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  • glo2glo2 ✭✭✭
    Thank you hillstrider, had to go to physio this am for treatment on my frozen shoulder, so i need to do my speed work later, like you i live in the south so Doris is arriving lots of gusts, good idea not to run now HS. 
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny and the wind has dropped. Today is a rest day.

    glo2, hope the physio work on your frozen shoulder helped. I've been working more lately on my neck, arms and shoulders, as these are areas which runners tend to neglect.

    I decided to run yesterday, despite the strong winds and ran 4 miles at tempo pace. It was particularly tough round the Marina, with the wind blowing off the Southampton Water.
  • Ran 7 miles in the forest this morning as hard as possible. I was pleased that my final mile, uphill, was my fastest, 8.06 minute miling.
  • Another 3 minutes added, bringing me to 39 minutes (run:walk, 3:1). I didn't go yesterday, because the waether was so awful. But it was just as awful today, so I put up with it. Very wet, very windy.
  • Columba, good that you are still building up your run/walk sessions, and for going out in the wind and rain today. I ran 10 miles in the forest this morning and thankfully it wasn't raining, but there was a very strong, biting wind.
  • Ran 7.5 miles on roads in heavy rain and strong winds this morning with Sarah.
  • I too have been promoted to Level 3. No idea what that means.
    There was a "click here" for further information, so I did, and guess what I found? Page not available.

    Went swimming yesterday, and hope to get to the "spinning" class tonight, but as of this morning the car won't start.
  • Columba I have been promoted about 12 times now and still don't know what it means. It seems like spam to me. Bad news about the car not starting.
    We have 1 mile hilly circuits at club this evening. 
  • I just had another notification to tell mde I've been promoted to Level 3, and this time clicking on the "learn more" button took me to a page with a lot of little badges and things on the left-hand side. It appears that my promotion to Level 3 is as a result of having made 5,000 comments.
    The local garage is getting someone to me some time today.
  • Could be, but why do they keep on notifying us? It's clogging my in box and it's annoying having to keep deleting them. Hope car fix isn't too costly!
  • I've also been promoted to level 3, no idea why.
    The last couple of weeks have been taken up with dogsitting and babysitting, which, on top of our house move, has resulted in a particularly busy and tiring fortnight. Whenever we could find a spare hour or two while dogsitting we'd pop around to our rented house to unpack another box or two, but it's proving to be a long slow job. I can see us still unpacking boxes for weeks to come! Still, tomorrow we have nothing planned so should be able to work through the day at it. It's surprising how tiring it is unpacking and finding places to put things. Going up and down stairs with armfuls of clothes etc is a good aerobic workout however, and lugging heavy boxes around must be good strength training - so I suppose some good is coming from it. I wasn't able to fit in a run until this morning, but it was so icy it was more of a walk/ tentative trot. Disappointed to discover how unfit I felt, I'll have to try to get back to more regular running soon. 

    Hope your car issue has been resolved Columba. Enjoy your club session tonight HS, hope the weather isn't too severe in your neck of the woods.

    Still nothing from Red?
  • Congratulations on your promotion Aquarius, you will probably get at least 3 notifications a day now. I've lost count how many I've had. All the unpacking, lifting etc is good core work. Your running fitness should soon return. It has been raining on and off all day, so I'll probably get soaked this evening.
    No, still nothing from Red and DBIW is hoping to get back with a new computer.
  • Morning all,

    Heavy rain forecast later and today is a rest day.

    A good club session last night, with a bigger than expected turn out. We ran 4 x 1 mile hilly circuits, with walk recoveries between each. total mileage including run out and back was 8.6, so quality mileage as well as the tough session.
  • TE: A good session that should put strength into your legs. It's exactly a mile, and 250ft ascent, from my house onto Castle Hill. I run up there twice a week to do circuits round the summit.  But I'd never dream of running up there four times!
  • MadWelshWomanMadWelshWoman ✭✭✭
    edited March 2017
    Hello all, been struggling to get on here again. Some great running and other exercise going on! I have also been promoted to level 3??
    I have been running but sticking to flat road mostly, don't want to risk injury before VMLM! I have a road HM in a couple of weeks time and then possibly do the local muddy, hilly event called Darth Manion, which includes sea dips and river walks. 
    It is St David's Day here in Wales,  trying to not eat too many Welsh cakes! 
  • RF, sounds like a tough session, don't blame you for not running up the hill four times. I do like hills, hence my user name.

    MWW, the Darth Manion sounds an interesting race. That should help build up your strength and endurance for the London Marathon. I'm running in the ABP Southampton Marathon which is on the same day.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone
    Have to say, I'm getting more and more fed up with this 'new' RW website. Not to put too fine a point on it, I think it's a pile of shite. The adverts are getting more and more annoying, the colour scheme is crap (and there doesn't seem to be any way of changing it) and despite me setting my profile to 'No notifications', I'm still getting emails from RW with pointless information such as my having been promoted to Level 3 (whatever the hell that is supposed to be!). I've now blocked RW in my Outlook so that any further emails from them go straight into the 'Deleted Items' folder. Can you see the steam coming out of my ears from there?

    Thanks to Aquarius's advice I've finally been able to change my avatar picture. And while editing my profile I noticed a couple of things about getting emails from RW and 'carefully selected' partners (ie. anyone who will pay enough money!) had been 'helpfully' pre-ticked to say 'Yes please' - so needless to say, they've been changed now.

    Okay, rant over and feeling a bit better now.

    I've still not been able to get into any sort of running routine lately. I was able to get out again on Monday for a 6ml run and I'm heading of to my club's daytime run shortly. It will probably do me good and I'll catch up properly on my return (and will hopefully back to my usual self!).
  • Morning all,

    WtnMel, I think your views are held by the majority of posters that have remained on the RW's web. I've carefully unticked all the boxes, especially the one allowing others to see my e mail address. I've found my way round quite well, but find the events finder to be very erratic, and events not listed in month order. Regarding the colour scheme, to me it is too clinical, and not very welcoming. I have aired my criticisms on other threads of the forum. I've had about 15 notifications of my promotion to level 3. It doesn't mean a thing, and what's the point of those silly badges. They seem to represent each year that we have been on RW. I've even got one saying "ancient," don't know what to make of that one. Hope you enjoy todays daytime run.

    I'm not going to club this evening, as I have the Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon on Sunday, which is multi terrain, and I want to run it hard. Unfortunately, Vets male prizes only go up to MV60+ which is really unfair, and I know that our Founder JJ protested against this for many years. I will be running later with Steve, who has the Maverick 16 miler on Saturday.
  • Yeah, I've got an 'Ancient runner' badge too but, at coming up 85, I suppose I am compared to most runners on here!  Oh, and I've also been promoted to Level 3.  Never known such a load of codswallop.
    I normally run Tuesday and Thursday midweek but it was such a bad forecast for today I went out yesterday in lieu.  It's pouring down as I type, so a good decision.  
    Did a pleasant 4 mile run through frosty fields and treated to a glorious sunrise from a vantage point on Castle Hill. Not many people about at that hour but I was passed by a young tattooed runner - wearing shorts!  Brrrrr.
  • glo2glo2 ✭✭✭
    Morning everyone, first of all good luck to you hillstrider with your half on Sunday, i hope you achieve the time you would like, i wish i could do 8 minute miles, crikey i think i may struggle with the 10 minute mile! well i completed my 14 mile long run Saturday , decided to run it slower after something i read, but it does not help with the mind, because i didn't see results, and to be honest felt more tired after this so i was running for 2.40 hours. my monday run scheduled did not take place got up at 4.45 so i could go out about 6am and had to deal with a sick relative at 5.30 so i ended up not running all day, as i am an early morning runner i find it difficult any other hour. Tuesday I done an 8 miler tried to up the tempo, yesterday was hill work and that was a struggle, but i did complete it so i suppose thats the main thing, must have been the pancakes Tuesday night. today was on the treadmill doing speed work 7.2 one minute then 11.2 for 2 minutes, still cheating though as i am holding onto the bar, during most of the fast parts, i know i shouldn't but i am worried i may fall off, although i did do spurts of taking my hand off, like the last 30 seconds of the 2 minutes lol. it wasn't so bad today so hopefully i am improving, but isn't it funny by missing Mondays session it seems to have had an effect on the weeks training. My next run is Saturday which is supposed to be 14miles, 2 and a bit weeks to go for my half, excited and anxious i just want to be better than last years one.

    I also bought a pack of VMX powerful pre work out shot, because i have suffered this week felt tired yesterday and my back was agrrevating a little, i bought the pack however have not used it ye, not sure if i should just return them, or try one Saturday? has anyone tried these?

    I hop you all have good runs this week, hope i have not bored the hell out of you all, it just feels good to to text to people who understand.
  • glo2glo2 ✭✭✭
    Wow running fox 85 that is great! well done
  • glo2:  I'm an early morning runner too, usually getting up 40 minutes before sunrise to have a strong coffee and loo stop before setting out to catch the sun as it peeps over the horizon. I'm intrigued to know why you get up at 4.45 if you don't run until 6am?  I know what you mean about finding it difficult to run later.
    TE:  I've protested many times about lack of Vets prizes. I'd probably still be racing if there was an MV80 category. Even if it was only a bottle of wine.  It's not asking much of race organisers but would mean a lot to us old timers and might encourage us to keep racing well into our dotage.
  • glo2glo2 ✭✭✭
    Hi Running fox , to answer your question i need to get up have a nice glass of lemon juice, then a cup of tea with my banana, so i need to give this time to settle, then as i have a treadmill indoors i have a walk for 1k then do some pre run stretches and within no time i find myself still rushing to get out the door for 6! like you i love to see what only a small proportion of the world sees and that dawn breaking it is so special, everyone should see this, it is beautiful, i also like the fact that i am all done when everybody is just thinking about getting up, i feel like i have had one over them lol. This week i reckon i can get out at 5.45, the first part of my run is quite well lit so it should be ok, every week it is great having the sunrise a little earlier, although i will probably have to get up at 4.30am, which means i can have a late night Saturday as rest day for me is Sunday, having said this as ever i will fall asleep on the couch and end up going to bed because i am too tired to stay up.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone,

    You'll be pleased to hear this morning's run has had a calming influence on yours truly. Back online now and catching up on posts since my last 'proper' visit ..

    RF - I see you've managed to find us in our new (rubbish) home. Don't know if anyone answered your question - click on the star opposite the thread title to bookmark it.

    Aquarius - as mentioned previously, thanks for the info re updating my avatar picture. Although it was 2015 when we moved, I can still remember the endless boxes needing to be unpacked and the work needed to get the house straight.

    HS - don't know if anyone else has mentioned it but Fetcheveryone has the most comprehensive events finder I've come across.

    Glo2 - well done re your (indoor) 13ml run - and good luck with the forthcoming Coventry HM. The last time I got up at 4:45am was when I was working and doing the 'early' shift (checking the systems were up and running) from home. I must confess, now I'm retired, 8am is more like the time I get up.

    Columba - good to see you're managing to keep increasing your run/walk total time. I also had the 'promotion to level 3' email with a link that went nowhere - total waste of time (and hopefully I've now blocked these types of emails).

    MWW - good to see someone else has found their way here :)

    I mentioned to Glo2 about my usual wake-up time of 8am. Not today - I woke at 4am and my head was buzzing. I couldn't get back to sleep so sneaked out of the bedroom at 5:15am and watched some tv programmes I'd recorded.

    Despite my earlier than usual start to the day, I had enough energy to enjoy this morning's run with my clubmates - a 5.5ml fartlek run. We adjourned to the nearby Exmouth Inn afterwards for coffee/hot chocolate and a chinwag.
  • glo2, thanks I will let you know how I got on. It won't be particularly fast due to the terrain etc. Well done for your long runs. They are meant to be run slowly. General rule is approximately 2 minutes slower than race pace. I haven't tried the shots you mentioned, but I don't normally bother with gels or energy drinks.

    RF, it is definitely an incentive to keep training hard for races with 70+ categories. Thankfully,  all the races in the Hampshire Road Race League have a 70+ category, so I will keep going as long as I am still competitive.

    WtnMel, glad that you have calmed down now Lol. Yes I have mentioned the fetch race finder on another thread. I use it all the time and often add races myself. Well done for your fartlek run, and hope you enjoyed your hot drinks. Any hob nobs? I usually get up around 6.30 am but never run until I have had breakfast.

    The sun is shining now and I will be going for an easy pace run later this afternoon.
  • Morning all,

    I've got problems with my laptop, but am able to use my phone. Ran an easy pace 5 miles on roads.
  • Could be otherwise engaged this weekend so went out for a steady 4 miles this morning.  I was testing a new camera but must have got the settings wrong. Everything was out of focus. I'm not very good with electronics!
  • glo2 said:
    Hi Running fox , to answer your question i need to get up have a nice glass of lemon juice, then a cup of tea with my banana, so i need to give this time to settle, then as i have a treadmill indoors i have a walk for 1k then do some pre run stretches .......
    ....and all that before 6am?   That would put me off running for life!  I just have a cup of coffee, go to the loo and get out the door.  My warm-up is walking 100m to the end of the lane, then slowly build up to a running pace.  I stretch, and use the 'Stick', after I've run, then have a glass of Belgian double chocolate milk (from Sainsbury's) to put some protein back and start the regeneration process.  Afterwards, breakfast is normally porridge with sultanas, toast with butter and marmalade, and more coffee.  Then I start wondering what to do for the rest of the day!
  • glo2glo2 ✭✭✭
    Rf you could always put and watch April the Giraffe, waiting for her calf to be born lol
  • I'm taking it easy this afternoon watching the indoor athletics.
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