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  • Evening all,

    Red, a scorching hot day here too. Sounds like you enjoyed your 4 mile run through the cider orchard. Don't overdo the gardening in this heat. Hope it's a bit cooler for you tomorrow whilst you recce more of the 1066 route. A revised total distance of 106.6 miles sounds very hard core to me. 
    Thanks, yes I was pleased not to have spilt or dribbled any food down my front. I couldn't face wearing a bib in public :blush:  

    I managed to run 10.1 miles in the forest this morning, but it was tough going in the heat. I only saw two other runners, probably others had more sense. I didn't encounter any hostile white cows, although there were lots in the fields.
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny, but a bit cooler than yesterday. Today is a rest day.

    Good luck everyone running or racing today.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning peeps,

    My right ankle felt a bit tender today so I drove to a village nearby, donned my walking boots and opted for a walk along the final 3.5 miles of the 1066 route and back. Pleasant little 7 mile bimble and useful for checking out the GPS versus waymarked route as there were a few diversions.

    TE, enjoy your rest day x
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,
    HS - I'll have to remember Derek Ibbotson in case that question ever comes up in a quiz. When eating in public, I always lean forward so any spillages land on the napkin on my legs rather than down my front! ;-)

    Aquarius - I was given my treadmill by my friend Joan. She tried using it but said her neck became painful. She's (ahem) 'well built' and I think it's likely that pain was due to her not wearing any sort of sports bra or similar. Sounds like you're now a member of the 'Red Hand Gang' until the beetroot & red cabbage wash off!

    Red - I have the same problem with my gardening gloves being more like mittens .. but have I got round to buying some new ones yet? Not being a footie fan, the nearest I got to that final was driving past dribs and drabs of men heading for our local pub. Loving the fact the 1066 route distance is now matching the name exactly.

    I ran earlier this morning. Was hoping to manage 6mls as I have a 10K coming up the week after next. But my legs were still tired after playing golf on Cleeve Hill on Friday (the most undulating course I've ever been on with a lot of ascending and descending). So I only managed 4.6mls and I'll see if I can manage 6mls when I run again on Tuesday. It was warm & humid when I started but began raining and there was that nice (in my opinion!) aroma of baked tarmac accompanying me during the 2nd half of the run.

  • Afternoon all,

    Red, hope your ankle is feeling better today! A 7 mile walk yesterday sounds a long way to me.

    WtnMel, another possible quiz question is "Who was the first woman to run sub 5 minutes for the mile?" The answer is Diane Leather who is Scottish, and achieved it in the same year as Roger Bannister went sub 4. This was a tie break question in a quiz when I was a teenager and I knew it, and so my team won. She never got the same publicity as Roger, so I imagine very few runners have even hear of her.
    I eat the same way in public, so have never had a spillage down my front.
    Well done running on tired legs. I'm sure that you will be quicker tomorrow.

    I ran 14.1 miles over a hilly forest route this morning. It was quite chilly when I set off, with occasional rain, but as the run progressed, the temperature got hotter and hotter.
  • I need an advice 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - so Diane must be a 'British' athlete then? Serious point - it does irritate me when Scottish athletes are referred to as British by commentators when they're doing well but revert to Scottish at other times. Well done re your 14mile run .. I'm struggling to manage 6 at a reasonable pace at the moment. I've decided to give the club handicap race a miss this evening and will go out tomorrow morning and hope my legs have recovered!

    On a non-running note, I had to 'babysit' a worker who was fixing a problem with our conservatory this morning. After lunch I went to check my emails and ended up having to 'repair' my MS Office software (which to be honest, just entailed putting the installation disk in). Still took ages and wasted my time though and consequently, I've achieved b****r all today! ;-)
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Afternoon everyone 

    HS 14 miles is a pretty decent training session :) your training seems to be going well for the New Forest 10 miler next month. Glad to hear your t shirt is now spotless. I must admit I’ve never heard of Diane Leather, was that her only claim to fame or did she go on to have a successful running career? Thinking about it, you never hear about female runners of that era. Was that because women runners were not recognised by the athletics establishment at that time? How things have changed (fortunately).

    Red: well, no more RED for you now May is over. What is your next challenge? Hope your ankle has settled down now.

    WtnMel - it is irritating isn’t it when you have a day where nothing seems to get done, but the presumably both the workman’s visit and your computer job were necessary so at least you’ve got them both out of the way at the same time. Hope your run goes well tomorrow. Although I don’t particularly like road running I agree with you about the smell of hot tarmac. It reminds me of when I was about 4yrs old and the council was re-laying the tarmac on our street. It was a lovely summers day and I sat on the pavement to watch them. I can still remember the heat from the sun and the smell of the tarmac. Happy days.

    I didn’t do the trail race yesterday after all.  I slept badly through the night and felt shattered when I got up so after a lot of “yes I will” and “no I won’t” conversations with myself I decided it would be a bad idea to run when I knew I hadn’t the energy or enthusiasm for it. (Sensible hat see). Instead I went for a 6 mile run today which was fine, although very slow. I’m really struggling with pace at the moment, I must start doing some speed work again.

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Sorry Lone Wolf, I missed your post. Welcome to the forum, what sort of advice are you looking for?
  • Red. Yes Staplehurst is fairly flat ,54.38 is my best time there. I am in with a chance of beating that best time this weekend, my training is going well. I'll probably come in at 58 now, having said that!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
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    Morning all,

    It's raining which has ruined my plans for gardening but is welcome none the less! It's a bad asthma/hayfever/arthritis day today so I've taken a day off running and instead been in the gym doing gentle stretches followed by press-ups, squats, reverse crunches, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, dumbbells, battleropes, static bike & rower.

    AnthonyJ, good luck - I'll keep my fingers crossed for decent weather for you.

    Aquarius, active June is next which means doing something each day, not necessarily running related. Posting each day with my chums helps keep me on track :smiley: Well done for wearing you sensible head and I'm sure your pace will come back when you're feeling better xxx

    WtnMel, hope your legs behaved themselves today!

    TE, another decent run under your belt, well done.
  • RunningfoxRunningfox ✭✭✭
    Bloomin' 'eck Red, that gym work of yours would amount to a month's traing for me!  A day off indeed......Hope your asthma/arthritis, etc. have now said their goodbyes.
    Due to various hospital appointments I'm having quite a lot of days off running but did get out a couple of times at weekend for short bimbles round the moor.  Managed to do a short running video on Sunday that included a cuckoo clearly calling nearby.   It may be my last run for a week or two.
    As for the rest of you, carry on regardless......
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Aquarius - the workman's visit was most definitely needed but I could have done without my MS Office software taking it on itself to decide it needed to be 'repaired' (having worked without any problems for years!). Don't blame you for giving the trail race a miss after a broken night's sleep. 

    Red - as mentioned below, for a change I timed my gardening perfectly and managed to do the weeding before the rain arrived.

    Went out for a 4.5ml run in the rain a short while ago. Weeded the raspberries this morning to remove the nettles & buttercups. So feeling very virtuous and didn't feel at all guilty polishing off the eccles cake Margaret left for me beside the kettle.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
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    Evening all,

    WtnMel, yes Diane is British. She died in 2018, but there was nothing about it in the news, or the papers. Unlike Roger Bannister's death where it was in all the media. Seems sexist to me. Her world record lasted for 7 years, so should have had more prominence.
    Your pace will soon improve if you are able to do training runs regularly. I haven't eaten an eccles cake for years, but remember it being very tasty.

    Aquarius, I don't know much about Diane, but I don't think she achieved much after her WR, and I think she retired early. You are right that there is very little known about female athletes from that era. I think the exception was the cheating East Germans and Russians. Kratchilova still holds the WR for 800 metres, which even Semenya has been unable to beat. All female athletes are now thankfully given as much prominence as the men, and this applies to all disciplines. 
    I can remember when walking to school, one particular road was always being dug up, and the men were raking the tarmac so that the steam roller could flatten it. My road is being closed for the day on the 13th for resurfacing, so it will be interesting to see if they use a steam roller.
    Good to hear that you also have "a sensible hat." 
    Your pace will return, I didn't do any speed work for about 18 months due to my injury, but pace gradually improved. I now introduce some efforts into all my runs, and am making good progress.

    Anthony, good luck with your race, and please let us know how you got on.

    Red, that was a very hard core work out. I used to do a lot of work with "free weights," for the upper body, and use the machines for leg strength, when I was unable to have a long enough lunch break to go for a run. I don't do any weights now though.

    Runningfox, I hope it won't be long before you are able to run again.

    Had a really good forest run this morning. I ran 9.6 miles pushing the pace, but not straining. Apart from the first two miles, the remainder were all sub 10 minute pace. Things are looking good for my New Forest 10 mile race in July.
  • Afternoon all, but not the spammer who is not welcome. The post has been flagged up 4 times now, so should disappear.

    It was a bit cooler this morning with a fairly strong breeze making it difficult to get up much pace. I ran 10 miles in the forest and was passing a lady pushing another lady in a wheel chair. They had 3 dogs, all off leads. They were playful, but one scratched my leg with its claws. The ladies apologised and I said that it was ok. Ironically, after a few more miles, I came across the same ladies and dogs again. Thankfully it was by a small pond and all the dogs were in the water, so ignored me.
  • I logged out and back in again and the spam has disappeared :smiley:
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    hi - it was me who applied "flag 5" - (I lurk on here)  :) 
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
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    Evening peeps,

    I reported that stupid spam person too but hadn't got time to post properly yesterday!

    Hello Birch, thank you for reporting him too. No need to lurk though, come chat with us :smiley:

    Forgot to post yesterday. 3 mile run, yoga and heavy digging. Cream-crackered by the evening! Today was 5 miles of trail and it was heavenly followed by 4 hours of gardening. Might do a recce on another section of the 1066 route tomorrow unless the weather is bad.

    TE, another dog encounter but thankfully not too bad this time. Nice running btw.

    We've been watching all the 75th anniversary commemorations yesterday and today and I'm humbled and very moved by what those brave men and women did so that we can lead the lives we do today. We could never thank them enough could we.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    HS It has been windy today hasn’t it? This afternoon I went for a 3 mile run in the park with hill repeats, plus a bit of fartlek on the way home. The outwards leg was hard as it was into the wind and on a gradual incline until you reach the park, then the hills start. But coming back was easier as the wind was behind me and it was slightly downhill. I’m still struggling a bit with energy levels, but getting there slowly. I have a 10k on Sunday (actually it’s slightly less than 10k this year as the organisers have cut it short due to a building getting demolished beside the normal finish area). After that I don’t think there’s anything else on the horizon until the end of the month, so plenty of time to get some consistent training in (she says crossing her fingers). Well done you for battling on in windy conditions today. Pesky dogs! I hope you bathed your leg well when you got home, heaven knows what those dogs had been running through before scratching your leg. I also reported that spammer, thank goodness he’s been removed.

    Running Fox, I hope today went well for you and you are back running soon x 
    (I’ve just read your blog and from your comments at the end I can understand you must be feeling a little out of sorts today, but surely there’s no need to think you won’t be running for much longer? You just need to adjust, keep running but maybe shorter distances and not so often. Giving up running is giving in, and you don’t strike me as a defeatist. It’s ok to lower your expectations, and a good idea to take extra rest days, but as long as the doctors are happy for you to run it would be a shame to deprive yourself of that enjoyment.) 

    Hello Birch, as Red says come and join in. We're very friendly on here  :) 

    Sounds like you've had a busy couple of days Red, I don't know where you get your energy from. If we set up an energy bank on here would you consider donating your excess supplies to it please? I think the rest of us would like to make some withdrawals  :D
  • RunningfoxRunningfox ✭✭✭
    Aquarius:  Yeah, had that squamous cancer thingy ripped out of my ear today and a square inch of skin from my neck grafted in, so a bit sore in a couple of places.  I've more serious operations coming up so little chance of any running in the next few weeks.  At 87, it might be hard to get started again.  But then again, I love running, so it might be hard not to......

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    As torrential rain put paid to my trail run through long grass I headed off to the treddy and did 5k on a steep incline followed by squats, Jumping Jacks, tricep dips, bicep curls, press-ups, reverse crunches, step-up/down, battleropes, lat raises and kettlebell lift thingies (can't remember what they're called). Need coffee now! 

    Mr Fox I'll be sending you lots of love and healing vibes as you deal with your latest health issues. You will run again as you're a wily old fox xxxxx

    Aquarius, LOL - I'm like the Duracell bunny for a while and then I just go flop! Nice bit of fartlek and hill reps will waken up your leggies. Good luck with your race at the weekend.

    I just checked the weather forecast for the next few days and it's rain, rain, clear, rain, rain. The 'clear' day is when I'll be doing 30 miles xc and I really don't believe it will not be raining so I expect I shall be getting a tad wet!!!
  • Morning all,

    It's hammering down with rain here, at last. We desperately needed it, as the ground was so dry, and the grass turning brown. Having said that, I'm glad that today is a rest day. Quite a few of my club mates are running in "The Endure" at Henley, over the weekend. Glad I'm not doing it, as I don't fancy running in the dark and rain, and sleeping in a tent. Too old for all that!

    Hi Birch and welcome. I often lurk on the over 60's thread, but haven't posted on it for ages.

    Red, I think that I would need a good lay down if I did all those activities in the gym. When I started spin classes 2 years ago, I used to go into the gym afterwards, and work my way round the various machines. Nowadays, I'm so knackered after the session, that the last thing on my mind is to go into the gym. I suppose that I put more effort into the spin these days.

    Aquarius, well done for your run yesterday, battling the wind and still managing hill reps, and doing some fartlek. I try to think positive when running into the wind, about the benefits it will bring. Good luck with your 10k on Sunday.
    I did clean my leg thoroughly when I got home, and applied some Germolene. You are right in that we don't know what the dogs have been treading in. It was a small dog that scratched me, and I find that it is mainly the small dogs that run and jump up at me.

    Runningfox, I can't imagine you not getting back into running again, as that is probably what has enabled you to maintain your fitness and keeping going all these years.

    I'm watching the tennis at the moment, and Konta has lost the first set. I'm thinking that the pressure she is under as favourite to win the match is getting to her. She is ahead in the second set though.

  • Evening all,

    Heavy rain and very windy this morning, so I decided to do a road run for a change. I ran 8.3 miles into the village and round the marina. There was an exhibition of vintage cars at the marina, so consequently the village and marina were packed with pedestrians. I had to do a lot of "ducking and diving" to get through them. 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good morning everyone, it’s been raining heavily the last couple of days here too HS, but although cloudy it’s dry this morning. I’m hoping we might get to see the sun later today. My 10k isn’t until 7.15 this evening so fingers crossed it’ll still be dry then.
    What a shame the weather was so awful for the vintage car organisers, it doesn’t sound as if it put off the enthusiasts though (or you HS). :)
    Good luck to anyone running today, whether competing or just enjoying a run out.
  • Good morning all,

    It's bright and sunny here Aquarius, typical on a non running day. I was tempted to run 7 miles to bring my weeks total up to 50, but common sense prevailed. 

    Hope the weather stays favourable for your 10k this evening Aquarius.

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good morning eveyoneI
    It’s a lovely sunny day here for a change. 

    HS you were probably wise to resist the temptation to bring your week’s mileage up to 50 with a 7 mile run. It seems sensible hats are in fashion at the moment.

    A quick race report of last night’s (shortened) 10k, which my eldest son was doing with me. It’s a very popular local road race with the 4700 places being snapped up within hours of being released. So we decided to arrive in plenty of time to get a good place at the start, which meant we ended up standing around in chilly, and cramped, conditions for over half an hour in starting “pen” but once we got going (after the traditional rendition of “Blaydon Races”) it was ok. It wasn’t possible to compare like for like finish times with previous years as the course had been shortened this year, but just going on pace I was slightly slower than when I last ran it 3 years ago, however considering the bottleneck at the start, and my current lack of fitness I was happy with the result. I must admit though that I prefer trail races to road races now, running along dual carriageways can get pretty boring. My next planned race is a trail race in August, although I’m also considering another (trail) race at the end of this month as it’s only a few miles away.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    We are experiencing the 'torrential rain' forecast for today! I'm not complainign thoguh as the water butts are now overflowing and I mught be able to do some more digging sometime soon :smile:

    Aquarius, I'm actually not jealous of your sunshine today as we need the rain. Well done on your race and I'm with you on preferring trail running (even though I'm much slower).

    TE, get you being sensible and on a lovely sunny day too! :wink:

    Yesterday was the annual Weald Challenge 50k which I always enjoy (unless it's pouring with rain!) and the weather was perfect. It started off quite hot but there was a breeze and then it cooled down a bit so was pleasant. Conditons underfoot were variable because the tracks are quite rutted, especially in the section through Ashdown Forest, but I had a grand day out running and chatting with my mate Bryan all the way round. Bryan's 68 and getting close to his 400th marathon and since he's heading towards his 70s he's started running the most difficult trail races he can find (scrambling over rocks with sheer drops sort of stuff!). I was delighted and somewhat surprised to take 30 minutes off my time last year and get the trophy for 1st V60 lady again:smiley:
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    What a lovely photo Red, many congratulations for winning first female V60, while being 30 minutes faster than last year is definitely the icing on the cake! All that strength work is certainly paying off for you, well done.
  • Morning.I did my Staplehurst 10K yesterday. It was rather warm and much to my parner's annoyance got there 1 hour early as I was convinced kick off was 9 and it was actually 10. Anyway, my time was 54.34, 4 seconds better than my best at this event, so I'm pleaseed with that! Archilles are hurting today, as always after a race.. I really should stretch them specifically!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Well done AnthonyJ, now go and stretch those achilles please!

    Thanks Aquarius x
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