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  • Very sensible to give that double marathon a miss Red, and glad to hear your PF seems to be improving. I’m quite flat footed so I find a golf ball suits me better for rolling, the tennis ball seems to give me too much of a stretch. (Thanks for the good luck message.)

    Columba that's great that your knee is behaving itself and you are able to get back to parkrun. Well done for being first in your age category, it always gives me a lift when something like that happens. Like you I’m sometimes the only one competing in my age category, so it’s a lovely surprise on those occasions when you check the results and you find not only were you first but there were others in your age category too. Recently I’ve started checking the age grading column as that can be more satisfying. I always feel very smug when I see I’ve a much higher percentage than many younger runners have managed to achieve, even though they finished ahead of me.  

    It’s bright and sunny here at the moment, but very cold.The forecast for tonight’s 5k at the coast is similar, so I’ll need one or two layers to keep warm I think.
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    Interested to see references to PF. I've avoided this one for many years but I think I've got a touch f it. And how did it happen? I had a touch of man-flu before Xmas and therefore couldn't run. So I thought I'd do some fast walking. The next day I couldn't stand on my foot and had to stick it into a bucket of ice water every day for a week. It's never been quite the same since. A golf-ball for me!
    3 miserable miles for me today; mojo temporarily misplaced.
  • Good afternoon everybody,

    Aquarius, that was a good pace for a cross country race in very cold conditions. It would probably take me at least a mile, just to warm up.
    I had a nice rest day yesterday and the car passed its MoT. The garage also serviced the car, so they could hardly fail it after that :relieved:
    It's always very satisfying comparing the WAVAS with younger younger runners who have achieved a faster finishing time. Good luck with your 5K.

    Columba, good that you are still running, swimming and spinning. A good idea, wearing a knee brace whilst running.
    Well done in your parkrun, 22 runners behind you, and first in your age category, very impressive.
    I think it was Mr Foxx who recommended the steroid injection.

    Red, glad to hear that you are being sensible by not doing the double marathon. That would have been asking for trouble. Keep up the stretching etc. it will pay dividends.
    The rest day certainly did the trick, and the car passed its MoT. I've also taxed it for another 12 months. Only £20, so worth having a lower cc. It's a Volkswagon Up and very speedy, although I'm no longer a boy racer :grin:
    There is a 40 mph speed limit in the forest, but very few drivers stick to it. 

    JB, sorry to hear that you appear to have PF, sounds very painful. I must have been lucky to avoid it, as I did nothing but walk as quickly as possible after my knee injury, and then jog/walk for months. Not a good idea to run on it.

    Well, I broke all the rules again this morning! After resting yesterday I decided on a short, easy pace road run of 6 miles. I  took the first 4 miles nice and easy, but as I was feeling good, and knee not aching, ran continuous 20 second efforts with short recoveries during the last 2 miles. Very pleased with the results, Avg hr 122 bpm max 135, Vo2 max 45.
  • Morning all, quite chilly here today and feels like it might snow. 
    Last night’s 5k at the coast was pretty cold, but dry to start with, however the rain arrived shortly after we set off. Not a bad run, but as usual I got a stitch after a short steep hill - so annoying. I averaged 10.01 min miles which I was reasonably pleased with until I checked the same race last year and found I ran 9.09 min miles, so room for improvement. I’ll have to try to get back to the club for some speed training it seems.
  • Morning all,

    Decided not to attend spin class this morning. They have changed the rules, and we now have to give 6 hours notice for cancellation. This means that if for some reason one is unable to make the session, they will still be charged for it.
    I will be running again tomorrow and really looking forward to it. Hopefully, my knee will continue to behave :lol:

  • HS - looking good regarding the knee. Isn't it great when you do something you shouldn't but get away with it? 

    Aquarius - I don't think I've had a stitch for many a year. That run sounds very cold. One of the things about not working and not having club evening obligations is that you can sneak out in the sunshine...

    ….so some hill repeats for me today. About 4K in all and knocked about 40 seconds off my last effort. Not sure how, but the sunshine does help.
  • Hi Everyone! I run a Facebook group called Veteran Runners UK and I'm looking for some experienced veteran runners to help with some discussions in the group. One of the recent ones that has cropped up is running through the menopause so anyone (obviously female in this instance) who would be happy to post and offer advice would be really useful. Not just that subject but many others.
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    Hi everyone,

    Exhausted - I always warm up but even so, wouldn't be able to manage a 10ml run at the moment.

    HS - I've upped my target to 700 miles this year .. and joined the relevant thread on Fetch. Does sound like you may have overdone things a bit if that 10ml run was hard work. Yay to the car passing it's MOT (as you say, the garage could hardly fail it could they). You broke the rules (again!) - what a surprise :)

    JB6 - you're correct about 'sprint' being a relative term. I have a photo of me in a 'sprint finish' a few years back and you can see the more athletic looking runners in the background who had already collected their t-shirts & goody bags, smiling as they watch us battle it out.

    Aquarius - brrr to the cold XC race. I read someone on Fetch saying she got hand-warmers for xmas and they were great - her hands were lovely and toasty. But she said her arse-cheeks were like blocks of ice ;) Well done re the 5K race .. as you say, always room for improvement and I know I should try harder to incorporate hill-work and intervals in my training.

    Columba - well done re the 1st in age group at your parkrun.

    Red - very wise to give that double-marathon a miss.

    I've just written to my cousin who has been suffering with PF with details of some stretches to do. I've also suggested she also tries rolling a golf ball or tennis ball under her foot.

    I didn't beat my mate at golf on Tue - will blame that on lack of practise as I've not played for a month. I didn't run yesterday in the end - just played bowls after lunch.

    My car is being serviced today and I've asked them to fix an intermittent fault of the engine misfiring (hopefully something simple like spark plug needing replacing which happens anyway with the service).

    As I am car-less at present and couldn't get to the club run this morning, I went for a 5ml run around town instead.
  • Hi Sammie - sounds like a very worthy and interesting discussion but (for obvious reasons) I can't really help you on that specific topic.

    Mel - our car is being serviced tomorrow. So it's hold your breath time. Hopes yours was not-too-expensive. On the PF thing, I tried a tennis ball today and it seemed to help - but compared with others I think mine is very mild. I've not played much golf (for good reason: I'm useless) but I imagine it's one of those sports that you really have to keep working at. I used to find this at cricket (batting especially): if I could put together a run of innings I'd be almost not hopeless.

    A second day in a row of nice runs. this time I simply ran around a field (felt nice to be on grass) for 30 minutes speeding up when I felt like it.

    Tomorrow it's onto my bike for a 20 miler and then a parkrun on Saturday.  

  • Morning all,

    JB, agreed, it's good to be able to get away with a session that shouldn't really have been attempted.
    Hope your car service doesn't throw up any nasty surprises.
    You seem to be coping well with the PF problem, but don't push too hard in the parkrun.

    WtnMel, good that you have joined the 700 mile per year thread on fetch, this will give you incentive to train when perhaps you don't feel like it. You will find you become quite competitive with the league table. Well done for running 5 miles round town, as you couldn't get to the club session.
    Hope your car service didn't prove too expensive. 

    Yesterday was the coldest morning for a very long time. I ran 8.3 miles in the forest and my Garmin Connect registered 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The ground  was covered with a heavy frost, which looked like snow. It was very hard and rutted underfoot, making running a bit dodgy.
    Today is a rest day.
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    Morning all,

    Mrs Sensible here. Ran 1k on grass yesterday and it still hurt so abandoned it and I'm off to see Mary again on Monday. In the meantime I'm doing walks around our land twice a day just to keep moving, together with lots of core work and upper body stuff. Might even have to get back on the exercise bike which I loathe but it will keep my legs turning pover. I don't want to turn into a fat bloater :wink:

    TE, nice running. It was bitterly cold here yesterday with a biting wind.

    Aquarius, well done for your 5k in such cold conditions.
    JB6, glad to hear you're running OK and good luck with your bike ride and parkrun tomorrow. Hope the MOT went well.

    WtnMel, that's a good target and posting in the thread will help to keep you motivated.

    Sammiej, not quite sure what to say about running through the menopause other than "just do it", sorry.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone :smiley:
  • Welcome Mrs Sensible, hope Mary Massage Lady can work some magic on your PF. In the meantime it’s a good idea to opt for some walks and strength work to keep things ticking over. If nothing else it keeps your motivation and spirits up. I hope your friend Red can return to us soon. x

    Good luck for your parkrun tomorrow JB, remember that league table first place you have to regain ;) . As regards the mild PF - it can soon develop into a more serious version so keep up the tennis ball rolling. How did the bike ride go?

    HS is that your first frost of the year? I’m always worried about turning an ankle when the ground is rutted like that, take care of that knee.

    WtnMel 700 miles is a good target to aim for, keep us updated on how you get on. I really should set myself a target too as since moving house and consequently missing club training sessions my mileage has been quite poor the last couple of years. Never mind about the golf, it’s water under the bridge now. Use it as motivation for your next meeting.

    Sammiejuk I wasn’t a runner when I went through the menopause so can’t really comment, other than to say I suspect running may have helped even out mood swings.

    I did some strength work on Wednesday and today, also a gentle 5 mile plod yesterday, but I will rest now until Sunday when I’m part of a club team in a relay race. Yet again I’ve been partnered with younger runners, so hope they won’t mind me being a bit on the slow side.

    Good luck to anyone running this weekend.

  • Had a bit of a wake-up call today as I was SO slow on my bike and SO knackered. I think the specificity of fitness is the issue here i.e. running fitness does not equal cycling fitness (for me) (any more).

    HS - nice run. You have to be careful with those underfoot conditions. Yet to see a frost this winter: must be because of our proximity to the sea. 

    Red - yes the exercise bike is the last resort of the injured runner. Sympathies are extended!

    Aquarius - that relay sounds fun.  Hope you get a fast youngster. (Youngster being a relative term on this thread.) Thanks for your wishes which I shall carry with me into tomorrow's parkrun.
  • I got back from London yesterday and fell asleep in an armchair at 6.00-ish before dinner. I must admit, we feel our age here when running or pushing ourselves but grandchildren certainly remind me of that weird catatonic state that you go through when you are young and your children are babies and you are woken up three times a night, and you have to go into work the next day and be all dynamic because you're still being judged and climbing the ladder. Give me old age, any time!

    How did my great-grandmother cope with 15 children?

    Aquarius: It's always tough running in really cold weather. It's particularly difficult gulping in ice-cold air. Well done for going out and doing it.

    John Bateman 6: Commiserate on cycling. I find it so tough on the derriere that I can't cope with much more than 20 miles, even if my limbs could still cope. 

    Red: This will pass, and your natural fitness and resilience will overcome. Lots of love.

    HS: With reference to your struggle run with Alice. I completely identify with that. There are (were) some days where it seemed as if I'd never run in my life I was so lethargic, when, only a couple of days before, I'd skipped a breezy 18 miles without feeling it. The fact that you just bounced back on a cold day and ran again is testament to your resilience. 

    WtnMel: I watched Stuart Copeland wanting to see him interview John Densmore, but got fed up and turned off before then. However, it did remind me how much Police reminded me of a certain time in my life. We went into HMV today on a day out and got a Police greatest hits. I also bought some Hendrix albums to replace ones that my sons all took over the years. Sorry about your golf defeat. Challenge him to a run round the golf course as a decider!

    Columba: The age group prize is, indeed, an accolade. 

    I haven't run this week. Tomorrow I might go for one, but not before I've moaned my head off and turned the air blue with profane oaths.  
  • Hi all it has been 3 weeks to the day since I f**ked my self up.
    Today I have tried a small 100mt run and I have lost all the rhythm that I had before the fall.
    Looks like I will have start a couch to 5k program to try and sort this mess out.

  • Morning all,

    Mrs Sensible, you are doing the right things by walking and doing core exercises. The exercise bike will certainly help. If I hadn't started spinning classes, I don't think I would ever have got my fitness back. Hope Mary can work her magic!

    Aquarius, yes, that was the first frost of the year. I try to run as lightly as possible over hard rutted ground, and wearing trail shoes does give me more confidence.
    Good luck with your relay race today.

    JB, for quite a few months, my spin bike fitness was much higher than my running fitness, which was almost non existent. 
    Hope your parkrun yesterday went well?

    Exhausted, I must admit that I do feel my age at times, so always aim to get 8 hours sleep every night if possible. My days of night clubbing are in the dim and distant past!! It is really odd how we can run on occasions feeling that we could run all day, and others where we struggle right from the start.
    I've got several Jimmy Hendrix CD's and think that he was a genius. I can't think of anyone comparable. I seem to remember Clapton, who once was called "God" saying that he just couldn't work out how Hendrix played the way he did.
    It's good to moan sometimes, getting things "off of our chests."

    I ran 11.1 miles in the forest yesterday, deliberately starting off slowly and increasing the pace mile by mile.
    Today is a rest day, but intend to run on Monday. Must also book a spin session as I haven't been to one since before Christmas. I pay for my Leisure Centre membership by direct debit, and really need to attend at least twice a week, to justify the expenditure. I could pay each time I attended, but prefer just having to tap my membership card at the turnstile. I'm also able to use any of the other facilities such as the gym, swimming pool etc.

    Damien, I hope you will soon be able to regain your fitness.
  • It's a breezy sunny day. 10 mile run done and dusted. A whole field of lapwings and I was able to look at them covertly over the bank of a sunken medieval lane. If they see you they all flap up and away which makes me feel guilty as I don't like to interrupt their feeding. Some lovely plump snowdrops, too.

    HS: 11.1 sounds very respectable. I'm also a Hendrix fan. What's interesting is that he never seemed to play anything the same way, if you listen to/watch some of his concerts. I think alot of numbers, Purple Haze in particular, are much better played faster than the recorded version. 

    Damien: I can see how you must be frustrated. Cycling for a while?
  • Oh dear Damien, don’t lose heart. As others have said some days we just don’t seem to “have it” when we run. Stick at it, your fitness and rhythm will come back if you are patient. Running’s a funny thing, some days you feel like giving up because a short jog was hard work, you have no energy or your breathing is all to pot, but then if you persevere it all comes together again in due course. Keep positive and let us know how you get on. 

    Speaking of having a bad day, I found today’s relay race hard work. I knew the wind would be a problem as it had kept us awake through the night and it was still very strong when we got to the course, but I hadn’t expected the course to be quite so "cross country" as it was. The usual venue wasn’t available so the event had been moved at short notice to a school playing field. When I think of a school playing field I think of an area that is fairly flat and with decent grass. It wasn’t too bad on the flat sections but there were a couple of steep downhill / uphill sections just to the side of the field where the grass never gets cut and that was very tiring on the legs, which rather sapped my energy. However, it’s the same for everyone, as they say so, I suppose I shouldn’t moan. I think I’m just disappointed that I’m not as fit as I have been in previous years. (memo to self - it’s only you who can put that right).  

    HS well done on another good run, particularly at being able to increase the pace mile by mile, you must be very pleased with your level of fitness at the moment. Good to see your knee didn’t give you any problems.

    Exhausted - that sounds a lovely run this morning, I could just imagine you peeping over the bank top at those lapwings. No snowdrops here yet (unless they've been been blown away).

    JB, I can understand you being downhearted about your bile ride, but perhaps 20 miles was just a little too far at the moment. I bet if you’d aimed for 10 or 12 miles you would have managed much better and felt more positive about how you did. I remember a physio once telling me that although cyclists have powerful quads they have relatively weak glute muscles (relative to runners that is), whereas runners often need to work on their quads. So I suppose that, as you say, the muscles you use in running doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a good level of cycling fitness (unless you are HS of course :) ). More importantly though  - how did the parkrun go?

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    JB - the misfire turned out to be due to a corroded ignition cable - all four cables have been replaced along with the ignition coil and the car is running smoothly again now.

    HS - the 700 bunch seem a good crowd. With my history of spraining my ankle, I'd be a bit nervous about running on hard rutted ground.

    Red - glad to hear you're being sensible.

    Aquarius - the nice thing with Fetch is you set your target and there's a graph you can display showing where you are (or where you should be). Golfing again tomorrow - obviously hoping to do better than last time. That relay race does sound like hard work.

    Exhausted - I get tired after my runs but have yet to succumb to a post-run nap (but it can't be far off). Haven't yet watched the Stuart Copeland programme but I see it's Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads) on bass up next.

    Damien - sorry to hear you're crocked at the moment. Does sound like you'll need to start from scratch again and I've had to do that several times after spraining my ankle. Don't give up!

    5 mile run done yesterday - some x-training (golf) tomorrow then planning to run on Tue/Thu.
  • I'm a very average middle aged (49)female runner, average is 10 min miles I'm aware I could improve and had embarked on longer and more hills which usually works for me apart from past week of illness putting a spoke in the wheel. Used to hilly Perthshire , I plod away , longest distance once a week is 13m, the rest is mix of 7s and 4s . I just compete against myself as just like being out and in countryside. My problem /question is are there any other women doing similar whose only previous struggle was not doing enough maybe who have hit menopause and feel effects of lack of strength, tiredness/fatigue and any other problems?
  • Damien - sorry to heat this mate. Must be driving you nuts.

    Mel - I know our own car service/MOT was bad as MrsJB wouldn't tell me how much she had to stump up. Funnily enough the guy who services it is a fellow runner - but no chance of mates' rates!

    Exhausted - I know what you mean about grandchildren. We are really lucky that our 3 (3, 2 and 16 months) live close-by which always means they (or we) go home and recover.

    HS - never done a spin-class but I hear they are (or can be) totally exhausting. You are now piling on the miles again. Well done.

    Aquarius - I agree about running on grass. It does sap the energy a bit. Sorry to hear that the race was a bit of an anti-climax. Take your point about cycling indeed I'm now going to blame the cycle ride for...…

    Bit of a vin ordinaire parkrun: 22.21 which was 7 seconds slower than last weeks and about 1 minute slower than the run I 'ought' to be doing (in my head). But it was windy and I did feel the Achilles in the last km.

    New trainers arrived (Asics) and I'm hopeful they will help with my recurrent Achilles problem. But rest is the best thing of all and I've got 2 days away in Swansea pretending to work - and the Asics will be staying at home. 
  • femalehomer_49 - welcome to the forum. I can’t help with any specific advice on running through the menopause as I’d already passed that stage when I started running. However if you scroll back a few posts you’ll see one from sammiejuk and the group mentioned in that post may be of use to you. You say your long run of the week is 13 miles and the rest is a mixture of 7s and 4s - so what is your usual average mileage, and do you ever have easy weeks where you cut back on mileage? It’s always a good idea to introduce an easy week every so often to give your body a chance to consolidate your training and also to rest and recover, otherwise you could be heading for injury or illness. Also, do you do any other sort of exercise, such as cross training or strength work? If not it might help if you could build up the strength in your core, as well as upper and lower body, if your body is weak in one area you will be working that much harder when you are running. However I’m no expert, the best person on this forum to ask for advice on running is Hillstrider (HS).

    JB sorry you were disappointed in your parkrun time, it’s still an excellent time but I know it’s hard to see that when you’re hoping for something better. However it just means you’ve got another chance to move nearer to sub 22 next time. :) Which Asics shoe did you go for? Sometime, when we’ve nothing to discuss on this forum (if ever), I will bore you all with my long story of a persistent calf injury I had some years ago which ended up with me seeing an orthopaedic specialist at a local hospital. He saw lots of runners and was very genned up on makes of running shoes. He recommended Ascis Gel Nimbus (a neutral shoe) for me, but he also mentioned Asics Gel Kayano for overpronators.

    Rest day today, apart from a 3 mile walk in the country park, then some strength work when I got back. 

    Red - how did you get on today with Mary Massage Lady?

    WtnMel - hoping to hear you thrashed your golf opponent today. ;)
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    JB6 - Mrs Wm and I still run separate cars so don't have to 'fess up about how much servicing/repairs might cost :smile: 

    Aquarius - sadly, no because I started badly and was 7 shots adrift after 9 holes. I improved a bit over the second 9 but he still beat me by six shots (which is an improvement and augurs well for the future).

    Planning to run tomorrow morning once I've cleaned the windows - hopefully will fit in bowls after lunch.

  • femalehomer - see sammiejuk's post above. She set up a group on Facebook called Veteran Runners (it's very friendly as FB groups go) and is in the process of adding a side group specifically for us hot flushing ladies. There's already a group chat on the subject but the side group will make it a bit easier to share experiences and ask questions. Also saves embarrassing the blokes. :wink:

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    Morning all,

    This non-running mullarky is very tiring I can tell you! I've been doing squats, press-ups, battle-ropes, plank, static bike,  leg raises, mountain climbers (whoever invented these is evil!), tricep dips, bicyle crunches (ditto re the evil!). If that doesn't keep up my fitness level I'll eat my hat :wink:

    Mary has worked more of her magic on my foot again (my goodness that hurt!). She also did lots of work on the compartments/fascias up the side of my leg and hip as well as my foot and she's given me some 'things to do' from the head coach at UK Athletics to speed up recovery - I'm doing lots of special stretches, wearing a compression sleeve, have gel inserts in my trainers which I have to wear all the time (except for in bed of course!) and they make my foot feel great and icing the remaining swollen bit. She says I can do a short run if I'm sensible but instinct tells me to be patient a while longer as I know lots of people who've gone back too soon and made things worse. Off to see her again next Monday.

    WtnMel, please could you pop round and clean our windows while you're at it? Nice running btw.

    Aquarius, it was a good session thank you. Sorry to hear your relay was tough and sympathise re the downhills - I'm fine with uphills but hate the down sections. Good idea to incorporate some strength work in your routine xxx

    Exhausted, glad to hear you shifted your carcass and did a decent run :smile: I'm a Hendrix girl too and often have him blasting out (well, not too loud of course!) when I'm doing gym work. Thanks for the encouragement xxx

    JB6 22:21 is a travesty - one second slower and it would have been a beautiful palindrome! Hope you're being good and stretching/resting your achilles.

    TE, that was a good forest run. Hope you've booked that spin session - you inspired me to get my act together and dust off our gym equipment xxx

    Damien, gently does it and you'll soon get back to where you want to be.
  • Morning all, Can't believe that I haven't posted since Sunday, and therefore have a lot of catching up to do.

    Exhausted, I was listening to Purple Haze, that Hendrix classic, on a cassette where I had recorded his appearance on BBC Radio in 1967, and remembered the confusion with the line "Excuse me while I kiss the sky." A lot of people  thought the words were "Excuse me whilst I kiss this guy."

    Aquarius, well done battling your way round your relay race in tough conditions. Were you wearing trail shoes? I imagine some might have been wearing cross country spikes, as they would probably be ideal for the conditions you described.
    Thanks, my fitness does seem to be returning, but I must be careful not to over do things.

    WtnMel, good to hear that you are finding the 700 mile group to be friendly. I find the same on the 1000 mile group. It's encouraging checking on the league table after a run, to see where we are.
    I'm fairly confident running on hard rutted ground, as I have been doing it for many years, and back in the day, used to run "proper cross country" wearing spikes. I also still do ankle strengthening exercises. 
    Hope the golf went well. Do you find the new clubs make a difference? I imagine it will take a time to get used to them.

    JB, you are right that spinning can be exhausting, and that is what prevents many people from trying it. The problem is that a lot of "spinners" on their first lesson, attempt to keep up with the more experienced riders. This is a big mistake, a bit like trying to run a marathon with no training. It takes at least 6 weeks of easy pedalling before trying to up the effort. I've been a regular attender for more than 18 months and still improving. I would never have tried spinning if it wasn't for my knee injury and the physio recommending it.
    Your parkrun times are still very impressive, which I suppose is because 5k is your specialist distance. Take care with that Achilles! What model Asics did you buy. I've bought the Asics 1000 for the last few years, but am a bit uncertain whether to buy the latest model. I've read that they are now a stability shoe for the over pronator. This was previously the 2000 model.I note that Aquarius was recommended the Asics Gel Nimbus, a neutral shoe, by a specialist. I might try them.

    WtnMel again, sorry to hear that you lost your golf match, but I'm sure that you will improve as you get used to your new clubs. Hope you managed to run and play bowls yesterday.

    I ran 7.1 miles on roads on Monday, running the first mile at an easy pace, and the rest as a fartlek session. I'm very pleased that as my fitness is improving, my heart rate is getting lower, my average was 123 and max 139.
    Yesterday was my first spin session for a month, and it was another toughie!
    Today is a rest day, but I will run again tomorrow.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Cal - of course, some of us blokes embrace our feminine side and don't get embarrassed when "women's troubles" get discussed ;) 

    Red - a list of the sorts of exercises I SHOULD be doing (slaps own wrist). Glad to hear Mary Massage Lady was able to work her magic. 

    HS - as I may have mentioned before, there's a website called which lists various misheard lyrics. After my last sprained ankle my physio gave me various exercises to strengthen my ankles - needless to say I don't do them regularly enough. The new clubs are definitely helping .. I can hit the ball further now and am able to hit a similar distance to my mate .. just need to work on not 'topping' the ball quite as much.

    I ran 5mls late yesterday afternoon after I got back from bowls. It was getting dark by the time I'd finished. I'll do 5mls with the club tomorrow and then on Sunday it's the 'Linda Franks 5' race (the first of our club competition races). 

    Been to town .. ears tested (no change), cheque banked (was going to use a 'human' .. but a 'human' steered me towards the machine which read in the paying-in slip and cheque). Also, two new pairs of shoes purchased (cheaper than expected so bought a brown pair as well as the black pair I wanted). Made a change to be buying non-running shoes btw  .. 

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    .. and reporting back that some x-training has also been done ;) The stuff from the loft that was needed over the xmas/new year period has (mostly) been moved from the spare room back into the loft. The items left to move back are the 'extra' dining room chairs and some fold-up trestle tables that are a tad heavy - Margaret's son is over here on Fri so I'll enlist his help with those.
  • HS: I still sing "Scuse me, while I kiss this guy." I think it sounds better. 

    No running since Sunday as I've had a head cold and sore throat (present from London).

    My lovely little baby grandson was admitted to hospital today with bronchiolitis. He hasn't kept food down for days and has lost all the weight that he'd only just recently put on. He has a streaming nose and is having trouble breathing. Fingers crossed for him. 

    Well done on the 5 miles WtnMel. What would we do without lofts?

    Having read your exercise routine, Red, I felt quite faint. 
  • Best wishes for your grandson’s speedy recovery Exhausted x
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