Just watching the GNR and a few points come to mind. I googled prize money but strangely can't find anything, I'm sure its there if I was a bit more laptop literate, but why isn't it freely available?

So how much do the elite runners get in appearance and prize money? A quick calculation on my spreadsheet says if there are 57K runners at 52quid thats about 3mil to distribute, but perhaps the funds given out to the elites come from somewhere else?

There appear to be 2 threads running (sorry, can't resist a quick pun) through the coverage, 1st the elites and 2nd the rest and their efforts to raise funds for good causes. Strange how there's no overlap, none of the elites seem to run for anyone other than themselves and the rest are all about the good causes.

If its all about the good causes, why give all that money to the elites, when it could go straight to charity or lower the entry fees?

Other than that I'm still a bit baffled why anyone would want to run down a motorway for 13 miles, but each to their own.


  • as it gets tv coverage they will raise lots of money in sponsorship deals   to add to your 3 millions


  • Your logic is so flawed that I barely know where to begin.

    The elite althletes are professionals. They deserve to get paid like anyone else. They are not taking money off any charities.

    And let's not be naive here, a few of the people running for good causes will be people who simply didn't get a place in the ballot and are using the charity in order to get a place.

    To use an anology: Some people get sponsored to sit in a tin of beans, but that doesn't mean it is wrong to simply eat my beans on toast instead. I'm not denying a charity any money.

  • The prize structure for both British and international athletes is prominently advertised on the GNR website.

    The overall prize is $800 and the British-only prize is $2000. Mo Farah is entitled to both.

  • because it is a motorway...even with all those runners it's a very fast course. My clubmate pb'ed today from middle of the pack. It's easy to dismiss big races these days, but I remember when G

    NR had lads who'd been out all night and decided to do it for a laugh, it's influenced millions of people to get out and run, in an area that sorely needed it at the time.
  • If it's like the LM the sponsors pay the athlete fees.

    I've done it once - good atmosphere but dull course apart from the bridge and drop to the coast.

    Clearly thousands love it though.
  • Ah, thx Literatin, looked again and found the bit about prize money, am surprised its so low, which makes most of my arguments flawed as Chris points out, but to be fair they were raised as questions not statements.

    Am just slightly amazed that all the overseas runners come all the way to the GNR for that sort of prize money, but what do i know, not much it seems.

    my last comment re the course still applies though.image
  • Yes, in hindsight I was a bit rude. Apologies for the slightly snarky tone of my reply.

  • Some of the overseas runners will get an appearance fee, but organisers of races like this are keen to attract a decent domestic field too, which is why you get more and better British-only prize money. You'll usually notice there are more Brits than overseas elites, even if they are less high-profile and not always as fast.

    I think it's fair enough re. appearance fees, though - part of what makes the race so high-profile is the big name runners that people want to see on TV, and that in turn is part of what makes it a sponsorship magnet. I don't raise money for charity usually when I run, but when I do big races people try and sponsor me without me even asking.

  • The mens' race in the last few years has been set up as the Mo show.  They do that by low prize money and not offering appearance money to any other decent runners.  They've obviously decided that what viewers want is uninterrupted coverage of Mo running down a dual carriageway, and they don't want that spoilt by a bunch of relatively unknown east Africans beating him by a minute or so.

    The appearance money budget probably got blown on flying David Rudisha in to run 500m the day before.

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