running partners - new forum?

there seem to be permenantly threads up in various forums about finding running partners. is there anything RW could do to make this process easier? for example a new forum for this? or even better would be to do the same thing as you've got for the clubs - so we can enter our details and then you can search the database based on location and time/distance. what do you reccon?


  • Very good idea!
  • I'll second that. You could also use it to get in touch with other runners you see. There's one young woman, for example, I often see tonking up Swinnow Road in Pudsey, obviously training for something. She always wears a baseball cap, has longish blonde hair and is fast! Sometimes see her in the morning and sometimes at night so if you're out there, Hi!
  • When I said "get in touch" I meant "say hello"!!! I didnt mean in a "Would like to Meet" sort of way (when in a hole stop digging!). Damn! Mrs Chimp is going to kill me isnt she?
  • Chimp - you crack me up!!!!!
  • Moo moo, cheers. Heard nothing yet so I might have got away with it. Mind you, early days yet.
  • Methnks Mrs Chimp will be after you with the frying pan soon enough!!

    PS what ARE you doing in the jungle there? Thinking you need a manicure? Or giving someone the finger? Or thumbing for a lift?
  • That's a great idea, Susannah. What about it, RW?
  • Counting my valuables following the last time I crossed Mrs Chimp.
  • I think its a good idea too Susannah. Soz for highjacking your thread.
  • don't worry chimp - your ramblings amuse me no end!
    hopefully RW will like the idea too!
  • My apologies as well Susannah. Think this is an excellent idea, I see so many runners round my way and am sure at least one of them must be reading runners world.
  • Lets be honest moo moo, they probably all read Runners World. Theres not a lot of competition is there? Seems my running up a hill lady doesnt though. So my idea was obviously pants. Hey-ho, time to go home and face the music.
  • boing

    still no word from RW people on this?
  • I put a similar query in the 'bugs' forum, and heard nothing from RW either.

    Perhaps we need to have a 'suggestions forum' first, and then when that's there we can put our thoughts there.

  • Susannah, Never mind. My running up a hill fast lady from Pudsey hasnt been in touch either. Ah well, some fell on stony ground.
  • Heh, no sooner than I said it and

    I've had a reply on my other thread
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