counting swim lengths

the age old miscounting problem solved: count the length BEFORE you swim it

so immediately after your first length, say (or think, if you don't want to swallow an old lady's wee) "this will be 2", etc

try it

it works



  • that is amazing

    I usually go 1...2...3...4...5...etc respectively each length

    your method sounds a lot simpler

  • Noo - you've got it all wrong. Just get out of the pool at the end of the first length, and er, do something else. Works for me !
  • Oh.

    Don't you have staff, then?
  • i always think '1st 9to go'.... '2nd 8to go'
    which usually turns to a determined '3,7'..'4,6' etc on alternate strokes.

    oh and i usually count in 50s to reduce the mental load :)

    even then i have to resort to checking my watch occasionally and dividing by 2ish.
  • see - there ARE benefits to only being able to swim one length.


  • As I count the lengths I work out what fraction of my session I have done. If I'm really bored I'll work it out as a decimal too.
  • matt if you have that much oxygen to spare, you're definitely swimming too slowly :D

    mind you when i'm running i work out average pace in my head to keep myself occupied.
  • lol my point was, it does seem to get over the

    10. was that 15 or 16 lengths?
    20. call it 15
    30. swim another length
    40. goto 10

  • Dr. Nic has passed on a good lap counting method to me...

    She counts in 100's and then reels off the laps to get to that 100, like in a 25m pool its:-

    0:1, 0:2, 0:3 0:4, 1:1, 1:2...etc...

    Not tried it yet, but it seems to make sense to me...!!
  • the pool in my gym is 18 metres

    i'd start crying if i tried to apply that approach
  • hum,
    yes... but thats still only 6's per 100!

    but I know what you mean... (I have a similar problem in my 'main' lanes training pool!!)
  • maybe that's why your goggles always fill up with water candy.
  • Candy,
    does this mean you have fallen out of love with your new length counting gadget? I seem to recollect you saying you were having problems with the buttons?
  • candy - surely all that happens now is ...

    10. will this be 15 or 16 lengths?
    20. call it 15
    30. swim another length
    40. goto 10

    you were trying to explain your new approach on friday night but the swaying stripes were making me seasick ;-)
  • Yes but MM, I do it like that but also combining Candy's approach, ie your first 100 wouldn't be

    0:1, 0:2

    but 1:1, 1:2..

    for some reason it does work better when you have the number of the length you are doing in your head from the beginning of it..?!
  • i got my brain in a terrible muddle at one of the milton keynes duathlons, 12 laps on the bike! so do i come in when i've counted to 12.. or at the end of the lap where i counted 11 or .. or...

    and trying to resolve this whilst going as quick as possible and not losing count was a real 'mare!
  • ah...
    ok..... Well, I'll try it tonite... (in the 17m pool!!!!)
  • I've got a headache now.
  • ah ha my approach deffo works then, just Nic stole it, in advance, and also stole the improved version that i haven't invented yet
  • ferrousferret - yes; its crap
  • I'll have it! Early birthday present..?
  • I also use the Dr Nic approach and count in 100s
  • but you only swim 3 widths Will

    ....with armbands
  • But if I swim any more my incontinence Speedo’s get to full and start to leak
  • ew
  • Look on the bright side...

    at least he uses incontinence speedo's..!!!!
  • but he does use the 'back to front/inside out' system to wear them at least four times before they need washing
  • Perhaps you can change 'em each length... At least you know which lenght you'd be 'on'
  • The "Dr Nic Approach", oh yes, I like that very much, hm!

    *beam* to WW.
  • I wouldn't beam at anyone with crusty Speedos, meself.
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