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  • Aquarius - you seem to have some really interesting (varied, challenging) running route near you. This must be a real advantage in terms of pepping up your training. And, as you say, your times are improving as a result. Sorry to hear about the cold. Good luck in your upcoming events - looking forward to hearing race report.

    Rf - Easter is a great time to get back into running especially with the incentive of a trip to Menorca (is it a running holiday?). I bet there's some fab trails you could do over there but the heat could be a big issue?

    On a more modest level of travelling I've just returned from Lincoln, a city I've never been to before. I was working so didn't get much chance to get out and about and didn't pack my running kit. However, I wish I had as I ended up walking up to the cathedral (stunning) via 'Steep Hill' - the clue is in the name. It was a challenge to walk up yet alone run - which of course makes it even more attractive to the likes of us! 
  • Rf - Easter is a great time to get back into running especially with the incentive of a trip to Menorca (is it a running holiday?). I bet there's some fab trails you could do over there but the heat could be a big issue?

    For the past 26 years, since meeting my wonderful partner, all holidays have been running holidays.  Our running gear goes with us wherever we go.
    Menorca is great for running.  A trail, the Cami de Cavalls, goes all the way round the island and there's a race round it every year in May.  We run parts of it most mornings before breakfast from our regular base, the Xuroy.
  • Morning all,

    Another bright and sunny morning.

    I've also scrolled back a couple of pages and seen DBIW's posts have magically appeared. Keep posting, as it appears that we will be able to see all your current posts.

    I ran a good pace run with Karen yesterday morning of 8.27 miles. Today is normally a rest day, but I'm running with Alice later, and it will be speedy for me, but not for her, as she is much faster than me these days. I will take Saturday as a rest day to make up for it.

    Have a good Easter everyone and if you are travelling, take care.
  • Rf - I think I should have guessed. Sounds great.

    HS - no event this weekend then? When is your next race and what is it?

    4 miles for me today and parkrun tomorrow. Rather gusty wind and if it's still around tomorrow then times will suffer.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone

    We've had our grand-daughters to stay for a few days and have been keeping them entertained so I've not had any time to get online lately. However, they are back home with Mum & Dad now and life is returning to normal.

    Before writing anything else I wanted to say I'm glad to read that some of you are now beginning to see DBI's posts - great news :) In case you were wondering, I haven't heard anything back from the RW support people I emailed about the non-appearance of DBI's posts. I think the RW (cough) 'support dept' is non-existent!

    Columba - loving the fact you need a holiday to recover from the recent holiday. Good news about your continuing improvements on your 3:1 run:walk.

    JB6 - when I think of Salisbury its usually the ring road as I only ever drive through there rather than visit. My partner Margaret has friends who live in Lincoln so we visit there most years - and we have walked up 'Steep Hill' (not attempted running up it!).

    Aquarius - well done for improving your parkrun time and for your Open Mile result. I'd love to take the glory for DBI's posts now appearing - sadly, I didn't do anything. Hope you can shake off that cold lurgy soon.

    HS - well done for getting that MV70 trophy and good luck on the return match with your rival.

    Just as my ankle was almost sorted I've injured it again - this time due to stupidity on my part and not acting my age. We took the girls out for the day and I was (ahem) 'supervising' them on the play equipment. I tried to climb on some of the equipment (some parallel wooden bars about three feet off the ground). I promptly fell off bruising my left ankle - I'll try and post a photo to show you what a state my left foot is in. It looks worse than it is and seems to be just bruising - so I still have my fingers crossed I'll be okay for my 10K on 23rd Apr.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    It was the bottom of the leg/top of the ankle that hit the equipment (small reddish bruises). The whole area has a yellowish bruise and the reddish mark on the foot seems to be where blood pooled. Despite the appearance, the leg/ankle feel mostly okay and I'm hoping I can try running again by the middle of next week. 
  • Morning all,

    A rest day today following yesterdays super fast run with Alice. We ran 8 miles in the forest, my fastest mile being 7.33. I kept up with Alice for most of the run, but now and again she got ahead a bit, and then waited for me to catch up.

    jb, my next race is the Southampton Marathon on Sunday 23rd, the same day as the London Marathon. I haven't set myself a target, but would be happy with sub 4.20. I'm expecting Alice to run London in 3.15. We are both running the Alton 10 mile HRRL race two weeks after that. Don't expect anything special there! Good luck with the parkrun.

    WtnMel, sorry to hear that you have injured your ankle again. Looks quite nasty bruising and must be painful. Good luck with your 10k on the 23rd. There seem to be a lot of races on that day.

  • WtnMel - ouch! That looks nasty. Hope it returns to a more conventional shape before the 10K!.
    Grandchildren are wonderful but tiring, bless 'em. I'm quite new to the grandparent role. Any tips? (Yes, avoid the playground equipment, presumably!)

    HS - Southampton marathon then -  I'm guessing (hoping) it's fairly flat? 4:20 would be very respectable. any chance of a top 3 placing for your age group d you think?

    Today's Parkrun: 20:38 so 2 seconds improvement on last week. Went off too fast - 4.01 for 1st Km and that was into a stiff breeze. Last week I was 20th; this week with  a faster time 39th - odd that. An Age Category win and 4th out of 410 for Age Grade which was 79:08%. I've got to be pleased with this. I repeated my pre-race coffee and cycle to the start routine. But I still think the course is too short!
  • jb, yes it will be fairly flat, and the main hill which was in last years half, has been removed. The only incline that I can think of for the marathon will be Itchen Bridge, which appears between miles 10 and 11, and I presume between 24 and 25. Not the ideal time for an incline. This is the first running of the marathon since the 1980's, which I believe I may have stated earlier I ran 3 times. This will be an entirely different course. I was first MV70 in the half last year, so I think I might be in with a chance of top 3. Well done in your parkrun, you are so close now to 80%
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny, but still a bit chilly.

    My race number arrived yesterday, together with a map of the route and detailed locations of car parks. City centre car parks are now open 24 hours, so I will aim to arrive at around 7.45, giving me plenty of time to park and walk to the Guild Hall, which will be the baggage drop. The marathon starts at 9.00, so will have plenty of time to wander round "the race village," looking at the various stalls set up.

    I will be going for an easy pace 10 mile forest run in a few minutes time, which will be my final LSD run before Sunday. I believe that there will be 5 of us from the club doing the marathon, and possibly more for the Half Marathon and 10k.
  • HS - good luck for your final week of preparation for the big event. Sometimes a race website allows you to see who else is running and if so I suspect you'll know who are the threats to a 1st place. 

    I looked at the parkrun results again and noticed a VF 65-69 achieved nearly a 90% WAVA. That is most impressive.

    I might have a crack at a XC 10k tomorrow (Lewes) which is not really my cup of tea. My real target is a 5k on Wednesday evening which is usually of a higher standard than the local parkrun (the course is almost exactly the same one) and I always seem to 'peak' for it........but not with a 10K XC still in my legs I suspect.
  • Thanks JB. I ran a nice easy pace 10 miles in the forest this morning, with a few injections of speed. I used the filter for race entrants, and there are four MV70's. I don't recognize the other three, so will see if I can locate them on Power of 10. Hope you do well in tomorrow's cross country, and Wednesday's 5k.
  • HS - just looked at the results of the Brighton marathon as a benchmark (pretty flat course but uncomfortably warm) and 4:36:52 was the winning time for 70+. As for researching the opposition on Power of 10, I do this a lot.
    Off to my 10k in a short while, but they don't provide a breakdown of age-category results. As it's almost 100% local club runners I know most of the likely names in my category. Not looking at a category win on this occasion I think.
  • Update: 10K time (unconfirmed) 46.40. Pleased with this - very difficult to overtake anyone and I started far too near the back of a very large field. Plus my football team (B&HA FC) has just been promoted! A good day.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good morning all,

    I didn’t manage to take part in the Good Friday relays due to my cold having worsened, however as this was to be Steve’s first run for the club I went along anyway to support him. Unfortunately it was a cold wet day and we had a two and a half mile walk from the designated car park to the place where the relays were being held (and obviously two and a half mile walk back again afterwards). Steve was running the last leg for his team, so we had to stand around for quite a while waiting for his turn. I was wrapped up in so many layers I must have looked like the Michelin man (remember him?) and rather glad I wasn’t running that day. On Sunday my cold had eased a bit so I decided to go ahead with the North Tyneside 10K. I think I knew beforehand that it was probably a bad idea as I was still coughing and a bit achey but I didn’t want to miss two events in a row so decided to do it, but to just jog around at a gentle pace. This worked well for the first 3 miles then my nose started to stream and my cough came back and my legs went all wobbly. So after that it was a combination of running and walking to the end. As it was a local run a lot of club mates, including our coach,  lined the route to cheer our members on, so it was very frustrating to be performing so badly. It was another cold windy day, but I can’t honestly say the weather had an impact on my time, I think the outcome would have been the same on a sunny day. I had been hoping for around 60 minutes but my chip time was 64 minutes. Considering all the nose blowing, coughing and walking stints I suppose it could have been worse………

    WtnMel, oh dear, that ankle looks painful. I hope it’s healing well and is a lot better now. (I think there’s a lesson there somewhere, don’t you?). Do you think you’ll be ok for your 10k on Sunday? By the way, I haven’t seen any further posts from DBI since a number of them appeared a week ago. Do you know if she has posted anything since 4th April?

    JB - there’s been a lot of good running going on from you. Congratulations on improving on your parkrun time, and on such an enviable WAVA. Well done for entering that trail run yesterday, I know from what you’ve said before it’s not really your preferred distance or terrain, so you must be delighted with 46.40. Do you think you will enter some more trail races now? Good luck for tomorrow’s 5k.

    HS - I see you’ve planned your morning well for Sunday’s marathon. By arriving early you’ll be assured of finding a parking place and will have plenty of time to get to the baggage drop and then warm up. Whenever we did the GNR we left home in (what we judged to be) plenty of time, but somehow we always ended up sprinting to get to the baggage bus before it left. This was usually due to the Metro (our rapid transport system in the North East) either arriving late, breaking down en route or just not turning up at all. As a result we’d arrive late in Newcastle city centre and have to run to catch the baggage drop. Then there were the horrendous queues for the toilets, it was always touch and go whether you would get to the front of the queue before your wave was due to start (I only managed it once in 6 years, fortunately there are a lot of bushes nearby, usually heavily populated by other runners). After the run it was a nightmare getting out of South Shields, whether you opted for bus, Metro or ferry the queues were huge. On a couple of occasions we took our car over to South Shields the evening before the run and left it overnight (the nearest parking being a mile from the finish due to road closures). On the plus side this meant we had warm dry clothes to change into and somewhere to sit out of the (inevitable) cold and rain, but the massive traffic jams meant it took three to four hours to complete a journey that would normally take about half an hour on a non-GNR day. Needless to say we now give this run a miss, and instead watch it on TV from the comfort of our sofa. 

    Anyway I hope your race day goes a lot better on Sunday and you get the time you want (and beat your rival MV70s!)

    I got up early today for a 4 or 5 mile run, but saw the frost and decided to wait for the sun to come around. It’s looking better now (the ice in the bird bath has melted) so I’ll be setting out soon. If anyone is running today enjoy it.

  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny, but very chilly. Will be off for a shortish forest run later this morning.

    jb, thanks for the info on the Brighton Marathon. I think the competition will be tougher at Southampton Marathon as one of the MV70 went sub 4 hours at the 2016 London Marathon. Well done in your 10k race, an excellent time. I've learnt my lesson starting too far back in races and being beaten on gun time, when having faster chip time. Congratulations to Brighton on their promotion. Southern Clubs have done well this season.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    Hi everyone

    Still no running going on here (my last run was 28th Mar). There's still a bit of soreness where I clonked my leg (bottom of shinbone/top of ankle) but the ankle itself feels pretty much back to normal. The bruising is still there but has faded quite a lot. I'm going to try a tentative short run tomorrow and see how it goes - I'll do a small loop with various 'escape & loop back' points.

    JB - sorry but no, can't give you any tips re grand-parenting other than return them in one piece and not too full of chocolate or sweets ;) Congrats on 'your' team being promoted (I don't follow football at all .. can't abide it to be honest).

    Aquarius - a 2.5ml walk each way to support Steve plus the hanging around as well .. that's service above and beyond the call of duty. Yes, I remember the Michelin Man. Well done for trying to run the North Tyneside 10K despite your cold. To answer your question (and in case anyone else was wondering), I've not seen any posts by DBI since the one on 4th Apr.

    As you'll have gathered, I'm able to get about okay despite bashing my ankle. I was able to play golf last week - I've cut the lawns this morning and am about to go and play bowls. The green was officially opened for business last weekend so we're now outside - yippee! :)

    I am supposed to be doing the Corsham 10k on Sunday (the numbers were mailed out last week). I'll see how tomorrow's run goes before deciding whether or not to do it. But of course, if I don't attempt it I'll miss out on the promised t-shirt, goodie bag and bottle of beer! :)
  • Aquarius - many thanks. Well you did one out of two of your planned events and I think your club-mates will take note that you were stricken with the bug yet still slogged your way through to the finish line. You deserved your medal. (Although I think I'd opt for the bottle of beer from WtnMel's event!) I will do the occasional trail race but will never really embrace them with great enthusiasm.

    HS - I was quite surprised that at 70+ winning time at the Brighton event; for such a high profile race it was a bit low. Although I'm not one for the big, long races/events I do rather envy you the 'buzz' of such. It'll get the adrenalin going that's for sure. Hope it's not too hot.

    WtnMel - I can't imagine you'd be well enough to run a 10K on Sunday. You are still pretty crocked. If its a cross-country course I'd be particularly mindful; I nearly went over on my ankle a few times in mine. However if you do go for it then much respect is due! You are a very active guy indeed if I may observe. All I do is run and a bit of cycling. (And try to make my granddaughters giggle.) Can understand your views on football; I am a bit of an anorak and will follow rugby, cricket and athletics with great enthusiasm. Mrs JB is very understanding!

    So it's my 5k this evening. The wind (often a big factor) shouldn't be too bad. There will be a big field but the prom is quite wide. However, I'm determined not to get trapped so might 'elbow' my way to the front at the start. I'd like to do nearer 20.00 than 21.00 and edge towards that 80% WAVA. But we'll see.............................
  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny again, and still very chilly.

    WtnMel, it's good to hear that you are still getting out and about despite your ankle injury. Fingers crossed that you will be able to run in the Corsham 10k on Sunday. It would be a shame to miss out on the post race goodies.

    I ran a good pace 6 miles in the forest yesterday, and today is a rest day. I'm beginning to experience the heaviness in the legs, which is normal during tapering for marathons.

    Aquarius, I nearly missed your post, as it crossed with my earlier one. You did very well in your 10k, running with a heavy cold. I remember the Michelin Man, many years since they last showed that advert. Your GNR's sound like logistical nightmares, so I'm not surprised that you no longer run them. I ran the GSR for many years, including the very first which started in Southampton, but it grew too big for my liking and it is many years since I last ran it. Thanks for your good wishes for my Southampton Marathon. The competition will be tough, as one in my age category ran sub 4 hours in last years London Marathon.
  • I'm going to try and post a picture I took yesterday on my mobile phone. It probably won't work as it will be too big. It worked, yippee!
  • jb, our posts crossed. Good luck with your 5k this evening. Hope you achieve the elusive 80%.
  • Yay, after a month off running I'm back again. Seen here on a 4 miles+ run round Grimwith reservoir in the Yorkshire Dales on Easter Monday.  
  • Hello all

    I'm afraid life has been a bit challenging and chaotic lately, only now having a chance to catch up. I have a few days off work now in preparation for VMLM.

    Some great running going on, and some not so great ankle injuries WtnMel, hope it is feeling better?

    RF - great photo!

    I have been tapering, a few niggles still niggling but I am looking forward to London. Hope that I can avoid the colds that are doing the rounds at the moment!

  • MWW - best of luck for the VLM! Look forward to hearing report if you've got the energy.

    RF - cracking photo; looking good (you and the landscape).

    HS - thanks for the good wishes but...........

    So my 5k was nearer 21 than 20 (20:47) - in fact exactly the same time as last year, There's progress! A tad disappointing but I went out a bit too quickly (10:04 at the turn) and fell foul of the stiff wind on the way home. However, on the bright side I edged out a few guys with whom I'd had previous ding-dong battles; I finished with some decent runners around me; and Mrs JB re-assured me that I was the first 'old git'. So mustn't grumble.

    Rest day today. Planning to tackle a very hilly parkrun on Saturday. Eeek!

  • Morning all,

    I'll be going for my last run this morning before Sunday's Southampton Marathon. It will just be a gentle jog to keep my legs moving.

    RF, good to see that you are back running again. An impressive picture with both of your feet in the air at the same time.

    MWW, glad to hear that you are tapering, but niggles are common during the tapering period. I'm also trying to avoid anyone with colds. Best of luck with London, and we look forward to your race report.

    jjb, that was still a very good time, and as you are a year older, to run the same time, means you have actually improved. It's always good to be the "first old git!" Good luck with Saturday's parkrun.
  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    Good luck with the forthcoming marathons. I shall be at London, cheering-on Youngest Son (who has also been having niggles). Not much hope of picking out MWW among 50,000 other runners, or however many it is, but you could tell me what you're going to be wearing, just in case (though I suppose I'd better not shout out "Go, mad Welsh woman!").
    Done a few runs since recovering from my "holiday". As long as I keep focused on the gait analyst's good advice, my knee seems to be ok.
    That's a wonderful photo, RF, - both feet clearly off the ground! 
  • Morning all,

    A bit dull at the moment, but expected to brighten up later.

    Columba, glad to hear that your knee "is behaving." Hope you are able to spot your youngest son and also MWW. I think that there are around 1,300 runners in the Southampton Marathon, a very small field compared with London.

    I jogged 4 miles round the Marina yesterday morning, and no more running now until Sunday.

  • Morning all,

    Looking good for tomorrows London and Southampton Marathons. I'm having an easy day today, hoping to be on form for a good race.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    I love your photo RF, you look so happy to be running. You must have really missed it.
    Good luck to MWW and HS for your respective marathons on Sunday (and Columba's son too).
    JB - you'll just be finishing your parkrun as I write this, I hope it went well.

    WtnMel, how is your foot? Are you going to be able to do your 10k? Take it easy if you do (you could always just buy a bottle of beer you know).

    I still have my virus so have reluctantly decided to give my trail 10k a miss tomorrow. Steve will be running though so I'll go along in my support role.
  • Thanks Aquarius, I'll do a race report late Sunday afternoon if I'm in a fit state. :s I'm feeling under a bit of pressure as my club mates are expecting me to run a good time. Running the distance and racing it are two different things. I think I will take it easier in the earlier miles and if feeling good, to increase my pace. B) Hope your virus soon clears up, and that Steve does well in the trail 10k.

    jb, hope you did well in your parkrun, which I think you said would be hilly.
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