Snowdonia Marathon 2017



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    Thanks T-Rex Well done on the double.. There's just no way I could manage 2 laps!!

    Yea I made the highlights. I was on quite lot when then the lead lady got past Bedgellert. I was right behind Adam Holland too when he finished in a yellow vest with red and black on it.

    I'll be back next year for sure for a sub 2.50 attempt! 

  •  Oh and I gather entries for next year may be opening on Dec 1st. Maybe our fab FOOW could confirm this (diolch FOOW!) XXX
    Yes, it seems that is correct - the Snowdonia marathon FB account has said so. I imagine they may be trying to cut down on the amount of 'New Years Eve-influenced, seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time, drop outs! (not that that applies to any of you guys of course!). 

    Hope you all enjoyed the programme - it's on again tonight at 10.30pm if you missed it or didn't manage to record.  :)

    The official photos should be out before long too, according to Gwynfor (SportsPicturesCymru), so I'll post a link when they are. Not that I owe him a favour after unexpectedly finding a pic of me in this years brochure!  :s

    It's the first marathon I've ever done which measured exsctly 26.21 miles on my Garmin. What is this down to? Crystal clear GPS and a smaller field compared to bigger city runs?
  • Back from the internet black spot that is Beddgelert and catching up on everyone's posts. Some fantastic times. Well done on another double Rex and glad to play some small part in your adventure. Did look out for you at the start but was later getting there this year as the students of Bangor wanted my spit!

    Slightly disappointing 3.56 for me. Cramped up at about 18 and was a real effort from there on. Managed a "sprint" finish with another runner which made it on to highlights. 

    Pleased to hear that the entry date is being moved from NYE as that is always a pain. See you all over on 2018 thread. 

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    I am so happy to read your posts and will pop over to the new thread, 100% doing this again! 
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
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    Well done all, top efforts. UDS, thanks for asking: Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra was awesome - such a happy carnival atmosphere. It was warm and dry and extremely windy on the Eildons (extinct volcanoes). Fancy dress was all the rage so the tutu had to come out for the first time since Lakeland 100 2016. I completed the 38 miles in 7:55. Photos.
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    BN - glad your ultra went well.  We missed you over here, the running and the karaoke.  Hope to see you next year for another sub-4:00 attempt??  I think that's going to be my target.
  • T Rex I don't think I could do a sub-4 flat marathon, let alone SNOD! I did 4:15 at Chester a few weeks ago, which was 15 faster than I expected or deserved. Well done to you with another double SNOD, straight off the back of a 100 PB as well! 'Machine' hardly seems sufficient anymore. :-)
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    I'm a bit late coming to the party (not been on any of the RW forums for a long time). I did Snowdonia on Saturday too - what a fab race! I was the one with the Isle of Man flag, if anyone happened to see me. Well done everyone. Roll on next year! 
  • T Rex said:
    I think that's the list up to date.

    Welcome Stuart A.

    Hobie - doubt your doubts!  You've done all the work.

    And welcome, runwithmysetter.  You've been an absent friend.  Do you still have your original setter?

    UDS - I've rounded you down to 3:40.  Hope that's OK with you!!  Too many groups with one in!
    T-Rex, I certainly do, and another to boot! :)
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    Back home now.  Llanberis really is one of my favourite places.  Missing it a lot.  
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    Hi Shazmo, I feel I did see your flag!!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
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