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  • 5 miler for me today in a slightly disappointing 37+. Lovely day down here.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Bright but chilly here too HS. Enjoy your forest run this evening.

    Last night was the eighth and final race in our Grand Prix series. I was pleased to get my best time of the series - 32.12 over 3.5 miles, average pace 9.12. Not speedy compared to JB or HS perhaps, but good for me. 

    Rest day today, then a 6 miler tomorrow that includes some rather rough stony ground. Ankle-twisting potential - but more enjoyable than pounding pavements.

    JB - "slightly disappointing 37+" I'd be delighted at that  :) Seriously though, I think we all have days where we perform less well than we expect to, and find it hard to work out why. Fortunately they tend to be short lived, I'm sure you'll be back on form for your next run.
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny again, but still a bit chilly.

    jb, 37 minutes for 5 miles sound good to me.

    Aquarius, thanks. Last night's forest run was a real test for me. Alice is a real speed merchant these days, and we ran 10.4 miles in the forest. The first 6.5 miles were over very muddy ground, necessitating walking from time to time. We then got onto firmer ground and sped up considerably. The last .4 mile was at 7.53 pace. Well done for your grand prix race, an average of 9.12 is really good, and nice to finish the series with your best time. Hope todays 6 miler goes well, with no ankle twisting.

    I'm running with Karen this morning at 8.00 on roads. I'm breaking in my new trainers, which I hope to wear for Sunday's Salisbury 10 mile road race. She wants to do a fartlek session, not realising that I was doing the long run the evening before. I told her I would be ok, as I would be taking Friday and Saturday as race days.
  • glo2glo2 ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone

    Well it has been a week today since my interview, so i should hear today or tomorrow if i have been successful.

    HS if i should get the job i would only get 1/2 lunch on a 12 shift, i would be a practitioner for the ambulance service, and i probably would not be able to run after a days work either, so i think i would have to plan it week by week, the good thing though is that i would be trying for 18 weeks during the day so i could probably work round that 9-5 and the weekend off. sitting here with everything crossed now.

    I am just amazed at everyones times, and i see a good few of you do the park run, i have not taken part in this yet as i like to do my long run Saturday so i can have a rest day Sunday, i can also have something nice for tea on Saturday without having to worry about any after effects on my digestive system, although i had signed up to do this last year it would be nice to have another goal to work at each week.

    So i completed my long run Saturday 11.2 miles, struggled with the last mile, Monday 6.5m Wed 5m and today i done some Hill reps, i usually have Friday off but i am thinking of doing a quick 1 mile.

    RF I along with other would surely agree that running is a saviour, i wish i was better at it, however i do see improvement each year and although this is only my 3rd year really where i have entered anything i am proud of my achievements, considering i had home help years ago and on occasion walking sticks when my back was really bad, but thats all behind me now, thanks to the Royal national Orthopeadic Hospital and my Doctor who fought for me to have treatment.

    Aquarius - I hope you are right, and yes it certainly broke the ice, and if nothing else it was an experience, hopefully they will remember me as the lady who forgot her suit.
    I see you have lots planned for this year, do you belong to a club?

    Well i want to get right back on schedule for next week, 13 weeks to go to Southend HM.

    Beautiful day here in Essex, happy running to you all keep up the good work everybody. so good to read all your stories.
  • Aquarius - good running. And mind those ankles!

    HS - you continue to combine long runs with really good times. I'll have a pint of whatever you are drinking!

    Glo2 - competing after the health problems that you've overcome will dwarf any of my achievements, believe me. I served my time in Essex; not at the Colchester barracks but the university in the same town. (1973-6, in case you wondered!) Perhaps you are nearer the west of the county?

    A 30 minute hilly run for me today. Although I am quite fast for my age, I don't know if I could run the sort of distances that others on this thread routinely manage; I don't think I've ventured over 10 miles in at least 3 years and possibly many more.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone

    I'm back online after a few days away. Margaret treated me to 3 nights in a spa hotel in Malvern for my birthday. My ankle had improved before we went away but I bought an ankle support strap to help out just in case. My ankle was improved enough to allow us to walk on the Malvern Hills and afterwards we were able to relax in the hydrotherapy pool at the hotel. It's been such a lovely day today that we've been out walking again - this time on Cleeve Hill (we arrived home, dumped everything and went walking again while the weather was so nice). However, back to reality now and time to catch up on everything ..

    DBI - I'm catching up on posts since the last time I was on here. I can see your posts without any problem! :) However, several others (eg. Aquarius, Hillstrider, Runningfox) say they can't see them :( They say they've had emails to tell them you have posted but can't see your posts - very odd!

    glo2 - whoops re forgetting your suit for the interview .. hope you hear the result soon. My Spring/Summer running plans at the moment are a 10K in Corsham on 23rd Apr (the St Georges Day 10K) and then I'm doing another 10K on 24th May at Westonbirt Arboretum. My non-running plan at the moment is to book a walking holiday for mid-June as Margaret is accompanying a widowed friend of hers on a walking holiday on the IOW around that time. With my ankle problem, my Corsham 10K will have to be a 'just get round' run but I'll try and improve my pace in time for the Westonbirt 10K.

    JB6 - the ankle is improving each day (see above) but I'm going to stick to walking until next week when I'll try a run if it feels 100% again. Well done for getting under your target time at the parkrun.

    I've taken a couple of screen prints to show some of you that DBI's posts are appearing on the thread - as to the solution, I'm still scratching my head on that one.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Hopefully, an image will follow this showing that DBI's posts are appearing on the thread (at least from my perspective!).

    RW1.jpg 284.7K
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    HS - chilly here too and very windy. The forecast for the weekend looks more promising, I hope that's right. I nearly got blown away this morning on my 6 mile slow run. Managed to get around without turning my ankle on the stony ground, although nearly went over at one point but just managed to correct it in time. How did your fartlek session go? It must have been tiring after your speedy run the previous evening. At least you have a couple of rest days before the Salisbury race on Sunday. Were you new trainers ok?

    glo2 - I enjoyed reading your post. Fingers crossed for your interview outcome. What exactly is a practitioner for the ambulance service? Is is similar to a paramedic? (Forgive my ignorance). Whatever the role is I'm sure you'll be kept very busy and fitting running in will be challenging, but you sound like you like a challenge. Yes, I do belong to a club. It took me a few years to take the plunge but I'm glad I did. There's all abilities and ages there, and it's very supportive. Are you a club member?

    JB, I've done a few HM's but not for a couple of years now. When training for them I used to do long runs but I think I'd struggle even with 10 miles now. (No, I know I'd struggle).

    WtnMel, welcome back from Malvern, it sounds like you had a good time. Glad to hear your ankle is improving. How can you see DBI's posts? You may have to become her official interpreter and pass messages back and forth ;) . It's really strange, because we all assumed the fault was with DBI's account/computer but if some of us still can't see her posts then it seems that's not the case, how on earth can this problem be resolved? (No pressure, but as our resident IT expert we're relying on you :))
  • glo2glo2 ✭✭✭
    Well no news today, maybe tomorrow re the job.

    JB -I am actually between Orsett and Grays. Lakeside shopping Centre and Dartford Tunnel is about 10 mins away. I do know where the Barracks are i remember taking one of my sons there to do a cross country race many years ago, not too familiar with the town, been to the hospital a few times with work and I particularly remember a very busy roundabout near there, always seem to be doing road works when i have been on it.

    Wtnmel - hope the ankle heals up in time for your 10k, if not hopefully by your next one it will be improved. good luck with them both!

    Aquarius - Yes the practitioner is one below a paramedic, the order of things were previously ECA, Technician, Paramedic, senior paramedic, paramedic mento, they have now been renamed to IAP, AAP, Paramedic, so i have gone for the AAP, which is Advanced Ambulance Practitioner, so i would be able to do a bit more than IAP, but not as much as a Paramedic, so that suits me fine. guess i will be waiting for the phone to ring tomorrow now! Yes you are correct though i do like a challenge, but i tend to do ok under pressure normally, its just that i love the early morning runs so much and i know i will have to compromise and run at other times, plus i have never worked a night shift in my life, so that will be interesting to say the least.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    There don't seem to be any forums on here any longer where problems can be reported. So for what it's worth, I have sent an email to '[email protected]' describing the problem that some of you are experiencing (unable to view DBI's posts). I'll let you know as and when I hear anything ..
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny and looking like it being a lovely weekend.

    glo2, well done for your long Sunday run. It's good to see how much progress you have made after your back problems. Hope you get news about your job interview today!

    jb, I'm sure you could do longer training runs than 10 miles. If you do, you will be able to "run away from me" in 10 mile races!

    WtnMeL, good that your ankle continues to improve and hope you will soon be able to start running again. It's really strange that you can see DBIW's posts, whereas most of us can't. Thanks for your attempt to post her last one, but it is almost impossible to read. There are blue lines across all the text so that the words are obscured. I'm wondering whether the type of web browser may be to blame. I use the Microsoft edge, but possibly you use chrome, or some other. It shouldn't make a difference though. Hopefully you have made her aware that we can't see her posts.

    Aquarius, glad that your 6 miler went ok, without you turning an ankle! We didn't make it a fartlek session, as my legs were still heavy after the previous evenings hard run. We did a fairly steady 7 mile road run instead. The trainers were ok, and it was the third time that I had worn them. I will wear them on Sunday for the Salisbury 10 mile road race. Have a go at running further than 10 miles in training, you know that you want to.

    Today is a rest day which is a pity being that the forest is so inviting, but I've got my sensible hat on.:/
  • glo2 - I returned to Colchester a couple of years ago after the best part of 40 years since I left. I got hopelessly lost!

    WtnMel - pleased to hear that the ankle is improving. Having visited Malvern a short while back I thought it was a lovely place. We walked up to Worcester Beacon from the town centre - boy, what a steep walk! If you managed that on a dodgy ankle then well done. The day we went up was quite windy and as I perched at the very top a gust of wind nearly took me all the way back down again - much to Mrs B's huge amusement. I know there's a running club in Malvern and they must be a seriously fit bunch.

    HS - keep wearing that sensible hat...........looking forward to hearing your Sunday race report.

    Aquarius - I think you are of a similar outlook to mine - for me 6 miles is a longish run and anything over the hour sees the Law of Diminishing Returns kick in!

    Rest day for me too today and Parkrun tomorrow - aiming for 21:20 if the prom is not windy.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone

    HS - I wasn't trying to post DBI's entry for you to read - it was more to show that I could see what DBI had posted but Aquarius couldn't (NB: the blue shading was because I had highlighted the text before copying/pasting it). BTW, I use the Edge browser too so that isn't the reason.

    One idea that has just popped into my head - do you ever clear your temporary Internet files? I've heard that having old browsing data can sometimes cause unusual behaviour. In Edge, click on the three dots (...) top-right, click on Settings, scroll down to 'Clear Browsing Data' and click on 'Choose What To Clear'. I think you need to select (tick) 'Cached Data & Files' and then click the 'Clear' button - may be worth a try to see if that makes any difference?

    JB6 - yes, Worcestershire Beacon direct from town is one heck of a slog (and ever upwards). We 'cheated' and drove south a couple of miles and parked at Wyche Cutting which is a road through a gap in the hills - not such a steep climb from there as you'#ve already gained some height.
  • WtnMel, thanks for your suggestions, but I regularly clear out temporary internet files, browsing data, history etc. so it can't be that.The mystery deepens :(
  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    Hello all; I have been back a couple of days, and just caught up with the posts. This includes DBI's posts, which are coming through to me, no problem. Very mystifying. Keep posting, DBI; either I or WtnMel could copy-and-paste for the rest to see.

    That "holiday" is going to take quite a bit of recovering from.

    Welcome to grumpygit; this is a very supportive thread, so we will cheer you on as you lose weight and speed up.
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny and another rest day. Hoping it won't be too hot for tomorrows Salisbury 10 miles. There are two MV 70+ prizes, so I'm hoping to get one of them. Competition will be fierce, as there are 11 entrants in the category. It's a Hampshire Road Race League Race, which does attract some of the best runners.

    Welcome back Columba from your holiday. I'm glad that you are able to read posts from DBIW, and can inform her that we are still here, but can't communicate with her.

    jb, hope your parkrun went well.
  • HS - I know that standards are pretty high in Hampshire especially (to my cost!) in the 60+. Best of luck tomorrow. When I think of Salisbury I always think of traffic jams!

    As for my parkrun.........
    Seriously delighted with the results: 20.50; 20th out of 313; 1st in category; 2nd in overall AG rating (78.32%).
    Reasons for improvement: harder training, hardly any wind on the prom, coffee before run (?) and a 5 mile brisk bike ride to get there. But the key reason was that I think the course was a bit short! However, I went through the first 2k in 8.07 so I certainly hit a good pace - and at least we all ran the same course.

    Off to see the Brighton marathon tomorrow; I fear the heat will catch a few folk out but with a bit of luck there'll be a sea-breeze. For me this is perfect running weather - but I'm not doing 26.2 miles!

  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny and hoping it won't be as hot as forecast.

    JB, well done for your parkrun, a great time and WAVA. Hope you enjoy watching the Brighton Marathon.

    We're leaving for Salisbury at 8.20 hoping to arrive in good time to register and collect our race numbers, and warm up on the track. The race starts at 10.00 and starts and finishes on the track. If it is very hot, I won't push too hard, better safe than sorry.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Welcome back Columba, why will your "holiday" take some recovering from (childminding duties?). Strange how you can see DBI's posts, but HS and I can't.

    JB - excellent parkrun result. You've every right to be proud of that time. Enjoy Brighton, hope it's not too hot for the runners (and you!).

    HS - good luck today for Salisbury. You'll probably be back home by the time I post this. I started it yesterday, but haven't had time until now to finish it. 

    I managed to shave a few more seconds of my parkrun time yesterday, and today took part in a track and field event (why have they stopped calling it "athletics"?) which our club was hosting with a neighbouring club. I did the Open Mile, but because everything was running late we had to stand around for an hour waiting for it to start, not the best preparation on a hot day. However I was hoping for under 9 minutes and managed 8.30 so I can't complain. That's the first time I've done the mile, but I think I'd do it again, it's a nice distance.

    glo2 - keeping fingers crossed for your interview result.

    WtnMel - thanks for trying to sort out the problem with DBI's posts.
  • Aquarius - you seem to get faster every time you put you trainers on! Sounds like a fun event notwithstanding the standing around (as it were).

    I enjoyed watching the Brighton marathon. It was indeed very warm; and I was only spectating. I recognised a few of the runners but tried to clap everyone. It looked mighty hard work. There's no way I'd go in for a marathon. I did two and turned up to both under-trained........and thus underperformed. I still wince at the thought! My training partner did a creditable 3.55 - but was aiming for 3.40. I was still very proud of him and admire all participants.
  • Morning all,

    A bit cooler today after yesterdays scorcher. Will be going for a recovery forest run later this morning.

    Aquarius, well done in your first mile race, an excellent time.

    jb, glad you enjoyed watching the Brighton Marathon. A great time by your training partner. I will be aiming for 4.20 in the Southampton Marathon, which is now less than 2 weeks away.

    It was really hot for racing yesterday, 22 degrees in Salisbury. I was slightly disappointed with my chip time of 1.23.12, but the heat slowed everyone down. I was second MV70, so pleased with that. I wasn't able to stay for the presentations, but a club mate collected my trophy, and I will pick it up at club tomorrow. I was 345th out of 707 finishers.
  • HS - great to get some silverware; well done. Tough running conditions. Were you close to your category winner's time?

    I looked at the Brighton 10k results (it's run before the marathon) and was cross with myself for not taking part as I think I'd have picked up a 1st place. (The top guys were doing the marathon, not the 10K.) Mike Gratton who I think was a London marathon winner back in the 1980s did it (the 10K) last year and I was thrilled when I realised I would have beaten his time. How vain, but forgivable, I hope, from the classroom fatty of the 1960s!

    45 minute hilly run today for me.
  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    Aquarius - well done on the parkrun PB.
    Yes, it was childminding that wore me out on the holiday. My daughter paid all my expenses so as to have someone to look after the two little girls (5 and not-quite-3) while she and her husband were skiing. The 5-year-old was having skiing lessons, so the little one and I were together for about 3 hours in the morning, then collected the 5 year old and brought them both back to the chalet and gave them lunch. The little one had a meltdown lasting from 10 minutes to half an hour every time the rest of her family went out. From early afternoon, daughter and son-in-law were back, and I was no longer Solely Responsible.
    John B - book for that 10k next year! You'll be impressive!
    40 minute run (run:walk, 3:1) before breakfast today. Felt much livelier than last Wednesday's run, so think I've recovered.
    Apparently nothing from DBI, so nothing to cut and paste.
  • Columba - sounds as though your daughter got very good value for those expenses! We've got 2 lovely granddaughters under 18 months and we are bracing ourselves for the 'terrible twos' and all that follows. I bet you were relieved to get back home.
  • Help - why am I invisible to the thread????
    It was February 12th when I read the above post from you DBI and the word 'Pirate' appeared by your user name!  Maybe you should take down the skull and crossbones and re-apply?
    Keep trying, we're all dying to hear from you.
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny again, and we have Kenyan HIlls in the forest this evening. I ran 9 miles in the forest yesterday at an easy pace, and it felt hotter even then Sunday. Probably because I set off at 12 noon. Trying to acclimatise to heat, in case it's hot on the 23rd. My marathon starts at 9.00 and prize giving is at 12.30. Seems a bit soon to me, as how many vets are likely to run 3.30, especially in the MV70 category. I came first in the half marathon in my category last year, but have no expectation of doing the same in the marathon.

    jb, I was 2 minutes behind the first in the MV70+ and it was the same runner that I beat in the Ryde 10 mile by about the same margin. He was obviously keen to get his own back. I'll look out for him in the Alton 10 mile if he is doing it. Congratulations for beating Mike Gratton's 10k time set last year. Shame that you weren't running it last year and able to say that you had beaten him.

    Columba, good to hear that you have now recovered from your holiday and getting back into your running again. Hopefully your knee has now fully recovered?

    Rf, DBIW is as far as I know, the only "pirate" on this web. I presume that is why this thread has pirate against it.

    Off to the Library in a few minutes time.
  • HS - looks like you are set for a ding dong battle with your rival. Lovely stuff - gives the race an extra edge.
  • Sorry to bother anyone but how do you post a thread? I've verified my email but I can't seem to find anywhere how to post a new thread?
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    JB - thanks. Yes, I think I am getting a bit faster - it must be all the hillwork I do now. Before moving house in February my training (and most runs) tended to be on fairly flat routes but it’s all hills around here. What a shame you didn’t enter the Brighton 10k, especially as you are running so well at the moment. Still, there’s always next year………

    HS - congratulations on yet another trophy, particularly as the weather was so hot.  I hope it’s not as hot for you on 23rd, it can’t be much fun running a marathon in the heat. I agree about the presentation time, what a strange thing to do. Presumably the officials will have to wait for the various vet category winners to finish. I believe this is the first time the marathon is being offered alongside the HM and 10K. (Could the 12.30 presentation time be for the HM finishers?)

    DBI -  I can see your posts at last! I went back to the previous page and saw all your posts since you got back on the thread on 31st March. They weren’t there before, but thank goodness it has got sorted out now (possibly thanks to WtnMel?) Welcome back anyway.

    Columba - my granddaughter is not-quite-3 too, so I’ve some experience of those “meltdowns” when her parents leave her with us. Fortunately she is quite easily distracted, but it is nerve-jangling while it lasts. It’s strange, but things you took in your stride when your own children were small somehow seem much more exhausting when it’s a grandchild. It must be an age thing (mine I mean, not my granddaughter’s). Good to hear you are back to your running now you are home.

    Another 6 mile run today for Steve and I on the stoney route. This time we tried a different path which took us over a viaduct. It had large steel ribs and fencing along the sides, apparently because so many people have thrown themselves off it in the past. Although it makes the viaduct look quite ugly I was glad of the fencing today as the wind was so strong I think it would have blown us off. The wind has built and built all day, but fortunately has died down a bit now, but it has been bitterly cold, such a change from Sunday. I hope the temperature picks up for the weekend as we have Relays on Good Friday and the North Tyneside 10k on Sunday. I really felt the cold today, possibly because I seem to have picked up a cold from somewhere - shivery, sneezing and sore throat. I think I’ll have a couple of rest days in the hopes I can shake it off for Friday.
  • How amazing.  DBI's postings, from March 31st, have appeared on my computer this morning. So welcome back DBI. Hope all is now sorted with your new computer, TV etc.. and good luck with your build-up for the Great North Run.
    I've had a month off running after chronic insomnia forced me to a standstill.  I'll be hitting the trails again this Easter to get reasonably fit for a holiday in Menorca where I'll be celebrating my 85th birthday in May.
    Happy running everyone...

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