Rat Race Scotland coast to coast disappointment 2016

Massive disappointment! I flew out from London Heathrow after months of training for this event, a lot of money down the line, equipment etc. I was really excited and looking forward to this event but what a let down it turned out to be for me and most of the other competitors. We arrived on schedule however there was problems with us getting off due to "technical problems". We ended up setting off 15 minutes late (which wasn't a problem)  after a mixture of cycling and running for 9 hours i arrived at the checkpoint at 4:10. The cut off for that point was 4:00 we was refused entry to Ben Nevis! This is ridiculous as if we had set off on time myself and a lot of other racers would have comfortably been through and allowed to finish the race. Would not recommend to do any events with this company. The bottom line is when the race started late they should have adjusted it for everypart.


  • I've done it twice and both times went off without a hitch.

    It's a tricky one - but the cut offs are there for safety - you'd only just have made it without the delay and then you'd probably have missed the last cut off on the loch ?

    The last stage is a b*tch - you'd not want to get caught out in the dark on it. They couldn't have let you go on.

    Did you know you were going to be flirting with the cut offs even without the delay ?
  • Last year there were some people out there in the dark. Since you have to carry a head light with you it should not be a problem.


  • I don't think that's right. The head torch is there for emergencies. That's not the same as sending people up on the mountains knowing that they will be in the dark. That would be dangerous - the trek was hard enough in the light.

    Danny - I'd complain to RR about it though - see if they'll give you an entry for next year maybe ?
  • Bit harsh...I was curious about what they would do about cutoffs after we went off 10 mins late. When I got to Fort William at about 2.30 they said the cycling was about an hour slower than they had ever seen before due to the headwinds so not surprised to see so many people miss the cut.

    having done the run i can confirm that was no place to be in the dark, sort of thing I guess they would lose whatever licenses they have over if they let people up that mountain after the cut off times.

    tough luck.

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I would be really mad if this was me. If they had set everyone off on time, you would have made the cut off.  These races aren't cheap, that's before you think about all those hours training etc.  I would complain to them.

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