Hello, old newbie here

I used to read a lot and post a bit in here, and am hoping to learn more once again.

I ran a 100 I organised myself last year, managed 72 miles and couldn't get my hips to behave any longer. It was a challenge to run solo, no competitive element, no support stations. Luckily I have the river thames nearby and there are pubs and restaurants all along it that will fill water bottles and sell extra food.

Since then I fell out of running, lost my mojo! I realised I need a big challenge to aim at, so next year I'm running 180 miles over 4 days in northern spain. Again, solo, which I like, as I'm too slow for races! It's new for me to run 50+ mile distances back to back and I would be very grateful for advice from anyone with experience. I will have a basic hotel room each night, so a decent bed and a bath but no chance of ice baths (if still recommended). Plenty of beer on tap though! (must refuse this).

Thanks for any advice. I am excited about running once again!!!


  • Beer is a great recovery tool image a couple a night will help.

    I guess back to back long runs is the key to getting a bit used to it. If you can back to back 25m runs (or just run as many marathons as you can sign up for) will be good practise.

    It's just convincing your body it can go again when knackered each morning
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