unfortunately its over

Having left school where I was as fit as a flea I noticed my fitness dropping when I started playing for Lakenheath FC when I was 17 so I started running. I have always run as an adult. Turning 39 I joined Banbury Harriers. Running became a bit more serious. From about 44 I started doing marathons. I had my right ankle restructured 6 years ago. Managed 11 marathons since and its fine. I had a fall fishing however 4 years ago and tore my left meniscus. I have done a few marathons since but following x rays and a diagnosis of arthritis I have been firmly told to stop altogether or I will need a replacement knee inside 5 years. Cycling and swimming have taken over.


Running is brilliant. Look after yourselves. If you get a nasty injury please consider your long term health and be carefull.


  • did you get a second opinion .. just in case.. image

     hope you enjoy the cycling........new challenges await

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    It isn't running per se which appears to be the problem. It's the indication you associate running with running marathons.

    Marathons are extreme. Always were, always will be.

    I've given up running on several occasions... until the injury disappeared.

    Not running marathons is a good idea.

  • That's fishing for you.

    But seriously, as above, if you can rein in your expectations you may be able to carry on running for a while yet.
  • Really sorry to hear that Peter. I understand how you feel. Having said that, thank goodness you can still do cycling. At least you'll still be out there enjoying our wonderful world. All the best.


  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭

    I feel your pain as I have recently been diagnosed with a meniscus tear and despite physio [for a chronic knee alignment issue that has developed over the last 4 years and I assumed was arthritis] and trying to do exercises as often as possible, I am still in pain.

    I cycle to work on an electric bike now, which takes some strain off, though it still hurts if I pedal hard or come to a stop too quickly, but can't cope at all with a 'normal' bike.

    The hardest thing is taking my son to athletics training, watching everyone else go off for a run whilst their kids are training and wanting to just pop a painkiller and go for a run with them.

    I still hope to get back to running soon, but have left my distance running far behind. I just want to be able to run 30 minutes 3x a week and the occasional hour at weekends. Still a long way off for me yet.

    Keep strong and keep up the 'active recovery' if you can.

  • Hi Everyone

    Back from Amsterdam where I should have run Sunday. Ftm42. My knees never played me up to I was climbing up a steep bank carrying a large Carp and the bank collapsed under my left leg. I basically dropped a foot with a straight leg then stopped dead. This slide hammered my knee. It took six months and two Mris for the blood to clear. A tear was apparent but not awfull. I had this done then being a prat ran the Berlin Marathon a few weeks later. Ran Paris fine then did London this year and this seems to have killed it. Couldnt run or walk down a slope or funny enough turn right. Pivotting on my left foot was agony. Was treated again by Ramsey Health in Banbury who were brilliant. An xray showed my meniscus gap to be at 50% but worse than that my joint had a 10 degree correctable rotation. Correctable as in break the tibia and put a wedge in. Had surgery yesterday. Had a menisectomy. I had an awfull tear apparently which he patched up somehow and he also took my kneecap off and did something.


    I wasnt aware I could do this much damage after a simple initial tear. Annoying thing is I am currently extremely fit. Just turned 50 and within two weeks was told any running would mean a total knee replacement.

    Your pain from stopping hard on the bike sounds like a torn meniscus. Ironically I can and could cycle totally pain free. 


    FTM42 I would get your GP to refer you. Then can do a simple manual check to feel for a tear but insist on an xray and mri. They will xray your knee with you crouching and check your meniscus gap. My mri said my meniscus had disintegrated. 


    I was gutted at having to stop running but every few months I intend to go just a couple of safe soft miles somewhere nice. Entered Ride London and want to do a wild river swim. Take care.

  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭

    Good to hear that the surgery went OK - sounds quite traumatic. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. It doesn't sound as if my symptoms are as severe as yours, but could develop if I don't do something quickly?

    I have to admit that having knee surgery is a lifelong phobia of mine that seems to be coming true! I am off sick this afternoon after a combination of nausea, dizziness, headache and severe knee pain that a 500mg co-codamol didn't touch.

    Normally, I can work through the pain and not really sure if the sickness was brought on by a 'psychological symptom' of the knee pain, which has been getting worse recently. I am seeing the physio this week so will suggest a visit to the GP for MRI, but I do feel that the exercises she has given me which are to strengthen the muscles around the kneecap, and which to me sound quite relevant, seem to make my knees feel worse? It doesn't help that I have a desk job so I have to keep getting up to stretch my knees out or walk to the loo, just to ease the discomfort.

  • Hi. Yes beefing up the quads. Did  all that but please get an xray and an mri. Avoid the physio. The injury will only get worse. I have strong quads but squatting 4x50 reps every 2 days makes no difference. Please speak to your gp and get referred. Once you are in the loop it will get sorted. For me wait for GP 5 weeks first Outpatients triage in Oxford 5 weeks. Referred to Ramsey surgeon in Banbury 10 days. Xray from meeting him 30 minutes. Advice to stop running immediately etc 15 minutes. Mri 3 days later , surgery a week later. 


    Please dont delay. Please also ignore people who tell you to run then rest when its hurting. You are injured please please stop and get it sorted. Being hard and a hero finished me off.

  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭

    Thanks Peter - strong words from someone who knows!

    I have a day with my team from work, volunteering as a gardener tomorrow [ironic, but I WILL avoid kneeling down or doing too much heavy work - I can always be tea-lady / photographer for the day!], so will sort out an MRI with an appt at the GP on Friday.

    Just for once I'm completely not running [haven't run since 1st September]. It's still been getting worse since then - I can't 'rest up' with a job / dog and 3 boys to chase after [and a husband who is currently working abroad M-F]!

    Keep me posted on your progress - would be interested to hear how your recovery progresses and if you need to have a whinge - just post! image

  • Hi . I got progressively worse and looking back cant believe how much pain I tolerated. I ran 15 miles 3 weeks ago preparing for the Oxford half. It was agony at 10 miles and I ran home. Could hardly walk at work then ran with the club on the Tuesday. I like swimming but its such a pain. In Banbury its pay for parking , then £3.90 to swim. Lane swims are a nightmare public swim is a lottery. Running was simply open the front door.

    My marathons have done the real damage. I love the long training runs especially when its freezing cold. Managed 5 Londons , Berlin ,Paris , Jersey twice and Loch Ness. Brighton was my best. I did 5 marathons in 3.24. Funny how you can pace it. I had 2 dinners before Brighton. Chicken Noodles then a chilli and rice with loaded jacket potatoes. 3.14 . Work that one out.

    Time to move on. Loads of positives. 5 Londons is a priveledge someone else will get a go now. Great memories.


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

     My knees never played me up to I was climbing up a steep bank carrying a large Carp and the bank collapsed under my left leg.

    How big was the carp?

    My biggest was a mere 15lb from the GUC in 1980.

    Good activity when recovering from injuries.

  • It was only about 12 but I had the net in both hands at chin height. Had a 5lb 7oz Chub out the river Cherwell neat Banbury last week. In about 2 feet of water. At Clattercote this year I dived over my seat box to grab my second rod being pulled in and snapped a rib. Fishing is lethal. 6 weeks of he'll that was.
  • It's a shame, but maybe do just short runs, just for fun, rather than marathons. I'm 40,but feel super fit and I was worried about my knees due to the running I do, but so far, touch wood have had no problems, although some say I'm doing myself in by running all the time.

    Swimming is the same for me, too busy, mother and babies floating in my lane - total chaos!. Prefer swimming in the freezing cold lake, but get pesky officials from the surf shack telling me it is dangerous to swim - obviously.

  • Keep running as long as you can. You might go on forever. THE initial injury has done me in. My advice to anyone is if you get a bad joint injury when you get older please get it checked out thoroughly. I am going to jog 1 mile Christmas eve round Wroxton Abbey. Little treat.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    PETER GRIEVESON 2 wrote (see)
    It was only about 12 but I had the net in both hands at chin height. Had a 5lb 7oz Chub out the river Cherwell neat Banbury last week. In about 2 feet of water. At Clattercote this year I dived over my seat box to grab my second rod being pulled in and snapped a rib. Fishing is lethal. 6 weeks of he'll that was.


    Aren't those Signal Crayfish a pain. I understand like my own rivers, the Cherwell is full of them. Mind you, the Chub have hit epic weights on them.

  • when they nip you when your not looking ! Thats an interesting sensation.

  • So no running for over 2 years. Changed job since. Started jogging on a treadmill a bit. Last year I would run a mile a month around a local park and the knee would throb for a week or 2. Past five weeks I have run once a week 5 miles. No pain afterwards. I will try and treat myself to a 5 miler once a week. Any twinges stop for 2 weeks and keep it at that. 
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