Rotterdam Marathon 2017

Hi everyone!

Just received my London rejection so am trying to enter Rotterdam instead next April. But instead of credit card details, you have to give your bank IBAN and BIC. I have 2 UK accounts and both sets of details being rejected as 'not in the Eurozone'! Has anyone else managed to enter?

Ive messaged the organisers via the website but as it says it may take a week to respond, thought I'd ask around as well image


  • Hi, just signed up for this too but live in Ireland so no problems with entry. Did Utrecht back in march and found the dutch running experience very good so lookinf forward to this one

  • Hi John!

    Finally managed to enter using a different link:

    This one you can use credit card details instead of a bank account in euros. Just booked hotel and flights - really looking forward to it!
  • i booked on airbnb and got an apartment 10 mins from the start /finish. holding tough on flights hoping for a deal!


  • Just ran Venice on Sunday. 4 hours and 30 mins. Stairs have been a challenge all day.

    Entered Rotterdam today. I am Welsh based and flying from Cardiff with KLM to Amsterdam on the Saturday morning. Get a train to Rotterdam from Schipol and booked a B&B for Saturday and Sunday night as the hotel prices are too expensive and look overpriced for what you are getting. You get better deals on airbnb and

    Looking forward to it. Big marathon. 12000 plus runners. Looks well organised







  • Well done Stuart! yea the stairs can be hell! I ran Paris in 2009 and the day after my wife decided we should walk up the Eiffel Tower and back down again! Oh the painimage.The hotels were crazy prices just for that weekend. If i was travelling alone i would have stayed in Utrecht where i stayed this year and used the trains.

    Im paying 240euro for a two bed apartment for 3 nights which isnt too bad.


    When do you plan on starting your training? i have worked out December 4th as my start for an 18 week programme.

  • Dean NDean N ✭✭✭

    Hi ,

    just signed up for Rotterdam , better start training now , 

  • Dean NDean N ✭✭✭

    This Forum seems pretty dead , is there any one out there doing Rotterdam ?

    hows your training going ? What distance are you up to on your long run?



  • Hi Dean!

    I'm still alive!

    Training going well considering. I'm trying to rehab a couple of injuries whilst still getting out a basic marathon plan. Plantar fasciitis I've had since Sept, which is slowly improving, and then for the last few weeks high hamstring tendinopathy! Apparently this has been caused because my glutes not firing properly and thus hamstrings doing all the work. The problem is this makes running (or even sitting etc) really painful. I've got rather a lot of strengthening exercises to fit in plus seeing 2 different physios!

    Despite this I managed 17 miles long run last week, which went OK with the aid of some compression tights for support and just taking it very slow! Tomorrow I've got a race, Farnborough Half. The two things I have to avoid at the moment are hills and and speed, so will just have to try to stay very disciplined and not try to race it! Thank goodness Rotterdam is flat!

    How about you, how's it all going?
  • Dean NDean N ✭✭✭

    Hi Nicole , 

    good to see some one else is alive ,

    how did Farnborough go ? I think I done that once

    sorry to hear about the PF , it's a nightmare , I sometimes suffer from it but find a regular massage keeps it at bay , unfortunately the guy I used to see has moved up north so I dont have anyone at the moment .( it's not easy to find really good physios who have the magic hands )

    i ran 17 miles on Sunday which is my  longest so far and felt good although a bit chilly !

  • Training going nicely. Will run a half marathon on Sunday, then move up the gears on the long runs through Feburary.

    Rotterdam in April and then Snowdonia in October. My two marathons this year




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