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  • "You really think my 5k time is appalling?"

    1) For running 100mpw, yes, it's an absolute shit-tip of a time

    2) Compared to reasonably decent club runners, yes, it's terrible

    3) If you're a middle-aged Couch-to-5k'er it's pretty good.  But they wouldn't be doing 100mpw...


    "I thought was quite good, I did come 5th out of 200 runners - some are quite good runners from other clubs and I have gotten around late 18 to 19s plus mins in training outside the 5k run, and I'm not 18 any more..."

    Again, depends on who you're comparing yourself to.  

    I'm comparing you to your own mileage - not to any other runner.  

    Your time is terrible for your mileage.


    "Though  I find longer distance more my better distance, although feel fast, the shorter runs are not my strongest distance, but if I had a proper coach..."

    There's always something holding us back from being great!  

    And it's always a reason other than ourselves...


    Seriously - you sound like you're in the depths of an eating disorder/psychologically struggling.  

    Best advice you could be given here is go see your doc before you wreck not only your relationships, but your physical well-being.


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    Or better still enjoy your running Paul, enjoy your relationship, run and fuck as you want and take the slew of words spilled out in boxes on forums with a pinch of salt.
  • I'm used to comments - I don't mind it, as long me and we're both happy, i'm happy with my body, in running and bed and feel i'm doing something more with my life and now after looking not just at me and her, although some disagree, proud of my body, how much pain and pleasure it can handle and now it's being shared with her.

  •  Sharing pain & pleasure ..... You sure you're on the right forum ? 

  • running can be painful - and a pleasure. yes i think so...

  • 80 mountain runner.... he has had an eating disorder for a long the fucking has taking over his life he seems to be less obsessed with his least he is no longer encouraging young people to get to anorexic levels if they want to be good runners.

  • 80 mountain runner.... he has had an eating disorder for a long time....

    And by the sounds of it, still does.  Hence I think the guy needs some help.


    encouraging young people to get to anorexic levels if they want to be good runners.

    Your comment is off-topic, but there's nothing wrong with reaching an optimum weight - as long as it doesn't become destructive.  

    Anorexia isn't just a number on a scale - it's a mindset.

    Encouraging someone to lose a few pounds if it would help improve their performance isn't a bad thing.

    For the OP, it's not really going to make much of a difference, given he's a 20-min 5k'er.  

    His time/mileage suggests lack of a developed running base.  Which suggests the reason for running huge mileage isn't for the sake of the running per se...


    Personally I think he'll be injured in a few months time, unable to run, and fall head first back into a full-blown ED.  Which it sounds like he's never escaped from anyway.  


    Hence I said it's probably best he goes back to the docs.


  • I am not that far down would probably have to weigh 6 stone to get that ill anyway, although am quite underweight and starving all the time, it's not dropped at all over the last few months - reached a platau. Now I'm living with her, she's making me eat small amounts more frequently and very healthy diet - vegan.

    I've got good energy levels, although only run for my satisfaction - would love to race more, but time and traveling is a problem.
    Yeah I run, cos I love it, happy what it does for me, and am fit enough to go on a long run, get back and make it with her. She does wonder where I get my energy from when she sees my body.

  • Yes, I believe so. Though miss some foods which aren't Vegan, though...

  • What's German shepherd called?
  • Some advise, get some Meat into you before your Meat stops getting into her .

    Loads of essential nutrients being lost there will show eventually

    as for her issue with a meatless regime....

    eat the steak at work, who would know ????

  • There's a lot at stake if I lie to her. Woman somehow can tell a lie, don't know how, but they have some sort of telepathy and you get found out.

    Really I don't miss meat, there are loads of veggie stuff out there -

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    Bloody hell the 'Come King Come' is back!

  • Happy new year to all. I never left in the first place.

  • Paul, you may not experience the dietary aspects in the short term. 

    But , you will lose muscle mass over time, as vegans are prone to do. And this is not great for running. 

    Would she accept that you take a good quality protein replacement.

  • I do go to the gym, so that helps.

    Also, I've always been a small build, got very little muscle fibers, but the main thing is keeping healthy, which  I think I've been doing so far.

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    Well, even been a vegan for a while, I fell great. Much fitter and has not affected my drive or stamina in any way, in fact feel more confident than before.
    When I'm making it with her, we look into each other's eyes, my arms round her back pushing her down on me. She knows how much energy I'm using up every time and knowing it comes from a deep lust for one another.

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    Who did the survey that was here a week or so ago?
    He was interested in how we perform when training, both in bed and out on the track.
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  • I think you need to take protein.
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