Trail running

Can anyone recommend trail shoes


  • If you're on Facebook the TRA have loads of discussions on this subject.

  • Thanks for the info but new to running. Who are TRA
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    trail running association?
  • Cheap Adidas Kanadia work for me. Grippy but you need to size up a bit as Adidas don't seem to understand normal shoe sizes.
  • Kanadia are a nightmare shoe-size wise. I gave up on them as they simply don't seem to make any that fit my feet (I don't have weird feet).

    Shame since they are great in all other respects.

    I'm using New Balance 610 for trails at the moment which are good value and seem fine.
  • David J 27David J 27 ✭✭✭
    There's some great trail shoes out there. Depends on the type of trails - canal towpaths, rocky/uneven, muddy, steep hills etc.. I love my Saucony Peregrines - light, low drop/profile, flexible but can take a bit of road. I have some old Mizuno's with deep tread for the mud and NB Leadville's for long mixed terrain. Only one's I'd avoid are the road shoes with a bit more grip - need a lower profile to get the feel of the trail.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Inov8 Roclites are a good all rounder. Copes with dry trails, mud, roads, good in wintry conditions.
  • Hi,

    Sorry to hijack the post, trying not to duplicate. I own some Inov-8 terrafly 277s which give me knee pain on trail (coast path, hard mud, gravel, small hills), so think I could use a little more cushioning. I am overwhelmed with the options for trail shoes and feel I am going round in circles. I have a 16 mile coast path run in Autumn.

    The running shop near me has a limited selection so I have been able to try some on, don't like the asics fujitrabuco (too heavy), liked the Saucony Peregrines but still not 100% (they aren't cheap if they aren't right). I use Saucony Guide 10s on road, with no trounle. neutral in one foot overpronate in the other.

    I want to know if people have any thoughts/experience of using, or the suitability of the Merrell all out charge or Hoka one one Speed Instincts on UK coastal path trails. Will the Merrell lugs wear down quickly on the harder packed stuff? I can't get anywhere to try either on. The Saucony Xodus Iso also is meant to be a more cushioned trail shoe.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post/hijack!
  • Sorted? Love my Peregrines, light, flexible, enough cushioning (can happily do a few road miles). Grip ok apart from the real slushy mud and can clog with clay sort of mud. Grip on wet rock is good. Used them for Ultras. They've also held up to a years good solid use - so better value than Inov8s and others I've had in past.
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