What to run next?

Delighted to have completed my first 5K last Saturday after following the RW complete beginner's six week schedule, and did really enjoy it.
What I'm wondering is, what now? Should I be looking at entering more 5Ks to improve my time, before stepping up to try a 10K? Or should I be taking a longer-term view by looking at both (with the help of the "intermediate" schedule, of course!)?
Advice appreciated!


  • congratulations at finishing your first race! dont worry too much about PB's at this stage, though i'm sure your raring to go again! look out for a 5 mile or 10k race next if you've run at least 7 miles or more in training. if you've not run that far before, you might want to build up to it. alternatively, if there is another 5k in your local fairly soon, you might want to go for it but dont worry too much about improving your time til you've done a few races. then, your training will become more specific.

    once again, well done!
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