For Sale / Wanted

What about a new forum - covering items for sale / wanted ? I've got loads of pairs of trainers - hardly used - as my feet spread by 1/2 size after the Marathon and have never shrunk back!

Wouldn't mind a 2nd hand heart rate monitor...


  • Hi SS,

    Yes, that would be a good plan as I have a Treadmill that is FREE to a good home, as long as it can be picked up.

    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Natty, tell us about your treadmill...
  • SS - I may be able to help with HRM if I can find it!

    Good luck with trying to get rid of old trainers if they're anything like mine - you've seen the photo!
  • Hi Lamb,

    It is a Trimline 1400 model, officially goes upto 10mph, but you can make it do 15mph if so needed, is quite old now probably about 3 years, but has only done about 400 miles I would guess. Has the standard Distance, Speed, Time, and Calories, in digital display. Usual gradiant adjustor also.

    Anyway if anyone is interested then simply email me or post a message back, I really do not want anything for it, but would like the space back in my bedroom :)

  • New (secondhand in good condition) left knee required. Any responses to kk.

  • Nattynoodle,
    Hope you got my email, I am interested in the treadmill if you still have it. Hubby works in Beccles, could collect on Monday, if you let me know where from.
  • Any old-style Nike Air Althea, size 5, in your trainer mountain, SS?

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • V-rap - so wouldn't believe it!

    Old style Air Pegasus size 5 ...and a 1/2. Lovely boxy toes though
  • Anybody want to buy an almost new Nike SDM? I never managed to calibrate it right and prefer my old triax...
  • I think Jon's looking for a new computer monitor.
    KK, there's some doctor bloke that was on the news last week that could probably get you the knee cap - at the right price.
  • No Mr. Barkles, he only dealt with organs
  • I wonder if... no, on second thoughts..
  • There are easier ways of making it bigger Mr. B... There are easier ways!!!
  • Mish - tell me more about that SDM. Like how much?
  • I'm hoping I've got first refusal at the mo!
  • Oh b*m. Are you going to refuse?
  • Not at first!
  • If Jon will buy it for £150, he can have first 'acceptance'! It was used a few times in the first month I had it until I realised I couldn't be fagged to go to a track an calibrate it properly and preferred my Triax (chief drawback of SDM was that it only has 2 alarms whilst my Triax as 7 and I need all 7 to get me out of bed for my early morning runs, specially in winter!)Have had no probs with it otherwise - but have barely used it since Feb!
  • I have a brand new Ron Hill ladies 'marathon vest' in navy blue, worn only once - not for a marathon -(then washed!). It's a size 12, and way too big for me (usually a size 10). Nice and airy though. Will resell for original Sweatshop sale price of 8 pounds.
  • Does it come with a lady, or is that seperate?
  • No, sadly, as it doesn't fit, I have completed severed my association with the said vest, so alas, it is all alone.

    Yes, I can see it now - 'Vest seeks new running partner, as previous partner was too skinny.'
  • I've got an Argos special Alpine Step Master going free if anyone wants it. Its the version with a go faster stripe - cost about £25 I guess ( Mr SS bought it for me as a Valantines present in 1996 - he was trying to suggest something I think). It would be perfect for 5'7" or shorter grossly overweight slobs like I was at the time to get into a little bit of shape before running again - without stressing the joints

    I could bring it down to Vyrnwy on the 15th if anyone wants it.

    Oh and has anyone got a copy of the book everyone raves about called The Complete Idiots Guide to Heart Rate monitoring or something that they could lend me for a bit - I can't afford to buy anything right now - I think my physio's buying a villa in S France with the profit he's making from me - I've asked him if he'll sell me a season ticket for next year - he didn't look that keen - knew it would be heavily used I guess....

    Oh and if anyone else has a Treadmill they don't want please can I have first refusal ?

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