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  • Exhausted said:

    That sounds exciting, Damien. Let us know how your son gets on. It must be nerve-racking watching and willing him on.

    He came 4th in his race with a time of 54.38 seconds.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    On reflection, the alarm bells were ringing with the last minute addition of an unknown to our little group - Brenda had done 94 miles 2 weeks earlier, said she was feeling sick right from the start, kept wanted to slow right down when we took walk breaks, then wanted to bale out at CP2 but was pursuaded not to (by one of the group). For me, we'd slowed down to a point where there was too much pressure to make up the huge amount of lost time so I agreed to retire too. 'Just keep going and it'll be fine' right from the start doesn't really work in a 100 miler does it - you at least need to be fit and raring to go for the first half at least. Lession learnt - don't run in a group!!!

    Will read back later :smiley:
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭
    That sounds a respectable time Damien and a respectable place at county level. Funny distance 400 metres. Not easy. My sons were all complete rubbish at sport (I was, too) so I don't quite know what it's like to watch them doing that sort of thing. 

    Susie: I think in the heat of yesterday the discomfort of running must have been unbearable. Put your feet up and recuperate. 
  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Jake and I am a university student in the UK. I am posting as I have a university project survey on new running clothing I would greatly appreciate people having a quick look at, it is all multiple choice and only has eight questions.

    If you are interested, please drop me a message and I can send you through the survey.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Evening all,

    Damien, well done for your parkrun pb, a very impressive time. Your son is running very well, his training is paying off.

    Red, very unfortunate that you had to bail out, because of one of your friends running that shouldn't have started. Well done though for running 78 miles in the heat.

    Yesterdays New Forest 10 mile race went really well. My race time was 1.33.09, an average pace of 9.19 minute miling. It was a negative split and mile 10 was the quickest, 8.36. I ran with Sarah F for the first 6.5 miles and then pressed on ahead. She ran an amazing pb by 7.5 minutes, finishing just a couple of minutes or so behind me. I hope to post a photo of us taken after the race in a day or two.
    We ran a 6.5 mile recovery run in the forest this morning, feeling pleased with ourselves.
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭
    Well done HS, particularly as the last mile was the quickest. 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    HS that’s an excellent result! Well done. I think a celebratory Italian meal is in order. All your hard work has really paid off. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos now.

    Red What a shame you had to cut short your 100 miler. I can imagine how frustrating that must have been for you, however 78 miles is still a huge achievement and I hope you can take some comfort, and pride, from that.

    Damien well done on your parkrun result, and congratulations to your son for his speedy 400m fourth place. What a talented family you are!

    Hello again Exhausted, hope you are keeping well. Have you managed any running, or walking, lately?

    A pretty average parkrun for me on Saturday (average as in my time I mean, the parkrun itself was very hilly) and a reasonably slow 6 miles yesterday. Foot seems to be behaving itself.

  • Morning all,

    Thanks Exhausted and Aquarius; Sarah and I were very pleased with the way the race went. I did celebrate a bit when I got home, with a couple of glasses of red wine with my lunch.

    Aquarius, good to hear that your foot seems to be behaving itself. 
  • My trainers had seen me through nine 10ks and a half marathon plus the training, plus possibly contributing to my archilles issues, so i bought a new pair today. They are Adidas Solarglides. Half price at Sweatshop. I'm doing a 4k in the morning , I'll report back!
  • Afternoon all,

    AntonyJ, hope your 4k went well, how were the new trainers? How many miles did you run in your old trainers? A rule of thumb is generally around 500 miles, but it varies according to running surfaces, runners weight etc.

    I ran 6.8 miles in the forest this morning, and it was much hotter than expected. My legs were still "a bit heavy," from Sundays race, but as I  warmed up, I was able to increase my pace.

    Aquarius, here is the photo of Sarah and me taken after the NF10 mile race, as promised.

  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭

    Aaah! Lovely photo HS. Can't beat a couple of glasses of red! Onwards and upwards for you.

    Aquarius: Sorry you've had pain, injuries and doubts on diet and health. It doesn't sound as if you're letting it daunt you, though.

    Anthony: We'll wait to hear on the 4k with your new shoes. It's rather bewildering choosing new running shoes, these days. On the bright side there is usually a deal to be had somewhere.

    On running and walking. I'm rather imprisoned at the moment as I'm nursing about 10 bites from horseflies. They're really a pest round here but this year they're worse than I can ever remember. The first was when I was canoeing on The Exe a couple of weeks ago. One came for me, ripped into my leg and I couldn't get rid of it as it kept attacking. Then a few days later on a coastal walk I was ambushed in a shady area. A load from all sides. I can walk providing I'm totally covered up, like a beekeeper. On the other hand, I've watched lots of cricket. They don't seem to bother me there.

    On other news I was chucked off the Alzheimers clinical trial - because an MRI scan and a lumbur puncture (ouch) showed that I don't have any plaque at all on my brain. I have to have some to show that any drugs on the trial have arrested the proliferation of plaque, but if I don't have any to start off with then they can't prove the effect. I was delighted, of course, but the firm were a bit fed up as it means they lose me as data.

    I'm doing a lot of singing at the moment as a choir I left a few years ago only have a couple of altos left, so I'm going along there to join in their summer concert.

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Great photo HS, I can’t believe you’ve just run 10 miles because you look so fresh!

    Anthony I hope your 4K went well and you’re getting used to your new shoes. Having found a running shoe that suits me I tend to stick to the same ones each time I need a new pair. One of these days I may be adventurous enough to try something new, but then again I probably won’t as I feel it’s too much of a gamble.

    Exhausted you have my sympathy regarding the horse flies. I’ve never been bitten by one but I believe it’s quite an unpleasant and painful experience, and for it to happen ten times is awful. Good news though about the MRI scan, that must have been very encouraging for you. How nice to be able to sing in a choir, that’s something I’d love to do but never will. My husband calls me the one note wonder because (according to him) whenever I sing anything I only sing one note, although in my head I’m singing all the right notes. Something is obviously going wrong between my brain and my mouth!

    The last few days we’ve had quite a lot of what I call “headache weather” because it’s so close and humid it invariably gives me a headache. We could do with a good downpour to clear the air as I find when I go for a run I’m soaked with sweat after a couple of minutes. I decided to stick to short sessions this week while the weather is so oppressive so I did a speed session on Tuesday and another today, but each time I was surrounded by flies buzzing around my head, then when I stopped to stretch at the end of the sessions the pesky things were crawling all over me. Ugh! 

  • Afternoon all,

    Exhausted, thanks, the wine went down very well.
    Sorry to hear about your problems with horseflies. I've been really lucky, because apart from one run a few weeks ago, when I had a swarm hovering above my head, I haven't seen any. Perhaps I'm running too quickly for them now :wink: 
    Good news about the MRI scan, but ouch to the lumbar puncture which I've heard is very painful.
    Good luck with the singing, it's nice to have happy news, what with all the chaos over Brexit, voting for a new Tory Leader, Donald Trump, etc.

    Aquarius, thanks, the photo was taken a while after we had finished, so we'd had time to cool down.
    It's certainly very hot and humid these days, and just for the purpose, I forgot to wear my cap for the race. We were about a mile into it, before I realised. The top of my head is now bright red, and also my shoulders.
    Sorry to hear that you have also been plagued by flies. I've been lucky, as I said in my post above. I haven't been applying insect repellent either.

    Today is a rest day, so I caught a bus into Southampton, using my OAP Pass (before they take them away!) and purchased another pair of Asics 1000V7 in Sweatshops Sale. Other sports shops are available. I will try them out tomorrow on roads, as I don't want to get them dirty :grimace:
    Sarah and I have a picture of us running together in Sunday's race, in the local paper. I've taken a photo of it and will post on here later.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening all. 

    Back from our short break in Poole and I've managed to come home with a cold :-( Swam in the sea a few times which was 'bracing' to start with but lovely in the sunshine once you'd acclimatised. Looking back over the last week's posts ..

    Damien - well done re the parkrun PB. I always work up a sweat, even when the weather is cooler than at present. If I thought I could get away with wearing a headband a la McEnroe to counteract it, I would. But I sometimes make do with a baseball cap instead.

    Red - shame about you and your friends having to bail out of your race. But 78 miles! That's very impressive.

    HS - glad to hear your New Forest 10ml race went well with good pace, negative split and a quicker final mile. Well done to Sarah F (she doesn't know us, but pass on our regards). Lovely photo of the two of you .. and glad to hear you treated yourself to a couple of glasses of red vino. I think you're right about being too speedy a runner to be bothered with flies - slow plodders like me are easier to keep up with.

    Exhausted - I haven't had a horsefly bite for a while which I'm relieved about as I have a very bad reaction to them (normally a large swelling about 1.5" dia). Good news that the MRI scan showed no plaque on the brain.

    Anthony - I found years ago Saucony Guide suit me and bought some Guide 5 .. my latest are Guide 10 but they've stopped producing them so I'll have to go to my local Up & Running to see what they think I should get to replace them (other shops are available!).

    Aquarius - just checking. If you sing all the right notes, are you singing them in the right order? [ (c) Eric Morecambe ] :) In my youth I was Head Choirboy at my local church - still enjoy singing to myself but haven't ever found a choir to join that I would enjoy singing with (I'm fussy as I would want one that doesn't do 'musicals' and/or religious stuff). 

    As mentioned above, managed to come home with a cold so no running for me for a few days while I'm still coughing & sneezing. Does mean I'll have to give the Nudefest 'Naked Run' tomorrow a miss. Annoying as I'd been looking forward to doing something daft like that for ages ;)

  • Here is the photo 

  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭

    HS That looks fantastic. A real family event in a lovely spot.

    You have to be in a horsefly hotspot like ours to know how they operate. They don't buzz or hover. They hit you from nowhere. They then flick round your body looking for a new opportunity. When they bite you feel a sort of shock and no matter how much you waft your hands they don't leave you.  You do have to keep moving fast to get away from them, but they're very persistent.

    I went for a walk today completely covered up in a very nerdy way. I felt so hot and woozy at halfway point, through being overdressed, that I had to cut the walk short and come home.

    WtnMel: Very sorry about the cold. What did you do in Poole apart from swim? You've mentioned being Head Choirboy before, so I expect you are an accomplished singer. 

    Aquarius: Believe it or not, I'm even worse than that. I'm a TERRIBLE singer. I sing in a croaky strangulated way, which is particularly embarrassing as, quite frequently, I've been the only alto to turn up for rehearsals. You can see the supercilious sopranos grimace as I warble away. (anyone who has sung in a choir will know what I mean by smug supercilious sopranos).

    On running shoes, I'm a Brooks fan. They are very light. In comparison, all other shoes feel as if you're running with a lump of concrete at the end of your feet.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - great photo. Sarah F definitely had her 'race face' on :) As we've discussed before, it would be amusing if we ever met up, for the resulting photo of a 'Hardley' runner with an 'Almost' Athlete ;)

    Exhausted - Poole was very much a 'lazy' break. We were staying at a Premier Inn at Holes Bay. Apart from walking to a restaurant near the RNLI College one evening, we ate at the hotel. On both days, we had a late breakfast, I drove to Studland via Corfe, we walked to the nuddy beach (half a mile each way), swam a bit, lazed around a bit, stopped off at the café (cream tea/ice cream) then drove back to the hotel for a long, cold drink and read or did the crossword before dinner. I'm not sure I'm an accomplished singer or not - Margaret tells me I have a nice voice but she may just be being kind. I've yet to test out my voice in public.

    All systems go here at the moment (though not me personally!). We're having our bathroom replaced. Electricians were here yesterday removing the old wall fan and mirror/light combo. Today Stu the plumber is here removing the current bathroom fixtures/wall tiles etc. (in fact, he's almost done and it's all in the skip). On Monday, Stu's Dad is due to start removing a wall. There's an old cupboard that contained the hot water tank that is accessed from the adjoining bedroom but juts into the bathroom. Once the old wall has been removed and the new wall 'made good' and new tiles been fitted, then Stu can come back to fit the new bath and cupboards. Fingers crossed its all finished on schedule.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    HS how nice to for you and Sarah to get your photo in the local paper, I hope your club mates are suitably impressed. As Exhausted says it seems like a nice family day out, and nice weather too. It’s a pity you forgot your cap though, I hope your head and shoulders aren’t too sore.

    Welcome back WtnMel, your trip to Poole sounds nice and relaxing, but sorry to hear you’ve caught a cold. A new bathroom sounds very exciting, although if you’re having a wall taken down I don’t envy you the resulting plaster dust that invariably gets into every possible nook and cranny, but I’m sure having a lovely brand new bathroom at the end will make up for it. Incidentally that M&W sketch did come to mind when I mentioned my one note singing, and yes I do get them all in the right order, and strangely enough sounding exactly like the original artiste (in my head anyway, not so sure about out loud). If you don’t like musicals and religious music what would you like to sing? Classical? A while ago our local music centre put on classes for complete beginners to learn (and perform) Mozart’s Requiem. Unfortunately I only found out about this as they were nearing the performance date. It’s something I would have loved to have taken part in as I love the Requiem and would have been thrilled to sing it (not sure about a public performance though, I think I may have had to resort to miming so I didn’t put my fellow performers off).

    Exhausted what sort of music does your choir sing? Those horseflies sound vicious, how long are they around for? Is there no way of avoiding being bitten, do insect repellents help at all? I hope you don’t have to walk around like an Egyptian mummy very much longer, it’s hot enough in T-shirt and shorts at the moment, I don’t know how you’re managing if fully covered up.

    I’m also a Brooks fan, I’ve had the neutral Glycerin for the last few years. 

    Well the rain gods must have heard me asking for rain on Thursday because we had a heavy downpour on Friday and again today. Fortunately it cleared up long enough for this morning’s parkrun, but was very sticky and hot. I managed to knock 40 seconds off last week’s time, but I’ll still need to improve by a further 1 minute 35 to beat my 2016 PB, which I fear is too much to achieve now. However I always try to find a silver lining and noticed only 12 other runners had a better age related score than me, and I had the best female age related score. Admittedly there were only 75 runners in total, but I was the oldest one there today, so I’m happy with those stats. 

    Well, time to catch up with today’s Tour de France. I’m keeping fingers crossed for Geraint Thomas again.

  • Morning all,

    Exhausted, it has always been a lovely race, and this years was one of the best. There were 805 finishers, which is probably the highest to date. There were 106 different running clubs partaking, which made the standard very high. There were no fancy dress runners! I'm glad there were no horse flies in the forest.
    My very first "proper" running shoes were Brooks Chariots, which were very heavy, with rigid motion control. That put me off Brooks, and I've never purchased that brand since, although I know that they have improved immensely, with a range of styles.

    WtnMel, that photo was taken soon after the start, where we were still running in the field, and we were concentrating on our footing, as the grass was quite long in places, and cows had been in the field earlier leaving "deposits." They had, of course, been moved out before race day.
    About 3 years ago, at the Salisbury 54321 series of races, there was a Hardley Runner, and Almost an Athlete Runner, standing one behind the other in the toilet queue. The vests are the same colour, and the ladies were chatting about the humour of the club names. 
    Your holiday sounds very nice.
    My father had a really good voice, and when he was in the army, was offered the chance to join ENSA. He declined, but who knows, he could have been famous. Harry Secome joined it and he didn't do badly :)
    There's always something going on in your house hold, but obviously worth it once the work is completed.

    Aquarius, it was a lovely race day, with several junior races, as well as the main race. The winner of the 1 mile race, ran sub 6 minutes, and it was a young girl who finished well ahead of the rest of the field. The standard of the youngsters was exceptional and bodes well for the future. My head and shoulders aren't sore and the redness is nearly gone now.
    We haven't had any rain here for some while, but I'm glad it cleared up in time for your parkrun. Well done for your big improvement over last weeks time, and for the best female age related score.
    Thomas had another unfortunate crash yesterday, losing about 1.5 minutes. Hope he can make it up.

    I've run 40 miles Sunday to Saturday, so today is a rest day.

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Another hot and sticky day, and a slow six miles for me today. Just catching up with recorded TdeF now then out for a meal this evening. 
    Enjoy your rest day HS. 
  • Aquarius,  well done running in the heat. Hope you enjoy your evening meal.🥘
    I've been watching the tennis all afternoon and it's a tie break now in the 5th set.
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭

    WtnMel: I know that whole area so well. We went to Dorset for our holidays for 15 years running and can track our sons growing up with holiday snaps from year to year. We have spent quite a few Christmas Eves in the churchyard at Studland looking at early snowdrops and the crib there, since moving nearer in the past 10 years. We once went on a New Years Day walk at Studland, but it was such a nightmare of dogs that we never did it again. If you should go to the area again, park at Worth Matravers and walk down to The Winspit. A lovely place to rockpool, have a dip and see ammonites in the rock face.  

    Aquarius: Well done on your age group triumph and the sticky six miles today. The London choir I've returned to is very much classical stuff. I sang with a choir in Nottingham before we left there and I've also sung with a local one here in Devon. In all cases, probably Rutter is the nearest we get to 'light.' As I said, I'd left singing behind because I'm so bad, but it seems better a bad alto than no alto at all (isn't the Brexit deal something like that, or have I got it the wrong way round?)

    HS: Who knows what would have happened if your Dad had joined ENSA! Up there with Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers?

    Mr Exhausted watched the Cricket World Cup all day today as he had tipped New Zealand in his Fantasy League, and had convinced me that we couldn't afford to eat or heat the house this winter unless they won. It was gripping stuff. Well done to both sides. A bit of cheer to lift our spirits before the prospect of Boris Johnson being Prime Minister!

  • Evening all,

    Exhausted, I've often wondered how life would have turned out if Dad had become famous.
    Good that you are singing again. I'm sure that you are not as bad as you say.
    I was station hopping yesterday between the tennis, cricket and tour de france.
    The thought of that clown becoming PM is a horrible thought. If he calls a General Election, the odds are that the Tory's will be in for another 5 years. Labour have no chance with Corbyn as leader.

    On a more cheerful note, I ran 16.5 miles in the forest this morning with the two Sarah's and Jane.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    Aquarius - glad to hear it wasn't just me thought of the M&W sketch with the mention of 'all the right notes'. The only choir I've come across I'd like to have joined was a 'world music' one - unfortunately they were based too far away for it to be practical. Not quite the same thing but if I found a local samba band I'd join that! We've still not had any rain here (Gloucs) but are promised some this coming Friday - I will keep watering our new plants in the meantime.

    HS - when I read about you watching your step because of 'deposits' from the cows I immediately thought of Red and her poo-picking (sorry Red!). My Dad also had a very good voice and won prizes in his youth. Very impressed you managed to run 16.5 mls this morning.

    Exhausted - thanks for the tip re Worth Matravers/Winspit. We've walked along the coast from Swanage before so I'll look that one up. The only sport I ended up watching yesterday was the TDF highlights in the evening (cricket, tennis and F1 all leave me cold). I discovered recently my tv does 'picture in picture / picture alongside picture' so could have watched two out of three if I'd been so inclined.

    Lots of noise today as the wall in the bathroom was being demolished. Not too much dust floating around in the end but dustsheets were covering furniture in all adjoining rooms just in case. I busied myself at the end of the garden cutting back the laurel hedge - two trips to the recycling centre today and another needed tomorrow to get rid of all the branches and foliage I removed.

    Planning to run tomorrow morning - will be my first run since 7th Jul so I will take it steadily and hope I can keep going without too many walk-breaks.
     If tomorrow goes okay, will no doubt run with the club on Thu and hoping (builders needs permitting) to manage 9 holes of golf on Wed.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Well, lunchtime and no run yet as Margaret had to go out and the builders had a few questions/clarifications. Got a dentist's appointment shortly and Margaret's off out to lunch in a bit so I think it'll be later this afternoon before I get a chance to run ..
  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, thanks, it was a very slow 16.5 miles with some walking, but a typical  long slow distance run, LSD run. 
    A good idea, working outdoors, to avoid possible dust floating around indoors.
    Hope you manged to fit in your run this morning. Just seen your latest post, so possibly you haven't run yet? Hope all was ok at the dentist? Also hope that you will be able to play golf on Wednesday, and run with the club on Thursday.

    A spin session this morning, the first for two weeks. It's not so important to me now, as my running is "getting up to speed," at last. I'm only spinning once a week now, instead of twice. I'm keeping up my membership though, as it allows access to the gym and swimming pool, which is handy if I don't fancy a run.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Apologies for absence, been plotting new adventures with my chum Kirsty one of the peeps I was running the 1066 with. Sneaked in a cheeky 28 mile LDWA event together on Sunday and we were both amazed that our legs felt really fresh as it was an incredibly challenging route, with pages of written instructions, so even the speedy runners were really slow! Will read back later as I'm off to yoga now. Ommmmmmmmmm :smiley:
  • Afternoon all,

    Red,  there is no stopping you is there :) Well done for another very long run. Did you have to read the instructions as you ran? I couldn't do that, as I have to wear glasses for reading, and I couldn't run wearing them. Hope the yoga session was good?

    I've started introducing more speed work into my training runs now. I did an 8.1 mile fartlek session in the forest this morning. It comprised 400 and 800 metre efforts, with short jog recoveries between each. My legs felt amazingly light, especially after Mondays LSD run and yesterdays tough spin session.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - the trip to the dentist was okay (as per usual). He said to keep on doing what I'm doing. Good idea to keep your gym membership even though you've cut down in the spinning. Well done re this morning's fartlek session.

    Red - nice to see you here and love the way you casually mention sneaking in a 28 mile event. Ommmmmmmmm :)

    I didn't manage to get out for a run yesterday but there's no reason for me to miss the club run tomorrow morning.

    However, I did get out and play 9 holes of golf this morning. Just my luck that my friend Alan wasn't there to witness it - I managed two pars and three bogies with an overall score of 48 (my average is around 56). I'm playing him on Mon so hoping I can continue my good form and give him more of a game.

    No builders at the moment - they've finished plastering the walls/ceiling after the removal of the wall so now it's drying off ready for the plumber to do the pipework and start fitting the new fixtures on Monday.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    I got out for a run with the club this morning and there were no after-effects from the recent cold. Thought I would share with you this rather delightful photo of us that a passing stranger was kind enough to take for us to avoid the need for a 'selfie' (that's me 2nd from right at the back) ..

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