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Hi guys, I have a good for age for VLM next spring and am aiming for a sub 2.50 marathon. I've decided to follow the 70-85 mile week plan by Pfitzinger and Douglas. Has anyone used this plan. I'm also hoping for pacing advice with regards to long run, medium run and general aerobic run. I've used a training pace calculator which suggests my easy pace run based on a recent 10K time of 35:26 suggests I should be running long runs at 7:07mm pace. This seems quite quick to me? Thanks


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Hi, join us on the P+D thread. There are a load of us who are using (have used) a variety of the plans from the book. Currently all getting through the last of the Autumn marathons but will soon be starting a spring one link below

    I've always thought the long run paces were a bit optimistic. I always try and hit the prescribed paces for the LT, MP and VO2 sessions but for the long and easy runs just ran on feel. Enough to get the miles in without leaving me too tired to do the following days workouts. For reference, last year I got a 2.54 but did most of my long and medium long runs at 8:30 - 9 min miles.
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    What Millsy said. "Run by feel" is a pretty good rule of thumb for the majority of your easy and long runs IMO. I don't know how prescriptive P+D is on long run paces but there is an argument for running some of your long runs (or sections of) at paces relating to target pace, closer to race day when you've got a few long runs under your belt already.  Other than that, keep it easy and save the effort for the more intense sessions.

    I've found as I've got quicker my easy run pace hasn't changed that much, i.e. I'm running slower relative to marathon pace the faster MP gets. Current PB is 2:30 and I rarely run quicker than 7m/m outside of quality sessions or progressive runs/tempo runs.

  • Hi Bluemoon86,

    I followed the 70-85 for the Jersey Marathon 2014, targeting Sub-2:50. I ran 2:49:54.

    Using the McMillan running calculator for the equivalent race paces, the paces for 2:49 are:

    Mara pace 6:26, Long run 7:05-7:43, Recovery 8:01-8:08, General Aerobic 7:24-8:02, Threshold 5:59-6:08, Intervals 5:35.

    It's a great plan - pretty high mileage, but does the job.

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