Wednesday session - 23 October

Short and sweet today:

What: 5 miles easy
Why: Slight knee twinge; don't want to overdo it.

Last hard: Monday
Last rest: Yesterday.


  • Today is my birthday!

    On birthdays especially I like to think how lucky I am - my sister died over 20 years ago and my best friend over 10 years ago. So especially at this time of year I like to remind myself that this is more time than they ever had - so enjoy it!

    Anyway the dilema today is because its my birthday should I have a day off or should I run BECAUSE its my birthday........I know what my wife would say!

    Today: Easy five
    Why: Feeling a little blocked up and possible race at weekend
    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last rest day: Monday
  • Martin it was my birthday last Sunday so I celebrated with a 5 mile run along Morecambe promenade, my youngest daughter when seeing me getting ready said " I know what you're doing, you're in denial, your trying to pretend you're not another year older today".

    Last nights run was terrible, my calves felt like they had lead in them, so only did an hour, don't know why, bad calf day maybe.
  • PS Martin happy birthday, and how old today.
  • Happy Birthday Martin !!

    What : Big big run on treadmill after work
    Why:yesterday didn't manage all planned due to blasted storms power cut at the gym so couldn't use the treadmills
    Last hard day : Monday
    Last Rest day: Friday

    Wow - I don't think I've seen so much rain here in Aberdeen - work even sent us home early yesterday - and that's saying something!!!

    Was going to attempt running outside but I really think that would be suicidal so fingers crossed there's power at the gym today!!
  • Happy Birthday Martin.

    Go out for a run because you can and then have a wee drink to celebrate this special day.

    For me it's a rest day as I did 6 miles (tempo) last night and this morning I feel as if my legs have been filled with concete.

    Enjoy your day Martin.
  • Happy Birthday Martin! If it's any inspiration, I ran up Snowdon for my birthday!!
    Rest day for me today - typical seeing as the sun is shining and it is perfect weather for a run!! Ho-hum!
  • Happy birthday, Martin! If the RW "Running breakthroughs" feature got its facts right, that makes you temporarily the same age as me. It's also the birthday of one of my former schoolfriends, but she's a year older. Morag, if you're lurking here, happy birthday to you too cos I don't have your current address and don't like e-cards.

    What: Bodypump tonight.
    Why: Having a horrible motivation-free week and decided to forget about running and do other things for a fortnight (apart from one planned run with DD on Monday). Also going to stop foruming for a fortnight from today.
    Last rest day: Yesterday. And Monday.
    Last hard day: Saturday.

    See you all in a couple of weeks.
  • Happy birthday Martin.

    What: nothing
    Why: supposed to be a rest day after club night yesterday but didn't actually go to the club. Had too much work to do.
    Last hard day: sunday
    Last rest day: yesterday

    Feeling like I couldn't care less about any exercise at all at the moment. People keep telling me it's only about 8 weeks til Christmas which means I've only got another 6 weeks to finish the amendments to my PhD thesis, sort out the page numbering, appendices, references etc, get it bound and hand it in! (Okay, rant over, but running is still taking a back seat right now!)
  • Happy Birthday Martin - hope you have a good one.

    What: 5K easy on the treadmill
    Why: Recovery run after hard session at club last night - mini taper for race on Saturday.

    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Saturday
  • V-rap, Wicked Witch, - I am that sort of nothing age, 38, which leaves me two years of improvement at running so that I can start winning vets races!
  • Happy birthday Martin!

    Wicked Witch, you can console yourself, you can at least still run further, if perhaps not faster than she! Or does she run, in which case I'm surprised at the comment.

    What: Attempted my 3M easy loop, but got half way and walked back. Still tired from half, legs not quite under my command yet. Just had to get out though. The half over, the troubles of life to which there are no answers flood back, and the only solution is to run.

    Thank God again I can.

    It was very beautiful out there, with the tired old sun still managing a bit of warmth.

  • Martin H,
    Happy Birthday, run for sure, every outing is a celebration of life in its own way!

    What: Nothing
    Why: Cutting back a bit this week prior to the Worksop 1/2M on Sunday
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Today
  • Happy Birthday Martin, I'm sad to hear about your sister. Do something fun with your family (as well as run).

    What: 5.5 miles steady, supposedly marathon pace.
    Why: looking ahead to reading those marathon training schedules and thinking 'what the hell does marathon pace feel like?'.
    Last rest: yesterday, most of the day spent on a delayed train due to the weather, plus ca change.
    Last hard: hill reps with club Mon night.
  • Luara - Thanks

    I didn't post my training schedule yesterday because I couldn't decide what I was going to do until I got home (very late!).

    Any way given your post I thought you might be interested that I did a small marathon pace simulation, the idea being that there is a "sustainable" pace for marathon racing, for me I think that probably means just under 8-minute miling.

    So I ran on my treadmill (1% gradient) at 8:00 minute pace (12 kmh) for 3 k to see what HR that equated to - it came up at 152-154 which is just over 75% of max HR. Then I upped the pace to 12,5 kmh for the final 2k. This increased my HR to 159-162 or just 80%.

    So ignoring the effects of wind or undulations I hope this is giving me an indication that for a marathon I should run under 155 to avoid blowing up - or at least thats the theory!
  • Happy Birthday MartinH. I think I remember 38!!!

    I seem to recall a post from you about "wife in running shock", so I guess you could always invite her out to join you, after all it is YOUR day;-). If still alive we look forward to your post tomorrow!!

    what: rest or maybe
    why: extended lazy taper for 1/2M at the w/e, light speed on thursday.
    last hard day: Sunday
    last rest day: Monday
  • Sfh - you have a good memory! "Wife in running shock" was, as my original theory confirmed, a flash in the pan and whilst I confess that I will never understand why she finds running boring - she can probably not understand why I think the same of soap's!

    Good luck with the 1/2
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Many happy returns Martin, enjoy a daytime run if you can, then relax with a few drinks tonight, you certainly deserve it.

    Decided not to run yesterday - having trained continually since December 5/6 times a week, I'm taking a couple of easy weeks (on holiday next week anyhow).

    Today I ran the approximate 11 mile loop that I did last week, part lanes,mostly off road, to get used to the terrain.Surprisingly it wasn't that boggy out so didn't get too muddy.Ran about 2-3 minutes quicker (about 85 mins) but I thibk that was because I took a few wrong turns last week setting this new loop!

    Last Hard : Sundays 10k race
    Last Rest : Yesterday
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday Martin, have a great day.....

    I went for my longest run to date, 10 miles,
    great run no problems, but was a bit disappointed with time, 96 mins, was hoping for 90 mins, well it was very windy and some killer hills so not bad I suppose.

    Rest tomorrow,
    friday 6 mile, cant wait......
  • Hi, trying to pluck up the courage to go to my local club.

    Words of wisdom please...

    ps happy birthday Martin, same age as me..

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    A UFO has appeared over Inverness - a large round glowing orb, the likes of which haven't been seen in many days.......

    So, to make up for the roll & sausage I've just scoffed, and the bag of chewy Werther's I'm just about to scoff:

    What: 7 mile route, trying not to walk up any of the killer hill.
    Why: As above.

    Happy Birthday Martin.

    Scarlett - go for it - almost everyone who posts on here says joining a club has been the best thing they have done for their running.
  • Scarlett,
    I second Nessie's recommendation to join a club. I never belonged to one until last November (eventhough I've been running for about 8 years) and since joining have made lots of new friends and taken 3 minutes off my 10K PB!!!
    Go for it!
  • Happy birthday Martin!

    Has been nice here all day and had been looking forward to a lovely run this evening but the heavens have just opened... oh well!
    Club run this evening, prob about 6 miles
    Last rest day: yesterday (planned gym visit never happened)
    Last hard day: Mon
  • Happy birthday Martin - I remember 38 don't worry its no better at 42 either :-)

    had 3 rest days in a row but still getting a lot of twinges - may take a gentle 4 later.
  • Happy birthday Martin :)

    What: 4 miles
    Why: cross country race
    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last rest day: yesterday
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday Martin. 38 was NOT a good year for me, hope yours is lots better.

    What: not quite sure, maybe four miles steady
    Why: I'll have to see what state my achilles is in when I get home
    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last rest day: Monday
  • Happy Birthday Martin - hope you've had your run by now and are out celebrating. By the way, it was you wanting ideas about your wedding anniversary? What did you do in the end - how did it go?

    What 7 or 8 miler

    Why At my parents witht he kids - no excuse not to. It was a good run and I felt very strong in the last 2 or 3 miles. Need to get some longer runs in soon. It's all slipped a bit since Windsor...

    Last rest day Yesterday
  • Happy Birthday Martin.

    Me, im getting very frustrated at the moment,having just came back from my hols and doing some super runs in Greece im now being attacked by this nasty case of flu which is doing the rounds.

    So i popped out to my local running shop and purchased some new running shoes to cheer me up ( Asics Gel Kayanos ) cant wait to get out and put them through some hell.

    Well happy running people hope to be back on the roads soon.
  • Many happy returns Martin.

    I'm always late on here, not having the benefit of internet access at work, so it's more of a resume again.

    What: nothing
    Why: Long run yesterday (and a hilly 10m at that)

    A bit pointless really!
  • Happy Birthday Martin!

    What: 10 miles @ 7.30 pace. Pleased as it's a hilly out and back route and I had a head wind coming back. Pace was very consistent.

    Then went for a swim to relax my muscles.

    Why: because it was nice out and my calf was feeling ok to push the pace a little.

    Last rest: Monday
    Last hard: tonight
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