Nike Air Skylon

Have just bought some of these as needed a neutral cushioned racing flat to put my orthtoics into. Anyone had any experience of these, hoping to use for half-marathons and maybe up to marathons eventually. Don't like the bright blue colour terribly much have to say!


  • I'm ok with having orthotics in my Skylons but I'm afraid that doesnt mean the same will necessarily apply to you.It depends on how built up your orthoses are?
    Have worn them for a half before with no problems?The colours are quite strong but as we all's the performance of the shoe that counts!!
  • Good to know, will try my orthotics in them when get home.

    Typical woman when it comes to colours!!
  • Hello,

    I been running in these since last spring.No problems to report so far (the front of the soles wear quickly though).
    I've run a half,a 20 miler and plan to run the FLM in them........
  • Ran a 35 miler in my skylons and tendons on top of my feet were sore for over a week afterwards. Just about ok for a 20 miler the other week. Will be wearing them for FLM but will probably try the Zoom Emites for marathon distance in future.
  • I did go for the zoom elites but they have a post in them for pronation, and with orthotics you need totally neutral, hence I took them back. Any suggestions for other cushioned, neutral racers anyone?
  • I've been training up to 22 miles in Zoom Elites with no problems either.......
  • But do you wear orthoses Dunc1, nike elites have an antipronation post in them, which don't need as I have my orthoses, don't want to get injured thats all.
  • Not necessarily true that orthotics always have to be put in a neutral shoe though MM.

    It depends both on the orthosis & the severity of the overpronation.

    You know your own feet a darn sight better than me, so if your podiatrist says put them in a neutral shoe, then in a neutral shoe they must go.

    Lots of podiatrist's I have spoken to/read of though say that a support shoe can complement orthotics designed to deal with overpronation very well though.

    Also, the medial post in the Zoom Elite is so small & ineffectual (esp. when combined with the other qualities of the shoe), that the shoe is effectively neutral-mild overpro anyway, so dont get too hung up on it.

    Once Ive stepped down off my over-used soapbox....

    To answer your Q, neutral performance trainers like the Skylon are very easy to find. Try your inserts in:

    * Mizuno Wave Precision
    * Adidas Response Cushion
    * Asics DS Lyte
    * Fila FGT Light
    * Fila Flow K1

    For Neutral Orthotic suitable (i.e insole is removable) racers, maybe try
    * Saucony Fastwitch Speed
    * Mizuno Wave Aero
    * Asics Tiger Paw

    Do make sure that your orthotics are OK in such an unstable base though, might be worth a phone call to your friendly neighbourhood podiatrist...
  • BTW, I used to use Wave Precision's as the base for my orthotics, but Im afraid, they were just that little bit too unstable for me (I mean fractionally! I only mildly overpronate & thought the orthotic had dealt with it) & I ended up presenting with shin splints. Hope this gives some context.
  • KK,

    My training trainers are adidas supernova cushion which I was told are fantastic for my orthotics. So tried to find adidas racers, but none of them except one are small enough, and that one the orthotics didn't fit. Nightmare really. Stability is fine, just no anti-pronation devices as the prescription is dead right.

    Thanks KK, half trouble is the colour of skylons is vile, and being a woman that is important!
  • I also have new balance 751's as a lighter shoe, do find them a bit hard though. I think they have some stability but are essentially neutral. Its all so complicated.
  • No problem babe, Im truly glad youve got an accurate prescription. Its one of the hardest bits about getting success with orthotics.

    Best guide I've found for whether a shoe is truly neutral (lets see how long Rodale let this thread stand...) is
    Look at their shoe reviews, IMCO theyre are the most reflective of a shoes true level of pronation control. They seem less likely than RWUK or Running Fitness (yuk!) just to spout the 'company line'
  • Which colour Skylons are so yucky?White and pink?If so,there is now a pale blue and light grey colour available..
  • Pale blue is yukky. The sole is so bright!!!
  • I know a chap our way who uses these with orthotics to good effect.

    He rates them but finds they wear a bit quckly so he buys em 2 prs at a time. But im guessing he'll be a bit heavier than you and he does a lot of miles
  • Thanks Lawrence, will only be using for racing in and maybe some track training, as they are a bit light for general training.
  • Yes MM,

    I run with orthotics in Skylons,Zoom Elites (and last year - Asics DS Trainers and DS Racers).
    Give it a go.........
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