running husband

last night i went for my usual 3m run, but there was something different - i dragged my husband along with me!! hooray!! i've been trying to persuade him to come with me for ages and he keeps saying he can't run outside for that long etc. so we did the 3m in 32 mins and of course he found it easier than me (but i was pleased to see that he was still finding it a bit hard!) so hopefully that means he'll come with me again.

by the way - it is so much easier running with someone else! the fastest i've ever done that route is 31.5mins and last night we did it in 32mins and it was much, much easier. i shall be making great efforts to find another running partner (husband is away with work alot so i can't get him to come with me all the time).


  • oh i forgot to say - if there is anyone out there from salisbury who would like to join me on runs between 3-7miles then i'd love to hear from you!
  • Susannah

    I am about 40 mins from Salisbury so would not be able to run very often, but if you wanted to meet for the odd run as a change, let me know.

    I am very slow though!
  • Fiona,
    i'd love to meet up with you for runs. i am also slow. depending on the distance and state of mind i vary between 10-12 minute miles. and the longest i've run so far is just over 6 miles. i want to keep working on getting my distance up. how do you fancy meeting up at the weekends and doing a long run together? (i'm free this weekend)
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