Should I train twice a day?

I've just read the RW article on this subject:

What's everyone's experiences? Has it worked wonders or just worn you out?!




  • Hi,
    I think it depends on what other commitments you have to contend with in your life.

    If you have the time to rest, which is the Key word, I believe with training twice a day, then it should enhance your running not wear you out.

    If on the other hand you train in the morning, then go to work, come home train again, get back cook for the family..........then you may find you just become worn out.

    I very rarely do two lots of running in one day, but do occasionally find myself having a swim or cycle in the morning with a run later. But this is normally when I'm on hols from work, so then am able to have a proper rest in the day.
  • i only train twice a day to fit the mileage around other commitments, so, if i get time to run at lunch or in a morning as well as afternoon/evening but usually i'd prefer, say, an 8 mile steady run than two four mile runs. however, the benefit is still the same, as long as do at least one continous long run each week, which i manage on wednesday or sunday.

    i use two a day if both runs are relatively easy, or sometimes a morning run to loosen up before a speed session in the evening. I think once you go beyond 50 mpw some two-a-days are inevitable, and i'm just building up at the moment to like 60-70mpw.

    when i was at university i sometimes trained twice a day and had no ill effects, but no miracles happened either. it's only now after returning from a few years off from competitive running [averaging about 20 easy mpw] that i have started to make big improvements, but that also might be because i started a fairly intensive weights regime over the summer.

  • Hi HR
    Sometimes for work I have been known to run 2 or 3 times a day (personal trainer) although they are not usually at my race speed - clients a lot slower it has stood me in good sted for my own speed work and i managed to knock off 20 minutes on a half marathon this year.
    I would say as long as your arn't pushing yourself to your limits (sick,dizzy,sore muscles etc) you won't do any harm
    Your key is going to be nutrition, and making sure you are feeding the body accuratly. This is quite individual but little and often of good fresh food is usually best
  • Hi HR

    I tried training twice a day at the start of the year when I was trying to increase my weekly mileage but it just didn't suit me. I found I was getting up really early to run before going to work and then just felt tired when training on an evening - I ended up being feeling tired all the time and feeling that all I was doing was runnning.

    Now I only run once a day & I have still managed to increase my mileage. For the last few months I have been going to the gym 3 times a week on a lunch time. I cross train once a week (stepper, rowing machine & bike) and do weights on the other 2 days and a little bit cardio as a warm up/cool down.

    I've found this hasn't effected my running at all - and I feel alot trimmer and stronger.

    I guess you just have to do what suits you.

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks for your comments guys. They certainly do help!
  • I train twice a day on three days a week when building up towards peak mileage in training before big races. I tend to do a speedwork session in the mornings, then a gentle recovery run in the evening (often go out with the beginner group at the Club for company at a slow pace).
  • When building up for Ironman tri events I do 2 sessions a day most days but generally one is running and the other is swimming or biking. I find I need a lot more sleep but generally don't get it due to other commitments like work and dogs, so on 2-a-day sessions I'm permanently tired.
  • A good thing about training twice a day is, you have 2 warm ups and cool downs, the obvious is 2 sessions. Make sure you rest pretty well between sessions, as you could over train. 2 sessions a day at 80% max heart rate, will bring results quickly. You must ensure you understand the theory behind adaptation to training loads and frequency. By training twice a day, you build up your weekly mileage. I would recommend no more than 2 sessions a week, training twice daily.

    Have a go!

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