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  • Morning all,

    Yesterday morning was very foggy, but cleared up to become nice and sunny and very warm. I did a good pace 8.1 mile forest run.The laying water had mainly dried up, leaving deep mud which had been churned up by horse riders and ponies. Quite an adventure navigating the best ground to run on, involving a fair amount of zig zagging. 
    I'm taking today and tomorrow as rest days, as I'm running the Solent Half Marathon route again on Monday with "The A Team."
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - well done re that 8ml forest run.

    We're away in Cardiff this weekend. Margaret got a good deal when she booked the train tickets so we travelled here 1st class (complimentary coffee and sandwiches on the way) and will be doing the same on the way home on Monday. So no running for me for a few days - but plenty of walking going on (and shopping!). And a bit of culture too .. off to the millennium centre tomorrow afternoon to the opera (The Magic Flute).
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny, typical for a non running day. I'm saving myself for tomorrow's half marathon training run. Only 2 weeks now until the Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon.

    Thanks WtnMel! 1st class travelling with complementary coffee and sandwiches, sounds great :smiley: Hope you enjoy "The Magic Flute!" I've never been to opera, but I do have Lesley Garretts Greatest Hits CD. One of my favourite rock bands "Nightwish" does have a female opera singer, not always the same one, which blends amazingly with the heavy band. They are a Finnish Band.
    Walking and shopping are great cross training.

    Enjoy the sunshine everyone  B)
  • Afternoon peeps,

    Glorious day here but have resisted the urge to go for a run as I have scheduled a short trot for tomorrow as part of my fitness regime. It will consist of (1k run/50 x tricep dips) x3 so just short bursts without pushing too hard. Being sensible but feeling much more hopeful :)

    Exhausted, a dilemma indeed.  Is that via Join Dementia Research? I am firmly in the not wanting to know camp but I know I am in a minority as I think about 70% of people have said they would want to know. I'm still in several JDR groups though as it would be odd if I didn't participate given the number of years, about 10 I think, I've been involved in it! Hope you've dragged yourself out for a run in the beautiful sunshine xxx

    TE, 2 weeks to go and you will be on fire in your half. I predict a jolly good time.

    WtnMel, get you with your posh rail travel! Hope you enjoy the Magic Flute which is one of my favourite Mozart operas and I'm humming it as I type. Let's hope the funeral brings 

    Aquarius, what a shame about your run. Very frustrating indeed. I tried to close my eyes whilst reading about the procedure! Hope it makes a difference xxx
  • Morning all, did my joglet, it hurt, sulking now!
  • Evening all,

    Red, sorry to hear that your little joglet hurt, must be very frustrating after everything that you have been through since your injury.

    Ran the Solent Half Marathon route this morning with 4 club mates. We took it very slowly which made my legs ache. We aim to run the Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon much quicker, hopefully without aching legs. It rained on and off throughout the run, which rather spoilt it. It was high tide as we ran parallel to  Southampton Water, and it was quite choppy with the wind.
  • Re Alzheimers, I've decided I'm not all that bothered if I know. If I can do something to help others, then that will be enough. 

    HS: I really hope your Oakhaven Half goes to plan. You've done some good build up to it. Hats off!

    Red: I can see how frustrating this is, because it's alien territory for you to be under par and just at a time when you see the big race on the horizon. Just take each day as it comes and don't get stressed. You are A1 fit and, even if you only run a few miles between now and VLM, you'll still be fine. You have so many accolades to your name that you don't have anything to prove.

    WtnMel: Was The Magic Flute a good performance? 

    I also had a bit of a cultural weekend. On Friday I went to a lunchtime concert at St James Piccadilly. Excellent Chinese pianist called John Lee. On Friday evening I went to watch my youngest son in an amateur dramatics production. On Saturday we babysat for grandson so my son and daughter-in-law could go and see the matinee of La Boheme (plus champagne and dinner afterwards, my Christmas present). Grandson was very good all day. Sunday morning we went to the Sherry Concert at The Wigmore (Faure and Brahms piano trios). 

    Running? Well, sort of! At the Wallace Collection I bought a book in the gift shop as a Ruby Wedding anniversary present for Mr E. He'd wandered up to Dutch genre, so I slipped out and ran full pelt (knees up, arms pumping) back to the car (two miles total there and back) to hide it away before he missed me. I tried to act nonchalant with red face and heaving chest when he found me again in front of The Laughing Cavalier.  
  • Morning all,

    I've decided not to go to spin session this morning, as my legs are aching after yesterdays half marathon training run. It's odd that slower than usual pace can have that effect.

    Exhausted, thanks! I will be running it with Sarah F as we did in November; you may remember that I posted our photo on here. We have agreed that if one of us was running quicker, then to go on ahead.
    You've certainly had a very cultural weekend. Champagne with dinner sounds very nice.
    Rather amused that you chose to stand in front of the Laughing Cavalier, whilst recovering from your epic two mile sprint. Do you think he was laughing at you? :lol:
  • Morning all,

    Today is a shiny and bright day here for 2 reasons - the sun is shining and I've just run 5k on the treadmill with no ill effects which was a shock after the debacle yesterday! Not sure how that worked but it did so I'm a happy girlie :D

    TE, slow running is harder in my experience as it takes longer. Keeping fingers crossed for good weather at the weekend so you can run a good time (which I know you will) x

    Exhausted, what a smashing itinery! I love the Wallace collection and remember visiting it then going on to The Golden Hind for a meal (don't know if it's still there?). Always jealous when you go to the Wigmore Hall as I have many happy memories of recitals there. Excellent sprint session with the prezzie and congratulations on achieving your Ruby Wedding anniversary!
  • Hi all it's been sooo long since last time, time just flies past so quickly. Entered the Mont Saint Michel marathon yesterday, and hope to travel south so I can run the Bordeaux and Toulouse parkruns in June. Have not read last messages as there were 130+ of them, hope all is well in your world and training is going well 
  • Moks: I think I'm a more infrequent poster than you though I do keep my eye on everyone to see what they're up to!  Good luck in that marathon, whenever it is.  You have 2:53 to beat!
    Red:  You happy girlie.  It's funny how fitness can alter from one day to another.  I was knackered after last Saturday's 7 miler, vowing and declaring to my wonderful partner I would never run again. Ever.  But on Sunday morning we were running round the local reservoir at sunrise and returned home feeling absolutely marvellous. You can all read about it here:

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - I allow myself to be 'dragged along' to the opera but wouldn't choose it myself. Well done re you and your clubmates doing the Solent Hm route.
    Red - the 1st class travel (Cross Country) wasn't that posh what with seat trays that didn't stay up and crumbs on the tray from the previous occupants :( Was going to say sorry to hear your jog-ette hurt .. but I see from a later post you managed a dreadmill run without problems :)
    (Dear LemonAidRehab. Fuck off. That is all) <-- marked as spam and reported
    Exhausted - the Magic Flute was a modern-dress version. I'm no expert but performance-wise I'd say it was a good one as everyone around me was applauding enthusiastically. Not really my thing though to be honest so I found my mind wandering as various points. Are you sure Mr E didn't know you'd been sprinting outside?
    *waves* to Mok and RF
    I went out for a 5ml run this morning - but ended up just doing 4mls as it was hard work (after a few days off). However, my avg pace was about the same so although it felt slow, it wasn't really.
  • Evening all,

    That spam post has now been deleted after we all flagged it up.

    Red, glad to hear that you had no ill effects after your 5k on the treadmill. You are right that the extra time on the feet at a slower pace is tougher. The half marathon is Sunday week. Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me. I will have to polish up the wings, as they haven't been used for a very long time :smiley:

    Hi Moks, good to hear from you again! Good luck with your marathon.

    WtnMel, thanks, it was hard going on Monday. I think the trouble was, having started at a   slow pace, we seemed to be locked into it, and simply couldn't up it. It didn't matter though, as it was extra time on the feet.
    It always feels harder going after a few days off.

    Ran 8.26 miles in the forest this morning. It was tough going as the wind, although not very cold, was very strong. Underfoot was like running through ploughed fields at times. This necessitated higher knee lift, which will be beneficial.

  • Morning all,

    Nothing much to report, but sad to see the Labour and Tory Parties disintegrating.
  • I'm also in the naughty boy club for not checking the thread recently. I do note that Redhead is 'back' running and that we have a couple of culture vultures among our number! My contribution to cultural excursions consists of a trip to see a  Roy Orbison tribute last week and similar to a Travelling Willburys version on Saturday. That situates me in a particular demographic! I am  not alone.

    Running wise good and bad news. The latter is that I've withdrawn from my marathon attempt planned for May - and thus can't challenge Redhead's time for the same event. I'm plagued with back and knee problems and simply wimped out. Conclusion: I'm neither physiologically not psychologically suited to longer events. (I am a little bit inspired by HS's return to running after rather grim knee problems.)

    Better news: my Season's Best for parkrun leapt up (or down) to 21.34 last Saturday. This week is my 150th so it would be nice to better this.

  • Afternoon peeps,

    A happy, red-faced and rather sweaty redhead here having just completed 10k on the treddy! Foot's in an ice bath as I type but it felt OK whilst running. Not going to push any more atm and still ahev my sensible hat firmly on my head  :)

    TE, dust off those wings in readiness for your triumoh, you'll be amazing xxx

    JB6, 21.34 is not a pleasing time at all. Now 21:12 would be much better :wink: (only joking, that's brilliant!). The marathon doesn't matter but your back and knee are quite important so you're wise to focus on the shorter stuff at which you excel

    WtnMel, well done for getting out there and doing a run. Hope all's going well x
  • Morning all, very foggy earlier, but it has cleared up now.

    JB, very wise to withdraw from the marathon if you are suffering with knee and back problems. The additional mileage necessary training for a marathon would only have made matters worse. Your parkrun times continue to be amazing, especially as you are struggling with injuries. I'm glad that in some way I have inspired you to continue running, despite your injuries. Its been a very long and slow recovery process for me, and I will never be as quick as I was pre injury. I've had to accept that, and am just glad to be running relatively pain free, and enjoying it.

    Red, very well done completing 10k on the treddy, you are certainly making good progress. Glad to hear that you are still wearing your sensible hat. They seem to be "the fashion" on here at the moment.

    Sad news that Peter Tork of the Monkies has died aged 77. Friends of mine in the sixties used to tease me that I looked like him. I had hair in those days :grin:
  • Redhead: 10k on a treddy takes some doing.  ('Ready, treddy …...sweat!') Don't think I've ever been beyond 5k on one.

    HS- thanks for the advice and good wishes. Heard a bit more about Peter Tork. apparently (you know this, I'm sure) there was a bit of a split in the group between the musicians (Tork, Nesmith) and the actors (Jones, Dolenz). I gather that Tork rather resented the way that the format rather inhibited his musical ability: he was a reluctant Monkee.

    I'm going to borrow Redhead's sensible hand (which I believe is on permanent loan form HS anyway) and review my running after tomorrow's 'anniversary' parkrun: I'm getting fed-up of walking down stairs sideways!
  • Just quickly popping in to say Hi to everyone. I’m on childminding duties all week so I don’t have a spare minute, but have been trying to keep up with everyone’s news when I can.

    JB - sorry to hear you have back and knee problems, at the risk of suggesting the obvious have you seen anyone about it (physio/chiropracter/podiatrist)? I seem to remember (from one of your previous posts?) that you aren’t very keen on physios, however a few minutes discomfort is worth it if it gets you back to pain-free running, and prevents more long term damage from an untreated injury.  Great parkrun time though.

    Red - that 10k treadmill run must feel like a real breakthrough - well done. But keep that sensible hat well and truly glued on.

    WtnMel, never mind that you cut your run short at least you got out there, and although you say it felt like hard work your pace didn’t suffer, so you must be doing something right! Some days do seem harder than others, but any run is better than no run, and I bet you felt better for having made the effort.

    HS - Wednesday’s forest run sounds like hard work, I hate running when it is really windy, and rough terrain just makes it even harder. (I think we need photo proof of your Peter Tork look :) )

    Running fox - I love reading your blog, it’s always so interesting and inspiring. Glad to hear you’ve recovered from your Grassington Moor run. Do you recommend hot sweet tea and brandy after every run? ;)
  • Aquarius:  I've only had hot sweet tea and brandy a couple of times - when I've got back from a run feeling particularly knackered.  Chocolate milk is my usual tipple, to put some protein back. Not sure if it does any good - but I'm still running coming up 87!
  • Afternoon all,

    Mrs Sensible here. Just did gym stuff this morning but resisted the urge to run (with the help of hubby as I did actually reeeaaaallllllly want to run but he persuaded me not to!). Polishes halo  :)

    Hi Aquarius, childminding is good cross-training xxx

    Mr Fox, you are fitter than most people half your age and are a shining example of what can be achieved no matter what your age xxx

    JB6, you may not take my "hand" Sir for I am betrolled! You can of course borrow the sensible hat but I'll need it back pdq :wink: Good luck with parkrun tomorrow 21:12 would be most acceptable.

    TE, good luck at the weekend if I don't catch you beforehand xxx

  • Felt I had to share this photograph with you because it's so unusual. It was taken on my dawn run at 07.10 this morning...the sun is like a genie escaping from a bottle on the horizon.

  • Beautiful Foxy x
  • Lovely pic Runningfox.
    Aquarius, here is a Peter Tork look alike of me taken on a boat on the Norfolk Broads when I was 21.

  • john bateman 6john bateman 6 ✭✭✭
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    Redhead: oops - MrsJB6 is also a redhead, so I've got a bit of a track record.

    RF - fantastic photo; ditto HS!

    Aquarius - childminding far more tiring than running! My wife (2nd mention!) took our grandchildren (3 and 9 months) to the 'turn' at our parkrun today. They saw daddy en route to a sub-20 and grandad en route to a 22.09. It was rather sweet seeing them, but I'm not sure (in a field of 550 or so) they actually saw me. All helped by copious sunshine but a cold and quite stiff wind. You are right about my reluctance to embrace physio and similar. I'm the worst sort of 'bloke' - moans like crazy but doesn't do anything about it.

    Anyway - quite pleased with the time today and I think I've come through in one piece. 
  • Afternoon peeps,

    Glorious day here with a misty start and brilliant sunshine now. 10k on the treddy, foot iced and not complaining atm. Rest day for it tomorrow.

    TE, phoar, how cute were you!!! Run strong tomorrow xxx

    JB6, you're heading in the right direction, great time. Your support crew must have spurred you on.
  • Afternoon everyone,

    Red, well done, 10k on the treddy. The sensible hat is doing the trick. Thanks for your kind comments. I was a bit embarrassed posting that photo :blush: , but Aquarius wanted proof. My half marathon is actually a week tomorrow, but I will do my best not to let you down xx

    JB, thanks, that photo was taken a long long time ago in the swinging sixties.
    Well done for yet another excellent parkrun time. When you are fully fit, I'm sure that you will go sub 20 minutes. 

    I ran an easy pace 5.77 miles on roads this morning with Helen, and tomorrow will be a rest day. I seem to be having too many of them lately.

  • JB you must be delighted with that time, well done, and how lovely to have your grandchildren there, you sound like quite the running family.

    HS I love that photo, there’s definitely a resemblance. :) I hope you enjoyed your Norfolk Broads holiday.

    Running Fox - fantastic photo, do you know what sort of atmospheric conditions produced that effect? Re chocolate milk, I know a lot of people swear by it, perhaps I’ll give it a try.

    Red - well done on another treadmill 10k, you definitely seem to be on the road to recovery. Don’t lose that sensible hat though.

    Granddaughter-sitting duties now completed! However I’m grandson-sitting this evening. Fortunately he’s already in bed and asleep, and I must admit I’m hoping it’ll stay that way. :) 
    Not much running this week but I did manage another 1 mile walk/jog with Steve yesterday, plus a 4 mile run around the reservoir on Wednesday while Steve took our granddaughter to the nearby cafe. Today I decided to do our local parkrun and, as usual, was telling myself “never again” after the first lap. I think I’ve mentioned before that if you’re not going up a hill you’re coming down one. Still, it’s good training for next weekend’s XC, which is the last of the season. My legs were quite heavy and sore after a physio session on Thursday (treatment for medial gastrocnemius (calf) strain) but I stretched, used my massage stick, scraped the muscle and iced as soon as I got in from parkrun so hopefully there’ll be no ill effects from those hills.

  • I did a run last on the 13th feb and I had another fall so I took 10 days off and tonight I ran again with a change in my step.I feel like I made good progress tonight.
    This is my new start to gain fitness again.
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    Evening all,

    Aquarius, thanks! Yes it was a great holiday on the Norfolk Broads. It was in May and the weather was hot and sunny. There were 4 of us, two per boat. We managed to frequent a few pubs when we anchored up each evening.
    Grand child sitting must be quite tiring, but rewarding.
    Well done for completing the parkrun and good luck with the x country next weekend.

    Damien, sorry to hear that you had another fall, but good that you have now got the spring back in your step. Good luck with your return to fitness.

    Today was a rest day, what another one I hear you cry :o Tomorrow will be an 8 to 10 mile forest run with the A Team.
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