before i forget- You know whwt youve given up, fat club Weds Oct 23rd

Right, those of you who were here last night made certain promises
Im giving up crisps and choccie till 17th november
the rest of you know who you are
Anyone else care to join us?


  • giving up snacking on junk between meals like liquorish allsorts when i'm on this forum!
  • reducing cheese intake (not stopping, 'cos it's quite nutritous in moderation.

    I'm now equipped with a glass of extremely dodgy Ukrainian red wine.

    Sorry about the gunners. Cambridge won 4-0, not that anyone else would care.
  • Ok here goes

    no more than ONE medium glass of red wine per night

    No crisps

    No finishing Jumpets Tea

    Ah that feels better
  • I feel for you about the crisps
  • I'll join in too out of support.

    Can't think of anything to give up though!

    I know - no Burger King til the 17th (BK is a weekly indulgence for me when I feel like a junk-food fix).

  • Well be checking you know
  • Feel free!

    Giving up chocolate, though - that's just crazy talk ;)
  • O go on then - no more scotch eggs (a personal weakness, they always find their way into my shopping basket, and they always give me indigestion - so I don't know why I do it).
  • How about nearly giving up "London Pride".

    If I can it would be close to a miracle.

    Morning all! Got to get to Camden for 8am hence the early post.

    Good to see we can get into site this morning.

    Have a good day

  • Those niknaks are just sitting downstairs, tempting me after my slow morning run!!
  • Glad to see you've run already Benz. I give up chocolate on a regular basis - like 2 or 3 times a week! I was going to promise to give up red wine but that's a definite non-starter. I could promise to give up burgers, but that's pointless I never eat them anyway. So I'm sort of stuck. I think the best I can do is promise to just eat less of everything I do eat.
  • Could I give up running? Haven't been able to get it together at all since my long run on Saturday. Think I've frightened myself! And then this morning my running partner couldn't come, because she's hurt her achilles, so there I was, all alone in the pitch black. I didn't like it! Seriously, we have a rapist around here who's attacked nine females (aged 10 - 60) in the last three months, so I'm a bit twitchy. But I get SO embarrassed about going out in daylight. Consequently, I managed only 2 miles this morning, 'cos I couldn't wait to get back home. So, a bit mis I'm afraid.
  • I'll join you all on this. I'm going to give up my Lunchtime Lagers and the occasional early morning Danish Pastry (no more than once a week....OK, maybe twice..).
    Went into my local deli after my Run/Walk session at the gym this morning and got a fruit salad. It was worth it just to see the look on their faces.
  • Morning flagellants.

    I'm SO glad that self-denial is the flavour of the day because I'm giving up running (apart from the planned run with DD on Monday - wouldn't miss that for anything) and foruming for two weeks. I'm off as soon as this is posted.

    It's just getting slightly inconvenient. I'm planning family activities around runs and trips to the gym, my husband missed a concert last week to let me do a gym session (it wasn't very well reviewed afterwards anyway, but still...), and my online activities are interfering with getting paperwork done. And tomorrow I'm off for a few days anyway, so it seems like a good time.

    I shall stay active and try not to eat too much junk, although my body has already twigged that I haven't run for a couple of days and is trying to head back to 9 stone. Ah, well, it's only a fortnight.

    Happy foruming. See y'awl soon.
  • You will be sorely missed V rap.

    Off to play pirates at Hampton court today then for a run in Bushey park whilst friend watches the Jumpets.

    Off to the frozen north tomorrow to visit my poorly grandad so god knows what I'll be eating the next couple of days but I have a promonition that 'Little Chef' may come in to it at regular intervals.

    Sassie, don't forget to email me about the christmas cracker chase.

    Have a good day all
  • I feel as though I should be giving something up to assist with the support of the group but I can't think what. I don't eat chocolate very often so that would be too easy, I hardly ever eat crisps, I'm not even gonna consider giving up alcohol because it's a friends birthady on Saturday... hmmm... don't eat biscuits, don't do caffeine, don't smoke...

    HELP!!!! I need a vice so that I can give it up!!!!
  • Sob sob... V-Rap... we miss you already!!!
  • Will find it very difficult to give up something entirely but as I don't eat crisps much and couldn't give up choccie then it will have to be biscuits. If I don't buy them then I can't eat them but Mr SG will complain a bit.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Ok Benz, in the true spirit of the Fat Club I shall go vegan until 17th Nov. I'm veggie already so it's not as bad as it sounds and I always do it for Lent anyway. However, by the time 17/11 comes around I will be begging for a piece of cheese, buttered toast and chocolate (not necessarily in that order!) This also means that I can still partake of an alcoholic beverage if required (phew, there has to be something to look forward to).

    BTW everyone, did you know that the Fat Club has been going now for 21/2 months? I tentatively started the very first thread on 9th August following a discussion with Lamby and within a matter of days the thread was so big we had to start daily threads instead! A lot of the original people are still around (and still struggling with their weight - including me!) but there have been loads of newbies joining all the time. Fantastic. Lets hope we all achieve our goals.

    Good luck to everyone weighing-in today.

  • Redhead, thanks for the reminder about the creation of Fat Club.

    I went trawling through the old posts the other day to find out the first weight I'd posted. It was 15st 2lb on the 22nd August. I was 14st 8lb this morning so I'm feeling quite smug - the thread has certainly helped me a lot in staying focussed, so thanks to you, Lamb and the others who got this going.

  • I would like to complain that since I started posting on Fat Club I have gained about 7lbs. I feel this is purely down to the fact that I sit on my butt and type messages all day instead of exercising. I hold Redhead and Lamby solely responsible for my weight gain.
  • May also have something to do with the 16 hour days I've been putting in over the past few weeks leaving me exhausted, hungry and not time for exercise.
  • Hi guys, I wondered where the fat club had come from.

    I am going to be brave and say that today I am 11st and that I WILL reach that 9st 7lb somehow. OH dear seems I`ve heard that all before. I just don`t understand how I found it easy to lose 3 and a bit stone eight years ago and now apres children I cannot get going at all. Why can`t I do it again? Anyone there done the same thing and
    managed to be successful the second time.

    PS Can`t think of anything specific to give up so can I just give up being a piglet?
  • I think I should join as well. I am since march trying to loose weight and have done so, 12 kilos so far. Saying that over the last few months none. I find it hard not to eat too much extra for the running I do. I would like to loose another 6 kilos and think that should be possible before Christmas.

    At the moment I am recovering from a minor operation of my ankle and sit most of the day with the leg up. Missing running eo exercising, but also should eat less....

    Here I am for inspiration. I have to reduce wine intake as this often goes with snacking.
  • Not difficult to give up crisps, as I don't really eat them anyway.

    Excellent time to try and give up chocolate until the 17th - much stress at work and home anticipated in next two weeks - that normally has me reaching for my friend Mars Bar

    And cheese

    Will life be worth living? Probably not
  • ok here goes. im gonna have to say that I promise to give up Chocolate (ahhhhhh feeling very faint all of a sudden)

    You do realise that every waking moment now is going to be chocolate coated and be the only thing on my mind!! torture sheer torture
  • SR, just run more to fill the spiritual vacuum left in your life by the missing foodstuffs!
  • I heard a lovely quote from my sister the other day - she said to me that she thinks it is bad that she needs to have a chocolate bar every day so she made the decision that day to have maltesers instead!! The wonderful world of advertising - "The lighter way to enjoy chocolate"
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey Glenn, you've done really well. I'm actually back to the weight I posted originally following my yoyoing the past 6 weeks. Ho hum. I'm hoping that now I'm starting to train again that the weight will start to come off. You'd think that going vegan for a few weeks would help, but past experience tells me that I won't necessarily lose anything because I'm really good at finding naughty foods to replace the things I can't eat! (peanut butter is soooo versatile)

    Gordon, can't believe you've gained 7 lbs. I expect you'll soon run it off. Now, about Brighton.....have you persuaded your fiancee that she needs to try the Brighton shopping experience? Also, I've probably missed it, but what was the outcome of your interview?

    Looney Toon & Slowpoke, I'm there with you! I get round the problem by buying chocolate covered biscuits and sniffing inside the tin (how sad is that!!!!!) Also, I don't eat much cheese anyway but whenever I give it up I crave it like mad.

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