying visit from me for the time being I'm afraid - I'm currently in a Premier Inn in Tring (Herts). My Mum was taken into hospital on Wed with abdominal pains and had a small op on Thu. My sister said she was a bit concerned about her and the medical staff were concerned too - so much so, my sister thought I ought to come and see my Mum in case she went downhill. Given my Mum is 96, it's no surprise she's only recovering slowly. Anyway, I drove to Tring yesterday afternoon and went to see my Mum in the evening. I've been back to see her this afternoon and am staying over for a second night. But my sister and I have agreed I should head home to Gloucs tomorrow and she'll keep me up to date about any developments.

    I'll try and catch up properly once I'm back home ..
  • Good evening all, 

    The Southampton parkrun, my first, went well, but I didn't manage the 28 minutes, but was 1st in the MV75-80  out of 5.
    There were 749 runners meaning a lot of congestion at the start and during the first mile. I started too far back and it took me 26 seconds to cross the start line. My first mile was the slowest due weaving in and out of the slower runners, 9.52, and the third was the quickest in 9.07. Total time was 29.09 on Strava and Garmin Connect. The official time was 26 seconds slower, as the timing started with the starting whistle. 
    It rained throughout, and was quite windy, nevertheless, we enjoyed it. 
  • I meant to say that I never saw any of the pacemakers. 
  • WtnMel, our posts crossed!
    I'm sorry to hear that your mum is in hospital and had a small op. Its good that you have been to see her, as at 96, you never know what could happen. 
    I think that your sister was right by suggesting that you should drive home, and she would keep you informed of your mother's progress. 
    I'm hoping that she makes a full recovery!

    This morning was a hilly 7 mile trail run with Andy. It was a very windy run, but the rain held off. I've now run 100k this month. 
  • WtnMel So sorry to hear about your mum. I suppose at her age it’s bound to take her a while to get over the op, I hope you get some reassuring news from your sister soon. x

    HS Pity about the problems with the bleep test, but as it was the first one in that particular car park it’s given the club useful pointers about what changes need to be made, and the car park you found on Wednesday looks like it might be a better place to hold any future ones. How frustrating for you that you missed your target on Saturday by having to weave in and out of slower runners. You were obviously running well, so could easily get a better time if you're able to start further forward next time. 749 is a huge number of runners, so congratulations for winning your age category - you’ll be a marked man the next time you go back! Well done for completing 100k already this month.

    0054 Hope your HM went well?

    I didn’t do my trail run on Sunday because, along with my cold, I’ve now got a bit of an injury. I’ve probably mentioned before that I've had a dodgy hip for 40 odd years. Mostly it’s not a problem, but every now and then it tightens and makes my right leg feel weak, and occasionally there’s some numbness in my leg too. It’s never obvious what sets it off, it could be something as simple as sitting badly or bending down to pick something up. Anyway, for whatever reason it’s back again so I’m not running at the moment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be better by Saturday for the next XC, but from past experience I doubt it. I’ve been for a 2 mile walk at the reservoir today and although there’s some discomfort I managed the walk without difficulty. I might try a short run tomorrow or Wednesday to see how that goes. 
  • Aquarius, thanks, I will definitely start nearer to the front next time. 
    The bleep test went ok, considering the circumstances. 

    I'm sorry to hear about your dodgy hip, and don't recall you mentioning it before. 
    I hope that it will be ok for the XC on Saturday. It's good that you managed to walk 2 miles at the reservoir this morning without difficulty. 
    Take it easy if you do try a short walk tomorrow or Wednesday. 

    I ran 11k on roads this morning with Sarah and Mike. 

    My Asics 1000  v10 have just been delivered. Apparently they "come up" half a size small, so I ordered a pair a half size larger than usual. I thought that my existing two pairs were a bit tight. Fingers crossed now that they won't be too big. 
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    Evening everyone,

    I'm back home - drove back on Sunday - and I'm glad to say my Mum seems to be improving. The medical staff seem less concerned about her and they're talking of taking her off the oxygen. And the physio is supposed to be seeing her tomorrow to start helping her to get up and about.

    HS - well done re the Southampton parkrun result of being first MV75-80 but shame the congestion slowed down your 1st lap. Well done also re the 7ml trail run with Andy and yesterday's 11k road run - very impressive monthly mileage. I won't be using my new Saucony Guide for a bit - they're just there for when the current ones have done enough. But I tried the new ones on and having bought the same size as before (UK 9 - one size up from my UK 8 shoes) - the fit seems to be the same as before. So I don't foresee any issues. The only tightness is just the 'new shoes' tightness I'll have until I've worn them for a few walks.

    Aquarius - sorry to hear about the problem with your hip re-appearing .. hope it resolves itself sooner rather than later.

    Just looking back at the posts I couldn't respond to properly ..

    Aquarius-  it is nice that the u3a ladies seem to be treating me as 'one of the girls' and like HS with his running club ladies, feel comfortable discussing subjects like underwear. It's coffee & chat again on Monday - so me being me, if I get a chance I'll probably say it was bras we discussed last time - so what do we discuss this time ;)

    HS - hope the next bleep test is an improvement as the slight niggles there were organising and running it last time, get ironed out.

    In other news ..

    While I was away at the weekend, I managed to drop my phone in the car park and have cracked the screen quite badly. It's still useable but will need mending or replacing. Margaret is thinking of getting a new (smaller) phone and her current one is the same model as mine (Samsung A12). So depending on the relative costs, I may end up inheriting her current one once I've helped her transfer to another. Or she may not bother and I'll get mine mended. Or I may get myself a new one. We'll see! :)

    With being away, the early-morning walks took a bit of a back seat. I walked to book group yesterday (2ml round trip) and into town today (again, 2ml round trip). But I'm hoping to get out for a fast early-morning walk tomorrow morning.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Wtnmel. Glad to hear your mum is improving that will be a relief. I dropped a brand new Samsung 12 down the toilet a couple of years ago. I had to go and buy another- that will teach me for using my phone on the toilet 😬
    You are going well hillstrider, keep it up.
    Aquarius sorry to hear about your dodgy hip
     Mine is the same, just flares up now and then without notice. Hope you're back soon even if xc is unlikely 🤞
    We had a nice weekend in Manchester. I ran Alexander parkrun on Saturday. A fast flat course and a very strong field. I held back to save myself for the race on Sunday. The weather changed on Sunday and it poured down all day. Tatton Half is a 2 lap course. They also have a 10k which starts 30 mins after the half. This meant that on lap 2 we ran into the back of the 10k field which was near farcical, dodging and weaving on a narrow waterlogged course. Needless to say I didn't enjoy and ran a poor race. Good enough though to qualify in 2nd place for the English masters Half in Manchester next May. 
    Otherwise a nice weekend. This week, we are getting our gas problems sorted at the house, shopping for some Christmas decorations, and hopefully heading to Keswick for a few days to get new blinds fitted at the house. Back for Blyth parkrun on Saturday and a running club social.
    The first of the Xmas socials, so definitely approaching the season...
  • WtnMel Good news about your mum. I hope she continues to make progress. Not such good news about your phone, but then if either of you do need to get a new one this is probably the best time of year as regards special offers. A few years ago, while cleaning the toilet, my iPhone slipped out of my pocket into the toilet (which luckily was now in pristine condition). Amazingly apart from being a bit wet it didn’t suffer any adverse results.  Did you manage to get out this morning for your walk? I’d like to be a fly on the wall at your coffee and chat meeting on Monday, heaven knows what the conversation will turn to this time.

    0054 Your HM at Tatton sounds as if the race organisers didn’t plan very well for the two races coming together like that, and the ensuing chaos. It must have been very frustrating for you having to weave in and out of slower runners in those conditions. It couldn’t have been all bad though as you qualified for 2nd place in the English Masters HM in Manchester next year. Congratulations, although it must have been galling when you know you could have finished with an even better result. So you have a dodgy hip too? I’d guess from a different cause to me (unless you also had a difficult labour? ;) ). I hope you get all your jobs done this week, but far too early to be talking about Christmas……

    A four mile flattish off road run for me yesterday to test my hip. It seemed okay so I had a similar run today but rather more hilly. I had GPS problems with both runs, and just got satellites at the end of yesterday’s run (while stationary under tree cover strangely). Today’s run was all in the open, no tree cover, but I only got satellites about half a mile from the end of the run while cooling down.  I think I’ll have to google it to see what may be going wrong. It just adds to the list of many IT issues we’re experiencing both in and out of the house at the moment. 
    I had a text from our surgery inviting me to attend for my yearly pre-diabetes blood test. It’s only just over 6 months since I was last tested, but I’ve learnt it’s easier to just go along with it rather than try to argue the point with the surgery, so I went this morning before my run. While there I mentioned that no one had got back to me after the doctor stopped my statins a few months ago, despite being told they’d discuss alternatives with me. I was told a pharmacist would ring me tomorrow morning to discuss restarting statins, it seems you need to be at death’s door these days to get to see, or even speak to, a GP.
  • Hi guys, so I am recruiting for my research regarding running and mental health for my master's project and would be extremely grateful if you could spare 5/10 mins to complete my survey and share it with other runners you know.
    Thank you
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening everyone,

    I'm back in Tring and have been to see my Mum again, this time with my son Glenn with me. She was up and about - well, sat in the bedside chair anyway - and looking a bit better.

    OO54 - I managed to drop my work phone down the toilet once and had to go and explain to my team leader what I'd done - he saw the funny side of it. Glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend in Manchester - but the logistics of running the HM and 10k at the same time don't sound very well thought through. Nevertheless, well done for qualifying for the British Masters HM. Xmas socials already!? - it's way too early for that ;)

    Aquarius - don't worry .. I'll let you know all about it if anything interesting gets discussed at Monday's coffee & chat. I don't think I mentioned that we were two down at book group on Monday? Christine is in Australia, Rose had a cold. So we decided to delay our 3rd anniversary until next month's meeting. When we'll dress up in our finery, have cake (with three candles) and I'll take a photo for the local u3a magazine. And with it being December, we've decided to have mulled wine as well. Glad to hear your hip seemed okay okay after your 4ml run. Sorry to hear you are still having gps satellite problems. I'd imagine your problems getting to see your gp and being kept updated are fairly common these days?

    I managed to get out for a fast 3ml walk yesterday morning. Today was u3a yoga and we tried some slightly more tricky poses. We were 'mostly' successful - but there were some one-legged balance poses we couldn't quite manage without lots of wobbling about :)
  • Good afternoon everyone,  sorry I haven't posted for a few days. There's a lot to read through, so I'll just generally comment. 

    WtnMel, good news about your mum.
    I see that you dropped and cracked your phone in a carpark and might buy a replacement. I also note that you once dropped it in the toilet.
    Good that you managed to get out for a brisk 3 mile walk. 

    00, I see that you also once dropped your phone down the toilet. 

    Well done for qualifying 2nd place in the England Masters Half in Manchester next year. 

    Looking like you've been having a busy week. Good luck for the Blyth parkrun and club social. 

    Aquarius, yet another one that dropped their phone down the toilet. Luckily it still worked afterwards. 

    Good that your hip seemed ok during your 4 mile off road run the other day. 
    It's odd that you are still having problems syncing with the satellites. That seems to have been going on for ages. 

    You are right about problems seeing, or even speaking to a Dr these days. The NHS is broken, on its knees. The next General Election will hopefully be in May, which will give us the chance for a change of Government. 

    I haven't run since Wednesday as that freshened up my cold. I shouldn't have run really. I felt awful yesterday, but am a bit better today. I had a dental appointment yesterday afternoon, so I phoned the practice to cancel it. The receptionist said that she was going to phone me, as the practice was closed as they had all gone down with nasty colds and sore throats. She had only gone in to phone all the patients about the closure, and then going home to bed. It's ironic that they stayed open throughout the Covid epidemic.

    I won't be doing tomorrows parkrun, but hope to run on Monday. 
  • Evening all, 

    I ran an easy pace 5k on roads this morning in my new Asics. My breathing seemed ok, so hopefully I'm almost over my cold. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    Sorry I've not posted recently either .. 'life' has been getting in the way :( 

    HS - sorry to hear you weren't feeling 100% a few days ago .. but as you did a parkrun on Sat, sounds like you are on the mend. I guess re your dental practise having to close, in their clinic with everyone in close proximity, the staff must have inadvertently passed it on to each other. I trust the new Asics were comfortable for your run.

    Aquarius - I saw on this morning's forecast there had been some snow fell in Alnwick so I'm guessing you'd have had a light smattering too.

    No snow here - and a lovely blue-sky, sunny day yesterday so Margaret and I went to Croome (NT). There was no wind and it wasn't cold outside, so we were able to sit in the sunshine and eat our lunch (baked potatoes).

    I was going to do a fast walk this morning but had a bad night so didn't bother. I had my hair cut this morning and my hairdresser Athena was 'busting' out of her top again ;) I'd have thought it's a bit cold to be dressing like that this time of year but I'm not complaining :)

    The weather here in Gloucs is dry so it's looking hopeful for golf on Friday, assuming the course dries out enough. I've not played for weeks do I think I had better go to the driving range tomorrow to make sure I can still hit the ball straight.
  • Good evening all, 

    WtnMel, thanks! I didn't run Saturday's parkrun, but did a slow road 5k on Sunday. I ran 6.76 miles on Monday and 4.79 miles this morning with Sarah and Mike. We did 6 hill reps with sprints over the top on a gravel trail. The new Asics were fine during Sundays 5k.

    That sounds nice, yesterday in Croome eating baked potatoes in the open air. 

    I had a haircut yesterday, but it's a male hairdresser, so no distractions🤣

    It sounds like a good idea for you to go to the driving range tomorrow, in readiness for Fridays golf match, weather permitting. 

    My cold is much better now, but I won't run tomorrow or Friday, as I want to be in good condition for Saturday's parkrun. 
  • I've not posted for a week yet again  :| 
    HS Good to hear your cold is much better, and you've been running again this week. I hope your parkrun will still be on this weekend. I imagine a number will be cancelled unless the weather improves dramatically. I was surprised to read your dentist practice had to close due to illness, but there does seem to be a lot of colds around at the moment. 
    WtnMel I well remember you telling us previously about your hairdresser! I bet that made your day. You are correct in thinking we have snow here, but a bit more than a light smattering - it arrived last night and is snowing on and off at the moment. Steve decided it would be dangerous to try a run today and opted for the treadmill instead.  As I've said above I imagine most parkruns around here will be cancelled this weekend. We drove to the supermarket earlier, slip sliding on estate roads, but fortunately once off the estate most other roads were okay, however a heavy frost is forecast for tonight so I doubt we'll be going anywhere tomorrow. Good luck for tomorrow if your golf is still on.

    I did Saturday's XC but it almost wrecked me, my hip really didn't like it, and it took until yesterday for my calves to stop aching. I used to think of this particular course as being one of my favourites, but it's six years since I last did it and I'd obviously wiped all recollection from my mind of how hilly it is. It was also very muddy, which combined with the hills had my legs screaming after only a mile and a half. A very slow run all in all, followed by a return of my cold a couple of days later. So no running this week, but if parkrun should be on this weekend I may have a gentle trot out there, providing my cold improves. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    HS - oops, my mistake about thinking you did parkrun rather than the 5k road run. Glad to hear the Asics shoes were comfortable. Well done re the 5ml run with Sarah and Mike. It was very pleasant being able to sit outside and eat this time of year. A shame you don't have a distracting hairdresser like me ;)

    Aquarius - my hairdresser does often seem to wear low-cut tops to show of her 'assets'. I'm not complaining - but it does make it difficult not to get distracted! ;) I don't blame Steve opting for a treadmill run with the snow laying around. Sorry to hear the XC had an adverse effect on your hip and calves. And your cold returned as well - oh no. Hope for  your sake the aches and pains - and the cold - beat a hasty retreat. There's a series I'm recording called "Villages By The Sea" and we watched one about Seaton Sluice and the Delaval family, which is not too far away from you. I like watching the programmes but I wish the presenter wouldn't treat us like idiots, He pretends he's investigating what there is to see. But we know he's researched it beforehand. So why not just say he's going to show us what there is there that is interesting to see and explains the history of the village.

    No golf today after all - but nothing to do with the state of the courses. Alan sent me a message to say he had a very painful knee and calf - he was fine after golf earlier this week but it started hurting in the evening and kept him awake all night. He's seen the doctor and is on strong painkillers. He's booked us a round this coming Friday but seems pessimistic he'll be better in time. He did say in his message he wondered if his body can't cope with Winter golf. In my reply I joked that at this rate, we'll be playing golf on his Nintendo Wii instead :)

    I began clearing up the leaves outside yesterday - just the ones around the front of the house to begin with. Despite wearing several layers, I still got cold very quickly. But I've not started on the leaves on the back lawn yet. I didn't walk this morning as I needed to take Margaret to the monthly u3a committee meeting. But I've done my stretching and strengthening exercises - inside in the warm.
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