Waterproof jacket and trousers

I need a new waterproof jacket and trousers (taped seams) to satisfy the kit inspection of an ultra I'm running early next year and need some advice on what to get.

Never bothered with trousers but did have an OMM kamleika jacket which I really liked. Sadly my budget doesn't stretch to getting another one so I'm looking for something in the distinctly budget area. image

All advice gratefully received.


  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Try Decathlon stuff, is cheaper than any of the named brands and as you'll probably never use it.............
  • I've got a Gelert 'Packaway Mac' that was about £16/£17 from SportsDirect. It's waterproof and has taped seams so will satisfy any kit requirements.

    No idea about trousers - I just borrow from my in-laws!

  • Thanks for the replies. I'll take a look in Sports Direct tomorrow. The Gelert jacket looks just the job.

  • Please note that they put the waterproofs into the kit requirement for a reason - as anyone who survived SDW50 in 2013 will tell you!

  • Salomon do a great pair of waterproof running pants, not too heavy. As for a jacket, saw a very light Route 66 100% waterproof jacket in my local TKMax. Would make a light but effective combination

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