where to buy fell/trail running gear

in the london or exeter area, can anyone recommend shops that stock trail footwear, shorts etc.



  • No - but can recomment Ultrasport.co.uk. they provide orienteering gear which is reasonable.
  • Try Ironbridge Runner in Exeter- helpful staff
  • Hi Foxy. Just for information you may get some strange replies when you post because we have another Foxy on forum. She changes her name sometimes which is why you were able to use the name
  • Hello Foxy, I'm the other Foxy (well, I was until 2 days ago....) - just thought I'd say hello (not many foxes around here so we have to stick together you know!)
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  • Whoops, now I've changed my name- too much running in the rain.

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  • Hello all you foxes. How about starting our own foxy club? how many more of you are out there
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