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  • Antony, please let us know how you get on with the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

    A rest day for me today and I'm glad as it hasn't stopped raining all day.
  • Another miserable rainy day. Ran 7 hilly road miles with Helen.
  • Good morning everyone, 

    It’s not raining here at the moment HS but we do have thick mist, which makes you feel quite gloomy. Well done for getting out for a hilly seven mile run in the rain.

    Fortunately the weather was a lot better yesterday for my parkrun; quite chilly but no wind luckily. I did the same one as last week and felt I’d run well as I felt quite strong going around, and I didn’t need to walk at all on the hills, even managing to make up a few places as I passed others who were walking. So I was a little disappointed to find Garmin telling me I was 10 seconds slower this week (admittedly I’d started at the back and spent the first few minutes trying to pass big groups in fancy dress, and young family groups). However when the parkrun results came out they had me 4 seconds faster than last week, so I think I’ll go with their timings😄. I know I’m always moaning on about people who run with dogs that force their way past, but this week the prize goes to a guy with a running buggy who came charging down a fairly steep, very pot-holed, downhill gravel track, with one hand on the buggy (which was bouncing all over the place) and the other hand out at a right angle to keep his balance. The track was barely wide enough for three people and I was about to overtake a couple of runners in front of me when I heard him yell “coming through” and I just had time to pull back in as he swept past, careering from side to side all the way down the hill. Unsurprisingly I saw him at the finish trying to comfort his young son who was very distressed. I can’t understand how parents can submit their children to such danger, under any other circumstances shaking a baby or toddler about for half an hour would get you locked up. (Rant over).

    Anthony- hope your HM goes well today, don’t forget to post a race report.👍

  • Can someone be so kind as to tell me how you start a new thread? Thanks.
  • Evening all,

    Aquarius, well done for your parkrun, definitely take their timings. That was very irresponsible of the buggy runner as his son was obviously terrified, and the buggy could have knocked several of you over if you hadn't managed to take such quick evasive action. He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

    The weather this morning was the worse that I can remember for many years. I decided to do a road run because of the conditions, but had to cut it short because the gale force winds were blowing the rain into my eyes and I couldn't see. I managed 8 miles and then called it a day. Its been bright and sunny all afternoon which I think is known as sods law :anguished:
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    Ran 9 miles on roads yesterday with 2 running mates. We thought that the forest would have been too waterlogged and muddy. 
    Today was rain free, so I decided to run instead of spinning. I ran in the forest this morning and it was very muddy and waterlogged. I ran 8 miles as a fartlek. Very tough in the conditions.
  • HS I’m very impressed that despite the weather you keep knocking out the miles! Your fitness level must be excellent these days, well done.
    I had intended running today but instead was on “grandmother duty” all day (with grandson) we went shopping, had lunch, played games, read books then went for a walk. A lovely day really, just a slight concern that said grandson is showing signs of coming down with the virus his dad has, which will probably mean I’ll get it next😕. I’ll try to get out for a run tomorrow if the weather is ok. Steve has been tinkering with his bike today and needs to visit the bike shop tomorrow for a new inner tube and some bearings (I think) then if all is ok we’ll probably go to the reservoir, me for a run and Steve for a bike ride.
  • Good afternoon HS (and anyone lurking)

    After a very misty and chilly morning it’s now breezy but sunny. I decided to go out for my run this morning as I’d forgotten I’d said I’d look after my grandson for an hour this afternoon. Fortunately the mist had cleared by the time I got out and it was quite a pleasant 6 mile slow run. I didn’t see any other runners along my route and only saw 4 cyclists, but I did see a number of dog walkers and a total of 24 dogs (oh, and two squirrels). I decided to wear my trail shoes as the railway track I run along is tree lined on both sides, and at this time of the year there’s a thick black pile of decomposing leaves underfoot , all very soggy and slippery after the recent rain. Running on the flat isn’t a problem, but the hills are a different matter.

  • Good afternoon Aquarius and genuine lurkers. Glad that you managed to get out for a run today. It was misty here yesterday morning, but today was clear. It rained early morning, but by the time I set off for my run at 9am it had stopped. Very wise of you to wear trail shoes. I always do when the forest is wet, but in the summer when it is dry, I wear my road shoes.

    I ran 5.5 miles on roads this morning as a recovery run from yesterdays fartlek efforts. Before I set off my legs were ok, but once I started they felt as heavy as lead, and I was glad that I had decided to only do a short run.
    I was reading this morning that cow owners in Hampshire have been requested to remove their cows horns, as several walkers have been attacked. It appears that they have been dog walkers that didn't have them on leads when near the cattle.  The other day in the forest I saw a dog chasing a number of ponies, with its owner nowhere in sight. The ponies were chased across a road into the field the other side. Very dangerous as they could have been hit by traffic, causing a nasty accident. They could also trample innocent runners and walkers who might have been in their path.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening everyone,

    Apologies for the recent 'radio silence' - been away on an HF walking holiday in Sussex (HF Abingworth nr. Thakeham) followed by a couple of nights based in Burgess Hill.

    Red has been making the occasional post on Facebook and nothing untoward mentioned so hopefully she's just a tad busy.

    HS - I would only ever contemplate running barefoot on a sandy beach too. I hadn't realised you have donkeys in the New Forest. Glad it's not just me ignores Strava's 'advice' about the effort I put in to my runs. Well done re your recent runs you've been doing.

    Aquarius - glad to say my financial adviser confirmed all is okay at present and he's already made adjustments to my investments (and everyone else's) to help deal with any financial ups & downs (too complicated for me - I leave it to him and his team to research things and move investments around as they see fit!). The radiator is still working okay so it looks like it WAS just a sticky valve. Shame about your GP race being a bit slower than last year - I think quite possibly due to that combination of the hilly run, yoga, 2nd run and chasing after your grandson. If the parkrun results show a faster time, definitely go with that! :) Not to put to fine a point on it, that manic running-buggy runner does sound like a dangerous twat. BTW - some local people who were at the recent skinny-dip have got the bug and are planning to meet up for impromptu skinny-dips at Druridge .. better keep your eyes peeled if you're down that way ;)

    ** I've reported that moronic poster jcll42 and the post is now hidden - good job too **

    I didn't get out for a run before we set off for our weekend walking holiday. I made up for not running by doing two 'harder' walks at the weekend. One was an 8ml circular walk from the house - the other was a 9ml walk from near Eastbourne over Beachy Head, down to Birling Gap, then over the Seven Sisters (of which there are 8!) ending at Cuckmere Haven. We then had a couple of extra nights based in Burgess Hill - on Mon we visited our friend in Bexhill-on-Sea who did the Thames Path with us in 2012 .. yesterday we went to Brighton and visited the Royal Pavilion.

    Although my running club's Wed sessions are based in Bishops Cleeve for a few weeks, after driving home today I don't have the energy to join them tonight. So I'll go running with the Thursday group tomorrow as per usual.
  • My Royal Parks HM was 2hrs 16 mins 5 secs, which is 5 seconds faster than my previous best. So I'm pleased with that
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Well done Antony. My last attempt at a HM was in Bath a few years ago. I thought I was on course for a similar time but got cramp after 9mls and had to run/jog/walk/hobble the last 4 miles and eventually got over the line in 2h 35m.

    <rant mode>

    I was pissed off after this morning's club run. I was slower than usual (probably due to the weekend's walking) but with one or two exceptions, none of the faster runners could be arsed to run back to find me at the various re-group points (which is how the run is presented and what is supposed to happen). One of them offered to buy me a drink after the run but I refused and when he asked why, I told him I had better things to do than sit around having a drink with him. When he asked why I told him he and the others should try looking round occasionally, try running back to the slower runners as they're supposed to and stop buggering off ahead all the time. I also muttered 'bunch of arseholes' as I walked away and am not sure I'll be bothering to go to any further club runs ..

    <rant ends>
  • WtnMel, oh dear I can tell from your post that your fellow runners lack of thought and consideration today really annoyed you. From what I remember of what you’ve previously told us about your club runs they tend to be social runs, rather than a specific training session. If that’s the case (i.e social) then I can quite see why you were so annoyed. Didn’t you have a similar problem before and the run leader had to speak to the offenders? They obviously don’t learn. Perhaps it’s time to look for another club?

    I hadn’t realised you were on your travels again last week, you certainly get about don’t you. I hope the weather was good for your walks, it’s much more enjoyable when it’s fine than trudging along in the rain or fighting a headwind. Good news about the radiator too.

    I was going to go for a short run today but instead ended up going for a walk around the reservoir, nothing as ambitious as your recent walks, just a modest 3 miles. Tomorrow I’m off to the physio again for a tune-up of my back and shoulder muscles. Since I’ve started incorporating yoga into my fitness routine I’ve woken up muscles that have probably slumbered peacefully for years, and they’re letting me know they’re none to pleased about it😄.

    Well done Anthony, that’s a pretty decent time.

  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, I  have regular meetings with my financial adviser, who is also on Strava. He advises me when to transfer money to different accounts etc.
    You are certainly making the most of your retirement, with a variety of activities, including DIY.
    I sympathise with you regarding being left behind, with nobody looking back to see if there are any stragglers. This happened with our club about 3 years ago. It was a social evening run in one of the woods, wearing head torches. There was no organisation, and the leaders went off without looking back. We were gradually breaking up, not knowing which way to go. I ended up running with another club member and we eventually found our way back to the start where we had parked our cars. Some had already driven off, not knowing whether everyone was safely out of the woods. I submitted a formal written complaint, together with a list of suggested safety rules. I'm pleased to say that these runs are now led by a Leader with responsibilities for seeing that nobody gets left behind. There are also nominated Leaders for the slower runners.

    Well done Antony, a pb is a pb!

    Aquarius, I hope your visit to the physio today was beneficial? I'm sure that yoga must be helping your flexibility.

    I got absolutely soaked to the skin again yesterday morning in torrential rain. I just ran 6 miles on roads and that was enough!
    There was a thunder storm last night, with flashes of lightning. The rain stopped early this morning, but today is a rest day. I had a haircut at my hairdressers, where she is another runner, and we had a good chat, as usual, whilst she cut my hair. I then went to the library, accidentally leaving my reading glasses in the car, so had difficulty selecting my books.
    It's the GSR on Sunday which was first run 30 years ago with 2,000 runners, and started in Southampton. I ran it in 1.01.20. This Sundays race has 20,000 entrants. I haven't run it for several years now, as I don't like large fields.

  •  HS your experience of being left behind by the other runners sounds even worse than WtnMel’s. At least in your case there were two of you, it would have been really frightening if you’d been on your own in the woods in the dark. It must be very satisfying to know that as a result of your complaint and list of suggested safety measures, which the club subsequently adopted, no other runner is likely to suffer the same fate in future. 

    Your run yesterday sounds pretty unpleasant, you seem to have had more than your fair share of rain lately. We’re often woken up through the night by heavy rain, although it tends to clear up by morning.

    I had to smile at you leaving your glasses in the car when you went to the library. I could see you ending up with an interesting selection of books that way!😂

    I had a good physio session this morning, thanks. I’m definitely getting more flexibility in my back through practicing yoga, I just need to be careful I don’t overdo it by pushing myself too hard too soon. 

    Parkrun again tomorrow - I just hope that idiot with the buggy isn’t there.

  • Running’s a funny thing isnt it? This morning I had a good parkrun and ran as fast as I could for the last mile. It felt really good and I was delighted with my improvement. So you can imagine my surprise, and disappointment if I’m honest, when my Garmin showed me I was 40 seconds slower than last week (which Parkrun subsequently verified). Not a huge amount admittedly but isn't it strange how we can believe we are running well when we are actually slower than we think. Never mind, it happened, I’ll see what happens the next time. Next Saturday I’m hoping to do a XC if I can get a lift to the course, so I won’t be able to do parkrun. It’ll be at least a fortnight until I can try to improve on my time again.
    The weather was fine this morning but very chilly, however the rain is back again this afternoon, and I think tomorrow is due to be the same. I might try to get out for a run tomorrow morning as I’ve just realised I’ve a 10k in three weeks time so I need to build up my weekly mileage.
    I’ve been listening to the Brexit debate on television. What a mess. :|
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning everyone (a very early morning as it happens!)

    Aquarius - you're correct, Thu is supposed to be a social run and if you believe the description "no-one gets left behind". Except obviously I did - and no-one appeared to notice or be particularly bothered. I've swapped messages with the run leader (who happens to be Chair of the club). She was upset with the way I reacted, thought my language was uncalled for and said to speak to her in future if I had any issues. I replied to say I wasn't going to apologize for my language as people needed to be told and as for issues in the future, was unlikely to bother with the Thu sessions in future. She said she'd speak to the others - not that I think it will make a blind bit of difference and I'm sure they'll revert to type again soon enough - and said I'd be welcome to come back. I somehow doubt that as I've probably "burnt my boats" by calling them arseholes and I don't imagine I'd be welcome (I might be, but I'd be very surprised as I figure they'll close ranks and ostracise me even more). So I'll try the Wed eve run instead - hopefully they'll be more supportive. But if I start getting the cold shoulder there I'll know our Chair has been talking about me and if that's the case, I will leave the club and do my own thing instead. The weather was a bit wet on our walking holiday but the main problem on Sunday was the wind - gusting to 30-40mph and stopping us in our tracks from time to time. Glad your physio visit proved useful.

    HS - it wasn't that they didn't look back. It was the fact they looked back while continuing to chat amongst themselves and then when I did eventually catch them up at the re-group point, almost immediately headed off up the road once again. The point of looping back is to make sure that stragglers don't get left behind too much but it hasn't been happening for a few months now. Well done for battling through the rain on your 6ml run. I don't usually leave my reading glasses behind - but I often think I can do things without them then have to retrieve them from my bum-bag. Some of my clubmates are doing the GSR - not that I care much given recent events.

    I went for a run in my new Brooks Transcend shoes yesterday afternoon and immediately noticed how much more cushioned they felt compared to the old shoes. As per usual, the cushioning on the old ones has deteriorated but as it's been over a long time, I haven't really noticed. I'll do a couple more short, experimental runs in the new shoes and then will probably retire the old Saucony ones (they've done approx. 400 miles now).

  • Afternoon all,

    Aquarius, good to hear that your yoga sessions are producing results. You are correct in that running is a funny thing. I quite often discover that when I think I am running quicker than usual, my Garmin indicates that I am running slower. Also I sometimes find that when I accelerate the Garmin shows a slower pace. I tend to ignore it, and just concentrate on the mileage. I believe that the variations are evened out, but I don't know how. It could be when the signal is weakened by trees or high buildings etc. I hope you will be able to get a lift to your cross country on Saturday.

    WtnMel, a very early morning post. Were you woken up by a thunder storm? 
    Your club doesn't seem to be very friendly, although perhaps you may have overreacted slightly. I find that going on the offensive can be counterproductive. I don't blame you though, as you were obviously very annoyed. I hope the Wednesday run turns out ok. The Chair may have had a quiet word with some of the runners to be more considerate. You will soon find out if you decide to run. 
    I always notice the difference with cushioning when I get new trainers. As you say, we get used to the gradual loss of cushioning as we log up the miles. I usually wear my road trainers for about 500 miles, but do try to alternate them.I think that this makes them last longer.

    Yesterday was a really nice sunny day, and I ran an enjoyable 9 miles on roads. I would have preferred to have run in the forest, but it would have been so waterlogged and muddy, that it wouldn't have been possible to have run  without lots of walking or wading.
    A rest day today, so I was able to watch the GSR on TV and relax.
  • WtnMel you’ve taken the prize for earliest post of the day!

    Surely there’s no point in your club’s Chair saying you should speak to her in future, this isn’t the first time this has happened is it? As club Chair (and even more so as race leader) it is her responsibility to make sure that lessons were learned from last time and to ensure it doesn’t happen again. She failed on both points. It’s all very well to apologise after the event, and to try to make you out as the bad guy for what you said but surely your reaction just reflected how upset you were. If I was you I’d base my complaint on health and safety grounds. I’d also ask what insurance the club has in place if a runner becomes detached from the group and is subsequently injured or lost. Admittedly insurance probably wouldn’t cover training runs, but it would do no harm to “rattle” them a little bit. It may just make them take this situation more seriously and put measures in place to prevent this happening to anyone again. And if the other runners responsible on Thursday haven’t the guts and decency to apologise to you personally then I’d give up on the club. It’s their loss, not yours.

    Glad to hear your new shoes are so comfortable. It’s always a bit of a gamble changing brands.

    HS I didn’t realise the GSR was on television until it was 30 minutes in. I recorded the remainder but haven’t had time to watch it yet ( I spent the afternoon watching Super League triathlon on the red button channel). I think you are right about Garmin losing its signal due to tall buildings and trees, I’ve had that happen with both. Well done for another good training run, I wish I could run your mileage and pace......

    .....Today I did a very slow 5 mile run. I’ve started reading a book about 80/20 training where 80% of your runs are done very slowly (at a pace where you can comfortably carry out a conversation) and only 20% are fast or hard sessions. According to the author this is the method used by elite sportsmen in a variety of sports and results in faster times for races. I counted out loud during my run today (fairly quietly I have to say, I don’t want to look a complete idiot) to ensure I ran at the required pace. I certainly feel less fatigued after the run (which is also a plus of this method, as is less injuries).

    I don’t know whether I’ll be able to stick with this, or if it will be of benefit to me, but I’ll see how it goes and report back on here.

  • Good afternoon all,

    Aquarius, I wish I had known that there was triathlon on the red button Sunday afternoon, as I would have watched it.
    I've followed the 80/20 training method for many years, and it is definitely effective. Your slow 5 mile run was a good tester.

    Back in the forest this morning and I ran 9 miles with the two Sarah's and Jane.
  • Well done HS on yet another good run. 
    No running for me today but I may try to get over to my club tomorrow night for training as an Adidas rep is coming along with lots of shoes for us to try out during our track session. I’ve never tried Adidas shoes before so it seems too good an opportunity to miss.
  • Afternoon all,

    It was very cold and foggy this morning, so I was glad that I had decided on a spin session. 

    Aquarius, I hope that you manage to get to your club this evening. Good luck with your track session. I presume that you will be testing the various Addidas shoes on the track? Be careful if you buy a pair, as shoes suitable for the track can be unsuitable for road running. As far as I can remember, I have never worn Addidas trainers.
  • Good evening HS
    A change of plan, I forgot I had said I would spend the day with my son and grandson, so I’ve had to give the club training session a miss tonight (no energy left after a busy day!).
    It was probably a good idea to go to your spin class this morning, it’s not much fun running when the weather is cold and misty.
    On the spur of the moment we’ve decided to go over to Windermere tomorrow and stay overnight (cue torrential rain😄) so it looks like I’ll not have time to fit in any running before my XC on Saturday, which reminds me I still need to ask around for a lift to the event. Normally Steve would take me but he’s going to be busy all day at the sailing club helping to put the boats in the boathouse for the winter. I’ll have to see if any club members have a spare seat in their car.
  • Afternoon all,

    Aquarius, hoping you are having a nice day in Windermere! Fingers crossed that you will get a lift on Saturday to your cross country. 🚗

    Very cold this morning and I decided to do a road run. I ran 6.3 miles at a steady pace.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening everyone,

    I ran yesterday morning and gave my new Brooks shoes another outing. And I've been out again this evening to the club run, again wearing my Brooks. They seem okay so I've now 'retired' my Saucony shoes.

    HS - the gps signals used by Garmin are only accurate to within 25yds or so. So the over-estimates balance out with the under-estimates over a period of time. My early post was due to me being a night-owl and I'd only recently gone to bed. I DID overreact last Thursday but have seen the Chair this evening and apologised and we've agreed its 'water under the bridge' now and can be forgotten about. I'm still unsure how welcome I'll be if I go back to Thu morning runs. I noticed her description of the Thu run now includes a reminder about looping back .. but I won't be going having run tonight instead. Well done re your 9ml run  - don't blame you for steering clear of the mud in the forest!

    Aquarius - it did seem a bit pointless our Chair saying to speak to her in future. It's not the first time they haven't looped back and as I said, they should know better so I stand by my criticism, even though I shouldn't have sworn at them as I walked away. Anyway, as mentioned above, I've seen the Chair at tonight's run and apologised for my language. Whether her adding the point about looping back will do any good I have my doubts. But I think I'll stick to the Wed eve club run for a while. In fact, at tonight's run, one of the people who didn't loop back last Thu was the sweeper and as I was slowest, ran alongside me most of the way - and chatted away as if nothing had happened! And just to put things in perspective, the leader tonight Dom made a point of telling everyone to loop back before we started - and everyone did. I've heard the phrase 'run at the speed of chat' to make sure you're doing an easy run. Hope the weather isn't too bad in Windermere - and hope you get a lift to your cross-country on Saturday.

    One of our club members manages the local 'Up & Running' shop and arranged a special deal for club members on headtorches. So I treated myself to one knowing I'd be running tonight and it worked a treat - very bright and it didn't slip around on my forehead. While I was in the shop I also treated myself to a Ron Hill thermal top for when the weather turns a bit colder.

    The loopback group was a bit faster than I usually run. I didn't get left behind too much and as mentioned, they were very good about looping back regularly to pick me up. But I can feel it in my legs tonight.

  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, good to hear that your new Brooks trainers seem to be ok.
    Sounds as if you have sorted everything out now with your club's Chair.
    Head torches are very important these dark evenings, and it was lucky that you were able to buy yours at a discount. I had similar luck buying mine a few years ago, when another local running club had a few available at reduced price. I was able to get mine, as one of my club members used to belong to that club.

    I ran in the forest yesterday morning with the Dibden Doddlers. This is a social club run and very enjoyable. We ran 8.6 miles and finished before the heavy rain started.
    I'm doing a parkrun tomorrow with Sarah F, my first since my injury in June 2017. It will be interesting to see how much slower I will be since my last time.
  • Good afternoon all (I say “all” but it’s probably just HS and WtnMel),

    We found Windermere busier than usual, I hadn’t realised that it was half term and so the place was teeming with families as well as the usual tourists. We didn’t do a lot of sightseeing as it was rather cold on Wednesday and raining on Thursday, but we pottered about and went over to Ambleside and Keswick on Thursday before returning home. 

    WtnMel I’m glad things seem to have been smoothed over with your club, and good to hear that they are making an effort to remind people about looping back for the stragglers. It will be interesting to see if they keep this up or if it is just a flash in the pan. Rather amusing that the sweeper who ran with you on Wednesday night was one of Thursday night’s culprits, pity he hadn’t the good grace to apologise.  As regards head torches, I can’t find one that is a secure fit (I do have quite a small head) so instead I have a chest torch. It’s easier to wear and very powerful. Glad to hear that your change to Brooks has been successful. 

    HS Was that the first time you’ve run with the Dibden Doddlers? I don’t recall you mentioning them before. Good luck to you and Sarah F for your parkrun tomorrow. I hope you don’t get washed away! 

    Heavy rain here today. I’ve decided against the XC tomorrow for two reasons, firstly the organisers keep stressing it’s a very tough course. It’s a new course to us all so no-one knows just how hard it’s going to be, but it’s unusual for the organisers to emphasise how tough it will be, and secondly I don’t think my original idea of getting a lift over will work for various complicated reasons, but basically due to other commitments that day it’ll mean me hanging around quite a bit both before the XC and afterwards, and since the forecast isn’t good for tomorrow I don’t want to be hanging around while cold, wet, muddy and tired. I’d then need to get along to the sailing club to meet Steve, hang around a bit longer until he’s finished helping out there, find somewhere to get a shower and get changed, then go for some food. After which we were supposed to be going along to a surprise party to thank our retiring coach for all his years of coaching and advice, but the more I think about it the more I realise that it’s just not going to work. So instead I went for a 6 mile run today using my heart rate monitor (working again thanks to a new battery) and made myself run very slow and counting out loud all the while. Today I felt I could judge the correct pace much better, and used the HRM and counting to keep my pace constant. It is a little irksome running so slowly, but in a strange way it is also quite pleasant and relaxing, however I found my calves were aching by the end of the run. I’m wondering if that could be due to changing my running style, as it’s now a slow jog with a shorter stride and lower leg lift (not that my leg lift is ever very high).
  • Good morning all

    Well, the XC has been cancelled due to flooding so I couldn’t have done it anyway. The organisers are trying to rearrange it for later in the season, but as this is the second XC that’ll need to be slotted in somewhere (Druridge Bay was cancelled three weeks ago), and the weather is likely to get worse over winter, I wonder if this will be possible. It’s not a great start to the season - two out of the first three events cancelled.🙁

    How did your parkrun go this morning HS?

  • Good evening Aquarius, WtnMel, and any other genuine "Mature Runner!"

    Aquarius, I had a couple of nice holidays in the Lake District many years ago. 

    That was the second time that I had run with the "Dibden Doddlers." It is aimed at club runners who prefer doing a morning forest run, rather than a structured club session on roads in the evening.
    You were probably wise to postpone running your cross country race today, because of the weather conditions, and it being a tough course. Good luck with your heart rate training. It's very difficult running slowly to match the prescribed heart rate. I find that my heart rate is always lower when I run hard, than when I run slower. I don't know why, but don't don't trust the optical heart rate monitor which is incorporated in the Garmin Watch. I'm not the only one who finds this, but suppose it depends on how the algorithms are programmed.
    The parkrun went really well and much better than expected. I ran it in 27.44, an average pace of 9.07 minute miling. 1st MV70 out of four. My average heart rate was 142 beats per minute, as compared with Thursdays doddle where the average was 174 bpm and pace  average 12.06 minute miling. Doesn't make any sense 🤔

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