VLM 2017 training plan for total beginner

hi all,

I am looking for help and support re. Training plan for the VLM which I unexpectedly got a place for.. So unexpected, I havent done any running AT ALL since a half mara I did in March, even then I wasn't running as much as I should of! and bagged it at 2hrs 20ish. But literally no running for past few months. Plan for first couple of weeks is just to get out the door, but beyond that I am finding th training plans all over the place online quite overwhelming. 

I would be looking to do 3-4 times per week once I've got my fitness up over the next month of 3/week. I'm expecting to have to  start from 15minutes up and hoping I'll have some kind of muscle memory.

equally, keen to hear from others in my position to share tips advice and support?


look forward to hearing from you all! Anything appreciated! 




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