Budapest Marathon 2016

I’m doing the Budapest Marathon on 9 October. I wonder how many other RW members are also doing it (seen a post by amylmw).  Keen to share advice on the event.  There is this event summary from 2009

A friend has done the Budapest half marathon a couple of times and told me:

The route is so pretty and they purposely take you along the Danube and past all the key landmarks so you get to see the best of the city. The marathon seemed very well organised.  Very international in terms of participants. 


Hungarians are very friendly and very gentle people. Budapest is one of the most underrated EU capitals - it's pretty, small, historical and friendly. There also have some lovely natural thermal spas which has freezing water plunge pools in them which are excellent for any post marathon aches. I'd recommend Gelert Spa just over Freedom Bridge. They speak good English in Budapest (you go outside Budapest and the level drops like a stone). Otherwise Russian with the older generation is helpful.


As usual for my annual foreign road marathon, happy to meet up with other RW entrants.



  • The lack of response suggests that I may be the only Brit running in the Budapest marathon this Sunday!  Surely not?  Anyway, the forecast looks to be ideal - cool, fine and little wind. Hoping for sub 3:45 (which would match my very first marathon in London 20 years ago) but haven't done enough training so will be content with sub 4. 

    I've had some advice from the B&B I'm staying at: take a swimming costume in order to take advantage of the many spas in the city, ideal for post race aches and pains.


    Have a great time guys, I did this race last year and loved it.   Going back again next year.   Lots to see on the way round.

  • Marathon report

    Over 250 Brits completed the marathon and there were more running the 30 km and other races.

    Registration.  I went on the Friday evening when stalls were still being set up. Registration worked OK but was a functional process.  Ensure that you get your running number registered on the timing system before leaving the tent. Garish orange technical T-shirt issued.

    Pasta Party. No comment - this was on the Saturday when I was sightseeing 

    Start area. Hero's Square close to a metro station.  Well set out.  Enough signs and announcements in English.

    Course.  An attractive course past many of the major attractions and a good length along the banks of the Danube.  A few short stretches in boring residential or industrial areas.  A few gradients but no significant hills.  Well marshalled and no interference with traffic.

    Refreshment posts.  Every 4 or 5 k, water, sports drink and energy food. Plenty of friendly volunteers.

    Finish.  Also in Hero's Square.  Attractive medal with red ribbon of sponsors Spar (groceries) but a ribbon in national flag colours of red white and green would have been nicer.  Plenty of water.  Goody bag contained a can of beer and a few nibbles but short on post race protein.

    Summary.  I was mildly disappointed with my time but relieved to be well within 4 hours.  Not enough training ... Nevertheless, Budapest is a fine city, a great short break location and an attractive marathon.   


    1.  Tesco has lots of supermarkets and Express convenience stores in Hungary.  Worth getting some post race snacks there.

    2.  Magyar (Hungarian) is a difficult language to learn, and oddly is related to Sisu (Finnish).  Worth learning the basic courtesies such as yes, no, please and thank you. One technical term useful for runners: the Hungarian for urinals is 'pisszoar'.  

  • Hi PompeyMike and thanks for posting.

    I am considering booking up for Budapest but have to plan accordingly and see how far the budget will stretch.

    I am running 10 Marathons in 2017. 

    I have already ran two (Cambridge Boundary Run and Bungay Black Dog Marathons).  Next up is London, followed by Asics (Brathay) Windermere Marathon (May 21st) and Liverpool Marathon (28th May).

    I am then doing the Fort William Marathon on July 30th to keep myself on top of things during the summer.

    Then it will be my 2nd Major of the year in Berlin (24th Sept).

    I then need to pick one of the following to run in October - Bournemouth, Leicester or Budapest (as yet undecided). Would like it to be Budapest but may have to go for one of the other options due to finances.

    My 9th and 10th Marathons of 2017 are to be the TCS New York City Marathon (Nov 5th), followed by Running the Rift Marathon in Uganda (Nov 11th).

    More can be read about my year here

    Budapest is my preferred option as Marathon Number 8 and I know that it is pretty cheap. I just need to get all of the others paid off before committing to which out of the 3 Marathon's I will be running in October.

    Thanks for all of the info guys. I will have a read through.
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