One for the ladies

Sorry to ask this, but has anyone found that their periods have been messed up with all the training? I should've come on a week ago and so far, nothing! (Definately not pregnant though!)


  • Haven't had one for 4 months, doctor said it is because my body fat percentage dropped below 20. It is weird, I always moaned about them but now I don't have them I want them back....I am soooooo fickle!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    I always find the week or at least 3/4 days before my monthly friend visits is the worse.
    Heavy legs absolutely feel like i'm pulling a forklift truck around.

    So i just take it easy don't think there's anything i can do.

    Unless someone out there knows different
  • Last month I was about 2 weeks late - I'm sure it's the long distances and the body getting used to the punishment I'm putting it through!
  • Bling Bling .. absence of periods isnt a good thing in the long run (sic) can be a precursor to low bone density , so maybe you need to look at that again

    im sure Vrap will be along to explain
  • Thanks for all your comments. I just don't want to be on for the marathon, so I'm willing it to arrive in the next week!
  • hi,
    i have had similar problems, lateness and having such a crap running week beforehand its depressing. i think that since i have been running regularly i notice the fluctuations in my hormones more, i guess you just become more aware of what your body is doing if you are spending so much time moving it about !!

  • I wish mine would disappear but I am glad to know I am not imagining the bad performance the week before
  • Anyone find running on the first day leads on to having to change every ten minutes?

    Seems it's having a different effect on me!
  • Mine seem to be later since I've stepped up training, though I'm an absolute beginner and walk/running, but think my body is in shock! Slightly concerned about being due for flm - are we allowed to queue jump for the portaloos! And where on earth do we carry the you know whats!! Nathan don't seem to do anything like that - I can just imagine trying to pull a drink out of my bum bag and a handful of tpx falling out all over the marathon course!
  • back to back pills
  • those little mobile phone holders could take a few lillets and a pad?
  • you ladies are my hero's, so pleased to know i'm not the only one, i;ve been getting later and later and when our little friend does arrive it's really not worth it!!! i've got an appoinment with the docs just for a check up, but i can honestly say that i defo haven't lost any weight (body fat) i feel like i'm gettin bigger, as i feel blooted all the time, does anyone else feel the same!??
  • Friend? Not what I would call it. Going to the docs to ask for something as I am due for London too (dont use pills any more)
  • i feel bloated a lot, but I do eat a lot of pasta ... and chocolate! My "friend" arrived today and have managed a 5.5 mile walk and not feeling too bad, but did need a mars bar afterwards!! I'm still trying to work out my cycle for flm - I'm not really worried about the marathon itself I'm more bothered about finding the loos en route just in case!! I've heard people hand out lollipops etc on the way round, but don't suppose there will be anyone handing out "ladies essentials"!! In some ways I'm looking forward to the menopause! Tubs :0)
  • My period arrived the day before my first London Marathon and I was so worried. But it was fine, you don;t "lose" much while you are running as your muscles are requiring as much as possible.
    I went about 8 hours without needing to change, which is unheard of for me on my second day!
  • Thats reassuring AA thanks
  • Tubster: Do you have any supporters that will be along the route? They could hold them for you!
  • We could also have a few at the supporters point at mile 18.- WHich conveniently was about 1/4 mile from some loos last year.-
  • This is so funny - I started this thread nearly 2 years ago, and its come to life!
    Good idea IP about spares at mile 18
  • Hi, my "friend" (very strange term I agree) arrived today, and it is amazing how much easier I find runs as soon as my period starts. Must be the change in hormones, but it is such a marked difference it amazes me.

    Hopefully, will be ok for FLM but may add tampax to list on cheering thread !.

    take care
  • If I remember rightly, Paula Radcliffe was both "on the rag" when she managed her best marathon time in Chicago -- 2:17 or so. If it's any consolation....
  • So pleased that I thought to check this site for advice. Training for the FLM (first time), currently on the pill but have just missed a period for the first time ever - naturally thought I could be preggers but relieved since reading all your comments. Roll on 23rd April!!!
  • Great that I am not the only one! But rather than less frequent mine are just more unpredicatable - a full week early this month! I run like a bag of nails for a few days before and it always gets me down - probably a bit of pmt thrown in for good measure! I have run 2 marathons - both just a few days before I was due. Agree that flow isnt as bad as usual, its just that the legs dont want to move! I think we just have to accept that we are different, esp during training when an extra day off may be what your body needs (or a bar of chcolate).

    On a positive note a gentle run definitely helps the mood as well as cramps.
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