Marathon Des Sables

Hi. A crazy friend of mine is doing this and wondering about taking some music along for the ride...any previous runners of this event here who might be able to offer advice? Is it practical and if so would say an MP3 player be his best bet?



  • there were a couple of ipods last year

    and loasd of minidiscs
  • Sounds like unnecassary extra weight to me.

  • My mate who did it said go as light as possible.

    He also said that many people who started with these things chucked them as they went along to get rid of the weight.
  • I personally didnt need or want music, but the ones that did swore by them.

    If it helps you get through the long stages then so be it.

    You wouldnt really notice the extra weight of an mp3 player- its what 100grams or something.

    The thing most people dumped was excess food and books
  • books!?!?!
  • a guy my tent bought the koran along with him - a romantic notion at he would lesrn more whilst he was out in the desert.

    he burnt ut within a day! so far there has beenno divine retribution.

    quite a few people bought books though. there is a lot of time kill - or you think there is until you realise how long it takes to bandage blisters every morning!

  • OOooh.
  • To extend Caspar's point.

    Run/walk - refuel -sleep chat to other need for music.
    For me I spent 7 days obssessing about maxingwater and calorie intake and making the backpack as light as possible - if it couldn't be eaten,drunk or part of the survival kit get rid.
  • I'm astonished that anyone would want to take an iPod along. After all they skip, lock up, freeze and the batteries are crap . . . at least that's what I keep getting told.
  • I did the Mds in 2001 and my luxury item was my MP3 player - no weight at all. as far as I'm concern it was the most important piece of equipment. It can take up to two hours plus to get between CPs and can get very boring while running over the same dried up riverbed. It won't make any difference to the pack weight but a huge difference to your own sanity!!

  • THE most important piece of equipment ?

    Not your trainers then ?

    (and not sure about the sanity of anyone that does this event - music or not !) ;-)
  • Too trainers in my hand luggage to avoid them getting lost!
  • unfortunately not going this year but the race starts on this sunday 9th april, follow the fun and race on this link
  • You can get your sand fix next year!
  • hmmm.. wonder if the wife will let me do it yet..
  • yeh the uk entrants are flying out to day...

    apart from the injured cancellations who at sat in work sulking...f&*(!@g b@!"@cks
  • never mind jason,get your wonky knee right for the marathon of britain,
  • yeh im making sure I give it proper time to heal this time around, even if it means I have to train a bit lighter.

    it'll heal and hopefully Ill be at the MOB :-)
  • MOB - fantastic race
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