Running clubs in Chester area

I have just taken up running after a lazy few years on the old exercise front.
I did the Great South Run and really enjoyed it and am now wanting to keep my interest in running and improve my times with a bit of speed work etc. To do this I think I need to be in a club, could anyone point me in the right direction for good clubs for relative beginners in the Chester area?


  • Stuart - check out this listing :

    That should give you a few ideas, which club was it organised the Chester Zoo 10k ?
    Or just look out for club tops at the next race or just when you are running ?

  • Capenhurst Running Club organised the Chester Zoo 10K. Others around that area are Helsby Running Club, Rivacre Runners, Pensby Runners, Vale Royal.
  • thanks for that, much appreciated.
  • I have just started running again and have been running on the treadmill in the gym 3 times a week as follows:
    40 mins - easy run
    40 mins - intervals - 10 x 30 seconds with 90 second inbetween and warm and cool down jog
    40 mins - incline fast walk

    How can I improve these workouts to get faster?
  • Whoops! I am new to the forum and posted this in the wrong bit, I thought I was in the beginners forum!!! Sorry everyone!

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