S***2Fit ? I'll explain

Hi guys,
Just got back running after a two year lay-off due to an industrial accident. Put too much weight on and need to start running/exercising once more. I have produced a website so people can follow my progress http://www.shit2fit.com , have a look abd send comments.


  • Hiya Jon!

    Kate here! Was wondering when you'd appear on these forums...Hope all is well!


    P.s Jon's site is VERY funny!
  • Jon
    Congratulations on taking a great step forward by working out what your real problem is and doing something about it (most of us stick at the superficial level of problems and/or don't do anything to change the things we don't like).

    A guy with a similar background has a site at http://www.reluctantrunner.com/ . If you haven't seen it it's really inspirational (particularly when you hear the bit about him being struck down with a near-fatal brain tumour and still having the drive to keep on - put's my "I won't bother coz it's a bit damp outside" into perspective!)

    Good luck

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Jon,

    You made me smile...can't wait to show my husband! We're hoping to start a slimming club on the forums so you might want to join in with that too. I've started a thread on the Health and Injury forum so pop along and give us your updates.

    Happy wobbling,


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