New running shoes and dodgy websites

Hello all. I have always run in ASICS Nimbus shoes and will be running the VLM 2017 for charity. I want to get some new ones (they are expensive) I am no slave to fashion so will happily don ones  that are not the most up to date. Having said that even the 17s (18s are new) are still around £100. But you can get them on the Lightinthebox site at around £50. This seems to good to be true, is it? Worried it may be a China based site supplying counterfeit substandard goods.

Anyone know?


  • I'd not risk them from there. What about outlet stores ? I know Asics have a shop in Cheshire Oaks if you're near there ?
  • No I am in Bedfordshire. Given the importance of shoes I may well invest wisely via a reputable supplier...

    Worried that China may supply fakes- although the originals are possibly made in China..image

  • How about, admittedly I haven't looked up your shoes but I have bought from there at a decent price in the past.  There is an Asics outlet in Gloucester Quays, definitely worth checking your nearest outlet village which may be Bicester?

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