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  • Morning all,

    It's rather dull at the moment, but is quite mild. I'm intending to do another LSD run in the forest, as it is only 5 weeks to the Southampton Marathon, the same day as the London Marathon.

    JB, well done on another excellent parkrun and first in age category again. I don't recognise the name Brian Long, but if I saw him, might remember him. I might look him up on Power of 10. I'm racing in the Ringwood area on 2nd April in the Ringwood Rabbit Run 10k, which is an off roader and really appeals to me.  

    Aquarius, your run yesterday sounds interesting, but a shame that the data didn't transfer to Garmin connect. I don't know what might have happened, but Garmin Connect does sometimes "go down," usually for maintenance purposes, so that might account for it. It's often the runs/races that you particularly want to record, where you realise you forgot to start the Garmin.

    There are now adverts below the posts, as well as above. Really annoying, but I suppose it is the only way that they can keep the forums going.
  • Aquarius - sounded like a very challenging 5 miles. Can't help with any Garmin related advice as I'm a technophobe I'm afraid.

    HS - l looked up Brian on Power of Ten. Turns out that he's an unattached parkrun specialist - a bit like me (but better!). Given his WAVA is over 80% I would have assumed that he has a club running background. Perhaps he came to the sport late - but he runs to a very high standard.

    6 miles for me today in horrible weather.
  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    Hello all. Haven't been here for ages, as I used to rely on email "notifications" to prompt me to see what everyone else had been up to; but not getting notifications now.

    Still nothing from Redhead or DBI, I see. But it's good to see Exhausted back.

    Creeping up with the mileage, without too much protest from The Knee. I'm doing 3 minutes run, 1 minute walk, increasing time by 2 minutes per run at first, then 3 minutes, then 4, now up to 5. Ran for 57 minutes today.

    I like your photos, TE or maybe I should remember to call you HS. A lovely place, though I've only been there once or twice and not for many a year.
  • Morning all,

    It's another horrible morning and I'm going for a road run with Sarah in a short while. I ran 20 miles in the forest yesterday, in short sleeve t shirt and shorts. I regretted my choice of clothing, as it was really cold, with a very strong wind which seemed to be in my face most of the time.

    JB, I think he must have been a club runner at some time, and has probably decided "to take it easy" and concentrate on shorter distances, so as not to have to do a high weekly mileage.

    Welcome back Columba, I was afraid that you had deserted us. It's strange that you don't get notifications, as you did in the past. I do get them yet never did before, despite ticking the appropriate box. Good that your knee is behaving and that you are gradually increasing your mileage. Glad you liked the photos and will try to take more. I'm quite happy for you to refer to me as TE, as that was my original user name.
  • Hello all, been a manic couple of weeks, not much has chance to pop in here!
    Colombia, good the see you making good progress  :)
    HS , well done on your 20 mile forest run! Definitely not shorts weather today :open_mouth:
     I did the Darth Manion event on Saturday, still can't move! Previous weekend I did a flat HM so need to recove now and focus on VMLM!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    MWW congratulations on your Darth Manion event, sounds like it was tough, did you enjoy it though? It must have been tiring after your HM the previous week ( you're certainly living up to your name  ;))

    HS I can't even imagine doing a 20 mile run. In shorts too! 

    Glad to to see the run/walk strategy is still working for The Knee Columba. It must be very heartening for you after all the problems you've had. Are you still following the Chi Running principles?

    Another hilly 5 miles yesterday, hamstrings and hips complaining by the end. Fortunately had a physio appointment booked for today, apparently my ITB is tight (those hills have a lot to answer for).

    first day of Spring? Not here, blowing a gale and freezing. 
  • glo2glo2 ✭✭✭
    Morning everyone, well the sun is shining in Essex, dreadful weather on my return visit from Nuneaton yesterday.

    Did not do as well as i wanted in Sundays Coventry Half, my time was 2.18.02, I was disappointed and i still am having included extra training days into my schedule, however it was windy and i did not sleep well the evening before, although i do not want to make excuses but it probably did impact a little on my time. The good thing is i never stopped at the hills this years i ran through them although it was not fast at least i got through them. Still never mind i have decided to rest this week and just have a couple of walks and then get back into it as i now know their is more work to be done before the Southend Half about 15 weeks, with a 10 miler in June that should be a good marker of how my pace is hopefully.

    As i do not train with anyone or any club i am always open to advice. i thought perhaps i should continue with my 5 days training but make sure i improve on my race pace on at least one of those days.

    HS that is great mileage, i dream of ever doing that sort of mileage.

    MWW gosh two weekends on the trot well done.

    Well have a great day everyone.
  • Morning all,

    It's bright and sunny and I will be going for a run later this afternoon with Karen. I ran a very easy pace road run yesterday with Sarah, who had run the Eastleigh 10k the day before.

    MWW, well done with your races on successive weekends. You deserve some recovery, so you can then concentrate on your build up to the London Marathon. I'm doing the Southampton Marathon on the same day.

    Aquarius, glad to hear that you are persisting with hilly running. It will pay dividends, believe me, you will be stronger and build up greater endurance and stamina.

    glo2, I see you now have two stars, promotion to level 2? Your half marathon time was really good, and impressive that you ran up all the hills. Pace will always, and should be slower up hills, so that you have the power to increase it over the top. Rest is always important after a race, although I'm afraid I don't always do this. I like to do an easy run to help prevent stiffness in the legs. I recommend that you continue with 5 days a week training, which should include one or two days faster pace runs, and one long slow distance run, which is usually done on a Sunday.

    Enjoy the sunshine everyone. 

  • glo2glo2 ✭✭✭
    Just noticed the 2 stars, yes maybe promotion ha ha.
  • Morning all,

    It's raining hard and forecast to last all day. Today is a rest day, and makes a change from rest days usually being bright and sunny.

    Ran 7.5 miles yesterday at good pace. I seem to have recovered well from Sundays 20 miler.:)  
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Good morning all (said she peeping out from her hiding place),

    Just starting to get some sort of normality back into our lives although I'm afraid doctors and hospitals will remain a feature for a while longer. We've been down so many different avenues to get Mike sorted out but I'm hopeful that we're finally getting somewhere.

    Hope you are all keeping well and active (except for Mr Fox atm) and thank you so much for your concern during my absence. Sorry I haven't posted on here for ages but it's been rather gloomy here.

    I did a short post on my blog yesterday but still not feeling very chatty at the moment

    ps the new site is rather strange isn't it - I seem to have lots of badges!

  • Hi Red, it's so good to hear from you again, we've all been so worried about you and Mike, and it's good to know that he is making progress. Hope you are bearing up and have been able to run now and again.
    DBIW has been trying for ages to get back to the forum without success, even though she has bought a new computer.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone,

    JB6 - I'm not a racing fan at all so the Cheltenham meetings are just a pain in the ar$e with the road closures etc.

    HS - I see you posted another photo - the pony seems to be looking wondering what you are up to. My current mobile is too big to fit in my pocket so I'll have to see about taking my old one with me sometime and taking a photo while I am out and about. Re the RW race-finder ever being an improvement on the magazine race listings - I presume the hat you'll eat will be the navigator's hat? :)

    Glo2 - we have friends who sold their house and bought a motorhome while living in a static caravan. For a few years they've been going to Portugal for the Winter and travelling around the UK in the Summer. But after five years of being nomads they've decided to settle 'oop North and have bought a small house by the coast. Shame about your time at the Coventry HM but the lack of sleep and conditions wouldn't have helped. My best HM time is 2h 35m but that's down to getting cramp and if I ever manage another HM and don't have any problems, I would aim to get round in about 2h 20m.

    Exhausted - glad you have found us and yes, there have been some teething troubles with this new site and there are some irritating 'features' like the prominent ads and the colour scheme. Apparently DBIW has been unable to get logged on - I wish there was some way to contact her as I can't believe it would be that difficult to work out what her problem is.

    Aquarius - I've no idea what speed I run one kilometre. I'm 'old school' and still think in miles ;) At my previous club I used to have the problem of people running too fast and ignoring me and leaving me behind. They describe themselves as a 'friendly' running club but they were anything but (very cliquey). Thankfully my present club are genuinely friendly and look after each other. BTW, you'll be pleased to know I've been studiously squishing bugs and there are none in the vicinity at the moment. I can't make any suggestions on why your run didn't get downloaded properly a few days ago but Garmin Connect has been known to be 'flaky' in the past and not working on occasions.

    Columba - even on the old site I didn't trust the notifications feature and just made a point of checking the website fairly regularly. Glad to hear you are still managing to increase your times on your runs.

    MWW - good to see you here and well done re the Darth Manion event and HM the weekend before.

    Red - good to see you here too and sorry that the cause has been Mike's bad health.

    I ran in my new shoes for the first time on Monday (same make/model as before - different colour). No problems were expected or occurred and I've just worn them again today without any issues. So the old ones have been officially 'retired'.

    We have a 'men vs. ladies' match at my bowls club on Fri evening. It looks like I am playing 'lead' - not sure how I'll get on but let's just say yesterday when I was playing lead a lot of my bowls were too long or too short instead of near the jack :(
  • WnMel, 

    I took those photos with my camera. I don't want to run with my phone in my hand, incase I fall and drop it. I had an arm strap to contain an earlier phone, but my present one wouldn't fit. I don't believe it is recommended anyway to run with a phone strapped to your arm.

    I'm no longer the owner of the Navigator Hat, but if I was, I would have eaten by now. I only use fetch now to search for events.

    Good luck with your bowls match on Friday. Have you ever tried 10 pin bowling, or 9 pin skittles? My dad once won a pig at 9 pin skittles at a garden fete!  :)
  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    Red! How wonderful to have you back! - Sorry to hear you and Mike have been having such a rough time, and hope you are seeing your way through the woods now. I shall look at your blog in a minute.
    Aquarius - yes, I am trying to stick to Chi running principles, though I only have the book to guide me.
    Glo2 - well done on conquering those hills.
    Yesterday I had a massage, - courtesy of Younger Daughter, who gave me a voucher for one at Christmas. It wasn't a sports massage as such, thogh the masseuse did manage to find to find and iron-out a few knots. It was very enjoyable, and I shall be back for more. In the evening I went to the spinning class (bikes, not wool...) and today I did a shorter run but at a rather faster pace (4 mins run to 1 walk, instead of 3:1).
    For the next couple of weeks I shall neither be running nor posting, as I am going away with Elder Daughter and her family, - to the French Alps, where they will be skiing and I will not. I shall be looking after the 2-year-old (the 5-year-old is old enough to ski). There will be non-ski activities I can do. A swimming pool, apparently. Happy running to you all.
  • Morning all,

    Another cold and wet morning, and we have a fartlek session at club this evening.

    Columba, good that you are still making steady progress, and hope you have a lovely time in the French Alps with your family.
  • Afternoon all,

    Last nights fartlek session went well, despite the strong, icy cold wind. Total mileage was 7, and a good mixture of fast and good pace efforts, with shortish easy recoveries.

    Today is a recovery day and I spent an arm and a leg on new trainers, shorts and socks.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    WtnMel - good luck for your bowls match this evening. I tend to stick to the same "tried and tested" running shoes too. Why change them if they do the job?

    HS - I'm intrigued, what did your dad do with the pig? Was it alive, or ready butchered? Did your dad know that was one of the prizes when he entered  (and were there any other unusual prizes)?

    Columba - enjoy your (non-skiing) family holiday. Hopefully there'll be plenty of time between your babysitting duties for you to chill (and swim) and come back refreshed.

    Red - welcome back! We've all been so worried about you both. You sound fairly upbeat though so I hope that means Mike's improving and the medics have a treatment programme in place. Glad you're still running, it's important you look after your own health too. 

    Rest day today, and for once it's sunny although still cold. I managed to get over to my club last night for a track session at 5k pace. We ran  300m, 500m, 700m, 700m, 500m, 300m. Parkrun tomorrow. 
  • Morning all,

    It's bright and sunny and I will be going for my first road run in my new trainers.

    Aquarius, my dad knew that a pig was the prize, but didn't expect to win it. The fete was on the Isle of Wight, and my uncle had a farm there at Shalfleet. I wasn't at the fete, but I presume that my uncle collected the pig. It was alive, but I don't know what he did with it. Well done for your track session and good luck with todays parkrun.
  • Hi I'm wanting to make a thread but I can't find out how? I'm using on my mobile with a verified email too?
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Sunny and warm (well, relatively) this morning. Managed to run slightly faster than last time at the parkrun, only 40 seconds faster but with those hills I was quite pleased with that. Hope everyone else is enjoying good weather today, long may it last! 
    Off to dogsit in a few minutes (just overnight this time). I hope to fit in a longer run tomorrow morning along the waggonway before returning home, then off for a family meal out to celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow evening.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone, whatever you are doing.

    M20177 - sorry, I can't help you, hopefully one of our more IT literate folk might see your post and advise.
  • I've been a bit out of the loop (as they say these days). I had a work visit to Norwich and stupidly left my laptop lead in the hotel. This is not advised. I have been doing some running but no parkrun today as I was working (the curse of the drinking classes). Tomorrow I'll keep my young training partner company while he does his 22 miles final long run before the Brighton marathon. I'll try to stay with him for 10 miles.

    Aquarius - well done for the improvement to your parkrun time - 40 seconds is not to be sneezed at.

    glo2 - the Coventry run sounds a bit of a downer but you live to fight (or run) another day.

    WtnMel - interesting to hear your reflections on running clubs. I was about to take the plunge after 35 years of unattached running and join one of the local clubs. Then I heard on the grapevine that the club had split and there was a breakaway one being set up. Consequently relations were rather strained and I had no wish to walk (yet alone run!) into a war zone.

    Red - may I echo all the other warm wishes to you and your family.

    HS - just as a matter of interest do you have a policy on changing trainers after X miles/time? I am very casual about mine and keep them until they disintegrate.
  • Reluctant to use the word "mature runner", but that's what I am now :smile:
    I have recently only got back into running after a long lay off, terminally ill family member amongst other things.

    I was a good but not keen runner as a young man, I was doing low 70 minute H/M's and just short of 2 hr 50 minutes for the marathon. I shared that same information with the new people I met at my new running club last week as I plodded in after a 5 mile run in a slow time of 48 minutes, straight away I though talking like a "Has been" is going to get me nowhere.

    Of course I have run on and off most of my adult life here and there, at the drop of a hat and after months of a food or booze binge I could still do a sub 40 minute 5 miler, I was able to do that until 5 years ago. That has all now changed, my weight is at least 15 Lb over a good running weight for me and I am now 55.

    I have sadly got a taste of my mortality and an urge to start doing something now to make sure those years in my 60's and 70's and older are productive. It is no longer going to be that easy for me, some of the people that were coming in front of me at the club last week was a little eye opener.

    I am hoping if I at last put the work in and take a stone off weight I can get back to doing sub 40 minute 5 miles and sub 23 minute 5 Km, and most importantly start feeling a little better about myself after a tough and upsetting past five years.
  • Morning all,

    Off for another long forest run later this morning. It's bright and sunny, but still a bit chilly.

    Aquarius, well done for your 40 second parkrun improvement, that's quite a big chunk. Hope you have a lovely Mothers Day.

    JB, good luck with your 10 miler, and don't let the youngster drag you along too quickly. Hope the running club problem is soon sorted out, so that you can decide which one to join. On the subject of shoe life, I usually change them after 500 miles. This does seem to be the norm.

    grumpygit, welcome to the forum! Your race times in your younger days are certainly very impressive, and I'm sure once back into regular training, your times will rapidly improve. You are a youngster compared with some of us on here. I'm 71 and ran in the Ryde IoW 10 mile road race, which is very hilly, in February in 1.20.16, average pace 8.05 minute miling. With your racing background, I'm sure you will soon be posting good for age times.
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny and will be off for a road run with Sarah in a while.

    Ran another 20 miler in the forest yesterday and was 10 minutes quicker than the week before. Alice ran the first 3 miles with me and then turned back. She had run 18 miles the day before, with a parkrun in the middle. I maintained a very good pace until the last 3 miles when I started to slowdown. My time was 3.14.37, an average pace of 9.44 minute miling. I'm very pleased with this is my route was even hillier than before, with a total elevation of 677 feet.
  • grumpygit: you've come to the right place! You sounds as though you've been through the mill - but have come out the other side. As for the running, you'll be surprised what you can do, especially given your pedigree. One of the compensations of being an old git (grumpy or not) is the WAVA age-gradings. I think you'll soon start your march up the league.

    HS - thanks for the feedback. I did the 10 miler as planned and managed to slow him to my pace - around 9 minute miles for this distance. I can't say as I enjoyed the last few miles............and nothing to compare with your own achievements on Sunday. A rest day for me today.
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny and going for a run later. Ran a recovery pace 6.3 mile road run with Sarah yesterday.
  • Lovely, lovely weather here. I did a 20 minute hill reps session on the Downs (a very gentle slope) and actually felt the sun. Oh to be in England now that Spring is here. (Rain on the way, apparently!)
  • Morning all,

    It's been raining but seems to have stopped for the time being. Today is a rest day. Ran a steady 6.25 miles in the forest yesterday afternoon with Steve.

    jb, sounds nice your hill reps on the Downs, especially in the sunshine.
  • HS - murky sort of day here too. But will go down to the prom and do some 'sharp' 1kms.

    Parkrun on Saturday and I'd like to shave a few seconds off my 2017 PB and get below 21:30 with a view to ducking under 21.00 in a few weeks time. Easiest thing in the world to write down targets but a bit harder to deliver them. (Mrs May please note on this historic day.)
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