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  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    No running today, a spot of yoga instead I think. After getting wet at Tuesdays 10k I thought I had a cold starting yesterday so I’ve decided to wait a few days before running again, should be fine again for  parkrun tomorrow.
    Well done HS on your 8 mile run yesterday. 
  • Afternoon all,

    Aquarius, has the dentist sorted out your son's abscess now? I had the back tooth that was the cause of my abscess, extracted this morning. 
    Good luck with the parkrun tomorrow, and hoping that you have shaken off a possible cold.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    The dentist is going to re-do my son’s root canal and fit a cap. It seems the antibiotics finally did the trick regarding the abscess.
    I feel for you having your tooth extracted, that’s never a nice experience.  :/
  • Afternoon all,

    It's pouring with rain this afternoon, the first for some time.

    Aquarius, good to hear that antibiotics have finally done the trick regarding the abscess for your son. The extraction of my tooth wasn't too bad. The numbing injection was more painful than the extraction itself. I didn't mean to click the lol button. :/

    Todays run can only be described as "looking for Sarah." We had agreed to meet up for a run, but somehow missed each other. We ended up "running around in circles," but never did meet up. :/
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Good evening all

    HS that must have been quite a frustrating run today for you both. You’ll have to compare notes when you next see Sarah to see what went wrong.  :)

    There was only 60-odd runners at my local parkrun today, but 8 of them had dogs, and all were barking. :/ We had the whole spectrum of barks from deep throated aggressive barks to ear-splitting squeals. Once one started it set the others off and the owners seemed totally oblivious to the din. It was impossible to hear the RD’s run briefing or the countdown to the start. As it happens the start was disrupted anyway, firstly by a cyclist who rode through the middle of the runners (who were poised “on their marks” so to speak ready for the off), then once we’d reassembled and were again waiting for the signal to start three mobility scooters appeared, being driven at speed towards us. The drivers of these vehicles seemed to be known to the local runners as I heard someone say “look out here come hells angels”. It was all a bit of a shambles as people tried to tell the RD to delay the start again until the mobility scooters had passed by, but because of all the barking he couldn’t hear and started the run anyway. Some of us dithered about, uncertain what to do as the scooters bore down on us. It looked like they were going to plough through regardless, but then they slowed down and joked about joining in our race. It was all quite harmless fun really, and I suppose if you’re reduced to getting about on a mobility scooter you get your kicks where and when you can, and this bit of “hell raising” probably made their day. Despite these disruptions I should say I have no problem with cyclists or mobility scooters during our run, after all parkrunners do not have exclusive use of the park, but I did get irritated today by the runners with dogs. Only one young girl made an attempt to keep her dog on a short lead, the others either had long leads, or worse still those really long canicross leads that fasten round the waist to leave the runners hands free. None of the dogs appeared to have had any training for how to run in a group of people, or alongside other dogs, so they darted about from side to side making running quite hazardous as at times you have to run in single file, and an over excited dog trying to push past you is very off putting. I was very glad to get to the finish in one piece and made my mind up to find a different parkrun in future.

  • Sounds like a nightmare that park run.

  • Damien, it was pretty strange I must admit.

    I’ve just got back from a charity marathon relay event our club was hosting at the coast. There was a great turnout of runners from the very young to those in their eighties, all abilities too from national and world champions to those running their first race. It was a lovely to see so many people give up their Sunday afternoon to run a lap, despite the weather, and a privilege to be part of that.
  • Evening all,

    Aquarius, I accidentally ran down the wrong road on the way to meeting Sarah. She ran past the top of the road that I had run down, and we spent the next half hour running all over the place trying to find each other.
    Your parkrun was certainly very eventful. I believe I posted a couple of years ago about dog problems at our local parkrun. There were several runners with dogs on leads round their owners waists. There was even one dog that stopped dead in front of me and started doing his business. Not nice for runners likely to step in the mess :o
    That charity marathon relay event sounded good. It's always good to see runners of all ages and abilities running at the same event.

    Yesterday was the final longish run for us New Forest Marathon and Half Marathon entrants. It was 8 miles round the "Lepe Loop." It was about 95% off road, with the remainder gravel paths. Poor Sarah had a nasty fall on one of the few gravel paths, badly cutting her knee and bruising her shoulder. She's ok now, and looking forward to Sundays Half Marathon. We intend to run together, but if one of us wants to go ahead, then that's fine.
    I had a really enjoyable 7.5 mile forest run this morning in perfect conditions. The sun was shining and there was a lovely cooling breeze. The dog walkers were very considerate this morning, calling their dogs and putting them on leads, or throwing a ball in the opposite direction to me.
  • Afternoon all,

    Another lovely morning and I did an interval session on grass.
  • Afternoon all,

    A nice easy 3.75 mile jog on roads this morning, pre Sundays NF Half Marathon. 
  • HS I can just see you and Sarah running in different directions looking for each other :D You’ve certainly put in a lot of work this week, was today’s run your last one before Sunday’s HM? Sorry to hear of Sarah’s fall, I hope she’ll be fully recovered in time. A fall on gravel can be quite nasty. I remember being told years ago about how to make a poultice to get gravel out of wounds. It was very simple, just a bar of old fashioned green soap (the sort people used to use for cleaning shirt collars) and sugar. Mix together, apply to the wound on a piece of lint, or similar, and leave for a day or two. The poultice draws the gravel out of the wound and leaves it clean and healthy. I tried it and it worked! I don’t think you can get that sort of soap now though unfortunately.

    Good luck to you both for Sunday.

    I went over to the reservoir again today for a 7 mile out and back run. It was very windy and trying to rain, but nevertheless quite enjoyable as I only saw five dogs in total, and most of them were well behaved. 

    When I did my 10k last week my back got increasingly painful from mile 4 onwards, it was painful for the whole of my parkrun on Saturday and likewise today. The pain is right across my middle and lower back and it feels very stiff when I’m running. I’m hoping it’s just muscular, possibly from the yoga I’ve been doing lately. I’ve an appointment with the physio on Friday so will see what she says. 

  • Afternoon all,

    Aquarius, I can remember green soap. I believe it was made by "Fairy," but I'm not sure.
    I jogged a very slow 3 miles this morning and that was my last run before Sunday.
    Sarah's knee is still a bit sore and bruised, but she's hoping to be ok for Sunday.
    I hope the visit to the physio tomorrow helps to ease your back pain! It's quite possible that the yoga is to blame, stretching in unfamiliar ways etc.

  • I went to the physio this morning. It turns out that my back pain is from a long standing problem I’ve had since my first son was born, so not yoga related after all. The physio did a lot of deep tissue work and I’m now sitting, rather uncomfortably, at the hairdressers. I suspect I’m going to be even more sore tomorrow so probably no parkrun for me.

    We’ve four house viewings booked for this afternoon, all quite near each other, so we’re keeping fingers crossed that one might be suitable for us. 

    After that we’re rounding the day off with a meal as it’s our 44th wedding anniversary.

  • Hello everyone. I hope you don't mind me posting on here but a friend and I are looking at doing some research on running to create a brand new fitness app designed for you, regardless of your abilities and goals.

    We really need some help and feedback from people of all abilities. Any help you can give to fill out the survey, or if you have friends that run that could also fill the survey out we would be most grateful. :)

    It's a Google form, should take less than 5 minutes and we'll use the data that we collect to inform the design of the app. The survey is completely anonymous, we don't capture your details and there is also an email address at the start of the survey if you have any questions.

    The survey address is:

  • I struggle with hamstring injuries, which means I always dread sprinting. How about you? When do hamstring injuries seem to occur, in both sprints and hurdles? At what point in a race? And how?
  • HS - good luck for tomorrow’s HM

    and good luck to anyone else running this weekend.
  • HI all, just popping in to wish TE good luck tomorrow! Hope the house viewings go well Aquarius.
  • I managed to smash my park run time today.
    It was 25.38 and I got it down today to 24.56.
    I went out hard for the first half and I felt worn out for the second but I managed to keep going to the end.
    I need to train so that I can run strong and fast for the full 5k.
  • Have you anytips that I could use to get a couple of minutes off that time.

    Here is my strava link.

  • Afternoon everyone

    Popping back here to see how everyone is and some good running going on I see. Been busy these last two weeks with decorating (bathroom) and dealing with the back lawn (we let it grow long - needed strimming twice before I could go near it with the lawnmower). Managed a trip to Tring to see my Mum in amongst all that.

    HS - I share your concerns about the FB icon appearing beneath posts. But it seems to be an icon to share RW posts so don't imagine they've any plans to close the forums just yet.

    Aquarius - I can swim 'okay' but lack confidence out of my depth. A member of my naturist swim is a qualified coach and has said she'll do some improver lessons later this year. Hope those house viewings went okay and happy anniversary for a couple of days ago. 

    Red -  I've had to strim our back lawn and that was very hard work. You mentioned an ice block down your vest - I was watching a CH 5 documentary about the Tower of London and one of the Yeoman said she puts an ice block under her hat in hot weather to help her keep cool.

    My golf was a bit better at our re-match the week before last but my mate Alan still beat me. A friend of his from the golf society played along with us which was useful as he was helping me with advice on why things were going awry. We won't be playing together again until October but I've got another lesson booked for this coming Thursday.

    No running to report - it's fallen by the wayside with the decorating/gardening but I'm planning to go out this coming Thursday.

    I'll try not to leave things too long until my next post but we're off on holiday again soon. Heading in Aquarius's direction as we're doing the North East Skinny Dip again on Sun 22nd and visiting Newcastle on the way up and stopping off in York on the way back.
  • Hi WtnMel, good to hear from you again. You might not be running much at the moment but you are certainly keeping busy I see. The problem with grass is that it just keeps on growing whenever you turn your back. I remember you mentioned in a previous post that you were letting your grass grow long, was there a particular reason for doing that? I hope you manage to get those swimming lessons organised, they should be of great benefit. Good luck with your golf too, I feel in my bones that you are going to beat Alan in October, plenty of time before then to improve your technique. Great that you managed to get to Tring to see your mum, is she getting settled in now? Is your skinny dip at Druridge Bay?

    Damien, I’m afraid I’m not the right person to give advice on speed running/improvement. I expect HS or Red may have some ideas for you.

    EddieAthlete29, I have tight hamstrings, particularly on my left leg but so far I haven’t had any actual injuries (touch wood). I go to a physio every couple of months for a general “tune up” of my legs, so any problems that may be starting are quickly spotted and treated. We tend to concentrate on hamstrings, but also calves as I’ve also got dodgy calves. In fact, if I started to list all the various twinges and problems I’ve got I’d probably crash this site! :p

    HS - looking forward to today’s race report.

    I went for another 7 mile run today around the local reservoir, and was disappointed to find my backache came back quite severely in the last mile, reducing me to a walk for a while. I’ve got another session with the physio in a fortnight but I might see if I can get an earlier appointment. I’m starting to panic a bit as cross country starts at the end of this month and I don’t think I could do it the way my back feels at the moment.  :(
  • > @Aquarius said:
    > EddieAthlete29, I have tight hamstrings, particularly on my left leg but so far I haven’t had any actual injuries (touch wood). I go to a physio every couple of months for a general “tune up” of my legs, so any problems that may be starting are quickly spotted and treated. We tend to concentrate on hamstrings, but also calves as I’ve also got dodgy calves. In fact, if I started to list all the various twinges and problems I’ve got I’d probably crash this site!

    Alright, do you have any recommendations for dealing with the issues? Should I look into compression sleeves for my hammies? And if I feel a twinge during a sprint race, would it be a good idea to just pull up lame?
  • Aquarius, hope you found a suitable house among the 4 that you were viewing?
    Sorry to hear that your backache has returned and hope that you can get an earlier physio appointment.

    Aquarius/Red, thanks for your good luck wishes for Sundays race, my race report is at the bottom of this posting.

    Damian, well done for the big improvement in your parkrun time. To improve your time, I suggest that you start off slighter slower, maintain that pace and then put maximum effort into the final mile or so. If you are solely concentrating on the 5k distance, then try intervals, such as 5 x 2 minutes hard with 1 minute recoveries, and tempo runs i.e hard runs but slower than race pace. Ensure that you do have recovery or cross training days each week.

    WtnMel, I'm not surprised that you don't have much time these days for running. You have more than enough on your hands without that.
    Hope the next golf lessons help you to beat your friend Alan. 
    I expect you are looking forward to your holidays. Good luck with the skinny dip.

    My New Forest Half Marathon yesterday went exactly to plan. My target was 2.05 and I ran 2.05.25. It was chilly to start with but soon warmed up. We made the mistake of starting in wave 2, instead of wave 1. This meant that the first 4 miles or so, involved weaving in and out of slower runners, before we could really "get up to speed." We reckoned that we could have run about 2  minutes quicker if we had started in wave 1. My time was, however, almost exactly 4 minutes quicker that last year, so I'm pleased with that.
  • Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius - we decided to let the back lawn grow long to attract the bees to the clover & buttercups .. it looked lovely but we've decided next year we'll keep the lawn cut, but sow wild flowers in the small area in the far corner of the back garden (has fruit bushes nearby and is sometimes used to grow runner beans). I'm going to try and get to the driving range tomorrow (Tue) for some practise ahead of Thu's lesson .. fingers crossed I can improve enough after the lessons to beat Alan again next time we play. My Mum is really well settled in now - it was useful to be there as I helped her sort out her direct debit for electricity which was too high and a large credit was building up. Yes, the skinny-dip is at Druridge Bay on Sun 22nd at sunrise (7am). As I've said before, you're welcome to come along (every 'body' welcome and no pressure to strip off) and help raise even more money for MIND. Or maybe steer clear of the area on that morning ;) Hope you can get that backache sorted out sooner rather than later.

    HS - Margaret has been chatting to her Uncle who lives Newcastle way so all being well we can fit in a visit to see him in amongst the sight-seeing. Well done re your New Forest HM result and improving on your time.

    I think I may have finally finished decorating the bathroom. I painted the radiator, skirting board and door today so we should now be in a position to go and look at floor coverings and get that arranged. Phew!

  • Well done TE, that's a fab time despite having to weave through the slower runners! xxx
  • Congratulations HS, that’s amazing to be within 1 minute of your target time, and as Red says particularly so as you had to weave in and out of other runners at the beginning. That’s always frustrating, and tiring, as you have to speed up and slow down as you pass one group then get held up again by the next slow group. I get quite annoyed with people who knowingly opt for a start pack that’s beyond their capabilities. You often see them walking after a mile or so, obviously struggling. You must be delighted with your result. How did Sarah get on?

    WtnMel I hope you got some good golf practice in yesterday ahead of tomorrow’s match. Glad to hear your mum is settling in well, lucky you were able to sort out her direct debit. Thanks for the invitation to Druridge Bay on 22nd, I think I’ll give it a miss though, I’ve got too much “on” that day. :D

  • Evening all,

    WtnMel, that would be good if you are able to fit in a visit to Margret's uncle.

    WtnMel/Red/Aquarius, thanks for your well done's!

    Aquarius, there were so many slower runners ahead of us, that we spent the whole race over taking them. There were very few that overtook us. Sarah and I ran together for the first 10 miles, before "I took off." She finished just under 2 minutes behind me, achieving a massive pb by 5.5 minutes :grin: She has managed to break her previous pb's in every race we have run together!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
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    Lucky Sarah, you are obviously a good luck charm HS.
  • Aquarius, it's all about pacing!

    Ran a good pace 7.4 miles in the forest this morning. I seem to have made a good recovery from Sunday's race.
  • Morning everyone,

    Aquarius - Thu's golf lesson went well and the teacher (as you'd expect) easily identified what had been going wrong lately. I went out by myself yesterday and played 9 holes, practising what I'd learnt on Tuesday. Shame I won't be seeing you at the dip - obviously I'm only able to do the dip because I haven't got a lot on :D 

    HS - with Margaret's uncle living so far away from us, it would be rude not to make time to see him while we're in the area. That's a great record by Sarah to be continually improving her PB's.

    I ran 5mls with the club on Thu and although I'd not run for a couple of weeks, it went better than expected. 

    I've just been out and run 4.5mls around town. After the 1st mile which gains some height (11:19mm) I was impressed with my pacing over the next few flatter miles (10:32 10:30 10:32) B) I'm hoping to fit in one more run in on Monday before we head off on holiday.

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