psof down under

Hello, hello. Just popping in while they're all asleep to see if there's anyone else down here gearing up for long distance this summer?

I'm in Adelaide, thinking of IMNZ next year. 



  • Kanga is trying to get us all at Cairns for 2020


  • I'm not sure what Mitten is doing ....I'll find her on twitter and point her in image

  • Thanks Seren, thanks Meldy. I'm in touch with those two. Hoping to flush out a few more lurkers. image

  • Id nee to win several lotteries before I consider it. image

  • (waves to Waff)

    Don't think my budget stretches to Oz for a while now. Next year - The Lake District.

    (its not even in a different local TV region !)
  • What about my annual visit?? image

  • Can we meet half way ?   image

  • Hey guys, good move Waffy image

    Was planning to sign up for IM Oz at Port Macquarie next May but got an email yesterday saying our cabin won't exist/be habitable next May as the new owners are overhauling the whole park. Means a motel in town with no cooking facilities or a apartment miles out of town, neither of which appeal to me or the Kangettes. Done Port 4 times now so getting a bit same old same old so very open to other offers. There's also a self inducted Gubba just south of Sydney who did Port Macq last year having read Andy's book, I'll give him a shout.

    There is the small matter of being a very fat very unfit bastid, even by my usual lax standards, so a mini Pirate event would be good for the mojo image

  • Neither I or the Deepcut Cafe can take the blame for you needing a cargo plane to get home! ;O). Well, maybe the Deepcut cafe then...

    Where is Cairns?


  • Hi Kanga - hmm well that decision has been made for you I guess.

    I'm 90% up for IMNZ next March - will decide in November after Murray Man. Somehow, swimming in a lake is so much more appealing than a salty ocean full of sharks and jellyfish.


  • Yeah, I'm not overly keen on things with nature's chainsaws in the their mouths. We've not seriously looked at alternative accommodation or options yet, but will do in next few days. Might even do both and just shoot over to NZ on my own image

  • Dusty - Cairns is closer to Jakarta than Sydney, way far north Queensland. Sharks, crocs, and mossies, just in case the humidity doesn't kill you first.

  • Why not Challenge Wanaka? I'll be home around May time image hopefully for a flying visit unfortunately too late for IM support - hoping to at least make my way to Cairns in support for 2020 and then head home for a visit.

  • Challenge Wanaka is awesome - and Wanaka itself is lovely. Small race though, so you won't get the huge feel of IM but Lady Waff, I reckon D would like it in Wanaka. Lots of nice walks and the like. 

    I'm liking the Antipodean Pirate contingent. When will someone invent that pesky teleporter? 

  • I think I will cry if and when we head for southern climes for permanent.  However don't think that's happening for a while yet image

  • Wanaka does look tempting - it must be good because it's already full. They have a cheeky relay option which could tempt a few people (notwithstanding the 30 hour flight etc...).

    Kanga - I hope you can get your holiday sorted. image

  • The swim is in a river!!! Port Macquarie it is then. image


  • I'm in, so thats a quorum. We can decide next year's champs location image

  • Don't be silly Kanga - it was decided at the Murray Man that next year's champs would be IMNZ. imageimage

  • Righto, works for me. Might be a selective, dare I say elite turnout image

  • I'll get working on the shields. image

  • I'll start mince training image

  • Boing :tired_face:
  • Hey Kanga, me and Horse are in Busso in December doing the 70.3 with our kid you fancy it?
  • Boing
  • I'm tots an Antipodean Pirate now - will be doing the Challenge Wanaka Aquabike in Feb and I have my eyeballs on the Round Taupo Cycle Enduro if anyone's keen :) hopefully we'll be in Cairns 2020 swimming at least!
  • Buttercup I will  need a race report, to encourage my brain and body to train for something a bit different and maybe finally do a long trip on the bucket list.

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